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Concentrated woman praying wearing rosary beads. Namaste. Close up hands.
wallpaper with an Islamic concept.  Muslim religious equipment, widely used during the month of Ramadan, between layers of prayer rugs, prayer beads and the Quran.
Black prayer beads with 33 knots made of stone on a matte surface on a white background
Prayer Beads Inside The Mosque
Woman, lit hand close up, counts Malas, strands of wooden beads used for keeping count during mantra meditations. Hinduist and Buddhist Japa mala. Prayer beads. Close up of hands.
Yellow Wooden Garland String of Beads for prayer and meditation
Wooden mala beads and Buddha statue on white concrete background with copy space. Essential accessory for mindfulness or meditation
Buddhist prayer beads. 108 beads of bird cherry. Isolated on white background.
Bible and the crucifix on a blue wooden table. Beautiful background.Religion concept
Black prayer beads in the shape of a heart (isolated on white)
Young beautiful woman meditating in lotus pose.
Hanging Colourful Wooden Beads Necklaces By Street Vendor In Bodhgaya , India
The position of the hand is praying with prayer beads
Two types of Buddhist rosaries with 108 beads on each, isolated on a white background
rosary on white background.
Woman, lit hand close up, counts Malas, strands of gemstones beads used for keeping count during mantra meditations.
Close up of Islamic prayer beads near candle holder on white background.
tasbih (moslem prayer beads) at wooden board
Japa mala. Prayer beads made from the seeds of the rudraksha tree. Isolated on white background
Islamic Holy Place
Religious muslim man praying with rosary beads
beads Rosary
rosary beads, wooden and moonstone, watercolor illustration
Tibetan music bowl  with mala beads on white concrete background with copy space. Essential accessory for mindfulness or meditation.
Recitation of mantras with mala hand during a practice yoga on a flowery meadow in spring
The Koran with rosary beads
Close up Photo of Tasbih Muslim prayer beads in glossy Golden and green colour.
many rosaries on white background.
Hand of muslim people praying with hill landscape background
Cute red brown prayer beads made from wood - vector
Muslim hands praying with prayer beads at outdoor with night scene background
Holly Quran with beads
Islamic women pray inside mosque by holding beads and count to Allah. Bangkok Thailand Northeast Asia
Close-up of female hand sitting, holding rosary beads and meditating outdoors
Rosary Isolated on white background
Rosary of juniper and amber on a black canvas, close up
islamic prayer beads
Muslim prayer beads. Rosary icon. Islam is a religion.
Girl gazing at the prayer beads in her hands
Closeup of hand with tasbih or rosary isolated on a white background.
Lobular red sandalwood prayer beads bracelets
Hand of muslim man praying with rosary
Holy Al Quran, prayer beads and protective mask on wooden table. Coronavirus Covid-19 quarantine muslim prayer concept.
Malachite material prayer beads (rosary) on white background.
Holy rosary. Linear prayer beads icon. Black simple illustration of religious accessory with tassel. Attribute of Christianity, Islam, Buddhism. Contour isolated vector emblem, white background
one Item brown prayer beads on white background
The Masbaha is also known as Tasbih is a string of prayer beads which is traditionally used by Muslims to keep track of counting in tasbih - seen here with the Quaran
Eid mubarak with muslim prayer beads and star using doodle style
Praying and teaching, child and adult praying together
Mayan Mala Beads
Image of silhouette hand man praying with sunset background
Buddhist beads, placed on the linoleum.
Praying hands holding a rosary.
Old muslim Man with rosary praying
The image of a Muslim woman's hand, Islamic prayer, and her hand holding a rosary beads or tasbih.
dates and islamic rosary image on papyrus paper texture

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Old muslim Man with rosary praying
Tasbeeh, muslim Tasbih for glorify, zikir and dua, islamic rosary beads. Prayer ropes, ramadan equipment. prayer beads, tasbih, ramadan icon. Vector illustration. Design on white background. EPS 10
Blue rosary
prayer beads on Koran ( holy book of Muslims )
Brown prayer beads on white background
Holy Koran - Quran and rosary beads on the background with candle for Islamic concept.
A misbaḥah or misbaha, tespih or string of wood beads for keeping count of muslim prayers, Islamic Muslim Prayer Beads isolated on white background
Islamic concept - The Holy Al Quran with written Arabic calligraphy meaning of Al Quran and rosary beads or tasbih, on wooden table, with copy space.
Islamic prayer beads icon in cartoon style isolated on white background. Religion symbol stock vector illustration.
a muslim man holding prayer bead during ramadan fasting month
prayer beads icon illustration vector eps 10
Rehal with open Quran and Muslim prayer beads on rug indoors. Space for text
Ramadan Kareem Festive, close up of dates on wooden plate and rosary with oriental Lantern lamps and cup of black tea on wood background. Islamic Holy Month Greeting Card
Religious black muslim man praying inside the mosque
Meditation japa mala necklace in a blue background. It is used for meditation and it gives you energy and has healing powers.
The hands of a Muslim man holding a prayer beads
string of prayer beads japa mala
Beads. Rosary religious accessories. Vector.
Muslim man praying with prayer beads on his hands with a sunset sky background
Rudraksha beads bracelet in female prayer's hand, close up
Rosary for prayer icon flat
Holy Quran with beads over wooden background close up
Old hands with turquoise ring of a Tibetan woman holding prayer buddhist beads at a Hemis monastery, Leh district, Ladakh, Jammu and Kashmir, north India. Close up
A metallic Ramadan lamp with Islamic rosary beads on black background. Monochromatic image.
Golden, muslim month surrounded by a rosary, Realistic Prayer beads hanging on the Golden moon, vector illustration on dark background
muslim hand holding prayer beads, dhikr, islam religion pray in cartoon flat illustration editable vector
Muslim prayer beads on a white background, EPS 10, top view
Beads Mala for meditation. Watercolor hand drawn stone prayer beads  in black and red color isolated on white background
Doha, Doha/Qatar - Jan 13, 2020 : A Man wearing Brown Shirt and making praying beads
Ramadan Lantern, dates fruit, and rosary beads isolated - top view
Prayer beads hand made with semi precious stones
Buddhist nepalese prayer beads from Kathmandu
Handmade sacred mala beads and a golden Tibetan bowl on a wooden background in the soft and beautiful light of morning, a perfect time for a yoga session acompanied by theta binaural healing sounds.
islamic prayer beads flat icon with long shadow.
Prayer beads in monk's hand
Muslim man pray with prayer beads over blue sky background
Muslim prayer beads. Muslim rosary. Islam is a religion.
Cropped Illustration Featuring a Muslim Devotee Hand Holding Islamic Prayer Beads
string of beads used by Muslims to keep track of counting in tasbih
Ramadan festival background. Date fruits in an ornamental bowl with prayer beads.
Rosary Isolated on white background, Islamic rosary vector illustration. Realistic Prayer beads of black color, design element.
prayer beads encircling the Koran over the prayer mat and red carpet
Brown wooden catholic rosary beads, religious symbols,rosary necklace, praying symbol, beaded rosary
Muslim rosary beads on the mosque window, holy place of muslims. Islam prayer beads. Beads for praying
Baltic amber rosary isolated on white
Used in the performing of prayers
asian young woman praying with Al-Qur'an and prayer beads in white traditional clothes
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