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Portrait of cheerful woman with eyeglasses
Half length portrait of carefree hipster girl in spectacles smiling at camera during evening sightseeing for visiting nigth Manhattan in New York, pretty woman in fashionable leather jacket posing
Beautiful senior business woman thinking and wearing spectacles. Thoughtful old woman teacher looking away with eyeglasses. Closeup face of mature pensive lady contemplating the future with copy space
Golden glasses isolated on transparent background, round black-rimmed glasses, women's and men's accessory. Optics, see well, lens, vintage, trend. Vector illustration. EPS10
Trendy dressed tourist in stylish eyeglasses with neon reflection looking up during evening sightseeing around metropolitan downtown, fashionable woman in spectacles hanging out in night city
Young woman wearing medical mask in office. Protection employees on workplace. Girl working at reception indoors. Social distancing in public place, disease prevention during quarantine, staff safety.
Stand with glasses in the store of optics. Woman chooses glasses.
Sunglasses set, Summer eyewear sun protection sunglass. Fashion spectacles accessory. Plastic frame modern eyeglasses. Vacation item. Vector
Closeup photo of excited crazy attractive grandpa open mouth listen good news astonished taking off specs wear mint shirt suspenders bow tie isolated pastel pink color background
Close-up portrait of her she nice cute lovely pretty attractive wavy-haired lady save covid-19 infection wearing medical mask white t-shirt isolated over bright vivid shine background
Glasses line art silhouette, eyewear and optical accessory. Medical classic ocular set. Vector glasses illustration on white background
Row of glasses at an opticians. Eyeglasses shop. Stand with glasses in the store of optics. Woman's hand chooses spectacles. Eyesight correction.
Black glasses rim. Eyeglasses and sunglasses collection vector illustration. Vintage, classic and modern style glasses rim silhouette. Stylish male and female optical accessories isolated set
Headshot portrait of happy aged grey-haired businesswoman in glasses look at camera with toothy wide smile, close up of overjoyed senior woman boss or ceo in spectacles posing for picture
Sunglasses icon set vector template. Transparent sunglass, mens and women glasses silhouette. Vector illustration.
Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptop
A close up head shot portrait of a preppy, young, beautiful, confident and attractive Indian Asian woman in a green sweater and spectacles in a classroom or office. She is smiling happily.
Modern bright city view through eyeglasses. Blurry background. Vision concept
glasses icon set isolated on white background. Vector illustration.
Smiling mature man wearing spectacles looking at camera. Portrait of black confident man at home. Successful entrepreneur feeling satisfied.
Young smiling business woman in spectacles working on portable laptop computer. Female copywriter sitting at desk and typing on keyboard, working on project, writing down ideas into netbook
Close up of eye and woman wearing glasses. Optometry, myopia or laser surgery concept. Brown eyed girl with spectacles and eyeglasses. Macro portrait of face and specs. Light reflection on lens.
Curly optimistic woman raises palms from joy, happy to receive awesome present from someone, shouts loudly, dressed in casual white t shirt, isolated on blue background. Excited Afro female yells
Receptionist wearing medical mask in office. Protection employees on workplace. Young woman working at reception in hotel. Disease prevention during quarantine, staff safety.
Waist up shot of pleased young woman says good job or well done, makes okay gesture, demonstrates symbol of approval and like, blinks eye, wears spectacles, knitted yellow jumper, stands indoor
Row of glasses at an opticians. Eyeglasses shop. Stand with glasses in the store of optics. Woman chooses spectacles. Eyesight correction.
Vision Correction, Laser Operation Surgery Technology, Spectacles Selection and Optical Eyes Test Procedure. Ophthalmologist and Patients. Trendy Flat Landing Page Set. Vector Illustration
Optician, optometrist, oculist or eye doctor holding glasses and specs with new lenses. Professional eyesight specialist in clinic or shop with spectacles in hand. Bifocal or multifocal eyeglasses.
Pretty family father adorable daughter sitting on sofa do funny faces making with fingers eyewear shape like glasses looking through binoculars, have fun with child free time play tricks fool concept
Portrait of a cute little kid girl on a yellow background. Child schoolgirl looking at the camera, holding a book and straightens glasses. The concept of education. Copy space.
Portrait of happy mature businessman wearing spectacles and looking at camera. Multiethnic satisfied man  feeling confident in a creative office. Successful middle eastern business man smiling.
Covid-19, infectious virus. Close up shot of young woman with curly bushy hair, wears transparent glasses and medical disposable mask, cares about her health, protects in dangerious situation
Cheerful hipster girl reading pleasant text message from best friend connected to public internet outdoors, happy woman with beautiful smile chatting on cell smartphone while relaxing outdoors
Photo of attractive ginger pupil with long wavy hair, tries to memorize something, keeps fore finger on temple, reminds information for exam, wears spectacles and jumper, stands over blue wall
Happy senior woman using mobile phone while working at home with laptop. Smiling cool old woman wearing eyeglasses messaging with smartphone. Beautiful stylish elderly lady browsing site on cellphone.
