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Sad woman during group therapy, indoors
Stressed woman during group therapy, indoors
Female depression and concept of guilt as a woman feeling social anxiety or work pressure stress as a victim of mental distress in a 3D illustration style.
Depressed sad woman standing as victim flat vector illustration. Surrounded girl and fingers pointing at her. Conviction, indictment and social denunciation concept.
Social anxiety. Illustration. Colorful and beautiful illustration about social anxiety and social fear or phobia. Contrast color. Concept of psychology
Social anxiety, social phobia
Sad, depressed man during the coronavirus quarantine staying at home, going mental and crazy. Covid-19 home isolation
Sad girl with friends gossiping in background,  behind her back
Sad girl looking out of window,vintage filtered.
panic attacks young girl sad and fear stressful depressed emotional.crying use hands cover face begging help.stop abusing violence in women,person with health anxiety,people bad feeling down concept
Sad girl standing among people using their phones
Frightened girl with many people behind
Bullying victim being video recorded on a smartphone by classmates in the street with a unfocused background
Woman at home in self isolation quarantine looking out window with face mask on. Coronavirus 2019-ncov.
Concept of social accusation of guilty businesswoman many fingers pointing at isolated on grey office wall background. Portrait scared anxious embarrassed woman biting fingernails
Sad woman with depression surrounded with pointed fingers. Concept of social bullying, conviction, denunciation, accusing. Vector flat illustration of victim.
Man thinking .Everyday stress.
Concepts of depression, fatigue, mental disorder, psychological problem and psychotherapy. Anxiety disorder. Stressed woman illustration. Conceptual illustration for bullying, gossiping, slander
Racism, bullying, social exclusion, depression and loneliness concept. A lot of white board game pawns, one red fallen on its side.
A girl with a social phobia hides her face in a sweater. She looks frightened around
panic attacks young girl sad fear stressful depressed emotional.crying use hands cover face begging help.stop abusing domestic violence in women,person with health anxiety,people bad feeling down
Young people during group therapy, indoors
Cartoon turtle afraid to come out of its shell. Cute hiding tortoise with scared eyes. Isolated vector clip art illustration.
Psychopathology - Mental Health Disorder - Agoraphobia - black woman watching through blinds
Lonely Girl due to self distancing at home during Corona virus. Quarantine from Covid-19 World Pandemic.Anxiety child looking worried through window glass waving
Closeup portrait nervous looking woman biting her fingernails craving something anxious isolated grey wall background with copy space. Negative human emotion facial expression body language perception
asian teenage feeling depressed and lonely in the house. Stressed female from university study.
Man leaning with hands against wall, dark room
Sad Asian mature woman lonely at home self isolation quarantine for COVID-19 Coronavirus social distancing prevention. Mental health, anxiety depressed thinking senior chinese lady.
Rebellious teenager with social issues during psychotherapy
Friends bullying to a sad boy and taking photos with a smartphone for the social network
Social protection concept. Hourglass in the background.
Unhappy woman in the city.
Fearful battered woman peeking through the blinds to see if her husband is home
Social phobia anxiety disorder, SAD. Conceptual colourful illustration shows a person with intense social anxiety symptoms and overwhelming fear of social situation.
Young woman running and grabbing like notifications. Girl addicted to social media and online feedback. Addiction to internet approval and validation. Vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
Portrait of despair, old woman standing beside window
Anxiety infographics, vector illustration. Risk factors, symptoms and treatment of disorder.
crisis of relations between teenagers
Social Anxiety handwritten on a white background.
panic attacks alone young man sad fear stressful depressed emotion.crying begging help.stop abusing domestic violence in people,person with health anxiety,people bad frustrated exhausted feeling down
Social anxiety disorder / social phobia. Man's head is surrounded by hands - Metaphor of negative feeling during socialization and interpersonal situation. Distress, fear of people and society
Side view of a sad pensive woman smoking sitting in a bench in the street in winter
Young adult felling shame depressed and hopeless sitting alone on subway city ground in Depression Loneliness Mental health Emotional pain Social violence Abusive relationship and Harassment concept.
Woman wearing protective medical mask  Crowd of people on background. COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak in Europe concept. flat vector illustration
Discomfort in crowd flat vector illustration. Lonely introvert girl among people. Mental health, psychology, psychological problems. Communication difficulties idea. Social anxiety.
