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Young turkeys crammed in a cage at a farmers' market in Crete, Greece.

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Young turkeys crammed in a cage at a farmers' market in Crete, Greece. (96 matches)

A few chickens of brown and white color are behind the iron grid. concept of captivity
Wired surveillance camera mounted on a brick wall. White wire anti-theft security camera mounted on an old brick wall.
grilled meat on a wire rack and charcoal
Rusty thick heavy intertwined metal vintage ancient grid surface on wooden background
dog behind a metal fence
Window with metal grill as symbol of prison
Grey brick wall with traces of destruction and dirty texture
Large stainless steel barbecue racks filled with fresh raw diced meat
black and blue ground bird
Cooking sausages on the grill. Still life. Picnic. Lunch in the nature.
Grilled fish on a charcoal stove
Close-up photo of the raw meat on grill
Chicken wings, chicken liver, chicken skewers grilled on the stove
Meat chicken wings roasted in the grill grill on the coals in the courtyard of the house
Different types of bricks and paving stones on a wall
Steel drain cover on pathway
Textured old surface of the original brick wall
Old metallic handrail over wall
Branch of tree buds with snow flakes on brick background
Textured old surface of the original brick wall
Small monkey in zoo, behind grid. Concept of prisoner, poor animals in zoo.
green plant roots on old brickwork
New construction of a house/Framed New Construction of a House/Building a new house from the ground up
SoHo Street Shots during the Day
Traditional barbecue using black charcoal
Perspective View Monotone Gray Brick Stone Pavement on The Ground for Street Road. Sidewalk, Driveway, Pavers
Old air fan that works well.
Cooking sausages on the grill. Still life. Picnic. Lunch in the nature.
Close up on old worn and weathered Ancient mosaic tiles design on the ground
Exotic python skin. Skin of a snake.
Old Traditional stove
Digital effects. Vibrant abstract background. Colorful pattern. Geometric texture. Festive decoration.
The shadow of the stairs on the brick wall of the building.
there are many stones behind a grid
Construction of the building.
The wall is made of bricks. Brickwork in the construction of a new building. The use of a classic building material.
Two hens locked in a cage on a farm
Before and after, oil stain removal and cleaning on an outdoor natural porphyry floor
Pork steak on the grill and coals.
Texture of natural snake skin. Painted python skin.
Old rusted steel grid fence
brick wall being built at home
Reinforcement metal framework for concrete pouring. Ready for filling up with concrete.
Looking pigeons activity in cage at animal traditional market.
metal suspension bridge on iron cables in Nepal.
Chisinau, Moldova - september 2017: angry sad monkey in a cage in Chisinau Zoo
black cat hiding in the hole
New Home Under Construction Foundation
A building covered in vegetation.
Background texture of various natural materials
Metal texture with scratches and cracks
Iron meshes on wood stoves
handicapped parking sign
grilled meat chicken and beef festivals
Facade of modern building along river Thames in London, England. An opposite building is mirrored in the glass windows
Very tasty salmon on grill.
Fresh fish tasty BBQ close up
Benches in the old town in Tallinn
Dilapidated brick wall in the background
White paint splattered and dripping down brick wall on cloudy day.
slate roofing texture, tiles, slate tile
Grilled sausages, cooked on the grill. Barbecue. Still life.
Close view of the metal wire mesh attached to the surface of a wooden decking boardwalk with plant debris and gaps between the boards.
Irregular diagonal brickwork pattern in different colors and shapes of bricks, building or construction background image
Old vintage window
Chisinau, Moldova - september 2017: angry sad monkey in a cage in Chisinau Zoo
The pattern of a red, yellow and gray paving block in the yard
A silicate brick wall with a black patch of tar in the center. For the background.
4 brick walls abandoned building in the mountains Bucegi Romania Sinaia
The door of under world
Background wall made of round colorful stones secured with steel grid.
Texture, background, pattern. An old brick wall. Abandoned building. Traditionally, the term "brick" refers to a unit consisting of clay - a building material used to make walls
Sausages on the grill are grilled on the coals in the open air.
old stone wall with bow
Red brick wall fence from side view.
cobblestones in a wire cage
Depiction of a horse on a Babylonian city wall (#2)

old brick wall painted with black and white paints
building through cage with netting
Thai dogs in the cage
Aged weathered street wall with a windows, barbed wire
abstract home decorative elevation wooden wall tiles design background,
a simple mouse trap that doesn't kill mice
SPEYER, GERMANY- JUNE 21:Ancient mikvah on June 21 2015.It's a bath used for the purpose of the ritual immersion in Judaism according to the Jewish family purity law.
Wall, brick background
Roof with wooden tiles in an alpine hut
Cooking sausages on the grill. Still life. Picnic. Lunch in the nature.
hole in the plaster, repair
old brick wall with window in istanbul
Old brick wall of a house with alarm, branch of a tree
Beautiful HD Bricks Texture Background
"Coppi" Roofing Roofs - Ancient roofing type
brick garage
Grocer Sign on Brick Wall
Ceramic tile wall. Old mosaic. Texture. Abstract background.