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Webcam portrait of a happy mature caucasian blonde woman wearing eyeglasses, sitting on couch, looking directly at camera with friendly smile, waving hand, greeting gesture
Caucasian businessman sitting at table in cafe modern cozy office looking at laptop screen feels satisfied proud with done work, serene man resting putting hands behind head relaxing no stress concept
Conceptual the customer responded to the survey. The client using digital pen write happy face smile icon. Depicts that customer is very satisfied. Service experience and satisfaction concept.
Excited mature woman in glasses sit on couch at home showing thumbs up satisfied with service, smiling elderly female make like gesture recommending something, satisfied with choice or decision
In cozy living room happy woman put hands behind head sitting leaned on couch 30s european female enjoy lazy weekend or vacation, housewife relaxing feels satisfied accomplish chores housework concept
Overjoyed African American man talking on phone, distracted from work or studying, sitting at table with laptop at home, chatting with friends during break, hearing good news, pleasant conversation
Satisfied customer putting red check mark on blank awesome quality service survey checklist next to drawn happy face.
Young serene asian woman rest on soft stylish couch after finishing household chores enjoy tranquility feeling satisfied. Peaceful vietnamese lady chill at modern studio apartment breath fresh air nap
Relaxed calm young african businessman resting looking away sit at desk with laptop hands behind head, satisfied office employee take break feel stress relief peace of mind concept chill at work
Satisfied with work done. Happy young man working on laptop while sitting at his working place in office
Close up headshot portrait of smiling 30s Caucasian man look at camera posing in own flat or apartment. Profile picture of happy 20s male renter or tenant in new home. Real estate, rental concept.
Portrait of happy mid adult man sitting on sofa at home. Handsome latin man in casual relaxing on couch and smiling. Cheerful indian guy looking at camera.
Happy relaxed mature old woman resting dreaming sitting on couch at home. Smiling mid aged woman relaxing. Peaceful serene grey-haired lady feeling peace of mind enjoying lounge on sofa and thinking.
Confident mature woman with crossed arms in casual clothing with copy space. Successful smiling woman with big grin looking at camera. Beautiful positive businesswoman standing against grey background
Portrait of fair-haired beautiful female student or customer with broad smile, looking at the camera with happy expression, showing thumbs-up with both hands, achieving study goals. Body language
Head shot portrait satisfied smiling African American man wearing glasses showing thumb up, excited businessman student looking at camera, positive customer recommending service, good quality
Portrait of a satisfied casual girl holding mobile phone and showing ok gesture isolated over white background
Satisfied smiling young woman keeps both hands on belly, being in good mood after eating delicious supper, demonstrates she is full, isolated over pink background. Pleasant feeling in stomach
Excited african american millennial tattoo girl in glasses hold smartphone feel euphoric reading good news, overjoyed happy black biracial young woman use cellphone triumph win lottery online
Portrait of skilled male freelancer showing ok sign completing working on project satisfied with salary.successful male IT developer earning money online doing distance job with free schedule
Smiling handsome middle aged 50s single man looking at camera standing at home, happy satisfied confident senior mature european male model posing indoors for close up face headshot portrait.
Satisfied icon. Black filled vector illustration. Satisfied symbol on white background. Can be used in web and mobile.
Purchase of dream. Excited indian woman shopper prepare to pay by bank card on commerce site for desired product service. Happy satisfied young lady customer enjoy good safe work of mobile banking app
Portrait of happy mature man wearing spectacles and looking at camera outdoor. Man with beard and glasses feeling confident. Close up face of hispanic business man smiling.
Healthy woman celebrating during a beautiful sunset. Happy and Free.
Portrait of a satisfied young man celebrating success isolated over white background
Smart young woman satisfied with learning language during online courses using netbook, smiling female student doing homework task in college library searching information via laptop computer
Emotion feedback scale from angry to happy. Red, orange, yellow, light green and green square with vector imitation of watercolor texture. Faces with emotions: angry, sad, neutral, satisfied and happy
Portrait of beautiful mature woman drinking a cup of tea in cafeteria. Happy woman in a cafe drinking coffee and looking at camera. Portrait of smiling lady relaxing in a coffee shop.
Satisfied hipster girl with Afro haircut, types text message on cell phone, enjoys online communication, types feedback, wears orange jumper, isolated on blue studio wall. Technology concept
Glad overemotive dark skinned lady with curly hairstyle, laughs happily, expresses sincere emotions, being amused by friend, dressed in orange casual jumper, models in studio alone with mockup space
Satisfied African American woman relaxing at workplace with legs on table, happy female freelancer student dreaming, resting after work done in comfortable chair at home
Satisfied with work done. Happy young business man looking out windows in office.
