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Green ribbon barrier inside an airport with the warning of travel restrictions due to the spread of the dangerous Coronavirus
illustration of a red octagonal stop sign for prohibited activities on a white background
Restriction stop sign, vector illustration. Man people character hold warning plate with restricted symbol set, flat caution for automobile traffic.
Easel with no entry symbol. Prohibition of actions and operations, restricted area. Ban and sanctions. Isolation zone and quarantine. Wrong direction. Failed strategy. Inaccessibility, taboo.
Concept of crossing from what used to be normal to New Normal after COVID-19 cornoavirus restrictions are lifted.
Tiny people standing near prohibited or forbidden gesture flat vector illustration. Symbolic warning, danger or safety caution information. Alert, risk, stop and restricted entry concept
restriction sign red and white forbiding any thing
Dice form the expression "stay home, stay safe".
Simple red stop roadsign with big hand symbol or icon vector illustration
Tiny people standing near prohibited gesture isolated flat vector illustration. Cartoon symbolic warning, danger or safety caution information. Forbidden entry or restricted area concept
Barrier tape for no entry. Restricted area. Black And Yellow Lines. Do Not Cross, Danger, Do Not Enter
Help stop spreading globally corona virus pandemic infectious disease outbreak. On background woman in mask focus on stretched hand as symbol of keep distance avoid communication, healthcare concept
Held back metaphor as a large anchor holding or oppressing an air balloon and restricting movement as a suppression business metaphor  from aspiring to succeed with 3D illustration elements.
restricted stamp on white background. Sign, label, sticker.
Red round sign printed on ground at supermarket cash desk register informing people to keep 2 meter 6 feet distance from each other,prevent spreading Coronavirus COVID-19 virus disease infection,UK&US
London / UK - 13 September 2020: 'COVID-19 Temporary Restrictions' roadsigns on Old Compton Street, Soho during London's coronavirus pandemic
no entry restriction sign forbidding parking etc vector
Businesswoman closing her business activity due to covid-19 lockdown. Owner with surgical mask close the doors of her store due to quarantine coronavirus. Close up sign due to the effect of COVID-19.
Easel with the prohibition sign NO on a blue background. Restricted area. Restrictions and Sanctions. Out of stock. Ban and Embargo. Failed strategy. Inaccessibility, taboo. Blocking.
Stop sign vector illustration. Flat tiny prohibition no gesture person concept. Symbolic warning, danger or safety caution information. Forbidden entry or restricted area ban or blocked road alert.
Reopen economy after Coronavirus lockdown, restart business in normal operation after peak of Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak concept, government hand unlock the cage and businessman return to work.
man in sneakers standing next to a red line with text COVID-19, restriction or safety warning concept
Navigation sign. Gps navigation icon. Distance Travelling Roadway. Forbidden road icon. No way icon. Do not enter. Prohibited road sign. Vector illustration icon. Icons set
Judge's gavel and NO symbol. The concept of prohibiting and restrictive laws. Prohibitions and criminalization, repression, restriction of freedoms and rights of people and citizens.
Travelling during corona virus epidemic. Passport and protective face mask respirator. Coronavirus and travel concept. Travelling with face mask. Corona virus prevention. Flights cancelled. Stay Home.
COVID-19 Corona virus airport travel restrictions with face mask, passport, plane ticket, suitcase and luggages.
Rules vector illustration. Flat tiny regulations checklist persons concept. Restricted graphic writing with law information. Society control guidelines and strategy for company order and restrictions.
Restricted on digital interface and blue network background
Business people studying list of rules, reading guidance, making checklist. Vector illustration for company order, restrictions, law, regulations concept
STOP sign! No entry on white background.
Hands separated by a glass window for social distancing during the corona virus lockdown
Restricted Area Icon. Flat Design Isolated Illustration.
Red Stop Hand Block Octagon Sign or Adblock or Do Not Enter or Forbidden Icon with Shadow Effect. Vector Image.
