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Distracted careless housewife chatting with her phone, she is burning clothes with the iron
Cup of coffee spilled on keyboard office desk concept of careless clumsy or accident
Crosswalk accident. Pedestrian with smartphone and headphones crossing road on red traffic lights, road safety. Car vehicle accident danger, street traffic rules vector illustration
Woman new driver sitting in car, doing make up, using lipstick, talking on phone. Careless and dangerous driving. No concentration on road can cause fatal car accident. Stereotype for women driving
Child safety at home concept. Little baby reaching for hot pan on stove in kitchen, empty space
Careless Characters Using Smartphone while Crossing City Road Ignoring Traffic Light and Cars Signaling. Human Carelessness Concept, Danger on Road, Harmful Gadget Impact. Linear Vector Illustration
Bundle of rich men and women isolated on white background. Set of careless wealthy people, moneybags or nouveau riches throwing money bills, carrying and hiding them. Flat cartoon vector illustration.
Photo of young handsome careless guy throwing usa money banknotes away wealthy person wear sun specs casual t-shirt isolated bright yellow color background
Disposable face mask. Surgical masks are used carelessly scattered on the street. Do not throw away your used face mask.
Portrait of his he nice cool trendy content attractive handsome reckless careless carefree guy wearing checked shirt throwing money away wealth isolated over pink pastel background
Concept of richness and poverty. Set of scenes with men and women save, spend, waste money isolated on white. Rich and poor people with banknotes and coins. Vector illustration in flat catoon style.
Photo of funky retired old man moped ride open mouth hold eyewear incredible speed wind wear santa x-mas costume suspenders sunglass boots striped shirt cap isolated red color background
Rear view at little careless child girl exploring house playing turning light switches, home electricity danger security, electric shock risk and kids safety, energy power saving concept, copy space
I don't know, who cares. Portrait of confused clueless brunette man with beard in white t-shirt shrugging shoulders, making no idea gesture, whatever. indoor studio shot isolated on orange background
Accident risk with child and hot iron vector illustration. Little girl alone in room at home reaches iron with steam. Burns and fire huzard. Careless handling of electrical appliances.
Monochrome background of careless ink writing. Handwritten letter texture. Overlay template. Vector illustration
Beauty, people emotions and summer leisure concept. Clueless and careless cute asian girl in white dress, dont know anything, shrugging with reluctant face, standing pink background unaware
The end of coronavirus. Stop Covid 19. People discard surgical protective face mask on a public streets. Dirty used medical mask laying on the ground during an epidemic. Risk of disease, spread of
Portrait of young inattentive girl, distracted by mobile phone. Girl crashed into street post, dropped phone.
Full body length size photo of crazy humorous handsome carefree careless dreamy optimistic generation y millennial he him guy stretching arms hands to sides isolated pastel background
Spill coffee on a computer keyboard
Nice attractive stylish cheerful cheery positive carefree guys ladies having fun hanging out best summer year student festive in new cool bar modern place indoors
Human Carelessness Landing Page Template. Careless Characters Using Smartphone while Crossing City Road Ignoring Traffic Light and Cars Signaling. Harmful Gadget Impact. Linear Vector Illustration
Medical face mask discarded on the asphalt in the rain, man walks away, thoughtless against the danger of coronavirus infection after the lockdown, copy space, selected focus, narrow depth of field
CLOSE UP, DOF: Thoughtless senior driver drives her metallic blue car into a puddle, splashing water at the young female pedestrian walking along the empty sidewalk in her brand new high heels.
Kids destroy. Little delinquent messy children hyperactivity energy games vector different troubles situation
Full length body size view portrait of her she nice attractive charming lovely slender careless cheerful cheery girl practicing yoga class isolated over pink pastel background
Man on bicycle riding on red light while speaking on mobile phone. Careless cyclist creating dangerous accident ignoring traffic light talking on cellphone. Carelessness on road. Vector illustration
Full length body size photo of wavy curly careless charming pretty girlfriend black skinned rejoicing with sales starting wearing jeans denim pullover isolated over vivid color background
Careless lazy female employee sitting at office desk and listening to music instead of working, she is surrounded by piles of paperwork
Careless, carefree, dream, dreamy concept. Beautiful, attractive, pretty, charming, modern wave hairstyle lady look at camera with raised hands up and open mouth isolated on shine red background
Careless girl talking on phone and makinger her nails while the kitchen is on fire.
Abstract vintage background of illegible ink-written poetry isolated on a white background. Set of 11 hand-written poems. Vector illustration
Hand Drawn Rustic Farm Fresh Vector Typeface.Organic alphabet with imprint effect. Retro grunge marker for organic packaging design. Stamp lettering.Vintage Retro Textured Decorative Type.
