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Young attractive fruit market saleswoman selecting fresh fruit on the street market.
Smiling saleswoman giving a customer car key at new car showroom
Woman in drugstore gets advice from saleswoman while shopping for cosmetics
Indian businesswoman speaking to colleague or hr during job interview, young professional hindu woman manager consulting client or explaining giving advice teaching at business office meeting
Woman comparing cosmetics products with saleswoman in drugstore
Young woman comparing cosmetics products with saleswoman in a drugstore
Pregnancy shopping. Female saleswoman selling newborn clothes to young pregnant woman at baby shop store
Female customer holding phone near nfc terminal make contactless mobile payment with smiling waitress barista saleswoman on coffeeshop counter, woman client pay in cafe with cellphone via pos machine
Smiling satisfied senior couple making sale purchase deal concluding contract handshaking real estate agent or realtor, happy older family and broker shake hands agreeing to buy new house at meeting
African american businesswoman talking to clients make business offer explain deal benefit convince diverse partners at group negotiation meeting, mixed race manager consult customers sell services
Serious professional female advisor consulting client at meeting talking having business conversation or making offer, insurer giving advice, mentor teaching intern, hr speaking at job interview
Happy natural young saleswoman in modern supermarket. Cross arms. Looking camera
Happy young interracial couple shake hand of bank manager broker buy insurance services take mortgage loan, mixed ethnicity customers handshake agent make agreement financial business deal at meeting
Dealer attending to a customer in a desktop in the office
Smiling asian hr insurer advisor meeting applicant at job interview consulting client about contract offer giving advice, happy diverse girls colleagues interns students discussing paperwork together
Smiling businesswoman looking at camera webcam make conference business call, recording video blog, talking with client, distance job interview, e-coaching, online training concept, headshot portrait
Young lady taking keys from female real estate agent during meeting after signing rental lease contract or sale purchase agreement. Independent woman purchasing new home, close up view
Woman paying with credit card in clothing store
Smiling female lawyer, real estate agent or financial advisor handshaking older senior couple, insurance broker and aged family shake hands making purchase deal, investment or greeting at meeting
Serious call center operator in wireless headset talking with customer, woman in headphones with microphone consulting client on phone in customer support service, looking at computer screen close up
Real estate agent showing house plan to aged couple, realtor making property for sale offer to senior customers at meeting, financial advisor consulting older family negotiating about buying new home
Saleswoman looking at couple standing with document at home
Happy saleswoman selling eco and natural skincare products in the shop
Couple analyzing contract for new home
Contactless payment concept, female customer holding credit card near nfc technology on counter, client make transaction pay bill on terminal rfid cashier machine in restaurant store, close up view
Smiling young indian business woman talk on phone write note sit at office desk, female hindu professional secretary receptionist hold cellphone consult client make mobile call at corporate workplace
Smiling young saleswoman shaking hands with mature man in apartment
Excited executive wearing suit raising arms watching a desktop computer monitor at office
Local market farmer selling vegetables produce on stall with awning. Modern cute flat style vector illustration isolated on white background.
Sales assistant in clothing store
Business woman coach mentor manager consulting client intern, female caucasian insurance broker bank advisor make offer to african customer at meeting sell services talking explaining deal benefits
Smiling senior couple and realtor handshaking making real estate deal, older man and mortgage broker shaking hands, aged family buyers agree to make investment or purchase new house at meeting
Happy young couple clients handshake old manager broker make insurance investment bank deal, family customers sign mortgage loan contract shake hand of realtor insurer buy services meeting saleswoman
Successful call center professional telemarketing representative portrait concept. Service phone operator woman works with associates sitting on shared desk wears headset use computer looks at camera
Excited businesswoman winning after achievement reading a smart phone sitting in a desktop at office
Smiling saleswoman holding document while looking at camera at car showroom. Cardealer holding clipboard in automobile showroom. Professional confident sales person working in modern car dealership.
Xmas decorations kiosk flat vector illustration. Saleswoman and customers cartoon characters. Christmas fair, seasonal street market design element. People buying fir trees and festive wreaths.
Shop clerk woman sorting cheese in the supermarket display to sell it
Young handsome man talking with saleswoman and choosing a color for his new car at car showroom.
Female job applicant bank manager talk to hr consult client at interview meeting, confident seeker broker speak to customer make business offer, recruit, human resource, hiring negotiation concept
Happy saleswoman with folder giving car key to new owner.
Smiling old mature saleswoman handshake businessman client customer hire job candidate at employment business meeting, happy middle aged bank manager sell loan insurance service shake customer hand
Happy young customers couple ready to sign bank loan agreement meeting broker agent, smiling husband and wife consider finance investing insurance contract deal decide on lease offer listen insurer
Real estate agent shaking hands with new property owners
Female insurance mortgage broker agent consult young couple showing online presentation on laptop in office cafe, insurer financial advisor make business offer to interested clients look at computer
Young saleswoman manager mentor advisor consulting old female client or new employee pointing at laptop showing business presentation teaching instructing at meeting in modern corporate shared office
Cashier take banknote from consumer hand. Hand Paying Money To Worker In Coffee shop. Saleswoman receiving payment from male customer in store.
Female financial advisor insurer banker consulting male african american client about contract, caucasian mentor hr and black intern new employee discussing documents at meeting advice
Friendly saleswoman in apron and hat is selling organic food vegetables during farm sale in greenhouse. Small business, working youth and shopping concept.
A saleswoman is assisting a young man as he shops for a new matress. She is talking to him while he tests a display.
