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Slightly rusty leaking faucet (tap).

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Slightly rusty leaking faucet (tap). (97 matches)

Chinese traditional nourishing gift Xueyan
Raw Sugar Cooking in Rustic Copper Pot with Large Wooden Spoon
a drop of water dripping from the pipe
Beautiful fresh roses in close up view
Milky latex extracted from tapped rubber tree (Hevea Brasiliensis) as a source of natural rubber
Pieces of of ice crystals hanging on by a thread.
white paper on black background
Aerial side view of enthusiastic newborn Holstein calf splashed with milk as he learns to drink from a pail
Late autumn scene of cold rainy day. Wet branches in the forest, full of small raindrops
Black butterfly with white spots and orange wings.
Great crested newt on a dead leaf
icicles sparkling white with water drops ice hanging down.
Hunting  snowy  shoes on the Ladder to the seating area in the forest. Winter season.
Beautiful woman in wedding dress
Luxury set of wedding invitations, wedding rings, elegant bride shoes
Composition with mauve and green leaves and water drops
logs alluved on riverbank
Freeze winter view to icicles on twigs and icy boulders above rapid stream. Reflections of head lamp in icicles.
Latex extracted from rubber tree, Source of natural rubber tree, rubber, latex, Field latex extracted from rubber tree(hevea brasiliensis)
Lavender mint moscow mule cocktail on dark background
nature macro dew drop on flowers and leaf
Indian girl with mehendi washes her hands with water.
ice from the tree in nature
Frozen drop, ice on the edge of the roof, slate. spring melts the snow the sunbeam shines through the ice
Blue dragonfly rests on the fence
white paper on black background
Margarita Cocktail
Young man with foam soap on his cheeks is standing and removing mustache by shaving from his face.
Broken coconut pieces on a dark background
Churros with chocolate sauce,top view
Winter had arrived
Multicolored water drops in a summer fountain
the water bamboo shrine culture #1
Mosquito on a human hand sucking blood
A frozen swamp. Trail through the reed in winter
Japanese sake and Pacific saury
snow on the fence. close-up
Insects outdoor in the Nature
A closeup shot of colorful threads in a needle with a blurred background
rock agama saudi
Close up of a bare branch in winter on which snow and ice crystals built a filigree structure. Macro shot. Selective focus. Blurred bright background. No persons. Space for text.
Drop of water on a branch with ice
silver chain
Frozen Drip on a Snow Kissed Tree
Black dress and sunglass on the bed
Drinking water supply system. Corrosion on the main pipe. Composite repair oproy. Picture taken in Ukraine, Kiev region. Horizontal frame. Color image
Close up of tray or two tier serving tray.
hair on a gold dress
Beautiful butterfly wing
flour sifting while cooking
Drug syringe and cooked heroin on spoon
Caustic stress cracking of carbon steel steam piping. Weld defects are contributing factor.
Making delicious dark chocolate mousse
storm rain on the roof of the house
Poured champagne over simple white background
spider web with dew
animal animals natur nature macro makro micro wildlife europaen little
Making a plaster mold of a clay sculpture. Negative plaster form. Combining two parts of positive using a slush mass. Making a Two Part Reusable Mold Using Plaster.
thaw the icicle
Extended infrared macro of rhinoceros beetle
house kitchen cockroach pest bug
Whiskey with ice on a black background
Ice on the branches of a tree. Icicles of surreal shape. Close up.
Cooking person in the restaurant is cooking while using the dipper in a large pot. And the water is boiling, there is smoke, hot spit.
green caterpillar on pink rose with macro lens, taken with lumix camera.
Japanese bonito soup
spider when spinning a net to make a trap. and knitting specifically for pulling prey to come closer
Shiny transparent icicles hang on a clear spring day
storm rain on the roof of the house
Blck and white image of melting ice with water drop on blurry background, Close up
Person holding hands in splashing water, sunny sandy outdoors background
Coffee with the top slope with honey
texture of beige and golden natural silk
washing an apple
Handcrafted / handmade leather bracelets with white stones, resting against a jumbo kermit-crab's shell. The pictures was taken in Curaçao.
Living anisakis worm just found on raw fish. Food intake control
The plastic bumper of a black car cracked. Fiberglass properties in car parts.
Ant on the tree. Macro photo of the ant.
Closeup focus station train
Metallic fragment from an old gas lamp

chocolate cake with pears inside and dusted with powdered sugar
Invisalign braces on hand. invisible transparent aligner or clear-plastic retainers.
Dripping from the roof
The Water On The Leaf
Alone great tit sits on frozen tree branch under rain and wet snow in winter forest
Muslim religious beads, tesbih of yellow and red beads with a metal sponge on a lacquered wooden table lit by the rays of the sun
Ameles spallanzania. Mantis insect in a natural environment. On a pine bark.
Cables or wires with bare joints. Untreated electrical wiring harnesses that are not taped in black to protect them from danger. On the background of an outdoor metal pole. Focus close and choose the
Macro photography of spider in rain forest of Thailand. Image shallow depth of field and selective focus at the eye.
3d rendered illustration of an asteroid infront of mars
Crab. Field crab
Frozen curved stem of the plant in winter
Small icicle hanging from the roof
Pouring soda water from bottle into glass in sepia tone.Toned image,soft focus,film noir style.