Stand with a canvas and a red prohibition sign NO. Restrictions, lifting the ban. proprietary for business. Full sale of goods, hot discounts. Important message. New rules and laws.
Mosaic restricted and rubber stamp seal with Restricted phrase. Mosaic vector restricted is created with randomized rectangle items. Restricted stamp seal uses blue color.
A businessman leaps up with outstretched hands while he's chained to an iron ball with a broken link. Breaking boundaries. Reach your goal. Business restrictions.
Red No Sign General Prohibition Restricted or Forbidden Circle-Backslash Icon. Vector Image.
Digital neon flow with stop sign. Badge with forbidden or prohibited, not allowed or restriction symbol. Warning and danger, prohibition and danger, hazard and restrictive mark. Ban circle. No way
Chairs and Stools Stacked on Tables in an Empty Closed Restaurant during Covid-19 Pandemic
Concepts of restrictions on the ability of women in society.
Vector illustration after quarantine for coronavirus outbreak concept. Info-graphic of "COVID-19 RESTRICTION" signage. COVID-19 safety measures and precautions signs for business re-opening.
Ban on immigration and refugee restriction social issue and government migration policy as banned newcomers or blocked international migrants on a border fence with 3D illustration element
Padlock icon template. Black lock isolated on white background. Silhouette padlock for applications, sites. Private access icon, restricted access. Vector illustration.
Restricted Area Icon. Flat Design Isolated Illustration.
Black and yellow striped tapes. Restricted area border blur background.
conceptual, businessman tethered and strained by stress, worry, anxiety
Adblock or red stop sign icon with hand / palm flat vector icon for apps and websites
Courthouse and red prohibition sign NO. Implementation of laws restrictions and prohibition. Fines and penalties for rules violations. Unpopular laws, restriction of rights and freedoms. Lack justice
Corona Virus latest update sign written by hand with black marker pen - Covid-19 global epidemic report banner with worldwide country infection progress bar - Pandemic, quarantine and disease concept
Pandemic effects of the Coronavirus: long queue for the reopening of the exhibition centre. Turin, Italy - September 2020

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The metal chain and padlock with flag of the People's Republic of China, isolated on gray background. Concept of protection, restrictions, sanctions and quarantine
Vector sign of No Entry in basic colors
Concept of Malaysia national lockdown due to coronavirus crisis covid-19 disease. Malaysia announce movement control order emergency state restrictions to combat the spread of the virus.
Government or bank building and a red NO symbol with a judge gavel. Declaration of default or bankruptcy of the bank. The adoption of restrictions or sanctions. Cancellation of law or decree.
Stop Icon. Hand Gesture As Forbidden Illustration, Simple Vector, Sign & Trendy Symbol for Design and Websites, Presentation or Mobile Application.
Travel ban and Coronavirus quarantine in Europe. Concept. 50 Euro banknote with EU map and yellow tape. Economy markets impacted by corona virus COVID-19 pandemic. Concept. Montage.
No sign or No symbol on an isolated background. Minimalism. The concept of prohibition and restriction. Censorship, control over the Internet and information. Restrictive laws
Location based advertisement. Geolocation software, online gps app, navigation system. Geographic restriction. Man searching address with magnifier. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustration
Set vector line, outline design icons. Coronovirus protection measures, precautions, prevention. Precautionary measures. Medical advice. Editable stroke. 48x48 pixel perfect.  Symbol, sign.
Stop hand. prohibition sign. Vector eps 10
restricted area, sign,vector
Business user pushing RESTRICTED ACCESS on a touch screen interface. Information technology concept for data security mechanisms, encryption software and ransomware scams locking down computer files.
