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The branch of a fir tree lit by the setting sun with pinecones amidst it's green needles.

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The branch of a fir tree lit by the setting sun with pinecones amidst it's green needles. (96 matches)

Pink flowers and new leaves on a branch of an arupo tree in Matriz Square, Cotacachi, Ecuador
Fall colors
Beautiful dry grass. Coy space. Place for text,.
Physocarpus  branches with fruits in autumn close-up. Physocarpus opulifolius. Rosaceae Family. Copy space
first season of mango ..its now mango buds...taking place on the tree
Spring observation of a flowering tree in nature - 20.4.2020
Pink trumpet tree
Puffy yellow flower blooms in desert tree
Green leaves on sunshine background. Closeup view
Reflections of the plants in the water in the fountain
Hawk Serra da Canastra
Maple leaf at autumn and blurred background .
       bee on flower
Details of leaves and bark of eucalyptus tree
Jade jewelry brooch, white background
Close-up picture of Jacaranda,Plant background image
A Spring Day
Golden light with leaves for background
Tiger Orchid, Leopard Flower over white background.
The bees collect pollen from the flowers of the flowering trees
Wilted plant Hemp or Cannabis in the sunset sun on a blurred background
High Angle View of Bunched Pink Flowers
Monkey sitting in a tree in the Kuger national park in South Africa
Beautiful blooming magnolia tree of pink color in the spring
Pink Sakura Flowers in Thai, Thailand.
Close-up of chestnut branches and leaves painted in neon light in minimal style. Pattern, background. Fantasy filtered shot. Copy space.
Field flowers in watercolor illustration.
first yellow forsythia flowers in the spring
Closeup of olive trees with fruits and leaves in a field in Douro Valley, Portugal, ready for olive oil production
The Peach Tree Blooms In The Spring
Green prickly horse chestnut fruit on a tree branch with dry leaves on a blue sky background
Bee is flying at the cherry branch.
flowers in the garden at ayutthaya
Authentic gentle background of the young green leaves of a blossoming willow. Soft selective focus. As a background for any art design

Flowering tree branch in the garden.
Branch with young green leaves.
Prunus amygdalus white flower
abundance of gold brown seeds on a maple tree in autumn, on a sunny day with clear sky
Japanese red maple leaves in the spring sunlight.
Flowering branch of spring pink flowers with reflection of shadow on a pink background. Layout for postcard or background. Copy space
Snowy fir trees. Winter wonderland mountain forest
photography flowers in the city
Scenic view of snowfall over the village and snow covered road from the balcony in winter
Juniper branch covered with snow and ice
Olive tree
beautiful cone close-up on a pine branch
Astilbe Arendsii Grp Amethyst
Perfect reflection of a flower in the water surface of a lake in spring
Willow near the river
olive tree against the blue sky
Trees, plants and the beautiful sky
Green and red leaves close up
Tree trunks with green leaves and flowers. Frangipani trees that are blooming in the garden with a bright blue sky background.
Red berries in a bush. Briar with a landscape in the background. Red and green colors.
Beautiful cherry blossom, white flowers.
branch with buds
Tree trunks with green leaves and flowers. Frangipani trees that are blooming in the garden with a bright blue sky background.
Blossomed plump-tree
Purple tree in summer
Golden Trumpet flower blooming in summer on white background
Bonsai  - Japanese art form using trees grown in containers, small, dwarfy trees
cherry blossoms in the garden, closeup branch
Leaves backgrund: yellow leaves of maple in the strong sun on the sky background
caterpillars eat leaves with holes eaten by pests nature background
Desmodium gangeticum (L.) DC., Seeds and flowers have medicinal properties.
flower bud marijuana plant close-up trichome.
It is a beautiful figure of "Adonis amurensis" that bloomed in the snow.
Autumn color  shot at close range
group of green leaf and sky,green leaf from garden,green leaf make oxygen and part of tree
native Australian pink callistemon bottle brush tree outdoor in sunny backyard shot at shallow depth of field
Plum blossoms blooming in the plum forest of Kenrokuen covered with snow
Green olive tree branches with fruits in sunlight over bright sky background, close up photo with selective focus
Branch of olive tree with berries on it. Closeup.
Floral sweet seamless background for textile, fabric, covers, wallpapers, print, wrap, scrapbooking, quilting, decoupage. Pretty vintage feedsack pattern in small neutral, black and beige flowers.

dried flowers with dried grass and beige spikelets on a blurred background
Beauty of nature floral desktop background. Blooming closeup tree. Cherry blossoms branch in spring time. Season view of natural flowers in garden. White flower over blue bright sky. Blossoms closeup.
Cherry and apricot flowers in the spring
Vintage looking Tomato plants over a blue sky background
Spring composition, gentle pink flowers and buds with shadow on a pink background. The concept of the mother's day. Copy space for text
Pink flowers and new leaves on a branch of an arupo tree in Matriz Square, Cotacachi, Ecuador
Flowers of myrrh in winter
Purple wisteria flowers in spring
Wild Himalayan Cherry flowers at Khun Wang royal project, Thailand.
Spring blossom plants in morning
The wild plant Castanopsis fissa in the outdoor forests of southern China, which is a close-up of its summer flowering.
Pink blossom in spring against a cloudy blue sky, shot from beneath.
Colorful and sharp photo of Brahminy Starling
Close up of blooming yellow flowers of witch-hazel or witch hazel (Hamamelis japonica Siebold Zucc.) in spring. Poland, Europe
Nest of Eurasian Penduline Tit (Remiz pendulinus) in park
Kartas flowers against a clear sky background. 26 february 2021, Lampung, Indonesia
Vintage looking Hand holding Plug tomatoes plants small seedlings grown in trays over blue sky
Brown-eared bulbul perched on a cherry blossom tree at Busan, South Korea
Wedding Setup, floral decorations, Hand Made simple decor
dry thistle in the snow