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Set of young unhappy female manager in formal wear, showing negative emotions, lack of funding, bad business decision, crisis, crossed hands, aggressive, full length, isolated against white background
Don't know! Confused young businesswoman. Isolated on white.
Indoor portrait of beautiful brunette asian woman with glasses having a lot of questions. Young student or businesswoman confused concept. Selective focus and shallow DOF
Young serious mixed race office worker female sitting at desk at workplace holding mobile phone makes business call listens client claims feels displeased annoyed and anxious, problems at work concept
Distracted from work worried young woman sitting on couch with laptop, thinking of problems. Pensive unmotivated lady looking at window, feeling lack of energy, doing remote freelance tasks at home.
Thoughtful serious young indian ethnic woman student freelancer working studying on laptop computer looking at pc screen focused on thinking solving online problem doing research at home office desk.
Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Thoughtful Asian businesswoman taking off glasses, pondering ideas, developing business strategy, looking in distance, using laptop, pensive employee taking break, dreaming or visualizing in office
Thoughtful focused businesswoman looking at laptop screen, sitting at desk in modern office, young woman employee worker working on difficult project, pondering strategy, reading email
Group diverse surprised colleagues sitting at desk looking at computer screen looks feels shocked baffled puzzled received corporate message. Bad news, critical error, dismissal big problems concept
Close up stressed puzzled Indian businesswoman looking at laptop screen, sitting in office, exhausted upset employee reading bad news in email, having problem with difficult online project
Puzzled confused asian woman thinking hard concerned about online problem solution looking at laptop screen, worried serious korean businesswoman focused on solving difficult work computer task
Confused young businesswoman biting lip while looking away against grey wall
Confused businesswoman annoyed by online problem, spam email or fake internet news looking at laptop, female office worker feeling shocked about stuck computer, bewildered by scam message or virus
Thoughtful concerned african american female worker student feeling uncertain bored doubtful solving problem at work with laptop, puzzled black businesswoman looking away thinking having lack of idea
Puzzled confused dark skinned woman in formal wear looks indignant at smartphone, gazes at display, reads business news on website, isolated blue background. People and modern technology concept
Frustrated annoyed woman confused by computer problem, annoyed businesswoman feels indignant about laptop crash, bad news online or disgusting video on web, stressed student looking at broken pc
Puzzled female proud ceo carrying presentation with employees in conference room. Woman manager standing near meeting table while explaining strategy during meeting in office interior of skyscraper
Frustrated frowning young indian female student looking at laptop monitor, feeling dissatisfied with received email. Head shot unhappy hindu woman reading bad news notification, solving problem.
Puzzled guy asking female colleague for advice in hipster office. Professional startup team working together on deadline indoors. Businesswoman consulting male coworker on problem at job
Business, freelance, problem, thinking, idea, work concept. Young thoughtful puzzled businesswoman clerk manager girl freelancer working at laptop. Search of idea for trouble solution illustration.
Thoughtful confused mature business woman concerned thinking about online problem looking at laptop, frustrated worried senior middle aged female reading bad email news, suffering from memory loss
Business, problem, thinking, brainstorming set concept. Group team of confused thoughtful pensive businessmen woman asking questions searching answers and trouble solution. Collective brainstorming.
Puzzled dissatisfied young woman with curly Afro hair spreads palms sideways wears round spectacles grey formal clothes poses indoor. Indignant businesswoman cannot understand whats problem.
Puzzled businesswoman sitting at the table and talking on the phone, holding papers near laptop. Woman's hair is loose. She wears black strict suit and white blouse. Isolated, white background.
Shocked unhappy Indian woman reading bad news in message, stressed young female looking at laptop screen, touching forehead, frustrated annoyed girl confused by computer problem or crash
Beautiful cheerful redhead girl using silver laptop while sitting on sofa in living room at home.
Pensive young female worker sit at office desk look at laptop screen thinking making decision, thoughtful woman employee pondering over problem solution, stare at computer monitor wait inspiration
Thoughtful woman looking at laptop screen, pondering project, working online at home, sitting at desk, pensive young female touching chin, reading email, financial report, making decision
A puzzled businesswoman (manager) sitting at a computer desk with a cup of coffee in hand and thinking about financial charts. Outside the window is a city view with skyscrapers on a sunny day.
Puzzled businesswoman (or manager) sitting at a computer Desk, thinking about financial charts. Outside the window is a city view with skyscrapers. Black and white vector illustration.
Side view head shot thoughtful young businesswoman looking at computer monitor. Puzzled female company employee worker manager stuck with hard task, thinking of problem solution at workplace.
Bankruptcy, thievery, ruin set concept. Young woman has ruined with her business. Perplexed girl was robbed by thief. Businesswoman has no money and is considered as bankrupt. Simple flat vector.
