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Red teapot on bamboo counter

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Red teapot on bamboo counter (97 matches)

Sandwiches with natural homemade beetroot jam, with vanilla and sugar. Healthy food, vegetarianism.
Dried Goji Berries. super food
Goji berry, AKA wolfberry, Lycium Barbarum.
goji berries
Mincing beef by meat grinder. Making enchilada tortilla with beef.
red leaf with melting snow  lying on wooden surface
Beetroot smoothie in a glass jar mug, side view. Close-up.
Mincing beef by meat grinder
Chilli basket in the open market
Korean red pepper paste gochujang
Homemade strawberry sweet tasty jam with whole berries in spoon on white background
The fresh pomegranates and juice, healthy immunity concept
coffee with hearts on wooden table
Goji berries fruit on colander and wooden table in the background.
candlestick decoration with green plants, mock up.
Red jujube on wood vintage
Dessert with coffee on a table indoors
Iberian ham pata negra from Spain with red wine on wood background
delicious cooking from a red currant in a decorative vase and cup with tea
saffron threads  in vintage dishes, truly color, soft focus
candle in the shape of a deer
dried chilli on wooden table
still life with garlice and  red pepper over a blue tablecloth. cooking spicy food.
Asian Nyonya Food - kuih angku in rattan steam basket (Red Tortoise Cake traditional cake made of glutinous rice flour with red bean paste filling)
Medallion in the shape of a heart
still-life - three red hot chilli peppers on wooden background
vintage photo of dry chilli pepper
Bael juice and bael dried on wooden plate. Top view.
Photo of a bright red open pie stuffed with raspberries in jelly.
wool tangles for knitting with spokes. Top view. Close up. Copy space
Spoon of dried goji berries on old wooden background
Black sesame oil and sesame seeds in white bowl set up on grunge wooden background.
Red Pommegranate on a wooden background with copy space.
Beet root risotto with dry plums
turkish tea and date on a natural background
Knitted plaid
ready-made red muffins on a white background, lie on a metal oven-tray. Cupcake Red velvet at home.
Mincing beef by meat grinder. Making enchilada tortilla with beef. Series.
beautiful clove of fresh red garlic
pendant natural flowers
Indian festival: Raksha Bandhan background with an elegant Rakhi, Rice Grains and Kumkum. A traditional Indian wrist band which is a symbol of love between Brothers and Sisters.
Fresh chili and dried chili in a traditional stone mortar, wooden table as background
Mincing beef by meat grinder. Making enchilada tortilla with beef.
making mince with electrical meat grinder
garden strawberries and yogurt in a glass bowl
Cherry in a glass
The red beets on a brown wooden background
Spoon of dried himalayan goji berries on old wooden background, selective focus
Goji berry fruit spilled out from cup onto spoon on wooden table.
Chilli in jar
Beautiful scented candles over wooden background. selective focus
saffron in old spoon on wooden background
Strawberry cream curd
Handmade Christmas decorations: vintage New Year tree toys on a warm wooden background. Cristmas and New Year concepts.
Herbal medicine concept. Dry strawberry in the jar on wooden brown table. Organic ingredients.
Healthy organic Purple Baked Beet (beetroot) Chips with olive oil and large Sea Salt in a white bowl on a grey concrete background. Dietary useful snack. Selective focus, copy space
pomegranate tea
Candle with ball
Beetroot smoothie in glass jar, side view. Closeup.
Fresh beetroot isolated on white background
Blood orange, citrus, blood orange bundt cake
Glass jar with fresh juice of red beets isolated on white background
Full cup of red tasty raspberry tea and slice of roll pie on glass saucer on old wooden rustic table
red, old metal heart and three dry roses lie on a white background, top view
Bitten beef steak, some cherry tomatoes and slices of toasted bread on a transparent glass plate along with a fork and knife on a wooden table
Dry red goji berries in wooden spoon on rustic background for a healthy diet.
Sandwiches with natural, homemade beetroot jam, vanilla and sugar. Crispy Waffles. Healthy food, vegetarianism.
Dragon fruit isolated on white background
Festival mooncake with tea for the Chinese
Herbs, cleanliness, scent and skin care. Collection of an hand drawn vector illustrations. Full sized hand drawings. Freehand sketching, Line art.
Beetroot on white background.
Powder chili isolated over reddish background
jam and slices of orange peel
Dried cherry sweetened dried fruits in white cup , on wood table background.
Close up studio shot of torn dried red hot chili pepper on white background.
raspberry jam and fresh raspberry on a wooden
 goji berries in chinese spoon and glass jar on wooden table background
Chili powder isolated over wooden background
Dark style photo of goji berries in a jar on black background
Chilli powder and red chillies
Gаm from the fig in a glass jar. Dessert sweet confiture.selective focus.
Christmas tree decoration made of red yarn ball on natural snow background. Minimal New year or Christmas concept with creative copy space. Top view. Soft focus.
Placenta with Amniotic sac.
Quilt wallet bag, hat girl doll pattern. Japanese handcraft. Signed property release.
Fig jam in a glass jar with  fresh figs on wooden background
Saffron spice threads in vintage old spoon, on a black background, closeup. Top view.
Traditional chili pepper powder in a bowl with dried peppers on table, homemade healthy food
Tasty raw beetroot. Sliced beetroot on plate.
Iberian ham pata negra from Spain with manchego cheese on wood background
Objects to celebrate the Muslim holiday of Ramadan.
Chili powder isolated over wooden background
Fresh grated beets in a plate. Beetroot salad with raw vegetables. Top view.
letter with seal
Turkish tea in traditional glass isolated on white background
goji berries Chinese wolfberry (Lycium barbarum)
Natural crackers or beetroot cookies in glass jars on a light background. Healthy food concept for wellness
goji berries