Distracted careless housewife chatting with her phone, she is burning clothes with the iron
Two young female; one smiling with bright idea and the other feeling sad with no idea. Concept of brainstorm, project discussion, opposite emotion. contrary, light bulb sign. Flat vector illustration.
careful or careless as a choice in life - pictured as words careless, careful on doors to show that careless and careful are different options to choose from, 3d illustration
Happy careless childhood. Mixed media
I don't know! Photo of beautiful lady spread hands shrug shoulders careless ignorance expression said bad wrong thing wear casual green turtleneck isolated yellow color background
Boss of life. Photo of pensioner old man grey beard careless raise hand dance open mouth vip event confetti wear santa x-mas costume suspender sunglass cap isolated blue color background
Joyful and careless car driver raises his hand in thanks for giving way. Traffic rules and politeness concept
Photo of attractive ginger pupil with long wavy hair, tries to memorize something, keeps fore finger on temple, reminds information for exam, wears spectacles and jumper, stands over blue wall
Funny beagle tricolor dog lying or sleeping Paws up on the spine on the city park green grass enjoying the life on the sunny summer day. Careless pets life concept image.
Carelessly discarded medical face mask thrown away on a public footpath during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Banbury. Oxfordshire. Landscape image with space for copy. England.
Company of nice attractive cheerful cheery positive carefree careless guys ladies having fun time hanging out best summer student life in new cool modern place indoors
Grunge texture of unreadable text, carelessly written with corrections and strikethroughs. Background of unreadable text written in ink with strikethrough marks. Vector illustration. Overlay template.
I don't know! Young confused businessman in green t-shirt sitting with laptop, looking at camera with raised arms and puzzled. business and freelancing concept. indoor shot near big window at daytime.
A chestnut-haired lady with careless hairdo in a white blouse is smiling and keeping her finger near the lips. A burgundy silk handkerchief with white polka-dot print is rounding the girl's neck.
Careless manager spreading hands in helpless gesture. Young man in blue formal shirt shrugging shoulders. Do not know concept
Burning toaster. Toaster with toast caught on fire over table. 
Сause of the fire as a result of careless handling of household electrical appliances. Burned plug with wire in electric circuit
Careless male driver with sunglasses and cap using mobile phone while driving in heavy traffic. Careless or reckless driving is a traffic violation. Partly motion blurred image with selective focus.
Bold and script alphabets. Vector font duo.

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Workplace Injury Thin Line Icons -  stock illustration. A worker with a broken arm, worker wearing hardhat and hurting back while bending over, person falling back on work chair, wrist injury.
Boxes fall from truck as the back door is not closed. Truck drives at high speed and loses cargo. Сareless driver. Danger accident. Vector illustration, flat design, cartoon style.
Horizontal close up of dropped glass of water with spilled water on white surface with shadows on sunlight of sunset or sunrise. Carelessness or lack of water resource concept
Modern calligraphy alphabet. Vector script.
Close up photo beautiful funky her she lady hands arms palms hold cuddle big large pillow careless expression glad day off wear sleeping pink mask casual white t-shirt clothes isolated blue background
CLOSE UP: Unsuspecting businesswoman walking along sidewalk gets splashed by careless driver driving down the empty road. Senior woman drives her blue SUV into a puddle, splashing water at pedestrian
Full length body size view photo of careless playful funny person foolish indicate present choose decide advise ads adverts wear striped denim cool clothing summer isolated bright background
Man passes by after throwing away his face mask on the rainy street, but the danger of coronavirus infection could still exist also after lockdown, copy space, selected focus narrow depth of field
Happy people jumping with golden coins in hands. Set of rich men and women, careless wealthy characters, financial success, lottery win, fortune, good luck, business concept isolated on background
Burning toaster. Toaster with two slices of toast caught on fire over white background. Danger of careless handling of electrical appliances. Fire
Photo of young handsome careless guy throwing money banknotes away wealthy person wear sun specs casual t-shirt isolated bright yellow color background
Puzzled male portrait. Careless gesture. Helpless emotion. So what. Doubtful expressive man shrugging looking at camera isolated on blue.
Careless Man Driving Kick Scooter On Street Vector. Careless Rider On Transport Drives On Prohibiting Traffic Light. Boy Wear Protection Helmet And Backpack. Character Flat Cartoon Illustration
Closeup photo of indifferent lady careless facial expression raise hands shrug shoulders asking so what wear casual white blue t-shirt isolated pastel pink color background
Complete task holidays fantasy rich luxury glad fun time-out concept. Cheerful positive excited careless peaceful virile banker keeping hands behind head closed eyes sitting modern light workstation
Hay ignites from throw cigarette butt and burns in flame and smoke. Concept of fire safety violation rule or careless handling with fire. Close-up. Outdoors.