Serious frowning indian ethnicity woman sit at workplace desk looks at laptop screen read e-mail feels concerned. Bored unmotivated tired employee, problems difficulties with app understanding concept
Young concerned businesswoman sitting at table near laptop folding hands together feels doubt unsure thinking making decision or waiting message good news having strong wish hope to get or win concept
Surprised businesswoman looking at laptop pc, astonished woman with shocked face and open mouth holding head in hands, sudden unexpected computer crash, shocking news, fatal error, data loss, portrait
Close up portrait of a beautiful Puzzled woman wearing black business suit and glasses holding hands in air in confusion with the face expression I do not know, so what isolated on a white background.
Young serious businesswoman reading tablet against the wall
Business team with puzzled look
Confused doubtful shocked black woman shrugging feel baffled looking at camera isolated on white grey blank studio background, clueless african female puzzled stunned unaware about ambiguous problem
Young funny woman wearing white t-shirt stretched hands feels confused pose isolated on grey wall, girl imagining alternatives, weighs pros and cons, choosing make not easy difficult decision concept
Thoughtful woman wearing glasses reading document, using laptop, sitting on couch in living room, pensive young businesswoman freelancer working with correspondence, checking financial documents
Side profile close up view face of serious pensive young woman thinking about problem difficulties biting nail finger, feels nervous frustrated puzzled, hard make decision stressful situation concept
Focused woman wearing glasses reading document holding paper sheet close up, thoughtful businesswoman freelancer working with correspondence, checking financial documents, contract or notice at home
Aged businesswoman sit at workplace desk lowered glasses reads notification feels shocked, bad unexpected news in business letter, financial report, debt notice from bank, bill, taxes increase concept
Rear view of doubtful businesswoman in front of a split wall as arrows leads in two different ways red and blue side. Correct choice left or right, failure or success. Difficult decision concept.
Concerned puzzled young indian woman student professional use look at laptop at home office feel stressed frustrated about computer software problem worried of technology negative online news concept
Thoughtful doubtful african female student worker looking away thinking solving problem feel lack of new creative ideas at work, pensive puzzled or bored young black woman sit at desk with laptop
Businesswoman in front of many different doors choosing one. Difficult decision, important choice concept, failure or success. Ways to unknown future, business career development opportunity.
Puzzled hesitant woman entrepreneus works distantly from home being on self isolation wears protective mask from coronavirus overloaded with paper work organizes daily schedule. Office work.
Top view of puzzled businesswoman in helmet looking at drawn maze on floor
Scared Young businesswoman wearing casual turtleneck sweater and jacket looks with frightened expression, keeps hands on chest, being puzzled to notice something strange,  People, hush reaction
Pensive businesswoman thinking about project, working on financial report, using laptop, sitting at desk, thoughtful female employee pondering business strategy, solving problem, planning
Shocked woman worker looking at laptop screen surprised with bad or unexpected online news, amazed businesswoman feel despair rounding eyes witnessing company bankruptcy or market failure
Confused, puzzled  woman.  Female choice, life balance concept.  Vector illustration.

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Close up thoughtful woman wearing headphones looking to aside, using laptop, pensive student touching chin, pondering research project, thinking about difficult task, businesswoman planning
Serious indian businesswoman sitting at desk looking at laptop screen read e-mail thinking, search issue solution feel worried. Student and difficult task, hard test exam, unmotivated employee concept
Embarrassed Young businesswoman wearing casual turtleneck sweater and jacket, with shocked expression, expresses great amazement, Puzzled man poses indoor
Photo of embarrassed Young businesswoman wearing casual turtleneck sweater and jacketindicates at herself with puzzled expression, being shocked to be chosen to participate in competition,
Frustrated Young businesswoman wearing casual turtleneck sweater and jacket feels puzzled and hesitant, shrugs shoulders in bewilderment, keeps mouth widely opened, doesn't know what to do.
Nervous puzzled man Young businesswoman wearing casual turtleneck sweater and jacket opens mouth from surprise, reacts on sudden news.
Thoughtful Indian woman standing at desk, businesswoman freelancer pondering difficult task, looking out window, touching chin, pensive young female student working on research project
Puzzled and clueless young businesswoman with arms out, shrugging her shoulders, saying: who cares, so what, I don't know. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, life perception and attitude.
Puzzled and clueless young businesswoman with arms out, shrugging her shoulders, saying: who cares, so what, I don't know. Negative human emotions, facial expressions, life perception and attitude
Thoughtful serious pensive businesswoman lost deep in thoughts at work in office looking away thinking of analysis planning business vision considering new opportunities doubting about question
Young beautiful African American afro businesswoman with curly hair wearing yellow jacket clueless and confused expression with arms and hands raised. Doubt concept.
