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Sad Face flat vector icon. Hand drawn style design illustrations.
Set of rating emotion faces
set of emoticon smile icons
Set of smile emoticons isolated on white background. Line icons emoticons. Happy and unhappy smileys. Emoji set. Green and red color. Vector illustration
Sad face icon
Happy and Sad Smiley Icon
social media emojis with different emotions collection set
Portrait of a sad man
Set of smiley icons: different emotions
Emoji icon set of satisfaction level. Simple feedback in form of emotions in flat style. Customer feedback. Range to assess the emotions Excellent, good, normal, bad, awful symbols Vector illustration
Monochrome collection of basic mood. Black like with heart and cheerful emoticon with calm contour emotions of despair and vector anger.
Hand drawn ink emoji faces. Doodle emoticons sketch, ink brush icons of happy sad face, vector illustration
Emoticons set. Emoji faces collection. Emojis flat style. Happy and sad emoji. Line smiley face - stock vector.
Depressed and sad emoticon with hands on face
Sad Face
Hand drawn emojis faces. Doddle emoticons sketch, thin line icons of happy sad face, vector illustration
kawaii happy and sad face icon
Unhappy employee or demotivated at working place
Iconic illustration of satisfaction level. Range to assess the emotions of your content. Feedback in form of emotions. User experience. Customer feedback. Excellent, good, normal, bad, awful.
Smiley icon vector
little crying girl portrait
young beautiful hispanic sad woman serious and concerned looking worried and thoughtful facial expression feeling depressed isolated grey background in sadness and sorrow emotion
disappointed emoji
Sad unhappy face drawn on fogged glass on a wet rainy grey window soft light grey skies
beauty girl cry on black background
Beautiful brunette young woman with sad face. Sad expression, sad emotion, despair, sadness
High quality emoticon on isolated on white background. Pleading face emoji.
Yellow face emoji with a small frown, and large eyes, as if begging or pleading.Popular chat elements. Trending emoticon.
A man holding a yellow balloon with sad face emotion instead of head
Sad face icon
smile and sorrow, the emotions of joy and disappointment, vector icons, emotions of happiness and sadness
Cartoon faces. Expressive eyes and mouth, smiling, crying and surprised character face expressions. Caricature comic emotions or emoticon doodle. Isolated vector illustration icons set
Set of woman's emotions. Facial expression. Girl Avatar. Vector illustration of a flat design
Set of vector Emoticons. Smiley emotion colection.Emoticons set. Web icons in modern simple flat design. Line smilies, set smiley emotion.Vector
Collection of freehand drawing of emoticons.
Stock photo of a blue balloon on a blue background with a sad face drawn. Blue monday concept
Happy and Sad Smileys
Portrait of sad updet or bored bearded young man in striped t-shirt standing and looking at camera with dissatisfied sadness face. indoor studio shot, isolated on white background.
Smile set, vector.
Cartoon faces set
Sad emoticon in trendy flat style. Sorrowful emoji vector illustration.
Group of sad people men and women. Negative human emotions
Circle buttons. Speech bubble smile face icons. Happy, sad, cry signs. Happy smiley chat symbol. Sadness depression and crying signs. Seamless squares texture. Vector
Sad little girl with pigtails portrait on a neutral grey background
Unhappy Coffee
Set of emoticons
Yellow Smiley Faces Objects. Vector Illustration of Flat Style Icons isolated over White.
In desperate need. Close up of poor sad depressed young woman  begging for help and going to cry while standing isolate on black background
A person covers his face with an image of a drawn sad face. Hiding real feelings and emotions
Emoji and sad icon set. Vector illustration
Beautiful woman with different facial expressions set isolated vector illustration
Set of 70 emojis faces and expressions on a modern flat style
Confused emoji emoticon holds out his hand with his palm turned upwards and making a gesture of what is or did wrong, I didn’t get it, huh
crayon painted unhappy smiley in white back

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portrait of pitiful young man isolated on white background
Smiley icon set vector
sad boy on a yellow background
hand drawn emotion on paper stickers vector
Closeup portrait of pensive beautiful African American young woman posing outdoors, have sad face. Beautiful young dark-skinned female thinking about problem. People, emotion and lifestyle concept
Cute pug dog looking to camera, Close up (Isolated)
Emoticons outline. Emoji faces emoticon funny smile line black icons expression smiley facial people humor mood, flat vector isolated set
Sad emoticon
Composite of multiple portraits of the same man in different expressions
Handsome sporty bald man with beard wearing sweatshirt standing over pink background with serious expression on face. Simple and natural looking at the camera.
Emotions concept. Happiness and depression faces on balloons, top view
Set with faces. Emotions. White background. Vector illustration.
portrait of a pimply teenage girl in a blue T-shirt on a gray background, sad face
sad face on a wet window glass
Sad or angry icon isolaten on white
Hurt and sad emoticon
closeup emotional portrait sad woman
Sad emoticon. Sorrowful emoji vector illustration.
The crying boy, on  white background, with empty place for your text
A man are sad and stressed in black background
Sad Young Boy
drawing of sad face on paper
Crying emoji. Sad emoticon. Steam, condensate on the window. Negative and conflict mood. Symbol of sadness and disappointment. Emoticon.
Vector icons of smiley faces
Close-up of a French Bulldog, isolated on white
Sad or depressed young woman cries and covers her face. Girl surrounded by hands with index fingers pointing at her. Bullying, accusation, public censure and victim blaming concept Vector illustration
portrait of young sad man
Face sign icon, vector illustration. Flat design style
Silhouette of woman's head with waving hair, back light.
Close up customer hand choose smiley face and blurred sad face icon on wood cube, Service rating, satisfaction concept.
Doodle various emodji set. Hand drawn face expressions, happy, sad mood. Laughing face, smiling mouth, crying eyes. Different mood. Positive, negative human feelings. Vector illustration
closeup portrait of old man
Set of Emoticons. Set of Emoji. Flat style illustrations
lovely lonely white fat cute pug dog laying on the concrete garage floor making sadly face with home outdoor surrounding bokeh background under morning sunlight
Sad pretty girl feeling upset while spending time at home alone. Beautiful young dark-skinned female with Afro hairstyle staring at camera with unhappy or regretful look against studio wall
Face sign icon, vector illustration. Flat design style
Smiley face icons or emoticons with set of different facial expressions in glossy 3D realistic isolated in white background. Vector illustration
Geez thats bummer. Upset awkward handsome gay man in grey sweater, clench teeth with nervous smile, grimacing sad and disappointed, frowning express his condolences or apologizing for making mistake
Vector Smiles Icons, Illustration, Sign, Symbol, Button, Badge, Logo for Family, Baby, Children, Teenager, People
Office paper sheet or sticky sticker isolated on a transparent background. Vector yellow post note with upset, sad face for your design
Green and blue paper with happy and sad faces on corkboard (bulletin board).
Cartoon faces with emotions
Sad emoticon. Sorrowful emoji vector illustration.
Sad face sign icon. Sadness depression chat symbol. Speech bubble. Circles and rounded squares 12 buttons. Vector
Sad woman sitting on a sofa in the living room
Dramatic black and white portrait of a beautiful lonely girl with freckles isolated on a dark background in studio shot
portrait of young sad man
beauty girl cry on black background
An icon set of doodled cartoon smiley faces in a variety of expressions.
Client feedback vector illustration. Customer satisfaction scale emoji. Mood indicator with emotion measurement from happy to angry. Flat design: bright, light grey and line
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