Beautiful cheerful female baker smiling, holding out paper shopping bag to the camera, working at her cafe. Lovely female confectioner selling delicous food at the bakery, copy space
Young family couple meeting with bank worker to sign loan contract, discussing banking credit, personal insurance or mortgage investment, manager showing clients build project on tablet
Happy asian muslim businesswoman sales manager shake hand of caucasian lady client make deal with female customer at meeting with laptop, diverse women partnership, respect and collaboration concept
Happy businesswoman hr manager handshake hire candidate selling insurance services making good first impression, diverse broker and client customer shake hand at business office meeting job interview
Portrait of happy polite mature saleswoman inviting to grocery store, offering quality food products
Brazilian woman seller street market vegetables
Real estate agent giving keys to apartment owner, buying selling property business. Close up of male hand taking house key from realtor. Mortgage for purchasing flat, getting access to own home
Saleswoman at the dealership showroom talking with customer and helping him to choose a new car for himself.
Asian finance insurer advisor holding paper document in hand, pointing pen, consulting client about contract, hr manager talking with intern during job interview, students discussing paperwork
Female designer holding house building plan draft discussing home renovation with family clients, estate broker presenting newly-built cottage for sale to buyers, talking about interior design
Asian young car saleswoman holding calculator with a welcome display in showroom, Car dealer woman. Auto dealership and rental concept background.
Saleswoman trying to sell products to a client showing them in a tablet at office
Call center workers working use headset look at computer screen, focus on blond aged female employee receive record and relay messages from customers, provide assistance and support distantly concept
Realtor or insurance broker consulting young couple in cafe, sitting together at table, using laptop, looking at screen, financial advisor discussing mortgage or loan conditions with clients
Happy telemarketer working at call center with other employees in the background
A beautiful Asian car saleswoman is happy to sell a new car in the showroom and enjoy selling the car.
A beautiful Asian car saleswoman is happy to sell a new car in the showroom and enjoy selling the car.
Happy senior couple about to sign document at meeting with financial advisor, older man agrees to put signature on contract making investment purchase, taking insurance, aged family in travel office
Smiling car saleswoman discussing  a contract with a female customer.
Saleswoman offering a pen to a couple of angry customers that rejects to sing a contract at office
Aged couple signing contract making investment at meeting with financial advisor, happy senior family put signature on business document taking bank loan, retired smiling customers buying insurance
Saleswoman at the dealership showroom talking with customer and helping him to choose a new motorcycle for himself.
Beautiful blonde customer support female telephone worker using laptop and talking with client at call center
Happy multiracial couple getting keys to new home from realtor, excited young customers buying real estate house concept, diverse family buyers purchasing property, mortgage loan investment deal
Beautiful assistant saleswoman with paper bag at beauty store, cosmetic shopping
Smiling Caucasian female worker with short blonde hair and eyeglasses using cash register while standing in bicycle store.
A beautiful Asian car saleswoman is happy to sell a new car in the showroom and enjoy selling the car.
A beautiful Asian car saleswoman is happy to sell a new car in the showroom and enjoy selling the car.
Real estate buying, selling and renting signs set. Thin line art icons. Linear style illustrations isolated on white.
Solicitor pointing at insurance contract showing male client where to write signature sign sale purchase employment agreement at meeting make financial business deal, bank loan service, close up view
A beautiful Asian car saleswoman is happy to sell a new car in the showroom and enjoy selling the car.
Portrait of successful saleswoman in the store.
saleswoman showing customer information from catalogue
Happy beautiful couple and friendly realtor handshaking making real estate deal after signing sale purchase agreement or rental contract. Businesswoman and clients shaking hands, full length portrait
Male customer write signature on contract meeting lawyer solicitor, businessman client buyer ready to sign employment insurance sale purchase employment agreement concept make deal, close up view
Young attractive fruit market saleswoman sells fresh fruit on the street market.
Sales Vector Icons
Salesperson in ice cream store vector, shop selling desserts with different flavours and toppings, woman with food for summer season isolated flat style
Two happy customers solving doubts about a contract with the saleswoman at office
Happy young woman holding copy space advertisement on hand advertising product or service, smiling teen girl looking at camera presenting showing new offer isolated on grey white studio background
Street Food and Beverages Website Landing Page. Saleswoman in Wheeled Booth with Hotdogs in City Park at Summer. Seller Sell Fastfood to Walking People Web Page Banner. Flat Vector Illustration
Saleswoman Wearing Uniform Stand in Wheeled Booth with Hotdogs in City Park at Summer Time. Street Food and Beverages Concept. Seller Sell Fastfood to Walking People. Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
KOLKATA, INDIA – MAY 17, 2009: A Saleswoman is Selling Photos beside the Street.
Happy married diverse couple signing contract, making legal deal, taking loan or mortgage, purchasing real estate, new apartment, husband in glasses embracing wife, putting signature on documents
glad adult saleswoman offering new fragrance in perfume shop
Happy positive girl seller on the background of the shopping center. Saleswoman at construction super store.
Serious asian businesswoman using laptop looking at computer talking on phone consult client sit at desk, focused female sales manager make mobile business call discuss work with customer in office
Mature age fruit market saleswoman selecting fresh fruit and preparing for working day.
Broker realtor hand holding keys giving to new home buyer owner buying new house concept, customer renter making real estate deal, property ownership, mortgage loan investment contract, close up view
Seller showing on line products with a tablet to the customers in a desktop at office
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