Woman feeling emotional pain, covering face, having headache
Depressed Senior Man Looking Unhappy Sitting On Side Of Bed At Home With Head In Hands
Composite Concept Image Showing Young Woman With Mobile Phone Suffering With Social Anxiety
Terrified female speaker on a stage in front of the audience, EPS 8 vector illustration, no transparencies
Gray silhouettes of faces, positioned in a straight row. Four overlapping heads, as a symbol for egality, marching in step, military, obedience and loss of identity. Psychology. Illustration. Vector.
horizontal orientation of an attractive woman looking out through a window covered with thick ice, with her hand at the window / Signs of Alzheimers Disease
Emotional and psychological trauma. Concept sign of person with social anxiety disorder
Teenager visiting psychotherapist, successful drug addiction rehabilitation
Social anxiety disorder, social phobia concept. Depressed young man in the crowd of silhouettes. Vector illustration, isolated on white background.

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A Man Holding His Head and Shaking
Young hesitant nervous woman biting her fingernails craving something or anxious, isolated on gray wall background with copy space. Negative human emotions facial expression feeling
Depressed young asian business man holding his head in hand at train station, unemployed,dismiss
6 common anxiety disorders infographic,vector illustration.
Suffering anxiety and social phobia in public spaces. Visual metaphor of loneliness. Red female silhouette among similar gray people shadows, panorama
Closeup shy woman hiding face timid. Cute young caucasian woman peeking though hands. Gray background.
Anxiety word cloud on a white background.
Sad preteen boy sitting alone in chair facing wall, depressed,introvert,  autism awareness, children mental health,psychology teen autism spectrum disorder, social distancing, self isolation concept
Troubled teenager.
Disheveled drunk or female high on drugs at a nightclub.  Motion blurred party people in the background dancing.
Sad girl holding pillow and reading phone message in the dark sitting on a couch at home
Close Up Of Unhappy And Depressed Teenage Boy At Home
Bullying concept in workplace.
Sad depressed young teenage woman having social problems sitting on windowsill
Social anxiety disorder  concept. Diagnostic form and book on a table.
Upset teenage girl with smartphone sitting at window indoors. Space for text
Upset teenage girl sitting at window indoors. Space for text
Upset teenage girl sitting at window indoors. Space for text
Anxiety word cloud on a white background.
Anxious stressed young business man looking away
Two kids making fun of a young girl
Portrait Of Depressed Teenage Girl In Bedroom
Depressed teen feeling lonely, sitting in abandoned house, no support and care
Man thinking .Everyday stress.
Woman Suffering From Depression Sitting On Edge Of Bed
Vector illustration of a young man sitting in a dark room clasping his head in his hands with disturbing thoughts. Bright concept image of a despondent man thinking about future and regrets the acts
Social exclusion, bullying, depression, racism and loneliness concept 3d illustration. Red chairs in a circle with a blue chair set aside as a symbol of being different and not accepted.
Social anxiety disorder, social phobia concept. Depressed young woman in the crowd of shadows. Flat vector illustration, isolated on white background.
Closeup portrait little, cute, shy teenager girl hands on chest isolated white background. Human face expression emotion reaction life perception anxiety social situation body language
Mocking concept. Being bullied at school or work. People finger pointing at the young boy or man. Peer Violence and Bullying, Misfit boy, social anxiety concept. Vector illustration, flat style
Asian man walking and standing between Crowd of blurred unrecognizable business people wearing surgical mask for prevent coronavirus Outbreak in rush hour working day at Bangkok transportation
Teen girl excessively sitting at the computer laptop at home. he is a victim of online bullying Stalker social networks
Side profile hesitant anxious woman biting her fingernails looking sideway isolated on gray wall background. Negative human emotion
Man standing on a podium under spotlights, paralyzed by speech anxiety, EPS 8 vector illustration, no transparencies
Lonely teenager in the yard.
Distracted teen looking away sitting on a couch in the living room at home
Gray silhouettes of two heads on white background. Two overlapping faces as symbol for anxiety, uncertainty, doubt and other psychological problems and questions. Isolated illustration. Vector.
Janus face symbol made of gray silhouettes of two heads. Two overlapping heads as sign for duality, anxiety, uncertainty and other psychological problems and questions. Illustration over white. Vector
Worried Woman looking through window from home in quarantine during Corona virus.Anxiety Woman in self distancing isolation due to Covid-19.Stay at home in time of pandemic concept
Portrait of a pretty young Brazilian woman looking up with a mask protection for coronavirus infection. Concept of anxiety, frustration, depression and loneliness outdoors.
Group of multiethnic anxious people men and women biting fingernails feeling nervous stressed
Sad man during group therapy, indoors
Young attractive woman awake late at night using smart phone lying in bed in a dark bedroom. Using mobile for chatting and sending messages in internet addiction, mobile abuse and insomnia concept
Depressed young beautiful Asian woman sitting on kitchen floor with hugging knees. Loneliness sad teenage girl living alone at home and cry. Mental health, drug abuse and social issue concept.
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