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Frosty brown leaves on grass

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Frosty brown leaves on grass (98 matches)

birch logs with mushrooms in autumn leaves
The caps of two mushrooms hid behind pine branches. Forest. Summer day. Healing herbs, grass, moss grow. The brown caps of two mushrooms hid in the moss behind the branches of a young pine tree.
Fresh green grass, early spring
crop Season in the Country side
Seasonal background texture of frosty leaves and grass at autumn in Finland.
drops of dew on a web close up
Poplar inflorescence, Long oblong lying on the green grass
The grass snake (Natrix natrix), sometimes called the ringed or water snake, is a Eurasian non-venomous snake. Snake on old leaves of a forest ground warming up under the bright sun.
moss on a fallen tree
Dry leaves are lined up on the ground in the garden over time.
Lights and shadows on still life
Ferns in forest with patchy snow
Background of a green plant in the forest.
Old farm plow that is rusted and bent out of shape by a forest fire.  Found on an abandoned piece of property in Oklahoma.
Boa constrictor walking on grass
Ground with shaded dry leaves
Male mining bee surrounding female mining bee
Alto Paraíso de Goiás/Goías/Brazil- OUT 18 2019: Partial view of Almécegas I Waterfall Trail Vegetation
branch with yellow moss on forest soil
The spring mountain forest. Austria
Isolated View of a Patch of Bright Purple Salvia in a  Bent Over Position
Carpet of fallen cones
Macro photo of the coniferous trees. Fresh colours.
dry branches, fallen leaves, acorns on the ground
Baikal succulent named "Stone Rose"
Spruce tree forest floor during Autumn season with pines, sticks, leaves, soil and mushrooms.
Thuja in poor condition in early spring is close
Centaurea kernerana - Wild plant shot in summer.
Cold night Causing the dew to become tiny ice cubes atop the grass
This picture was taken of melted snow in the grass
New Forest, Hampshire exploration / rambling
tropical pitcher plants or monkey cups on the ground
dry leaves on the tree in the jungle
                               Trail in Cameron Highlands Malaysia
Tropical jungle with river
Yellow dry leaves on the lawn
Strain on which mushrooms Armillaria mellea grow, South Tyrol, Italy. Concept: autumn woods, mushroom picking
Flowers and dry branches

Part of a pristine Amazon rainforest.The tropical rainforests of South America contain the largest diversity of species on Earth.
Incredibly beautiful green plant growing around dry bushes.
Squirrel looking for food.
The first flowers in the spring forest.
Odessa, Ukraine - 4 November 2014: Battered old graves in a Christian cemetery in the historic 18th century Kodyma Odessa region. Selective focus. Destroyed grave
Frosty winter day, the ice crystals on the branches
Cossack juniper on autumn lawn
autumn leaves
Detailed close up view on a forest ground texture with moss and branches found in a european forest
Stream in a forest ravine in late autumn after the first snow
Nature flora background
Brown Autumn Leaves on Moss Carpet
Dry grass and leaves covered with white frost and snow. Beginning of winter.
a group of panulirus /spiny lobsters sitting under a reef in the Pacific ,underwater photo
Dotted deer at forest
Fairy background moss and yellow leaves
Pine cones with branch on a rock
Bawean deer standing inthe Thailand open zoo.
close up to withered little plant among fresh and green plants
Macro shooting of the spring Ural rocks during the melting of snow
Goodyera repens, Creeping Lady's Tresses. Wild plant shot in summer.
The plants grow up on the desert hill.
Bush garden with Pink Gum (Eucalyptus fasciculosa), Sand Bottlebrush (Beaufortia squarrosa) and Large-leaf Grevillea (Grevillea barklyana), South Australia
Fungus on tree
Autumn foliage with tree root top view
Fallen yellow leaves in the grass near the tree.
When flower blooms, there will be no words to express the happiness in the heart
Densely planted Sedum or Stonecrop hardy succulent ground cover perennial light green plants with thick leaves and fleshy stems growing next to moss covered concrete in local home garden on warm sunny
Nature flora background
View of the farmland  fields with blue sky and cloud
aloe cameronii top view
Painted rocks found along a trail in Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
Natural landscape of Turkey. Flora of Asia Minor. Marmaris and Iclemer region. Mugla province
The most magnificent thorny plants in the spring
Landscape of late autumn
A wild rabbit at the Mohonk Preserve in the summer
toxic finger-sponge (negombata magnifica)
landscape in autumn in the forest mushrooms
Jaboticabeira in flower and fruits, fruit tree. Photo taken at sunset.
Twisting and curling snake-like branches and twigs intertwine in an abstract botanical display of merging and interlacing to form complex plant rhythms and patterns.
Landscape of Several  Dark Green/Blue Cacti Plants with  a Western Background
Red Canyon, Sinai, Egypt
Natural rustic forest background with pine cones in moss. Pine cones close up, selective focus.
different kind of prickly cacti with thorns in a deep green exotic forest - beautiful fully condensed wallpaper
A small amount of snow has fallen in İzmir, cacti are in the snow.
Pine roots tree in the forest landscape
watercolor leopard fabric background pattern
Plants On River Bank
Sweet Cud weed, Old-Field Balsam, Life-Everlasting, Rabbit Tobacco, Indian Posy, Cat's Foot
the picture shows forest litter, you can see moss, bark, blades of grass and pine needles
Snowdrops in detail (focus on the blooms)
This is a photo of tree with its green leaves taken from under the tree
Snowdrops on a Scottish woodland floor
Autumn mood . Beautiful colors