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Prohibition agents stand with a still and mason jars used to distill hard liquor in Wash. D.C. area. Nov. 11, 1922
Prohibition symbol. Prohibition Sign. Prohibition icon isolated on white background.
Customers at a Philadelphia bar after Prohibition's end, Dec. 1933.
Coronavirus Icon with Red Prohibit Sign, 2019-nCoV Novel Coronavirus Bacteria. No Infection and Stop Coronavirus Concepts. Dangerous Coronavirus Cell in China, Wuhan. Isolated Vector Icon
Prohibition agents stand with boxes and bottles of wine and liquor after a raid in Wash. D.C. area. Oct. 14, 1922. Note the camera man in upper left
Men enjoying 3.2% beer on the 4th of July in Bangor, Maine, 1933.
Prohibition Sign Template
Coronavirus Icon with Red Prohibit Sign. Stop Infodemic
Forbidden sign empty template - crosser out red prohibition caution circle in 3D embossed decoration - isolated vector element
Do not enter icon on a white background
stop sign icon on white background
a cross icon or an incorrect sign and is prohibited
144 Prohibition signs, set vector illustration
Stop sign vector illustration. Flat tiny prohibition no gesture person concept. Symbolic warning, danger or safety caution information. Forbidden entry or restricted area ban or blocked road alert.
Young woman pouring beer into a man's glass, 1933. Photo was created in response to the legalization of beer with an alcohol content of 3.2% when President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Cullen_Harriso
Forbidden sign with stop hand glyph icon. No entry prohibition. Do not touch. Silhouette symbol. Negative space. Vector isolated illustration
Prohibited typographic stamp, sign, label. Black and red series
Red prohibition sign set. Forbidden signs collection,
'Repeal the 18th Amendment' slogan on a spare tire cover. Dec. 16, 1930. Miss Elizabeth Thompson, was a member of 'The Crusaders', a national organization formed to overthrow prohibition.
Beer delivery in Cleveland, Ohio, on April 6, 1933, the day before it became legal to sell 3.2 beer.
Original label typeface called "Prohibited". Good font for any label designs.
Prohibition road sign with shadow. Limit, restriction Vector sign
Judge's gavel and NO symbol. The concept of prohibiting and restrictive laws. Prohibitions and criminalization, repression, restriction of freedoms and rights of people and citizens.
Vector stop sign icon. No sign, red warning isolated.
Prohibition sign concept design. Red caution vector sign. Isolated warning icon on white background for banner or sticker design. Blank prohibition street sign in flat style. EPS 10 Premium quality.
black shoes standing at the red-white line. Do not cross the line. It's prohibited and not allowed. It's limited. It's the end.
prohibition signs, no ice cream, no camera, no dog, no roller skate, forbiddens icons set, line symbols on white background - editable stroke vector illustration eps10
Vector illustration of prohibition sign isolated on white background. Prohibition symbol.
Man dressed as a 1920s ganster in police line up
set of mandatory sign, hazard sign, prohibited sign, fire emergency sign. for sticker, posters, and other material printing. easy to modify.
prohibited icon and ladies and gents icon
No assembly point icon. No emergency evacuation assembly point sign vector illustration. No icon. Forbidden sign. Prohibition icon
Night time vintage scene of three people entering a prohibition era speakeasy.  Two flappers and a fedora wearing man go into a night club while a yellow taxi sits on the street above.  1930s scene.
Woman holding a 1931 poster 'Abolish Prohibition!' In 1933 state conventions ratified the Twenty-first Amendment, which repealed Prohibition
A man holds a red NO prohibition symbol over word fraud. Countering deception, protection against fraudsters. The fight corruption, financial pyramids and business scams. War on crime. Cheaters
Businessman in dark gray suit using his hands as cross. Meaning wrong, fault, not correct, not allow, prohibit.
set of prohibition sign, vector symbols
thin line prohibition signs set on white background
red, simple, flat, modern, clean stop, cancel, block, no, stoppage, quit, remove, delete,take away, cancelled icon, design element for all boards, designs.
Word writing text Prohibited. Business concept for Something that has been forbidden banned restricted rejected Man holding marker notebook page crumpled papers several tries mistakes.
No access for pedestrians prohibition sign, vector illustration. Prohibition No Pedestrian Sign. No walk icon
Prohibited icon set
Prohibition road sign with shadow. Limit, restriction sign
Bureau of Prohibition car used by Treasury agents when stopping suspected vehicles. L-R: Prohibition Administrator Ames Woodcock; H.M. Lucious, Secretary of the Automobile Club of Maryland; and Ernest
Coronavirus Bacteria Cell Icon, 2019-nCoV, Covid-2019, Covid-19 Novel Coronavirus Bacteria. No Infection and Stop Coronavirus Concepts. Dangerous Coronavirus Cell in China, Wuhan. Isolated Vector Icon
Vector stop sign icon. Red no entry sign. No sign, red warning isolated.
Los Angeles liquor store with customers purchasing and drinking liquor, Dec. 6, 1933.
