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Puzzled dark skinned teenage girl shrugs shoulders, cannot understand how to use new application on mobile phone, uses modern device for communication, browses web, isolated on pink background
Portrait confused thinking young woman bewildered scratching her head seeks a solution looking up at many question marks isolated on gray wall background. Human face expression
Indoor shot of thoughtful pretty woman has long blonde hair with stylish eyewear, looks aside with pensive expression, plans something on coming weekends, poses against blank wall. Puzzled female
Cool group of people, woman and man doubt expression, confuse and wonder concept, uncertain future
Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Young beautiful people puzzled look in the computer monitor. Emotional look at the camera
half portrait of a young girl with glasses looking up
Headshot of puzzled African American woman looks with indignant expressio at camera listens attentively and tries to prove her case has curly hair wears casual jumper poses indoor against white wall
Confused doubtful shocked black woman shrugging feel baffled looking at camera isolated on white grey blank studio background, clueless african female puzzled stunned unaware about ambiguous problem
Young man with white shirt having doubts and with confuse face expression while scratching head on isolated blue background
Studio shot of puzzled beautiful female student raises eyebrows and curves lips in bewilderment, can`t understand difficult question as prepares for exam at home, has hair bun, isolated on white
Closeup portrait man scratching head, thinking about something, looking up isolated on grey wall background. Human facial expression, emotion, feeling
puzzled businessman business people. Pop art retro vector illustration drawing
Confused young businesswoman biting lip while looking away against grey wall
Hesitant thoughtful young African American female holds chin, curves lips, has dark healthy skin, wears striped sweater, looks puzzled aside, contemplates about something, poses over white wall
Young lovely female has dark skin, clueless and unaware expression, purses lips as being questionned, looks with puzzlement upwards, isolated over white background with copy space on right side
Closeup portrait of young man thinking daydreaming deeply about something with hand on chin looking downwards, isolated on white background copy space to left. Human facial expressions, signs, symbols
Head shot close up sad young indian woman thinking of problems, looking away. Unhappy millennial hindu girl student suffering from personal professional troubles, feeling depressed at home.
Thoughtful confused upset puzzled woman pinup girl looking up holding her smart phone isolated yellow background retro vintage 50's hair style. Human emotions body language
Disappointed young woman sit on table at home read bad news eviction notice in paperwork letter, shocked female surprised by unpleasant message warning notification received in paper mail
Confused young man scratching his head. Emotions and body language concept. Vector illustration in cartoon style.
Surprised businesswoman looking at laptop pc, astonished woman with shocked face and open mouth holding head in hands, sudden unexpected computer crash, shocking news, fatal error, data loss, portrait
Isolated goat. Head of funny silly looking black goat isolated on white background with clipping path
Closeup portrait man scratching head, thinking deeply about something, looking up, isolated on grey wall background. Human facial expression, emotion, feeling, sign body language
Closeup portrait, senior mature man  thinking, daydreaming, trying hard to remember something looking confused, isolated white background. Negative emotion facial expressions. Short-term memory loss
young pretty woman feeling puzzled and confused, scratching head and looking to the side with a piggy bank.
Young beautiful woman thinking and looking up expressing doubt and wonder
Closeup portrait, senior mature man  thinking, daydreaming, trying hard to remember something looking confused, isolated white background. Negative emotion facial expressions. Short-term memory loss
Portrait of handsome bearded young man points at himself being puzzled to be chosen. Astonished attractive European male stands over white background, has confused expression. Surprisment concept
Closeup portrait young company business man thinking, daydreaming trying hard to remember something looking upward, isolated black background. Negative emotions, facial expressions, feelings, reaction
Suspicious jealous puzzled wife wants to spy sms message on husbands device, suspects of betrayal, looks over back, has embarrassed gaze. Young couple use modern gadgets for online communication.
Puzzled dark skinned male enterpreneur, dressed formally, raises eyebrow in bewilderment, tries to make hard decision, poses against white background. People, business and occupation concept
Focused serious businessman in suit thinking reading online news or solving business problem working on laptop looking at screen, worried puzzled executive managing stock market risks using computer
Focused casual businessman working at his desk in his office
middle aged man with hand on beard looking up thinking
Beautiful young girl looking around with uncertain expression isolated on white background
Businessman keeps hand under chin, thoughtful gesture, looking ahead focused, thinking answers to different questions in his head. Interrogation mark symbols. Pensive student pondering of solutions.
Man and woman in Office
Puzzled confused asian woman thinking hard concerned about online problem solution looking at laptop screen, worried serious korean businesswoman focused on solving difficult work computer task
Thoughtful Asian woman with hand on chin against maths equation
Horizontal portrait of amazed African American female youngster has puzzled and frightened expression, looks surprisingly aside, indicates with thumb at blank space. Advertisement and people.
Portrait of mature businessman shrugging shoulders in office
Thoughtful young african american woman holds chin, looks puzzled aside, contemplates about something. Studio shot on blue wall.
Confused boy thinking with question mark on sticky note on forehead
Young Asian woman feeling serious while looking to laptop screen, sitting alone.
Portrait of a shocked bearded man in eyeglasses looking at camera isolated over yellow background
3d man looking at red question mark in his hand and thinking over white background
Distracted from work worried young woman sitting on couch with laptop, thinking of problems. Pensive unmotivated lady looking at window, feeling lack of energy, doing remote freelance tasks at home.