A worker is smoking on the flammable material
Full body photo of pretty careless lady showroom assistant sit chair lazy worker hands on cheeks look up wear yellow leather jacket long skirt isolated pastel pink color background
Big collection of black paint, ink brush strokes, brushes, lines, grungy. Dirty artistic design elements, boxes, frames. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background.
Portrait of wasteful rich girl in checkered shirt scattering dollars with arrogant grimace, boasting wealthy life, concept of careless money spending. indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
Little baby boy with iron sitting on room floor at home. Young parent helper. Interested cute toddler child studying playing with electric appliance equipment. Carelessness and childhood
Girl sitting with her legs on desk with computer and reading book instead of working under tasks. Procrastinating woman, procrastination of office worker. Vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
tourist in luxury beach hotel near luxurious swimming pool at sunset, getaway, tropical exotic holidays vacation, tourism and travel
Low Section Of Woman Stumble In A Carpet
Young woman rocky landscapes above the clouds, standing on the car highly in the mountains. Carefree lifestyle and travel concept
Grunge texture of a careless unreadable letter written in a clumsy handwriting. Monochrome background of an old illegible manuscript. Overlay template. Vector illustration
I don't know. Portrait of confused handsome bearded young man in blue casual style shirt standing with raised arms and looking at camera with answer. indoor studio shot, isolated on pink background.
Happy man jumping holding cash vector flat illustration. Joyful male with banknote celebrating finance success isolated on white background. Rich smiling lucky guy having financial fortune
Grunge monochrome background of handwritten doodles imitating writing. Notes in illegible handwriting. Overlay template. Vector illustration
Danger, curiosity, carelessness concept. Small child girl inadvertently tries to take a hot pot on the gas stove. Safety baby at home. Baby is not under the supervision of parents. Vector flat design.
Young mom cooking homemade meal. Cute woman distracted by phone call and set kitchen fire. Busy girl left pan and pot on stove and burned dinner. Housewife and multitasking problem vector illustration
Full length body size view of his he nice attractive cheerful cheery careless bearded Santa having fun rejoicing fairy eve noel isolated over bright vivid shine red background
Full body photo of funky man feel content careless isolated over yellow background
Close up portrait of carefree careless lady millennial hold hand make faces fool future actor actress have holidays dressed cotton fashionable clothing isolated on colorful background
Careless courier makes his deliveries around the idyllic suburban neighborhood by kicking and tossing packages. Young delivery guy kicks packages in someone's driveway on a sunny day in the suburbs.
Full length photo of retired grandfather white beard crazy careless ride retro moped wind blow face high speed wear x-mas costume coat sunglass cap boots isolated red color background
I do not care about rules. Portrait of indifferent careless teenage girl with blonde hair shrugging and holding spread palms near shoulders, being uninterested and bothered with stupid questions
Adorable child lost way and someone help child to find family. Poor kid get sad and depressed. His parent is careless that do not look after children well when parent walk around city. Child miss them
Human Carelessness, Harmful Gadget Impact Landing Page Template. Thoughtless Female Character Bump into Pole on Street while using Smartphone. Woman Ignoring Danger on Road. Linear Vector Illustration
VERTICAL, CLOSE UP, DOF: Young businesswoman is surprised as she gets splashed with water by careless driver. Shocked female pedestrian gets splashed with dirty rainwater by SUV driving into a puddle.
Freedom legs stylish feet glamorous people  teenager teen age restless concept. Full-length full-size portrait of excited surprised attractive careless inspired girl jumping up isolated on background
Full length body size view of his he nice attractive cheerful careless guy in swimming shorts jumping having fun time isolated on bright vivid shine vibrant green blue turquoise color background
Fall vector illustration. Flat tiny economical business fail persons concept. Bankruptcy warning and money loss accident. Unexpected company financial problem mistake. Wet and slippery floor surface.
Portrait photo of young funny millennial girl wearing christmas headwear cap keeping holding golden sparkling ball bauble for decorating xmas tree looking at side isolated on blue color background
Big collection of black paint, ink brush strokes, brushes, lines, grungy. Dirty artistic design elements, boxes, frames. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background.
A container truck accident, it drove on the side of the road. Parked stuck truck on the lawn with damaged barricade.
The container van accident crashed into the back of the coupe until both jump and the front were damaged.
Big collection of black paint, ink brush strokes, brushes, lines, grungy. Dirty artistic design elements, boxes, frames. Vector illustration. Isolated on white background.
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