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Blue butterfly on a pink flower

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Blue butterfly on a pink flower (99 matches)

Pulsatilla flower in the meadow
A closeup shot of a beautiful tropical flower bud on a blurred background
Close up of Euphorbia cristata cactus in a pot. A variety of succulents in Africa.
Bumblebee (Bombus sp., family: Apidae). Bumblebees are important agricultural pollinators, but their number is decreasing all over the world due to pesticides and herbicides that farmers use.
Garden flowers after rain in the Park in summer. Taken in close-up.
The wasp sits on a flower. Beautiful background. Flower and insect
closeup beautiful blue spring flowers
Artichoke flower blooming and fly. Brittany, France.
Spring cutleaf anemone flowers in forest.
Anemone or Pulsatilla vernalis Spring
Open purple crocus flower with water drops of the morning dew.
Purple Crocis flowers with pine trees in  background - Lisle, Illinois, April 2017
Spring flower with a purple bud, drops of dew and a woody background.
A group of Pulsatilla montana blooming on spring meadow in Hungary. Fine blurred natural background color
snowdrops-the first and most magical spring flowers
Nature grass portrait background green
Stamen of a Purple and Orange Lily
flower plants called red betel or ornamental plants that are often planted in the home garden
blooming cannabis flowers blown by a fan from a PC cooler, illuminated by a LED phyto-lamp
houseleaks (Sempervivum tectorum) background - herbal medicine - luxury nature pattern
Wild grass setaria swaying in the wind with beautiful nature background. Setaria is a widespread genus of plants in the grass family.
The first spring flowers with drops of dew on the grass close up in sunlight
Close-up on Clematis flower freshly open
Spring flowers crocus at rain
Violet asparagus tips
Violet view of Northern Asia forest
Amazing Artichoke blooming buds. 
Perfect image for: flowering or blooming Artichoke, agriculture, autumnal background, cooking vegan healthy food, fresh artichoke, organic garden or farming, etc.
One violet flower
close up photography of mushroom, macro photo of mushroom
large pink lilies with yellow stamens
Flowers of dream-grass in the backlight of the sun in the forest.Sleep-grass, Venetian open, or Lumbago open.Cold shade of color.
Orbicular batfish (Platax orbicularis) in the water
Mushrooms in grass
Mauve & green siloam lily
Colorful tulip growing outside in the garden.
Rain drops in sunlight on flower blossoms show freshness and pure beauty of nature in the garden and on the balcony as idyllic scenery for pollination, honey production and insects like bumblebees
Natural background and spring flowers in the garden
Macro Closeup of a white crab spider feasting on catched bee on Bearded iris, home garden insects
Wildflower violet Pasque Flower Closeup photo. Purple Pulsatilla grandis background macro image. Sunny day picture
Lilium, macro of a beautiful garden flower, vivid nature.
Close up of a lilac mountain lily
lotus flower /lotus flower/lotus flower opening its petals
Tropical plants macro cactus and succulents backgrounds wallpapers fine art prints.
beautiful blue flower of pasqueflower on the meadow
Pasque flowers (Pulsatilla grandis) and water drops, amazing violet blue flower in sunny light. Beauty spring blossom.
many spring primroses blooming in the park
Tatry, Chocholowska Valley full of purple crocuses.
Snail on violet leaf
           nice purple sedum flower close up
They with their petals and their pollen give color to the nature that surrounds it / Flower
Banner of cooking home made burgers on green background
Bearded Iris- deep colours - macro
glasses in forest
Passion Flower off center for copy space
a pink purple flower macro
Pandora Moths on White Bark Pine
Pulsatilla, pasqueflower flower closeup
This is the tradescantia zebrina plant
Lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum) - beautiful flowers and buds in a floral arrangement
Bulbs of red onion with green sprout on sackcloth
purple and white lilies
Beautiful purple -​green pattern​ leaves​
Red onions on a table at the farmers market in Knoxville Tennessee
Faded tulip (Tulipa sp. ) with stamens and pistil after previous day storm.
closeup purple color lotus flower for buddha in holy day,
Russula atropurpurea, commonly called the blackish purple Russula or the purple brittlegill
The underside of a beautiful dark maroon Sunflower
Snail on the rocks blowing bubbles.
bud and flower cactus on green background
extreme close up of a lotus flower
Pasque-flower growing in nature on sunset, macro spring floral background
Grass flower (poaceae) in the autumn. It so beautiful in the garden.
pansy yellow and violet panorama
white flower of harbal plant,
Bright purple and yellow single day lily close up
close up photography of mushroom, macro photo of mushroom
Shallots red onion (Allium ascalonicum) at vegetable garden farmland in Northeast of Thailand
Plant of violet crocuses start blooming , Purple flower
Šafrani ...Vesnici proleca 2
Violet view of Northern Asia forest
a plant with a bunch purple leaf
Colorful leaves of wild grapes with morning dew (water drops) in the first rays of the sun (dawn, sunrise). Frame colors: purple, red, green, purple, lilac.
Macro of a purple Globe Artichoke in flower (Cynara cardunculus Syn. Cynara scolymus)
Western Blue Iris (Iris missouriensis)
Petunia 'Night Sky' flowers closeup macro.
blur the background for a background wash fresh dill and parsley under water in the kitchen for cooking healthy meals, blurred
Spring is coming

Artichoke Flower colored in Botanic Garden Mallorca Spain
pink powder puff flower
lavatera cretica flower macro photo
A brilliant blossom of a pink dahlia with rain drops on petals.
Purple Lotus
Boho Beads from Coconut and Acai Berry, Purple Feather on Crystals of Organic Aromatic Bath Sea Salt for Spa may use as Summer Texture Background
Donggang Hagami flowers native to the Donggang River only
Beautiful flowers on the balcony - geranium, aloe vera
Snail glorious creation, and on backdrop of drops water at all superiority.
Pink Gerbera  Flower with stalk and underside showing, in profile