Emoticon with a man puzzled and unhappy look and thinks Hoh, color clip art on white isolated background
Pensive multiracial millennial man and woman isolated on blue studio background look in different sides thinking, thoughtful multiethnic couple pondering making decision, having dilemma
Portrait of Lovely Dogue De Bordeaux Puppy
3d man looking at question box in his hand and thinking isolated over white background
What a hell. Closeup photo of displeased lady look boyfriend kissing other girl questioned facial expression getting angry wear casual purple sweatshirt isolated blue color background
Man Clueless or Perplexed About Something

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Frustrated young woman shrugs shoulders with her arms out isolated on the gray background
Crowd of ten people collage head shots, all smiling and looking happy with natural ordinary smile on their face
Emoticon with a woman puzzled and unhappy look and thinks Hoh, color clip art on white isolated background
Puzzled hesitant female with long blonde hair dressed casually, shrugs shoulders as doesn`t know answer or can`t make decision, being clueless and uncertain. Life perception and attitude concept
Group of mixed people, women and men doubt expression, confuse and wonder concept, uncertain future
Young beauty woman with a puzzled looking at the camera, light background
Closeup portrait of skeptical young woman looking suspicious with some disgust on her face, mixed with disapproval, isolated on white background. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, feelings
Close up portrait of puzzled discontent female with dark pure healthy skin and frizzy hair, looks in bewilderment at camera, expresses her disagreement and discontent. Embarrassed African woman
Headshot middle aged man with puzzled face expression and question marks above head looking up isolated grey wall background. Human emotion feeling body language perception problem solution concept
Closeup of puzzled unhappy woman isolated on white background showing negative emotions, looking helpless and disoriented, throwing her hands up as if asking what she can do about her trouble.
Horizontal portrait of thoughtful puzzled youngster looks with pensive dreamy expression aside, thinks what decision to make, stands against pink background with blank copy space on left side
Confused female student laying between stacks of books, looking up with many question on her head, over white background
Woman in home office with computer
man in glasses, who was puzzled by the problem. Isolated on white background
Puzzled retired woman uses mobile phone looks confused smirks face as cannot download new application dressed in casual jumper isolated on blue background. Modern technologies and people concept
Serious african american employee thinking over business email working on computer in office, focused puzzled black manager looking at screen reading or writing electronic letter to corporate client
Pop art comic book style skeptical and doubtful woman looking over sunglasses can't believe what she hear with speech bubble saying are you serious vector poster design illustration
Middle age handsome man doubt expression, confuse and wonder concept, uncertain future over white background
A young man sits in an office chair, holding a paper and puzzled looks into the camera.
Cool group of people, woman and man thinking and looking up expressing doubt and wonder
Close up stressed puzzled Indian businesswoman looking at laptop screen, sitting in office, exhausted upset employee reading bad news in email, having problem with difficult online project
Retro pop art comic book panel perplexed and suspicious man thinking and mumbling vector wall decoration illustration
young crazy man thinking, feeling doubtful and confused, with different options, wondering which decision to make against yellow wall
Suspicious bearded man looks doubtfully, curves lips, being indecisive, makes grimace, tries to find solution. Uncertain upset pensive male hesitates what to buy. Facial expressions concept.
Serious african-american businessman employer thinking of business offer reading mail cover letter at workplace, puzzled black company executive looking at financial document considering contract
The sad and puzzled young man in a business suit working on laptop at desk on blue studio background
Group of cool people, woman and man doubt expression, confuse and wonder concept, uncertain future shrugging shoulders
Family portrait of mature woman and man posing against blue studio wall. Satisfied blonde female in eyewear keeps arms folded puzzled grey haired handsome man scratches head looks confused at camera
Concept of good or bad solution. Panoramic view of thoughtful mixed race friends standing together on blue background with copy space. Minded man and contemplating woman looking at camera
Not sure. Young adult businessman have a doubt. Studio shot
Puzzled and clueless young redhead woman with arms out, shrugging her shoulders, saying: who cares, so what, I don't know. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, life perception and attitude
Portrait young woman thinking dreaming has many ideas looking up. Decision making process concept sitting on wooden floor over blank copy space white wall background.
Businessman looking up while thinking on white background
Isolated shot of confused beautiful woman with dark skin, curly haircut, spreads hands sideways, smirks face, feels doubt while makes choice, dressed in casual jumper, isolated over purple wall
Cute Caucasian kid girl wearing green knitted sweater against white wall pointing aside with both hands showing something strange and saying: I don't know what is this. Advertisement concept.
Angry young woman sit on sofa in living room frustrated having operational problems working on laptop, mad millennial girl feel stressed confused with slow internet connection or computer spam
Closeup portrait dumb looking, clueless business man, arms out asking why, what's problem, so what, I don't know, isolated yellow background. Negative human emotion facial expression, life perception
Man with his hands outstretched and a funny look
Exhausted young adult architect freelancer looking at house project, sitting behind table with tired face, working in professional bureau with blueprints
young pretty woman feeling confused, puzzled and insecure, pointing to self wondering and asking who, me? against white wall
Indoor shot of beautiful young female model shrugs shoulders, has hesitating expression, dressed casually, isolated over pink background. Confused puzzled woman poses indoor, gestures in studio
Serious African American couple discussing paper documents, sitting together on couch at home, man and woman checking bills, bank account balance, terms of contract, mortgage, loan agreement
Little caucasian girl with beautiful blue eyes wearing denim jacket standing over isolated white background pointing aside with both hands showing something strange and saying: I don't know
People, facial expressions and thoughts. Attractive young female student looks pensively upwards, wears spectacles, poses against pink background with blank copy space for your advertisement
Young african american man sitting on the floor and working with his laptop with confuse face expression
wtf Businessman puzzled and confused. Pop art retro  illustration
Insecure puzzled dark skinned female has Afro hairstyle, spreads hands with doubt, dressed in orange jumper, isolated over purple background, blank copy space. Woman faces dilemma, being unsure
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