Overjoyed cute small preschooler girl in glasses isolated on grey studio background feel happy laugh at funny joke, smiling little child in spectacles excited with good sight correction at opticians
Portrait of smiling mature woman with spectacles in library looking away. Senior librarian standing in reading hall and thinking. Old beautiful lecturer contemplating. Future and vision concept.
Confident happy african american young woman wearing spectacles, standing with folded hands head shot portrait. Smiling female client satisfied with optic clinic service isolated on blue background.
Outdoor close up portrait of young beautiful woman with tanned skin wearing luxury wide frame square sunglasses, hoop earrings, crochet top, posing on sand, at sunset. Copy, empty space for text
Row of glasses at an opticians. Eyeglasses shop. Stand with glasses in the store of optics. Woman chooses spectacles. Eyesight correction.
Positive man in optical spectacles with cute smile on face making notes on paper sticks during collaboration with colleagues, happy crew of professional people searching ideas for startup project
black sunglasses set
 Portrait of relaxed fun senior couple wearing glasses on background
Flowers scrapbooking hobby flat vector illustration. Herbarium collecting, plants studying accessories isolated on white background. Copybook with dried leaves, coffee cup and glasses composition.
Portrait of young businessman wearing eyeglasses and standing outside conference room. Portrait of happy business man wearing spectacles and looking at camera with copy space. Satisfied proud man.
Glasses Eyeglasses Spectacles Silhouette Shape Variations Set
Happy senior mother spend time with grown up son, relatives people hugging at home, adult attentive millennial grateful child wrapped in a plaid or warm sweater loving mommy caring about her comfort
Caucasian female blogger in trendy spectacles smiling indoors while reading received email with funny video file connected to 4g wireless in coffee shop, happy woman with takeaway cup chatting via app
Portrait of carefree young woman smiling and looking at camera with urban background. Cheerful latin girl wearing eyeglasses in the city. Happy brunette woman with long hair and spectacles smiling.
Row of glasses at an opticians. Eyeglasses shop. Stand with glasses in the store of optics. Woman's hand chooses glasses. Presenting spectacles.
Smiling beautiful millennial girl wear glasses and white t-shirt stand with arms crossed isolated on grey studio background, happy young woman in spectacles look at camera posing or casting
Lovely korean woman with happy smile, shapes heart with both hands, expresses love to you, wears round spectacles and yellow t shirt, says be my valentine flirts with boyfriend poses indoor copy space
Smart glasses and augmented reality concept. Woman wearing modern spectacles with futuristic screen. Virtual technology. Close up of eye surrounded by business statistics and analytics. Future vision.

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cleaning glasses lens to be clean, clear
Cheerful young man in formal wear watching funny video on website on modern touch pad device use wireless internet, positive male employee in optical spectacles reading news on digital tablet
Serious authoritative bearded middle-aged man with folded arms standing staring intently at the camera against a blue studio background with copy space
Sunglasses icons. Black sunglass, mens glasses silhouette and retro eyewear icon. Polarized geek glasses, hipster sun lens ocular. Isolated symbols vector set
Isolated shot of funny bearded man designer or freelancer looks thoughtfully aside, thinks on how climb career ladder, wears casual shirt and round spectacles, isolated on white wall with copy space
Closeup of a man hand holding cellphone with internet browser on screen. Man with spectacles relaxing sitting on couch. Closeup of mature latin man using smartphone to checking email at home.
Positive dark skinned hipster girl enjoying friendly video call on laptop computer using web camera for communicating, happy woman watching comedy video on netbook during free time on leisure
Row of glasses at an opticians. Eyeglasses shop. Stand with glasses in the store of optics. Woman chooses spectacles. Eyesight correction.
Glasses model icons, man, women frames. Sunglasses, eyeglasses black silhouettes isolated on white. Different shapes, frame, styles. Vector illustration on white background. EPS
Thoughtful Caucasian young male in glasses touch chin with finger thinking or considering, pensive European man wearing spectacles isolated on grey studio background making decision or imagining
Photo of optimistic lovely woman looks happily through spectacles, keeps hands on rim of spectacles, notices something pleasant, wears white sweater, isolated over grey background. Happiness
Man with spectacles relaxing sitting on couch while looking at mobile phone. Closeup of mature man using smartphone to checking email at home. Man reading email on smartphone
Composition of five different people wear spectacles, look with surprised expression, beig from various nations, express shock and disbelief. Women and men stand in row isolated on pink background
Vector realistic eyeglasses, spectacles mockup. Elegant black fashionable square frame semitransparent lens reflection. Office, geek optical eyewear accessory. Isolated illustration, white background
Happy woman in spectacles for provide eyes protection satisfied with received email news on modern smartphone device, cheerful Asian female student with knowledge textbooks rejoicing outdoors
Smiling mature businesswoman sit at desk in office talk with client customer have conversation on webcam, happy positive middle-aged female employee in glasses video call at workplace
Happy african American young woman in glasses stretch hand for handshake greeting introducing to someone, smiling black biracial millennial female hr agent in spectacles get acquainted at meeting
I totally agree. Good looking satisfied Afro American woman keeps thumb up, dressed in casual black t shirt, has crisp hair, wears spectacles, models over brown background. Body language concept
Portrait of beautiful senior woman looking at camera with copy space. Successful mature business woman wearing eyeglasses. Happy old professor in standing in college library with gray hair.
