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A calf with his mommy.  I thought it was cute the way he peeked around to see what I was doing!!  September 2004

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A calf with his mommy. I thought it was cute the way he peeked around to see what I was doing!! September 2004 (97 matches)

A little, sick mongrel is sitting. Dog with a sad, sickly look.
Beautiful Akita portrait
A cow is eating grass in the field
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Super sweet portrait of an orangutan. In many ways similar to humans. Cute and hairy.
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Small calf standing alone at a pasture field
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The Jersey cow.
Dogs at dog shelter, abandoned stray dogs looking for a home
beautiful young calf on pasture
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Dogs at dog shelter, abandoned stray dogs looking for a home
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A newborn pony foal with its mother on the lake shore grasslands of the Upper Zurich Lake (Obersee), Rapperswil Jona, Sankt Gallen, Switzerland
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Cow eating grass in pasture
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Cute Alsatian dog puppy kiss moter (German shepherd) family
Cow Calf Mammal Animal
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Pit bull terrier dog. Outdoors, playful.
Red Fox in the woods
Cattle, or cows (female) and bulls (male), are the most common type of large domesticated ungulates.They are used as riding animals and draft animals (oxen or bullocks, which pull carts ).
Dog {Photograph taken in Argentina}
happy active young Jack Russel terrier dog white and brown color face and eyes close up with home outdoor surrounding making serious face under morning sunlight on a good weather day
Cow resting in the grass
Brown breton dog sitting by the pond
A cute miniature shetland pony foal in a paddock.
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Beautiful cute Thai Bang Kaew puppy on the marble table.
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Little thinking monkey in Sri-Lanka
monkey sitting on tree branch in the dark tropical forest in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park Mumbai Maharashtra India.
Dog laughing at me because no one wants to buy my pictures
A portrait of a brown dog

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Bathe with outdoor Labrador dogs in the garden.
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