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Back view of business woman sitting at desktop front PC computer with financial graphs and statistics on monitor. Analysis of digital market and investment in block chain crypto currency. Stock trade
Serious focused man in glasses sit at workplace table looks at laptop monitor work with financial project statistics, analyzing incomes seen in charts and graphs. Business analysis, strategy concept
Business woman sitting front laptop computer with financial graphs and statistics on monitor. Double exposure. Wide
The sitting disease infographic. Statistic about inactive lifestyle and insufficient physical activity.
Close up young businessman analyzing project statistics working on computer and using smartphone application, developing marketing or sales strategy with modern technology gadgets in office.
Rear view of female employee sit at desk in office work analyze financial graph on laptop. Caucasian businesswoman look at computer screen brainstorm consider company finances statistics.
Concentrated young businessman ceo manager in eyewear looking at marketing research report, analyzing statistics data in charts, developing growth strategy, working on computer alone in modern office.
Rear view close up businesswoman working with financial project statistics on laptop, accountant employee analyzing data, graphs charts, report, looking at computer screen, sitting at work desk
Focused young biracial man sales manager prepare summary report at home office check stats on pc screen make records on paper. Black male financial expert study stock prices rate growth graphs online
Black man sales manager financial analyst thinking on statistical information comparing data in charts graphs accessing marketing strategy effectiveness. Over shoulder view on laptop screen. Close up
Rear shoulder view focused young male ceo executive manager using modern technology gadgets analyzing project statistics at office, smart businessman working on computer, checking data on phone.
Confident Asian muslim female team leader holding corporate meeting, serious businesswoman wearing hijab holding document, discussing project statistics with colleagues, sitting at table in boardroom
Preparing financial report. Young focused businessman or financial analyst sitting at his workplace in the office and working on laptop. Analyzing statistical data. Focus on man. Business, finance
Digital composite of Medical doctors having a meeting with charts and figures statistics transition effect
Close up young male ceo executive manager or economist analyzing project statistics using mobile phone and computer applications, developing sales strategy, modern technology gadgets usage at work.
Young businessman African male marketing specialist sit at table in modern home office room talks to colleague or client on the phone analyzing sales seen on laptop screen, discussing growth strategy
High angle back view of anonymous female in formal wear sitting at table and working with trading cryptocurrency bitcoin graph
Confident businessman using laptop, sitting on couch in modern office, successful executive entrepreneur wearing glasses and suit working on project, searching, analyzing information, financial stats
Close up businessman working with statistics, looking at laptop and phone screens with graphs and diagrams, synchronizing electronic devices, checking financial report presentation, sitting at desk
Homesourcing. Concentrated young man sit by laptop pc at home office doing paperwork reading document hardcopy. Remote worker employee analyzing statistic data correcting mistakes in printed report
Schoolboy in a uniform sitting on a column graph isolated on white background
Busy serious business freelancer woman sitting at desk holding sheets documents learn contract terms, reading reports statistics financial results, make telework from home office. Paperwork concept
Close up rear view young woman using laptop and calculator, working on project, checking financial documents, sitting at table at home, looking at computer screen with diagrams, calculating bills
Portrait young handsome businessman with glasses is sitting at desk in workstation, smiling and typing on laptop.
Three happy diverse colleagues working on project together, using laptop, sitting at table in office, discussing strategy, brainstorming, smiling African American businesswoman training staff
Development, growth data analysis concept. Two young business people colleagues sitting on huge growing arrow working on laptops with financial statistics vector illustration
Black woman working on financial project of company using laptop analysing annual statistics data looking at desktop. Taking notes sitting at desk in living room office late at night overtime
Female director working in office sitting at desk analyzing business statistics holding diagrams and charts using laptop
3D illustration of bearded man with laptop sitting on the floor. Cartoon smiling businessman in yoga lotus position. Analytics concept, business strategy, financial management, infographic dashboard.
Back view of a woman working in the interior of a clean spacious office. Young female worker working with spreadsheets sitting at a desk with a modern desktop computer and a laptop
People interacting with a dashboard. Data analysis, statistics collection. Landing page template. Vector 3d illustration
Business people sitting in CLOUD Technology, creativity and innovation optimization and business process workflow development, with the network Online devices data Isometric concept vector design
Close up of african American male worker busy working on modern laptop analyzing financial statistics, biracial man employee brainstorm preparing business project or startup plan on computer
Concept with people sitting on giant diagrams or charts and analyzing statistical information. Future of big data analysis, financial forecasting. Isometric vector illustration for website.
