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Russian army officers take the oath of allegiance to the October Revolution. 1917. Soldiers gathered in the square of the Winter Palace, many of whom previously supported the Provisional Government.
Russian Revolution. Funeral of 182 persons killed by Czarist police on Feb. 26, 1917. Crowd with banners in the street, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Meeting in the Putilov Works in Petrograd during the 1917 Russian Revolution. In February 1917 strikes at the factory contributed to the February Revolution.
Truckload of excited soldiers during Russian Revolution. St. Petersburg, 1917.
Lenin and Workers Monument outside Gorky Park in Moscow, Russia
Vintage style vector revolution poster. Raised fist of the striking man, worker etc.
Maria Bochkarieva's women's battalion's banners blessed. June 1917. 'The Women's Death Battalions' were formed to shame deserting Russian soldiers, during the Russian Revolution.
Bronze head of ruined statue of Czar Alexander III during Russian Revolution. 1917.
National militia firing on a Czarist police position during Russian Revolution. 1917.
Russian Revolution, ca.mid to late 1910's.
Set of Revolution infographics, 100 years of russian revolution, map with war area, casualties, world communism spread, etc.
Bolshevik parade in St. Petersberg during the Russian Revolution, Spring, 1917. Aligned against the Provisional Government headed by Kerensky.
Duma messengers protected by Armed guards. Russian Revolution, 1917. After the February Revolution Russia had a Provisional Government whose authority was based on the Revolutionary Duma.
Soviet red propaganda poster of the Cold War, raised in the air fist, sickle and the star of communism. THE USSR. Vector
Poster showing titled 'Loan for liberty'. A Russian soldier holds a red flag. After the beginning of the Russian Revolution in Feb. 1917.
The 1st of May celebration, Isaakievskii Square, St. Petersburg, 1917
Bolshevik protest scattered by machine guns. Nevsky Prospect, Petrograd. July 4,1917. Street demonstrators were fired on by troops of the Provisional Government from the roof of the Public Library.
Vladimir Lenin, at his desk between 1920 to 1922. He was the head of the government of Revolutionary Russia from 1917 until his death in 1924.
soviet communistic background
40,000 Russians were armed to defend Petrograd against the Gen. Korniloff. Aug. 1917. Lavr Kornilov, commander, attempted to overthrow Kerensky's Provisional Government with Cossack troops.
Russian men and women railroad track workers on the job in Petrograd, 1922. The Bolsheviks promoted the ideal of women's equality, a novel idea at the time, and one that was imperfectly implemented.
flag of ussr and fist
Vladimir Lenin portrait on old Russia ruble banknote macro, leader of Russian Revolution 1917, black and white.
Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies. March 1917. State Duma, contained a spectrum of leftist, but was not under the control of the Bolsheviks in the early days of the Revolution.
Russian soldiers deserting the Kerensky offensive in July 1917. The Provisional Revolutionary government intended to stay in the war, Bolsheviks sought to make separate peace with the Central Powers.
Communism poster. Propaganda art. USSR. Coat of arms of Soviet Union, ray of light and many fist raised in air. Symbol of protest, demonstrations, rallies. Fight for rights. Revolution print design
Moscow crowd celebrating Czar Nicholas IIs October Manifesto, 1905. It announced Liberal reforms including freedom of conscience, speech, and assemblage. It also pledged that no law would be passed un
Petrograd City Militia replaced the Czarist police during Russian Revolution. 1917. They were a temporary police force formed by volunteers, who in this case commandeered an armored car.
lenin monument soviet square russia statue russian
The 1st of May celebration, Isaakievskii Square, St. Petersburg, 1917
Napoleonic soldiers and women marching and pulling a cannon through plain land, countryside with stormy clouds. Soldiers going towards a russian orthodox church on horizon. No recognizable persons.
Provisional Government is disposed.' Bolshevik notice of Nov. 7, 1917. The 'Reds' led by Lenin staged a successful takeover of the Russian Revolution in St. Petersburg.
Russians camped out during the famines of 1918-1921. WW1, the Russian Revolution, the civil war, and drought contributed to crop and food distribution failure
soviet communistic background
Russian Revolution. Funeral of 182 persons killed by Czarist police on Feb. 26, 1917. Soldiers carrying coffin, St. Petersburg, Russia.
ussr background
Imprisoned family of Russian Czar Nicholas II gardening at Tsarskoe-Selo. 1917. Grand Duchess Tatiana, daughter of the Czar, transporting sod on a stretcher with the aid of a soldier.
Lenin and Workers Monument outside Gorky Park in Moscow, Russia
Old Russian communism poster on tin box - closeup details
A fist hand holding a fork in a vintage intaglio woodcut engraved or retro propaganda style
Russian civil war soldier take rest afret battle
The image of Lenin on a red banner
Human hand Up Proletarian Revolution - Vector Illustration Concept in Soviet Union Agitation Style. Fist of revolution. Red background. Design element.
