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Portrait of a beautiful, young and intelligent-looking Indian Asian woman student wearing a white shirt and green tracker smiling as she works on her laptop in a university classroom.
Concentrated diverse colleagues sit at desk brainstorm work on laptop together, focused multiracial businesspeople cooperate discuss ideas using computer at office meeting, collaboration concept
Helpful male boss mentor coach teacher explaining new online project to young female worker intern student, focused leader executive manager teaching student instruct trainee pointing at pc computer
Diverse happy interns learning new computer software listening to mentor teacher coach teaching explaining online project application on laptop, smiling multi-ethnic coworkers work together in office
Happy confident african american business woman employee holding digital tablet looking at camera standing in office, smiling millennial mixed race female intern manager young professional portrait
Female manager mentor teach help male intern trainee new employee explain online strategy on laptop at group meeting, focused business woman talk to colleague client work together cooperate in office
Head shot portrait of happy mixed race girl wearing glasses, smiling african american millennial woman posing indoor, pretty positive female student businesswoman young professional looking at camera
Happy young indian business woman entrepreneur using computer looking at screen working in internet sit at office desk, smiling hindu female professional employee typing email on laptop at workplace
Young indian female mentor coach worker talking to male coworker teaching intern having business conversation with workmate, serious hindu manager helping colleague discussing new project in office
Smiling Indian female employee using laptop at workplace, looking at screen, focused businesswoman preparing economic report, working online project, cheerful intern doing computer work, typing
Smiling asian office employee looking at camera working with multiracial colleagues, happy young company manager sitting at corporate workplace, cheerful team member posing with desktop computer
A close up head shot portrait of a preppy, young, beautiful, confident and attractive Indian Asian woman in a green sweater and spectacles in a classroom or office. She is smiling happily.
Two concentrated coworkers checking paper informs together at office
Cheerful multiracial professional business people laughing together standing in row near wall, happy diverse young employees students group, corporate staff team having fun, human resource concept
Aged female mentor training young asian intern explaining computer work, senior friendly executive teaching new employee looking at pc screen, older teacher talks to student helping with online task
Serious business man team leader coach mentor talk to diverse business people in office explain strategy at corporate group meeting, multiethnic staff listen to boss instruct interns at briefing
Student in interracial start-up team as intern in her internship
Smiling african employee team leader explaining computer task online project in office, happy black worker mentor talking teaching helping coworkers group, diverse colleagues work together on pc
Serious african woman supervisor boss teach diverse staff workers explain project plan paperwork at group meeting, focused black female mentor training business team at corporate office briefing
Young male intern with glasses working on laptop and smiling at the camera
Executive mentor explaining intern or new employee online task pointing at computer screen, female boss supervisor teaching young girl to use corporate software or helping with difficult assignment
Focused male intern listening to serious indian business woman mentor teacher explaining online strategy looking at laptop computer teach trainee training new worker learning new skill at workplace
Smiling young mixed race female office worker student intern standing looking at camera with team people at background, happy african american employee business coach millennial professional portrait
Black IT Technician with a Laptop Computer Gives a Tour to a Young Intern. They Talk in Data Center while Walking Next to Server Racks. Running Diagnostics or Doing Maintenance Work.