Stop signs collection in red and white, traffic sign to notify drivers and provide safe and orderly street operation. Vector flat style illustration isolated on white background
Stop sign. Icon of ban of traffic cars on road. Red stop sign with hand. Symbol of restricted traffic on street, near school, area. Warning of danger. Logo of caution, attention, safety. Vector.
businessman in office room hand stop gesture
Mosaic restricted user icon and corroded stamp watermark with Restricted phrase. Mosaic vector is created with restricted user icon and with random round items. Restricted stamp uses blue color,
COVID-19 in Europe, word COVID19 on global map. The spread of corona virus in EU. Concept of travel restrictions, economy crisis and lockdown due to coronavirus. Elements of image furnished by NASA.
Black and yellow line striped. Caution tape. Blank warning background. Vector illustration
Creative vector illustration of black and yellow police stripe border. Set of danger caution seamless tapes. Art design line of crime places. Abstract concept graphic element. Construction sign.
RESTRICTED Rubber Stamp over a white background.
Caution and danger tapes. Warning tape. Black and yellow line striped. Vector illustration
Stand with a canvas and a red prohibition sign NO. Inability to sell products, ban on the import. Restriction on the importation of goods, proprietary for business. Seizure and freezing of assets
Many cardboard boxes and a red symbol NO. Embargo, trade wars. Restriction on the importation of goods, proprietary for business. Inability to sell products, ban on the import. No delivery.
Vector Prohibited Sign Restricted Area For Authorized Personnel Only or No Enter Sign in Caution Zone
Business safety or financial protection or restriction access. Heap of money in chain with padlock isolated on white
Word writing text Prohibited. Business concept for Something that has been forbidden banned restricted rejected Man holding marker notebook page crumpled papers several tries mistakes.
Mosaic restricted user icon and red Restricted seal between double parallel lines. Flat vector restricted user mosaic icon of random rotated rectangular elements.
Restricted area, authorized personnel only sign, vector illustration.
do not touch icon vector on white background editable eps10
Hand stop sign, vector illustration icon
Warning Restricted Area
Blank Red prohibition sign stop. Isolated on a white background. Vector illustration
Restriction icon. Flat design. Vector Illustration.
Business safety or financial protection or restriction access. Heap of money in chain with padlock isolated on white
Keep your Distance sign,Social distancing,Please do not sit here to prevent from Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic,6 Feet social distancing for chair seat
Stop Sign Vector Illustration Isolated on White Background. Traffic Regulatory Warning Stop Symbol.
Woman with luggage stands at almost empty check-in counters at the airport terminal due to coronavirus pandemic/Covid-19 outbreak travel restrictions. Flight cancellation.Quarantine all over the world
Business center closed due to COVID-19, sign with sorry in door. Stores, offices, other commercial buildings temporarily closed during coronavirus pandemic. Economy crisis and lockdown concept.
a row of empty chairs with an indication of where it is possible to sit to maintain the social safety distance during the period of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. Social distancing
Photo of a restricted area authorized personnel only signage
Bangalore, India, June 4, 2019 : Huawei Logo in Mobile, kept on the US and china flag
No entry road sign on isolated background
TEL AVIV, ISRAEL- MAY 11, 2020: Coronavirus Outbreak. Israel to ease COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Man wears face mask as he looks at the smartphone.
NO ENTRY sign. Left hand palm. STOP icon in crossed out red circle. Vector.
Restricted Area. Authorized Employee Only Sign. To prevent unauthorized persons.
Coffee shop woman owner with face mask, open after lockdown quarantine.
Restricted icon with flat style. Isolated raster restricted icon image, simple style.
Restricted Area Authorized Personnel Only Symbol Sign, Vector Illustration, Isolate On White Background Label. EPS10
3d rendering of a black metal iron ball disconnected from a leg cuff by a broken chain on blue background. Break free. Without restrictions. Escape to success.
closeup of a young man in an office holding a briefcase and a surgical mask in his hand
London, England, 3rd January 2021. Waiting to Board Area Departure Gate at London Heathrow Airport, with covid 19 restriction notices in place.
Young surfer kids with surf boards wear protective mask on sea beach. Cancelled cruises, tours due coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic. Travel ban for family vacation, tourism industry crisis at summer 2020
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