Russian Civil War Bolshevik notice to Petrograd citizens. Aug. 1917. It orders workers to defend against the Kornilov Bands of Kerensky threatening the outskirts of St. Petersburg.
Lenin and Workers Monument outside Gorky Park in Moscow, Russia
drawing people whit red banner
Russia fight and protest independence struggle rebellion show symbolic strength with hand fist illustration and flag
communistic background (Earth image  from
Gen. Lavr Kornilov, Army Chief of Staff the during the Russian Revolution. 1917. In August, the Kornilov Affair, believed to be failed coup by General Lavr Kornilov against Kerensky.
In 2017 the Russian Revolution turns 100 years old. 1917 is the year of the overthrow of tsarism in Russia and the coming to power of the Bolsheviks, headed by Lenin
Old Russian poster with Lenin on tin box - closeup details
Russian troops invaded Iran in 1911, to counter the new constitutional government's steps toward national sovereignty and elimination of the Russian sphere of influence in the northern Iran.
KRASNOGLINSKY CITY DISTRICT OF SAMARA (RUSSIA), OCTOBER, 6, 2012: Historic festival devoted to the Russian Civil War (25 October 1917 - October 1922)
Great illustration of Russian Propaganda style punching Fist holding a Spanner symbolising Workers Rights.

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Set of the Soviet Style
Lenin and Stalin - history leaders of Soviet Union
American Relief Administration distributing food in the Volga District, 1921. Russian women abjectly kneel nearby
Revolutionary Punching Fist and Pencil Sign. Great illustration of Russian Propaganda style punching Fist holding a pencil symbolizing Freedom of speech.
Vladimir Lenin portrait on Russia 3 rouble (1937) banknote closeup macro, leader of Russian revolution 1917, communism and marxism theorist.
propaganda poster with modern design
translation is "constructivism 1893 - 1956"
socialism - communism  poster
Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan - October 3, 2014: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels monument in Oak Park
Poster questioning Cossack's loyalty to the Russian Revolution. 1918-20. Translated it reads, 'Cossack, with whom are you? With us or with them?' is asked by the Red peasant, soldier and workingman.
Russian Revolution. Funeral of 182 persons killed by Czarist police on Feb. 26, 1917. They were buried in the Petrograd field of Mars.
Ussr flag of silk with metal gear,arrow for financial chart and black background -3D illustration
soviet communistic background
Imprisoned Russian Czar Nicholas II and family gardening at Tsarskoe-Selo. 1917.
Retro Punching Fist Revolution Sign. Great illustration of Russian Propaganda style punching Fist symbolizing Revolution.
Vector Hand
Soviet cold war propaganda poster style revolution fist raised in the air
Stylized head of Lenin on a red background
ussr fist
USSR - CIRCA 1987: Stamp printed in Russia shows Lenin planning strategy with two generals. 70th anniversary of the Russian revolution, circa 1987.
Russian revolution.Poster.
capitalist in propaganda style
Happy man and woman together holding in their hands labor tools hammer and sickle on the background of the rising sun and waving socialism flag vector illustration
Portrait of the leader of world revolution. Vladimir Lenin (Ulyanov)
Ussr  flag of silk with copyspace for your text or images and white background
Retro Punching Fist Sign. Great illustration of Russian Propaganda style punching Fist symbolising Revolution.
lenin monument soviet square russia statue russian
ussr poster
Propaganda poster with agitated worker in red
November 14, 2016: Stylized vector portrait of Vladimir Lenin. Leader of Russian revolution in 1918. Symbol of communism.
propaganda poster with constructivist design
 monument Chapaev and his army in Samara Russia
Hammer and sickle,Communism symbol spray painted on the wall
ST. PETERSBURG, RUSSIA - AUGUST 27: View of the Russian cruiser Aurora, currently preserved as a museum ship, moored on the Neva River in St. Petersburg, Russia, August 27, 2016.
propaganda poster with constructivist
grunge background, vector illustration
USSR - CIRCA 1987: A stamp printed in USSR shows the "Assault of winter palace", by V.A. Serov, devoted to 70th Anniv. of the October Revolution, series, circa 1987
Russian ww1 period Mosin-Nagant rifle isolated on white
Soviet red propaganda poster of the Cold War, raised in the air fist, sickle and the star of communism. THE USSR. Vector
Russian revolution.Poster.
Vector drawing people whit red banner
Revolution concept. Fist up isolated on white background, vector illustration
socialism poster (hands holding hammer and sickle, wreath of wheat)
Monument of Worker and Farmer in Moscow, Russia
Awards of the USSR. The order of the October revolution. Isolated on a white background. The translation of the text into Russian: the October revolution
socialism - communism poster
vector sickle&hammer
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