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Sad boy,Depressed boy looking lonely .Illustration of a sad child, helpless, bullying.
Upset problem child with head in hands sitting on staircase concept for bullying, depression stress or frustration
cute cartoon boy epresses bore,sad,illustration,vector
A sad boy is sitting on the street alone. Unhappy lonely child.
Dark-haired Boy Standing with Sadness on His Face Vector Illustration
Little boy sitting alone on floor after suffering an act of bullying while children run in the background. Sad young schoolboy sitting on corridor with hands on knees and head between his legs.
Silhouette of man in window of his room. Sad emotions, cry, disappointed. Light and darkness
Young boy sitting alone with sad feeling at school. Depressed african child abandoned in a corridor and leaning against brick wall. Bullying, discrimination and racism concept with copy space.
sad boy sitting on a sofa in living room
sad boy outside at schoolyard
small boy sitting near window and thinking about something
Sad boy with his head down illustration
Beautiful little boy
Sad boy next to a window
Upset problem child sitting on play park playground bench concept for bullying, depression, child protection or loneliness
cute little kid boy dissatisfied with arm folded pose expression
Little boy crying - isolated on white
Sad boy at home. Unhappy child. Emotions stress at teenager
Close-up of the face of a child, with the crossed arms, crying and looking at the camera
Sad little boy portrait outdoors
Boy stays home bored by school closings due to covid pandemic.
Sad kid sitting on window shield and looking out the window
The sad boy with tears in their eyes on a black background
dramatic portrait of a little homeless boy, poverty, city, street
vector isolated silhouette of a sad boy
Home schooling. The boy is sad while sitting at the computer in the room at home.
sad son hugging his mother at home. Concept of couple family is in sorrow.
Sad lonely kid
Sad child sitting on window
Vector art drawing of Lonely sad child and hug his knees sitting on the floor
Pensive child looking through a window
Portrait of a cute little toddler boy kid curly hair smiling and crying fun face expression
one sad little boy sitting on the stairs in house at the day time. Concept of sorrow.
Depressed teenage boy sitting on floor with head in hands
Portrait of a sad boy near a wooden fence.
Low Key Photo of Sad Boy
poor boy in poverty with no help alone and all by himself on white background stock photo
The Problem of Child Development:A little boy sitting by the bed looking through the window Absent-minded. Recognizing Developmental Delays in Children, Autism awareness, Psychological trauma.
Portrait of upset little african child boy holding toy looking at camera, sad sensitive small mixed race kid feel lonely hurt suffer from family conflicts fights, parents divorce, children custody

Little European Caucasian children crying sitting on the ground after being punished by parents - violence against minors
Sad little child, boy, hugging his mother at home, isolated image, copy space. Family concept
Sad teen sitting on window
Sad pupil sitting alone in corridor at the elementary school
Sad boy. Depressed teenager at home. Problems at family
sad boy standing over white background
Sad Boy With Tear in His Eye on a Black Background. Concept for Abuse, Bullying, Depression, Loneliness, Stress or Frustration. Little Boy Crying Isolated on Black.
Family violence and abusing concept. Angry furious Parents mother and father yelling at sad teenage boy feeling frustrated depressed sad vector illustration
Lonely Man Leaning against an urban wall
Young Male Student Sitting on the Bench in a Park, next to his Back Pack, While Thinking and Looking Away Seriously.
Not in the mood today. Portrait of a moody redhead boy leaning on a dining table and looking into the camera with eyes full of sadness at home.
Young boy having therapy with a child psychologist
Lonely teen upset over breakup 2D vector isolated illustration set. Boy and girl depressed over heartbreak flat characters on cartoon background. Teenager problem colourful scene collection
Asian sad boy, lost from his parents in the mall.
Children should be closely monitored. For safety.
Cyberbullying concept. Young Asian preteen/teenage boy sit alone on the bed absent-minded hugging knees with his smartphone on his side. Stressed, frustrated, overwhelmed with online bullying.
Black and white photos of upset little boy sitting alone,Kid sad face looking out, Unhappy child wearing knit jumper looking out with thinking face, Cropped shot bored child face, Spoiled children
Sad Teenager sit by the Brick Wall outdoor

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sad offended little boy
sad boy
Frightened boy in jeans curled up on bed
Sad tired boy sitting on the floor with a big pile of books vector Illustration on a white background
Sad boy is sitting on the stairs, sad boy
small boy sitting near window and thinking about something
Sad Unhappy African Boy Vector Illustration. Upset child feeling insecure and bullied
Sad African Teenage Boy Vector Illustration. Unhappy teen feeling insecure and depressed having self-confidence problems
portrait of a serious teenager on a dark background
young homeless despair child,traumatized young girl
Sad man silhouette vector on white background
a cute boy stands next to white wall, grey t-shirt, blue jeans, hands in pockets, bowing his head down
Sad teen outdoors. Unhappy teenager
Illustration of cute boy faces showing different emotions
Sad African-American teenage boy sitting on floor near color wall
Worried loving young single father holding hand talking comforting upset little kid son sharing helping with problem, caring dad foster parent give support apologizing supporting listening child boy
Sad child, boy, sitting on a window shield, watching the sunset
Sad teenager boy desperate hiding her face sitting on floor on grey background with dark clothes
Portrait of young sad little boy and father sitting outdoors at the day time. Concept of sorrow.
sad child, stress and depression
Sad overweight African-American boy wearing glasses going through school. School boys and gill laughing and pointing at the obese boy. Body shaming, fat shaming. Bullying at school. Vector
little sad kid sitting alone
unhappy little african boy with arms crossed on white background
Silhouette of a sad young man sitting in the dark leaning against the wall with his back, The sun is in sorrow.
Portrait of toddler boy hugging teddy bear with sad face and looking down, Unhappy child concept
Unhappy Boy, Cute Child with Sad Face Wearing Shorts and Tshirt Vector Illustration
Upset little boy.
Facepalm Little African Boy Feeling Disappointed. Child feeling exasperated and frustrated having problems being embarrassed and ashamed
Cartoon character, Sad boy., vector eps10
Portrait sad teenage boy on a black background
Illustration of a boy in a yellow shirt sitting crying on the floor, Cartoon kid sitting alone with sad feeling at home, Concept with vector design
Portrait of sad boy on a white background
Orphanage child. Little boy from orphanage. Little orphan boy. Orphanage charity and philanthropy. Adopting child from orphanage.
Set of emotions on cartoon African American boy face.  Facial expression of joy, fear, surprise, anger, sadness, doubt. Vector image
Portrait of an unhappy and sad boy of ten years old sitting alone at home. Depressed child showing emotions.
Sad little boy being hugged by his mother at home. Parenthood, Love and togetherness concept.
Young Asian preteen/teenage boy sitting alone at the corner of room, covering his ears, face down crying. Cyber Bullying, Teen problems, Loneliness, Traumatic, Stressed, frustrated and lost.
Depressed sad boy sitting on the floor. Depressed teenager. Unhappy sad man and stressed student with backpack. Creative vector illustration.
Sad little boy
Portrait of an African boy. The child’s face in a profile. Avatar of a schoolboy. Side view. Vector flat illustration
Sad boy walking behind laughing children
small boy sitting near window and thinking about something
people, misbehavior, family and relations concept - close up of upset or feeling guilty boy and parents at home
closeup of a poor staring hungry orphan boy in a refugee camp with sad expression on his face and his face and clothes are dirty and his eyes are full of pain
Sad and Depressed Dark-haired Boy Standing Slopping Tears Vector Illustration
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