Friendly businessman wearing glasses and a suit posing with folded arms smiling at the camera against a white studio background with copy space
Modern glasses icon isolated on white background vector illustration of elegance spectacles in black frame, eyeglasses with lense, eyewear model
Astonished unshaven man gazes through hole in yellow paper, wears round spectacles, opens mouth with surprisement, copy space to insert text or slogan. Effect of torn paper. Discount and sale
Close up of spectacles on blurry city background. Clean vision concept.
Handsome man in spectacles, portrait
Vertical shot of cheerful thoughtful Asian female keeps hands pressed together under chin, hopes for something awesome, wears spectacles and t shirt, has natural beauty, isolated on yellow studio wall
Holding glasses on hand palm close-up isolated on gray background
concept of eye examination, woman patient smiling with spectacles isolated in optician office with diagnostic tools on white background, prevention and control eyesight
Headshot portrait of happy african American man in glasses sit at desk have video call on gadget, smiling biracial young male in spectacles talk speak on web, using online dating service application
Emotive dark skinned woman makes rock n roll sign, says I will rock this party, yells loudly, wears round spectacles, casual t shirt, stands over blue background with empty space, feels self confident
set of Various Eye Glasses Frame Silhouette vector illustration - Vector
one medical face mask with safety glasses (protecting spectacles) on white background, isolated, concept epidemic coronavirus
Glasses silhouette. Rim sunglasses, spectacle frame and eyewear silhouettes. Woman and man glasses, hipster or geek spectacles optical fashion. Vector isolated icons set
Closeup of attractive young woman isolated on gray background, wearing big round spectacles with thin black frame, touching temples with fingers, smiling with expression of satisfaction and interest.
Positive young hipster girl typing text message using 4g wireless for networking and online communication, happy female tourist in spectacles blogging creating publication about tourism and trip
Eye Glasses Icon Vector
Glasses eyes seamless pattern on white background and geometric shapes in memphis style. Eyeglasses. Vector illustration. Fashion background in minimal design.
Close up shot of cheerful satisfied attractive male with stubble, has broad smile, wears round spectacles, rejoices success at work, stands against cozy interior. Fashionable designer glad be praised
Serious businessman wearing glasses staring intently at the camera with a focused expression against a blue studio background with copy space
Portrait of handsome old hipster with eyewear eyeglasses carrying fir tree drive bike wearing white jumper trousers pants isolated  over red background
Portrait of happy mature man wearing spectacles and looking at camera outdoor. Man with beard and glasses feeling confident. Close up face of hispanic business man smiling.
Portrait of crazy funny funky old long bearded man millionaire in eyewear eyeglasses waste money throw banknotes wear leopard shirt shorts isolated over yellow background
Small white dog sitting at a school desk
Smiling biracial man in glasses sit at desk in office browsing wireless Internet on laptop device, happy African American male worker laugh watch funny video on computer gadget, relax at work break
Happy smiling male entrepreneur reading positive sms text while chatting via cellphone app, cheerful employee in optical spectacles for vision correction laughing while receiving funny content
Portrait of smiling African American man in glasses sit at desk in office working on laptop, happy biracial male worker look at camera posing, busy using modern computer gadget at workplace
Middle-aged guy with trendy eyeglasses
cleaning glasses lens to be clean, clear
Close-up portrait of nice cool bright vivid attractive sweet lovely positive lady wearing white off-the-shoulders ruffles top blouse sending kiss holding cheeks in palms isolated over red background
Headshot portrait of cute little preschooler girl isolated on grey studio background wear glasses look at camera, small child try spectacles at opticians, kid eyesight correction treatment concept
Youthful female traveller in stylish spectacles for vision correction spending time for walking around metropolitan downtown and explore New York nightlife on leisure, young woman in streetwear
Portrait of handsome young man programmer in spectacles for vision protection working remotely on netbook in cafe interior, hipster guy looking at camera while updating software on laptop computer
Spectacled bear or Andean bears are a subspecies that lives in South America
of 4,269