Smiling sophisticated 50s middle aged blond business woman looking at camera. Happy mature elegant old lady professional businesswoman posing at home office. Headshot close up portrait
Front full length view tranquil millennial pretty woman relaxing on comfortable sofa in living room. Peaceful young lady sleeping, reducing stress, enjoying lazy weekend time on sofa alone at home.
Smiling mature indian man wearing spectacles and looking at camera. Middle eastern confident businessman at office. Portrait of successful mid entrepreneur feeling satisfied and working from home.
young bearded crazy man feeling happy, satisfied and powerful, flexing fit and muscular biceps, looking strong after the gym against flat color wall
Family african father and little son opens unpack carton box sitting on sofa at home, satisfied clients received parcel. Delivery, shipping shipment, postal service, buying in internet stores concept
Woman holding a smiling face emoticon
Portrait of a satisfied woman thinking looking at side holding a coffee mug beside a window at home
Satisfied businessman in comfortable office chair during break, sitting at desk with laptop, happy smiling employee resting after work done, leaning back, business vision, enjoying success
Smiling caring middle aged wife embracing senior husband at home, happy old woman hugging loving mature man looking at camera, retired elderly family married couple dating bonding headshot portrait
Portrait of a mature businessman wearing glasses on grey background. Happy senior latin man looking at camera isolated over grey wall with copy space. Close up face of happy successful business man.
Cheerful Afro woman points away on copy space, discusses amazing promo, gives way or direction, wears yellow warm sweater, has pleasant smile, feels optimistic, isolated over blue background
Isolated shot of satisfied male model stands sideways in paper hole, dressed in yellow headgear, white t shirt, points on blank space with index finger, advertises item. Look at this awesome product
happy full man touching tummy over gray background
Head shot portrait smiling overjoyed mature woman showing thumb up, looking at camera, sitting on couch, using laptop, satisfied customer recommending online service quality, shopping offer
Happy African ethnicity businessman standing in modern work space feels satisfied, company owner entrepreneur looking away posing at workplace enjoy good job and successful career head shot portrait
Portrait of smiling woman wearing spectacles while sitting at desk. Business woman taking notes in diary and looking at camera. University girl with eyeglasses sitting on table at library.
Portrait of happy retired senior woman looking at camera while wearing new eyeglasses. Smiling satisfied old woman at home. Closeup face of wrinkled beautiful grandmother trying on new eyewear.
Satisfied happy and charismatic joyful african american young guy making dab pulling hands right tilting, looking down with broad happy smile dancing, having fun over gray background
Children Hands Building Word Satisfied, Blue Sky

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Happy satisfied indian woman rest at home office sit with laptop hold hands behind head, dreamy young lady relax finished work feel peace of mind look away dream think of future success concept
Profile picture of happy millennial caucasian woman posing in own new home apartment. Close up headshot portrait of smiling female renter or tenant satisfied with real estate agency services.
Satisfied man holding his hand on his stomach after having a meal or a drink isolated on white background
Smiling multiracial couple customers shaking hands with mortgage broker or financial advisor, happy attractive black and white family handshaking lawyer bank worker taking loan, making purchase deal
Customer Review Icon
Young businessman relaxing at his desk in office
Excited female student feels euphoric celebrating online win success achievement result, young woman happy about good email news, motivated by great offer or new opportunity, passed exam, got a job
Profile picture of happy friendly young man corporate staff member posing for portrait in modern office space looking at camera with smile satisfied with self realization in job career opportunities
Happy young businessman in suit looking at laptop excited by good news online, lucky successful winner man sitting at office desk raising hand in yes gesture celebrating business success win result
Side-shot enthusiastic happy carefree female student prepare freelance project working laptop sitting cafe laughing joyfully contemplate outside window wear glasses enjoy cappuccino
Iconic illustration of satisfaction level. Range to assess the emotions of your content. Feedback in form of emotions. User experience. Customer feedback. Excellent, good, normal, bad, awful.
Satisfied young man in office looking away
Satisfied african businessman using smartphone while walking in the street. Mature smiling business man walking on the road and messaging with phone. Happy successful entrepreneur going to work.
Head shot close up portrait of pleasant smiling mature woman. Happy healthy middle aged lady relaxing alone at home, looking at camera, posing for photo. Positive satisfied retirement concept.
Side view of serene woman sitting on sandy beach against blue sky outdoors
Happy middle eastern businessman relaxing in his office while looking computer monitor. Smiling mature business man with beard and eyeglasses sitting with hands behind head at office desk.
Smiling confident african american young businessman standing with folded hands, looking at camera. Portrait of happy handsome male manager satisfied with company career at modern creative office.
