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One year toddler afraid something ore someone and looking up
The baby cries and calls mum from a bed
Cute baby girl makes a funny upset face isolated on a white background.
Young mother holding her baby son and consoling him at home.
Photo of nine month baby crying, isolated
Baby girl looking down sad
Stressed baby girl covering her ears with hands, not listening at light background
A little boy who is not feeling well on his parents shoulder
a Asian baby girl crying on a car. close up. black and white
A newborn baby in the hand of his mother at the window
Young mother holding her crying baby girl
Portrait of two baby girls sitting on the bed
children's emotions. the little girl has a headache. the child holds on to the forehead. mock up with copy space
Cute baby boy looking up upset. Baby looking sad. Isolated on white.
Portrait of sad charming baby with finger in his mouth.
sad and unhappy child on small chair. Upset toddler boy. problem child with head in hands. concept for bullying, depression stress or frustration. On yellow background. Space for text.
Desperate mother holding her angry baby crying
closeup portrait of Cute sad kid with big eyes
Unhappy Mother Dressed For Work Holding Baby In Bedroom
Crying 6 month toddler laying on a blanket on grey background
Portrait of bored baby standing in crib. Baby boy stand alone in crib. Sad little baby. Lonely baby stay in the crib. Waif child. Loneliness.
Young mother holding crying toddler, parent in park with sad child, mix race family
Mother, holding her sick baby boy, sad baby, isolated on white background
close up portrait of adorable cute african American baby  boy. Mixed kids. Handsome  baby boy with brown eyes.
Unhappy mixed race little boy stand hugging stuffed teddy bear feel lonely lacking attention or communication, hurt small biracial kid hold plush toy suffer from loneliness, need parents
sad baby in white sunny bedroom.
Oh no! Little African baby boy crying and rubbing his eyes while standing on the couch at home
The crying boy, on  white background, with empty place for your text
Portrait of crying baby girl.
beautiful curly blond baby girl crying on a pink background with finger in mouth. the child has teeth. concept of child care illness. copy space
Depressed young woman with cute baby at home
Set of baby emotion portraits. Cartoon little babies 6-12 months, in diapers, laughing, crying, curious baby. Sad, happy, thoughtful kid. Sketchy style.  Outline vector  illustration isolated.
Teenage problem concept
Young mother between 30 and 40 years old is experiencing postnatal depression.
Cute asian newborn baby girl crying with tried on mother's shoulder.Young mother cuddling baby with tenderness.
Baby rubbing it's eyes, feeling sleepy.
Crying toddler girl being consoled by her mother
sad baby under a towel, extreme closeup
Set of baby emotion icons. Cartoon little babies 6-12 months, in diapers, sitting, laughing, crying, curious baby. Sad, happy, thoughtful kid. Sketchy style.  Colorful vector  illustration isolated.
Teddy Bear toy alone on wood in front mint green background
child baby black and white portrait
Teenage problem concept,Social problem,Teen women stress ,Teen have baby, black and white tone
back of a boy sitting alone on the floor; sad child concept
Sad baby in bed
Cartoon sitting and crying little baby boy with mouth wide open. Colorful vector illustration of emotion isolated on white background.
Mother holding crying baby girl waking up on her hands closeup. Woman with infant girl. Motherhood. Top view.
A young baby having a fit on the ground crying and making a pout face
Young mother between 30 and 40 years old is experiencing postnatal depression.
Small child baby girl toddler sad crying on a white background
Sad child looking out the window
Mother try calm her crying baby in bed. Maternity. Motherhood.
A sad looking one year old baby girl with big blue eyes is hungrily peeking over an empty kitchen table
Cute baby on white duvet about to cry - 6 months
Crying Sad Baby Kid Child Minimalistic Flat Color Line Stroke Icon Pictogram Symbol
African American mother parenting her young child.
Vector illustration of the face of a cartoon cow, with a sad expression
Collection of various situations of a baby boy's behavior. Isolated on white

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Crying baby with white background
Father holding a cute sick baby boy. Adorable upset child with spots on his face and body.
Back of a baby with a teddy bear
Crying baby girl

the kid is standing in a baby crib folded sponge, funny emotion, white background
Full body sad Asian baby boy crying, sitting isolated on white background
Portrait of a little girl. She is crying
Adorable toddler girl looking at raindrops on the window
Set of baby emotion icons. Face expressions. Sadness, joy, interest. Cartoon little babies in diapers, crying, laughing, curious baby. Emotional baby. Monochrome line art vector illustration.
facing child lying sad in a way. close-up eye and eyelash
mother is holding her crying daughter at sunset
Portrait of cute newborn baby crying,Sad asian child
portrait of thinking baby boy
African black woman holding baby and sitting down outdoors
angry baby on a blue background closeup
Portrait of little girl with tears isolated on white background
Sad Child
portrait of a cute newborn baby crying
mother comforts a sad baby, mom holds her son in her arms in a real bright interior.
Unhappy little Caucasian child sitting on the stairs in a closed position with his head down. School bullying, kindergarten abuse, psychological childhood trauma, sad kid, stomach ache, grieving.
Baby girl cry
Portrait of unhappy pretty little girl and her smaller cute brother sitting at desk with hands on chins, childhood and family concept, emotional child portrait, indoor closeup
African American baby crying. Cartoon sitting and crying little baby. Vector set.
Portrait of little girl crying. Isolated on white background.
pretty pathetic sad child standing in playpen
crying upset black african baby boy portrait
portrait of thinking baby boy with staring blue eyes
Portrait of crying baby girl.
Little sad baby toddler, alone child. sitting on a plain background in diaper.
Portrait of tearful little girl.Small cute girl is crying.indoor.curly hair and blue eyes.
Crying baby boy, soft focus
Close up of a crying baby
Set with cute little baby boy in blue pajama with different emotions. Various face expressions. Happy child, crying boy, sick baby, one year old smiling toddler hold plush toy, sick  Colorful vector
Set with cute little baby in diaper with different emotions. Various face expressions. Happy child, baby cry, toddler hold heart, sick child, sad boy, crying girl, screaming baby. Colorful vector.
sad boy
Adorable little african american baby girl crying - Black people
Asian girl hug her doll and cry or scare or sad or feel bad  or in trouble.Sitting on the bed.Selective focus.Concept of orphan kid.
Cute 11 month old mixed race Asian Caucasian baby boy dressed up with braces and bow tie cries sadly on a colourful geometric shaped bed cover with his brown teddy bear in the background
Preschool cute 4-5 years old boy sitting in safety car seat and crying during family travel by car, bad mood, negative emotion, upbringing and family concept, summer outdoor
portrait of beautiful young lady hiding her face
Asian baby girl hugging her mother crying
Portrait of crying baby boy with hands up
Two sweet babies - one looking, one crying
Adorable small girl with dark hair in grey dress hugs her bunny
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