Lost in thoughts woman sits at workplace desk in office in front of laptop holds hands on chin looking away thinking about working moments. Businesswoman planning or trying solve some business issues
Puzzled businesswoman throws up her hands in disbelief vector illustration. Perplexed girl showing doubt gesture. Woman wondering question answer.
Confused doubtful shocked black woman shrugging looking at camera. Clueless african student being puzzled stunned unaware about ambiguous problem
Unhappy young Arabic indian woman sit on couch at home use laptop have slow internet connection problems, disappointed ethnic female frustrated by online spam or virus on web on computer gadget
picture of attractive young woman showing finger up
Puzzled businesswoman in front of office building having phone conversation holding laptop and documents.Female office worker with puzzled expression dealing with deadlines holding papers and computer
Upset frustrated and confused female worker folding hands on chin feels puzzled having problem troubles and doubts about business moments, sitting in shared modern office with multinational coworkers
Top view of puzzled businesswoman looking at drawn maze on floor
Puzzled and clueless young businesswoman wearing medical mask with arms out, shrugging her shoulders, saying: who cares, so what, I don't know. Negative human emotions.
Puzzled and clueless young businesswoman wearing medical mask with arms out, shrugging her shoulders, saying: who cares, so what, I don't know.
Serious mature businesswoman show document to African American female colleague during break, middle-aged boss explaining task, point at mistake to subordinate, diverse employees discuss paperwork
Top view of puzzled businesswoman in helmet looking at drawn maze on floor
young businesswoman sitting on chair with document on knee and making puzzled gesture with hand.
Shocked surprised businesswoman amazed by reading unbelievable online breaking news on laptop, astonished woman feels stunned dumbfounded looking at computer screen baffled by unexpected email letter
Businesswoman disrupted while  working on h`er laptop by the phone call from her partner. She is suprised, funny, puzzled and young. Lady wears black strict jacket, her hair is loose. Isolated.
A young woman shrugging with "I don't know" expression on her face. Question marks. Vector illustration. Puzzled girl gesturing do not know. Oops, question, doubt. Emotion and body language concept
What disaster. Shocked panic redhead woman grab head troubled frowning bothered feel pressured distress facing trouble terrible scene displeased huge mess kids made, standing white background
Pensive indian business woman standing in office room standing lean over workplace desk working on laptop thinking about problem solution, create research, do paperwork, corporate task prepare report
Shocked female sitting at desk looking at laptop screen rounding eyes surprised bad online news, stressed horrified frightened woman in panic with scared face, big trouble, unexpected results concept
Portrait of Business Woman in Doubting Confused Emotion on Isolated White Background, Businesswoman in Confuse Puzzled Expression While Thinking Solution. Confusion Puzzled and Asking Concept
Confused puzzled female office worker sitting at desk and thinking, she is touching her temples and frowning
Puzzled perplexed young woman with distrustful face isolated on blank studio wall, unbelieving suspicious girl looking at camera doubtful uncertain bewildered criticize on white background portrait
Unhappy Indian businesswoman intern working on difficult online project task, using laptop, sitting at office desk, lazy annoyed student trainee looking at screen, receive bad news, notification
Businesswoman walking on a line in front of a crossroad split in three different ways as road arrows. Choosing the correct pathway between left, right and front directions. Difficult decision concept.
What just hapenned. Confused clueless middle-aged redhead woman shrugging hands spread sideways perplexed express full disbelief frustration standing white background puzzled unaware
Side view of a puzzled businesswoman having questions in front of a blackboard to cross the difficult quest way with obstacles. Self overcome, reaching goals to finish flag. Career move metaphor.
Stressed unhappy woman looking at laptop screen close up, touching head, feeling exhausted, tired young female student or freelancer working on computer, having headache or problem with work
Puzzled thoughtful indian businesswoman thinking of online problem solution looking at laptop, focused hindu employee concerned about difficult computer work sitting at workplace in modern office
Frustrated millennial woman sit at desk experience operational malfunction computer problem, disappointed young female employee confused with bad Internet connection or spam virus attack on laptop
Diverse people in office area, focus on pensive african employee woman sitting at desk in front of pc, thinking analyzing market. Puzzled biracial worker having doubts trying to solve business problem
Puzzled and confused mature businesswoman standing with papers in hands in coworking space, thinking about problem to solve
Question, thinking, success set concept. Young successful woman has question while working on laptop. Freelancer is thinking about her work. Girl communicates in social media. Simple flat vector
Young businesswoman having questions.
Unhappy young woman sit at home work on laptop frustrated by slow Internet connection on gadget, upset distressed female have operational computer problems, stressed by unpleasant email or message
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