Close up portrait of pleasant looking female with glad positive expression, being satisfied with unforgettable journey by car, sits on driver`s seat, enjoys music. People, driving, transport concept
Rear back view african couple take break putting hands behind head resting sitting on comfy sofa in living room breathing fresh air feels satisfied tranquil, relaxation free time stress relief concept
Happy smiling man standing with closed eyes, having relaxation while meditating, trying to find balance and harmony isolated. Yoga and meditation.
Overjoyed funny young business man jumping in hallway celebrate success victory win reward, happy excited male employee rejoice promotion work well done on friday yes gesture dancing alone in office
Happy satisfied girl in casual wear holding mobile phone, looking at camera, isolated over beige background
Mindful peaceful Afro American woman meditates indoor, keeps hands in mudra gesture, has eyes closed, tries to relax after long hours of working, holds fingers in yoga sign, isolated on blue wall
Happy woman hugging herself. Positive lady expressing self love and care. Vector illustration for love yourself, body positive, confidence concept
Banner of happy mature asian or hispanic old man looking at smartphone smiling positive in casual lifestyle with digital technology of older or senior guy concept. Urban elderly asian retired man.
Close up portrait of curly female adult has charming smile, curly dark hair, wears big glasses, satisfied as finished domestic work earlier, being successful designer or architect, has talent
Head shot portrait positive mature woman with healthy smile sitting on cozy couch, happy middle aged female looking at camera, posing for photo at home, enjoying leisure time, relaxing on sofa alone
Relaxed calm woman resting breathing fresh air feeling mental balance enjoying wellbeing at home on sofa, satisfied young lady taking pleasure of stress free weekend morning stretching on couch
Happy and satisfied young man surrounded by depressed, unhappy, sad and angry people. Smiling person in crowd. Funny cheerful guy and society. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style.
Happy client putting check mark with green marker on customer service evaluation form.
Two relaxed roommates in winter sitting on a sofa in the living room of a house interior
Confident satisfied smiling professional architect woman posing with crossed hands with notes, tablet, and rulers on the table in the fabric place.
Feedback Icon
Businessman pointing five star symbol to increase rating of company
Young handsome farmer standing in wheat field with hands on hips and looking forward at sunset
Portrait of a satisfied happy couple holding laptop computer while standing and celebrating isolated over gray wall background
Confident smiling millennial african american businessman looking at camera in modern office, happy male professional company leader coach trainer posing alone, close up head shot business portrait
Image of excited young woman making winner gesture and using cellphone isolated over pink background
Surprised positive dark skinned lady points at smart phone device, suggests to have conversation in group chat, glad to recieve many messages of congratulation on mailbox, has overjoyed look
Business man & woman group showing thumb up gesture. Successful business people team characters standing gesturing businessman showing positive feedback. Flat isolated vector illustration
Funny caucasian male in casual wear laughing at content from social networks using mobile phone, positive millennial generation hipster guy satisfied with tariffs for 4G internet on smartphone
Portrait of a satisfied man relaxing with the arms in the head sitting on a chair at home with a warm light from a window
Happy senior old family couple clients make financial insurance estate business deal handshake agent lawyer, satisfied mature customers shake hand meeting bank manager agree on investment contract
Joyful satisfied black woman with curly bushy haircut, expresses good emotions and feelings, has toothy smile, being under impression, laughs sincerely, wears oversized pink jumper, stands indoor
Happy woman relaxing on comfortable soft sofa enjoying stress free weekend at home, calm satisfied girl stretching on couch thinking of pleasant lazy day, dreaming and planning sunday morning
Man showing thumbs up in modern and abstract space. Happy business person giving satisfied and supportive hand gesture.
Overjoyed happy excited female glad to recieve text message informing about salary, rejoices good news, stares at mobile phone, gestures actively from happiness, stands indoor alone. Reaction concept
Pleased millennial girl with curly hair, bites lips and eats delicious ice cream with appetite, enjoys natural flavor, chills during summer day, looks gladfully aside, empty space on green background
Satisfied calm African American woman enjoying fresh air, good smell, dreaming about future with closed eyes, smiling pleased peaceful young female with curly hair isolated on studio background
Confident woman relaxing on couch at home. Thoughtful smiling woman sitting on sofa and looking away. Portrait of satisfied girl daydreaming at home.
Advertising concept. Excited cheerful european woman with long blonde hair, wearing casual clothes and smiling happily, pointing index fingers upwards, motivating and attracting customers.
Successful senior man with folded arms standing over grey background. Mature black businessman in shirt and tie looking at camera. Portrait of joyful business man on a grey wall with copy space.
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