Friendly caucasian female mentor manager supervise indian intern secretary helping coworker with computer work instruct trainee give advice at office desk, apprentice, teamwork and mentoring concept
Smiling asian hr insurer advisor meeting applicant at job interview consulting client about contract offer giving advice, happy diverse girls colleagues interns students discussing paperwork together
Female financial advisor insurer banker consulting male african american client about contract, caucasian mentor hr and black intern new employee discussing documents at meeting advice
Overjoyed funny multiracial millennial employees look at camera having fun in office hallway, happy excited multiethnic diverse work group, young motivated team posing for picture in corridor
Multiracial colleagues indian and caucasian young women having coffee break sitting together at desk in office. Diverse students interns friends looks at pc screen talking discussing working moments
Executive manager mentor teaching intern employee giving instructions showing new online project pointing on computer screen, serious worker helping explain colleague listen work task look at monitor
Head shot millennial guy sit on sofa in living room makes video call looks at camera, conversation by distant videocall, distance hiring job interview process, tutor and trainee study on-line concept
Boss shaking hand of young shy woman congratulating successful employee with promotion, hiring intern, appreciating for good work result, rewarding while business team applauding supporting colleague
Businesswoman discussing business documents at meeting with client customer in shared office, smiling woman employee helping mentoring young man intern explaining corporate paperwork in co-working
Multiracial millennial people sitting in modern coworking office, mentor teach trainee new employee pointing looking at computer screen explain corporate program. Help assistance and mentoring concept
Young female manager writes important point of reference in time to the project meeting with colleagues. Attractive girl trainee keeps records for mastering new skills from the experts during briefing
Serious indian mentor teacher worker talk to female colleague teach intern discussing new skills learning sit at work desk, two diverse coworkers work together help cooperate on project in teamwork
Business leaders with employees group showing thumbs up looking at camera, happy professional multicultural office team people recommend best corporate service, proud or good career, human resource
Focused asian business woman mentor coach leader writing idea or task on post it sticky notes on glass wall, serious team people developing work plan in creative corporate office at stand up meeting
Friendly mentor explaining task smiling young female employee, teacher helping, consulting student, colleagues working together at same task, brainstorm, discussing ideas, online project
Smiling diverse female colleagues wearing protective face masks greeting bumping elbows at workplace, woman coworkers in facial covers protect from COVID-19 coronavirus in office, healthcare concept
Multiethnic diverse students sit at desk look at laptop screen working together at school project, multiracial young people study at computer in group discuss share ideas collaborate in classroom
Creative business colleagues using desktop computer in office
Senior and young female colleagues discuss online project look at pc screen, older mentor teaches young woman explains corporate software work, aged executive helps intern, teamwork on computer task
Diverse female mentor and intern talking pointing on laptop at work desk, serious caucasian teacher mentor coach teach indian trainee looking at computer in office, internship apprentice mentoring
Business woman coach mentor manager consulting client intern, female caucasian insurance broker bank advisor make offer to african customer at meeting sell services talking explaining deal benefits
Male business coach speaker in suit give flipchart presentation, speaker presenter consulting training persuading employees client group, mentor leader explain graph strategy at team meeting workshop
Serious male manager in glasses teach young female intern working at laptop, explain issues pointing, man trainer or coach instruct girl trainee helping with project, give instructions or correcting
Excited multiethnic female employees discuss work issues sitting at office table, smiling diverse women workers or colleagues engaged in brainstorming talk chatting, explain ideas at workplace
Horizontal photo female mentor explain intern corporate software online task point at pc screen, assistance and help concept. Horizontal photo banner for website header design with copy space for text
Serious professional female advisor consulting client at meeting talking having business conversation or making offer, insurer giving advice, mentor teaching intern, hr speaking at job interview
Smiling happy multiracial colleagues laughing together during coffee break, diverse corporate friendly staff team having fun chatting in coworking, mentors and interns enjoying talk in shared office
Friendly smiling indian employee female listen colleague girl sitting together at desk in office. Diverse workers talking discussing sharing ideas having busy workday. Manager or mentor teach intern

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Smiling senior mentor supporting young intern showing achievement result online on computer screen, happy cheerful female employee talking to boss supervisor excited to tell executive good funny news
Middle-aged executive manager boss mentor teacher explaining online work to young focused intern looking at computer screen in office teaching training new worker instructing about software on laptop
Young woman as apprentice or trainee in internship in front of her business team in the office
Indian attractive positive woman talking with colleague sitting at desk in office room, focus on hindu female. Diverse millennial smiling employees have break communicating together at coworking area
Internship benefits, business/education conceptual
Middle-aged woman coach in glasses sit at desk explain issue on laptop to female millennial intern, businesswoman train young trainee at computer, colleagues cooperate work together in office
Smiling motivated asian female team leader holding meeting with diverse groupmates, explaining new project detail. African american, indian and caucasian concentrated students discussing assignment.
Aged female mentor boss smiling looking at computer screen happy for achievement and good online work result of young male intern, senior woman executive leader supervising teaching helping colleague
Smiling attractive asian woman talking to male colleague at work sharing office desk with desktops, friendly multiracial coworkers interns having pleasant fun conversation at workplace together
Young pretty female trainee holding notebook with pen, smiling and confident. Business concept in trainee, intern, apprentice. Outline, linear, thin line art, hand draw sketch design, simple style.
