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Miniature people standing on a pile of coins.
concept of rich and poor in a person
Conceptual shooting of shoes. Old shabby shoes in comparison with new and expensive ones.
Rich-poor gap image
Vector cartoon style characters. Poor and rich man. Isolated on white background.
Rich portfolio
Beggar and a rich young woman with shopping bags
Comparison and difference between rich and poor family. Vector artwork concept depicts the opposite illustrations of wealthy rich and poor people living states and lifestyles.
A Conceptual Vector Illustration of Gap Between Rich and Poor
Words poor and rich textcard with cartoon characters. Opposite adjectives explanation card. Flat vector illustration, isolated on white background.
Rich man weared in suit with coffee walking on street and talking to homeless person.
View of Morro do Papagaio at Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
SEOUL, KOREA - SEPTEMBER 16, 2015: Homeless man sleeping in front of luxury store
Poor rich poverty finances financial success successful money business concept finance
Businessman giving money to pity beggar. Rich man donate one dollar banknote to homeless who wearing sweater, sitting on walkway and suffering from cold weather. Sharing concept.
concept of rich and poor in a person
concept of rich and poor in a person
Poor and rich man.Vector illustration.
Prosperity and poverty or rich poor economic business concept and financial metaphor as a wealth disparity concept with 3D illustration elements.
concept of rich and poor in a shoes
Inequality and social class. The gap between rich and poor people
Social classes cartoon illustrations
A vector illustration of a concept of the gap between the rich and the poor
Social inequality. People are running after money, rich man, falling into the abyss
Flat style illustration of rich vs poor businessman
Hand moves dice and changes the word "poor" to "rich".
Flat three levels tiny persons wealth concept. Income class vector illustration. Economical system symbolic chart with poor, middle and rich society parts. Hierarchy and income level difference.
Inequality and social class. The gap between rich and poor people
the contrast between poor and rich
Red and green street signs with blue and stormy sky with words Rich and Poor, Rich versus Poor
a business rich man take picture selfie with a poor man or homeless or beggar sitting beside walkway or step of stair and text please help
Asian tourist women with many shopping bag look down on smell homeless dirty old guy and drunk businessman in urban city. bad habit for high society or gentility to disgust the poor.
Smiling rich and poor men together sitting on street and eat while speaking. Happy despite social inequality
farmers grow corn field That becomes towel to the rich capitalist lunch political cartoon allegory of land grabbing
Power rich over poor, concept socio-economic slavery. Concept socio -economic inequalities people
Stacks of coins with United States flag background. Concept of economic growth or recession in America.
Empty and full wallet on white background
Social Evolution
A social inequality icon in São Paulo, Brazil's biggest city: The Paraisópolis Favela and the luxury buildings.
Portrait of rich serious woman with fan of money and near sad poor bearded man, standing and looking at camera. indoor studio shot, isolated on grey background.
Walking through Hong Kong allows to explore the city with all of its wonders. Old, modern, new, antique, rich, poor. Hong Kong is full of contrasts
Colorful houses of the poor inhabitants of Luanda, Angola. These ghettos resemble Brazilian favelas. In the background the high rise buildings of the rich build a stark contrast.
Social stratification with money. Vector illustration
Miniature people standing on a pile of coins. Concepts about the lives of the rich and the poor.
concept of rich and poor in a person
The bike has rich big wheels in the form of currency, the bike has poor brick instead of wheels
Wall Graffiti the Direction Way to Rich versus Poor
Rich and poor people. Characters in the flat style. Wealth and poverty.
Gap between rich and poor. Vector illustration
Kolkata, India - April 11, 2017: Traditional hand pulled indian rickshaw driver working on the street in Kolkata, West Bengal, India
holds a rich man closes the barrel of water so as not to drink a young black man, but behind him inflating a huge bubble that burst the overwhelm political humorous pencil draw
Weight scale between rich man and poor man. Business metaphor concept
a poor and a rich compete in giving alms political illustration
Rich man passerby giving money to sleeping homeless man.

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The rich talks about earning, while the poor talks about saving
An American road sign with sky background and copy space for your message, The way to rich or poor
Poor and rich 2x2 design concept with social classes low salary child labour flat square icons cartoon vector illustration
Difference between rich and poor people
A social inequality icon in São Paulo, Brazil's biggest city: The Paraisópolis Favela and the luxury buildings
Washington's eyes on a dollar bill
capitalistic, voracious, greedy, workers, profit, economy, exploitation, contract, strength, power, rich, poor, industry, business, allegory of inequity of distribution of wealth political cartoon
A man cuts a hundred dollars bill. Top view of a dish with dollars. Conceptual photo.
Businessman with a pocket full of money and an empty pocket showing thumbs up and down
Miniature people walking from low to high pile of coins. The concept of the gap between the rich and the poor.
Rich and poor. Elderly rich successful businessman feeling helpful while giving some money to poor man
Rich And Poor
Black shoes standing, left foot on white carpet and right foot on dry earth. Represent two different ways like easy or hard, rich or poor
Rich and pauper men. Vector illustration of differences between social levels of population. Successful and unfortunate, luxury and poverty, businessman and pleb. Can be used as social poster, banner.
Miniature people. A concept on the gap between the rich and the poor.
swing between a financier and the people who come on a mortgage political illustration pencil draw
Rich Vs. Poor
Social inequality and capitalism . Poor and rich flat icons of people standing on the piggy banks and gap between them
Old people with piggy bank, Pension vector illustrator concept.
Businesswoman have a lot of Money than Businessman, Business Success and Investment concept
concept of rich and poor in a shoes, old and golden shoe
New and old dirty white sneaker shoes on gray wood floor. contrast, comparison, different, new and old, good and bad, clean and dirty, rich and poor concept, fashion shoes background
a large teaspoon strung on a border, the handle is on the side of a poor crowd while the ladle is owned by a single rich
Comfortable armchair for a special guest
Contrast city between Landscape of slum city or old town slum and urban city landscape with contemporary buildings, gap between poverty and richness, conceptual vector illustration.
Senior man, comparing images before and after, rich and poor, wealth and poverty, unhappy and very happy on white Background
holiday fish concept
financial concept of low class and successful people
Concept of social economic inequality. Rich man steals from average person
a wonderful lunch while a crowd of poor picks a few crumbs
shanty town
Income inequality between people concept
business people with piggy bank, Saving money vector illustrator concept.
Businessman on Big Piggy Bank and  Poor Man with Little One
3d poor-rich graph on white background
Money management of three social class. Vector illustration
Weight scale between rich man and poor man infographic. Business metaphor concept
Social inequality at Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil
A concept of income disparity by social class. Miniature people with a pile of coins.
Homeless icons set with people warm themselves around the fire, begging, receiving donations and homeless children and families vector illustration
Income inequality word cloud concept
Illustration depicting a highway gantry sign with a rich or poor concept. Blue sky background.
Mumbai / India 13 May 2018 Contrast of modern highrise rich buildings and poor slums at Goregaon in Mumbai Maharashtra India
in a glass ball there is a smart city while outside there is a large slum allegory of gap between rich and poor
Rich Poor concept with three red dice on a white background
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