 No handshake  vector. Not allow   handshake 
 sign. The red circle prohibiting sing
Set of prohibiting signs isolated on white background. Symbols: do not smoke, no alcohol, no drugs. Icons vector illustration
Judge's gavel and NO symbol on an isolated background. The concept of prohibiting and restrictive laws. Prohibitions and criminalization, repression, restriction of freedoms and rights of people
Prohibited content, access restrict. Educational lesson for children. Parental control software, parental advisory music, kids digital content metaphors. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustrations
Prohibition Sign
vector stop sign icon. No sign, red warning isolated. Not Allowed icon. flat illustration of Not Allowed vector icon for web
Prohibition no symbol vector illustration
Digital neon flow with stop sign. Badge with forbidden or prohibited, not allowed or restriction symbol. Warning and danger, prohibition and danger, hazard and restrictive mark. Ban circle. No way
Prohibition road sign. Stop icon. No symbol. Prohibition road sign. Stop icon. No symbol. Prohibition road sign. Stop icon. No symbol. Prohibition road sign. Stop icon. No symbol. Dont do it. Danger.
High quality Standard Prohibition sign collection
Crowd of applicants at Broad of Health for permits to sell beer in NYC, April 6, 1933. The next day, the Cullen-Harrison Act became law, which legalized the sale of '3.2 beer'.

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Prohibitory traffic sign isolated on white - Blank
Dog prohibition sign. No Dogs Allowed In the Park Sign.
Prohibition, women from New Jersey at the Capitol to a prohibition hearing, holding signs 'Know your courts Study your politicians', 'Liberty in Law', and ' Character in candidates', April 12, 1926.
Sneaking a nip
A man holds a magnifying glass above the boxes. Examination of goods for the presence of contraband, prohibited goods, defects. Quality control, authentication. study of consumer sentiment
No entry hand sign. Stop vector sign. Warning, danger, forbidden. Prohibited activities. Flat icon stop long shadow.
No Sign Empty Red Crossed Out Circle,Not Allowed Sign,Blank Prohibiting Symbol,Vector Illustration, Isolate On White Background Label. EPS10
Western town saloon with various businesses . 3d rendering
Form close up, fountain pen and prohibited stamped on a document. Soft focus.
stop sign icon, vector stop symbol
Stop sign hand drawn design element. Prohibition no symbol, warning. Vector illustration in red isolated over white background.
Prohibiting sign. Icon with red crossed circle on transparent background
Happy old man drinking glass of beer, with his daintier finger extended. 1937.
Set of vector safety signs prohibition signs buildings applications. ISO 7010 standard vector safety symbols. Vector graphic safety symbols signs marks Emergency exit fire extinguisher door ladder
Hand baggage Prohibited Items // Airport Security icons set // 03
No sign
On a white background
Winsor MaCay 1920's cartoon depicts a cityscape of Bootleg Whisky Crime Dope and Get Rich Quick money lust.

traffic sign. illustration of traffic signs in flat style. Warning is prohibited from entering
dog friendly and dog restriction signs, dog prohibited icons
No texting and talking on phone while driving a car. Police officer issue a warning to driver. Prohibition sign - phone use prohibited. Vector illustration, flat cartoon style. Isolated background.
red prohibition sign isolated on white background. vector illustration
Red Prohibition stop sign, Red circle warning and no entry or access  with symbol, simply vector graphic illustration, isolated on white background with no drinks and alcohol sign
Parking stop sign
Stop halt allowed area Do not enter danger warning sign Vector attention forbidden caution, admittance signs No ban walking zone people stepping or run Highway road prohibited emergency beware cross
Hand, Palm Don't Touch, Thumb Up Line Editable Icons
Close-up of dollar bank notes in prohibition sign - No money concept
Huge red NO symbol or prohibition sign on a yellow background. Prohibitions and restrictions, laws and regulations. Can not park or do anything. Setting rules and frameworks, control.
Young beautiful asian girl holding banner with prohibited signal over white background scared in shock with a surprise face, afraid and excited with fear expression
Set of hand-drawn simple prohibition icons, collection of brush drawing red realistic ban symbols, hand-painted prohibition sign isolated on white background.
WHAT ALCOHOL DOES. Cartoon of bottle on a cannon caisson launching devastation on a community. From 'The Shadow of the Bottle,' 1915 book advocating nation-wide prohibition of the liquor traffic
No Sign. Isolated on transparent  background.
Woman holding a 'Petition to Congress/ Modification, Volstead Act.' It would allow the brewing of 2.75% beer. In 1932, public opinion had turned against Prohibition. President Hoover would not move, b
No Truck icon. Truck prohibition symbol. Truck parking prohibition sign.
Prohibition sign vector template ,warning sign ,stop sign
Charlie Birger (1881-April 19, 1928) and his gang. Before prohibition he was a saloon keeper and then became a bootlegger operating from Harrisburg, Illinois.
Sign in France: hand, Do not enter sign. Warning red circle icon isolated on white background. Prohibition concept.
Prohibition icon with shadow. Vector illustration isolated flat icon on transparency background.
no tv. prohibition sign vector illustration
No Drinking Thin Line Vector Icon. Flat Icon Isolated on the White Background. Editable Stroke EPS file. Vector illustration.
Forbidden sign 3D empty template - crosser out red prohibition caution circle in extruded glossy decoration - isolated vector element
110 Prohibition signs, set vector illustration
No sign vector on white background. Red prohibited symbol.
prohibition sign no to sandals, do not enter into shoes, prohibition of entry into the room, prohibit entry, image
Set of icons no aerosol spray sign, no smoke and no fire vector illustration, red prohibition circle, for wall, buildings, public places, hotel room. Fire alarm will be triggered by cigarette smoke.
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