Doctor wearing protective gloves analyzing COVID-19 info data,sitting at office desk with a laptop,Coronavirus global pandemic crisis,medical scientific research showing number of cases & virus spread
Back view of african woman in wheelchair discussing with friends on video call holding smartphone using headphones taking break sitting in business office. Diverse coworkers planning financial project
Young Man Sitting on Huge Growing Arrow Working on Laptop, Businesswoman Stand nearby. Businesspeople Working on Growth Data Analysis Graph Financial Statistic Diagram Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
Finance and tax counting system concept. Young accounting businessmen cartoon character sitting and calculating incomes expenditure analyzing investment data statistics vector illustration
Financial consultation concept. Woman turns to accountant for advice on budget management and saving money. Man sitting at laptop and analyzing company statistics. Cartoon flat vector illustration
Development strategy, working, business analyse concept. Young smiling businessman cartoon character sitting working on laptop computer with digital layer business strategy and social media diagram
Busy working day. Young bearded trader in eyeglasses working with laptop while sitting in his modern office in front of computer screens with trading charts.
Frustrated young man in glasses sitting at table, feeling stressed calculating earnings or domestic expenses. Unhappy millennial guy suffering from lack of money, banking debt bankruptcy concept.
African american businessman sitting at desk using laptop with statistical data on screen. business communication and digital interface technology digital composite image.
Close up focused young businesswoman working with documents in office, sitting at work table with laptop, serious employee checking financial report, project statistics, reading correspondence
Interested diverse colleagues listening to leader, discussing statistics, sitting at table in modern boardroom, mentor coach explaining strategy, giving instructions to workers at briefing
Hands of caucasian man sitting at desk with face mask, using tablet with statistics on screen. communication and data technology during covid 19 pandemic digitally generated image.
Startup Meeting Room: Team of Entrepreneurs sitting at the Conference Table Have Discussions, Solve Problems, Use Digital Tablet, Laptop, Share Documents with Statistics, Charts. Top View
Skilled young professional business trainer in formal suit standing near flipchart, educating focused interested multiracial company managers at workshop seminar lecture event in modern office.
Professional Creative Man Sitting at His Desk in Home Office Studio Working on a Laptop, Concentrated Man Using Notebook Computer.
Close-up calculator  to calculate the company's financial results On the wooden table in the office and business work background, tax, accounting, statistics, and analytical research concept

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Close up businessman holding phone with graphs and diagrams on screen, analyzing startup project statistics, using smartphone, checking financial report presentation, sitting at work desk with laptop
Portrait of business woman in corporate office sitting at desk smiling at camera. Company executive leadership working on financial statistics. worker doing charts on computer.
Young finance market analyst in eyeglasses working at sunny office on laptop while sitting at wooden table.Businessman analyze document in his hands.Graphs and diagramm on notebook screen.Blurred
Back view of business woman sitting at panoramic skyscraper office desktop front PC computer with financial graphs and statistics on monitor.Analysis of digital market and investment in block chain
Confident businessman wearing glasses writing notes or financial report, sitting at desk with laptop, focused serious man working with paper documents, student studying online, research work
People interacting with charts and analysing statistics and data. Landing page template. 3d isometric vector illustration.
Close up businessman using laptop, typing on keyboard, sitting at wooden desk with documents, writing email, accountant writing financial report, busy student studying online, searching information
Stylized Business Characters Set for Animation with Some Separated Parts of Body. Sitting Man
Businesswoman holding smartphone while working with laptop at home office desk, using cross platform responsive design apps for project analysis, analyzing cloud data statistics, close up rear view
Business man in casual wear is sitting and thinking which crypto currency is the best for investment or trading. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Digital Yuan.
Tired businessman frown while checking financial documents, touching forehead with the arm, sitting in the trendy office at the laptop, consulting client online, analyze statistic, overworked
Confident businessman wearing suit and glasses working on laptop, sitting on couch in modern office, focused entrepreneur executive looking at computer screen, searching information, writing email
Qualified broker bank manager financial advisor and millennial man client customer discussing terms conditions of insurance contract loan agreement sitting by laptop screen on meeting in office agency
Close up young businessman working on research project, checking documents, holding paper sheet, looking at laptop screen, student writing diploma, essay, sitting at work desk, home office
Male character is taking an online business course. Businessman with laptop. Exchange trading, financial literacy. Various graphs and statistics on background. E-learning concept. Vector illustration
Rear view of woman financial specialist studying theory and practice blockchain technology. Female broker sitting front computer with graphs statistics of stock exchange. Earnings on raising quotes
Confident businessman. Young bearded trader in formal wear is analyzing trading charts on computer screens while sitting in his modern office.
