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Blue Water Lily

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Blue Water Lily (96 matches)

Beautiful purple leaf and yellow pollen lotus flower green leaf
close up lotus in water
Close up a pink water lily in a pond,Soft focused.
Purple lotus blooming in the pond
Beautiful Pink Lotus, water plant with reflection in a pond
Despite the beautiful lotus flower in water that is not clean.
Lotus in Thailand
Close up lotus with leaves
Pink lotus in the pond beautiful
Lotus flower in pond
Many Pink Lotus flower and green leaves in the big lake, beautiful flower.
Light bluish water flower with round leafs
Purple flowers on a pond in Singapore.
The tiny blue lotus flower in the small pond
Thailand, Wat Arun Temple And Statues
The purple water lily(1)
Natureza, Gira Sol, Abelha, Por do Sol, Coruja
water lillies in a pond
Water white lilies bloom in the lake. Water Lily Flower with green leaves in the water. close-up
Beautiful purple leaf and yellow pollen lotus flower green leaf
Purple lotus in the park.
A beautiful Lotus or water lily flower floating above the water
Lotus in the pond
Lotus flower in full bloom
Purple water lily with bee
15.10.2017 Wat Phra Sri Ratana Mahathat Phitsanulok Thailand
Purple water lilies pond
Lotus is blooming beautiful in the pool.
Colorful Water Lotus
raining on lotu in the well
Lotus flower in the pond
Lotus flowers
Pink lotus flower on the water in garden
Purple lotus flowers are blooming in the basin, amidst clear water and fresh green leaves.
Colorful blooming purple (violet) water lily (lotus) with bee is trying to keep nectar pollen from it. The view captured at a lotus pond in Singapore. Beautiful floral background
Beautiful Lotus Blossom
close up shot of water lily lotus and light in garden
beautiful lotus flower
Lotus in the pond
Lotus flower in a small pond
Lotus flower
Beautiful purple lotus flower and leaves
The image is in the lotus pond and the group is a cluster
pink and white lotus flower on the water
Violet flowers with leaves in the water of the plant Nymphaea nouchali - Blue lotus.
beautiful lily on the water with leaves for meditation
focus, Lotus flower on the pool
Honey bee pollinating of a purple water lily or Lotus Flower with green leaf in the pond.
Green lotus leaves in sunlight
Purple Waterlily in Balata botanical garden, Fort de France, Martinique, Caribbean
Beautiful blooming pink lotus
Lotus blooming in the pond
Lotus flowers and bees
Purple aquatic lotus waterlily nymphea flowers in a pond
colorful lotus in pool
Some beautiful water lilies blooming in the calm waters of the pond
Close-up the rain drops water of 2 beautiful King of siam water lily  (Purple water Lilly or Lotus flower) with leaf in pond
Lotus flower and Lotus flower plants
sacred lotus in a German garden
Pink lotus ( Nymphaea lotus Linn ) in the pool.
Purple lotus in small pond.
Lotus Flowers blooming, Lotus leaf Water Lily flower on the Water natural background
My garden spring blooming flower
Beautiful photo of lilac lotus live in a city fountain.
Blue Sky River Nature Images
Lotus flower in Thailand
Pink color lotus blooming in pond. Flowers of nenuphar (Nymphaea) with leaves. Selective focus.
pink water lily in the pool.
Lotus flower on background of water and leaves
Lotus leaf / Water lily leaf on lake.
Purple blue lotus flower, water lily floating in the pond
Natural Water Lily Flowers. Color Picture and Image.
The lotus on waterway
bee with lotus flower in pool
lotus lily water
Red and white water lily
beautiful lotus flower in pond
Leafs surrounds bloomed bluish water white flower
Four purplish red water lily flowers are blooming to compete
Vibrant lily pads floating on the water
pink color lotus with greeen leaves in water
Lotus pond in a wide.
pink lotus blooming in the tropical garden
violet lotus
Red lotus flower in the pool
Red lotus flower in the pool
A beautiful Lotus or water lily flower floating above the water
The blue lotus is called Nilubol.
Pink lotus in nature
The pink-purple hybrid lotus flowers and lotus buds in the lotus pond see the green lotus leaf.
decorative taro for the front garden of the house
Purple lotus flowers in the basin
Lotus flowers on a pond at the botanic gardens in Porto Alegre, Brazil.
A Group of purple lotus flowers in a pond