Concentrated young male marketing specialist sitting on sofa at office or coworking area analyzing statistics data online, studying research results, comparing financial infographics on laptop screen
Two friends using mobile phone and laptop for betting during soccer play ready to celebrate victory of favourite team. Men using gambling application while sitting on stadium steps. Focus is on hand.
Happy millennial african american businessman in eyewear holding documents, doing paperwork, preparing report or analyzing market research results, working on computer in modern workplace office.
Young business people sitting at office table and working on laptop and analzying financial statistics, view from above
Landing page with man or analyst sitting at computer and monitoring statistical or financial market indicators, diagrams, charts and graphs. Statistics and data analysis. Modern vector illustration.
Male analyst sitting on pie chart and working on laptop computer. Statistical or financial data analysis, business analytics concept. Man conducts statistical research, works with data analyzing
Focused African American male employee sit at desk in office work on computer analyzing graphs. Concentrated biracial man worker look at laptop screen busy with paperwork at workplace.
Real estate managers. Business fiddles are working around high-rise buildings. flat design style minimal vector illustration.
Data analysis for business concept. A man is sitting at a table and displays statistical data on a computer monitor. The employee studies the received data. Cartoon modern flat vector illustration
Colleagues in the office. One girl sits at the computer, the second analyzes the charts. Financial analysis, economic consultant, investment and trading. Vector flat illustration.
Smiling pretty young freelance woman holding paper documents in hands, reviewing financial information or analyzing statistics, working distantly on computer, sitting on comfortable sofa at home.
High angle back view of unrecognizable female in formal wear sitting at table in modern office and working with trading cryptocurrency bitcoin chart
Asian woman and african american man sitting with their colleagues at table with various modern gadgets and analysing statistic of trade market. International partners working togther at office.
Caucasian male and female business persons sitting at table desktop with modern technology for digital marketing and discussing exchange contract during brainstorming collaboration in office
Investment stock market volatility, financial asset value going up and down or profit growth rising up concept, businessman sit on balance seesaw green arrow graph lift up other guy soaring.
Focused young african ethnicity male marketing specialist professional working on project report, analyzing graphs charts in economic application on computer, sitting at table in office or home.
Business people sitting in CLOUD Technology, creativity and innovation optimization and business process workflow development, with the network Online devices data Isometric concept vector design
Employee using office computer. African-American woman sitting at desk, looking at desktop PC screen, doing research, studying data reports, working with business documents and online spreadsheets
Teamwork or team building, office business meeting vector. Conference and brainstorming, annual report and statistics graphics, discussion and planning in flat style
Happy african american male employees discussing online project, analyzing internet sales data statistics, working together in computer sitting at table in modern office room., collaboration concept.
Rear back view focused young businessman analyzing marketing research results on smartphone and computer, developing growth strategy, checking sales data statistics using modern gadgets in office.
Group of four multi ethnic financiers sitting at desk with modern technologies and examining financial statistics of company. Male and female partners brainstorming late at office room.
Female team leader in business clothes having briefing with multi ethnic colleagues at office room. Company workers sitting at desk, using modern gadgets and analysing financial statistics.
Female team leader in business clothes having briefing with multi ethnic colleagues at office room. Company workers sitting at desk, using modern gadgets and analysing financial statistics.
Benchmarking business concept. Woman with laptop sits on scale and balances gears. Employee analyzes statistics and develops ideas for growth and progress. Cartoon modern flat vector illustration
In the Big Busy Corporate Office Businessman Works on Desktop Computer, Around Him Businesspeople and Experts Working with Clients, Having Discussions and Analysing Statistics
Focused young businesswoman working with documents in modern office sitting at work desk with laptop, serious employee checking financial report project statistics reading correspondence from clients
Focused young businesswoman working with documents in modern office sitting at work desk with laptop, serious employee checking financial report project statistics reading correspondence from clients
Young woman sitting at white office desk, looking at screens of desktop and laptop computers, working with data lists, electronic business documents and spreadsheets. Back view, over shoulder
Attractive business woman sits at table in front of laptop and uses smartphone for work. Beautiful brunette girl analyzes stock market while at home. Millennial women on Internet.
Focused smiling young businessman in formal wear looking at computer screen, working on project online, web surfing information, analyzing statistics, watching webinar or holding distant meeting.
Office worker. Man sits at his workplace and analyzes statistics. Big data and database. Employee performs project on laptop. Storage and transmission of information. Cartoon flat vector illustration
Concentrated young african american female leader boss negotiating business ideas or developing project growth ideas with motivated mixed race employees workers managers at brainstorming meeting.
Serious busy indian businessman executive manager ceo holding documents reports thinking of business planning strategy, reading financial data paper contract agreement working sitting at office table.
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