Trainee in an organic grocery store
Focused asian muslim female mentor teacher teach caucasian intern worker learning new skills explaining computer software work together at modern workplace, apprenticeship internship course concept
Young female mentor leader coach teaching employees group analyzing online project explaining business strategy speaking training diverse corporate team with laptop using computer at office meeting
Happy young businesswoman coach mentor leader laughing at funny joke at group business meeting, joyful smiling millennial lady having fun with diverse corporate team people engaged in talking at work
Smiling hired female company employee unpacking box with personal belongings at workplace on first working day in shared office, happy intern or newcomer got new job excited to start work concept
Happy mixed race students gathered in classroom, looking at camera. Smiling group of diverse young people holding video call lecture with abroad online course professor, ready to write down notes.
Serious old mature woman team leader coach teach young workers explain paper business plan at group meeting, focused senior female teacher mentor training diverse staff at corporate office workshop
35s female teacher teach by video call explain educational material to trainee distantly seated on couch in living room at home. Friends communicating use videoconference app concept, pc screen view
Portrait of smiling African American male employee posing for picture during office business meeting with colleagues, happy black man worker shooting looking at camera busy at corporate briefing
Young diverse friendly girls handshaking thanking for help in teamwork, smiling happy students interns coworkers shake hands celebrating successful cooperation, satisfied asian woman getting hired
Intern, conceptual illustration. Multitasking millennial concept. Young female character with six hands doing a lot of tasks at the same time  / flat editable vector illustration
Happy employee being congratulated by colleagues after success at office
Trainee program and apprenticeship On the Job Training Learning Vector Illustration Concept
Smiling diverse female colleagues wearing protective face masks greeting bumping elbows at workplace, happy coworkers in medical facial covers protect from COVID-19 pandemics, healthcare concept
Portrait of excited millennial Caucasian businessman pose with young multiracial team motivated for success, smiling overjoyed business group together with male manager show team spirit and support
Young asian businesswoman working online on pc desktop computer in modern multiracial office, chinese intern employee using applications typing business email in corporate coworking, side view
Intern at the office working on a project
Smiling confident female applicant shaking hand of african hr manager making good first impression, employer congratulates attractive happy woman candidate getting hired, employment handshake concept
Excited african office worker student receiving good news in email on laptop, motivated happy black female employee getting promoted or rewarded celebrating great result achievement win opportunity
Smiling professional business coaches leaders mentors posing together with diverse office workers interns group, happy multicultural staff corporate employees people looking at camera, team portrait
Male employer shaking hand of proud worker, congratulating with high work results or achievements, boss handshaking happy satisfied intern greeting with job promotion. Concept of rewarding
Multi racial businesspeople gather at briefing, positive team leader talking to office employees interns or students at corporate training teach explain project strategy discuss business plan concept
Indian and african colleagues talk at workplace, professional mentor teacher help black intern explain computer work, two serious diverse coworkers discuss online project teamwork mentoring in office
Business consultant icon set in thin line style
Prospective Experienced Office Supervisor, Responsible for Support of Trainees, Giving Presentation Within Business Seminar, Using Pie Diagrams and Column Charts to Illustrate Theoretical Points
Indian female professional mentor helping interns trainees coworkers explain computer work at workplace, diverse leader and employees discuss online project in office, apprentice mentoring concept
Vector illustration character of businessman and woman, office worker, training for new trainee, internship with computer screen, sitting at desk. Outline, linear, hand drawn sketch design.
Asian doctor or nurse wearing surgical face mask in superhero cape. Medical staff during coronavirus outbreak in Asia. Super hero power for clinic and hospital personal.
Millennial employees gathered in boardroom for training, black boss ceo leader leading corporate team during seminar learning at modern office. Internship and leadership coaching and education concept
Excited company boss or team leader introducing new employee to colleagues in office welcoming hired newcomer member congratulating with promotion applauding celebrating reward, supporting coworker
technical vocational training in industry: young apprentices and trainers in the classroom
Back view of male teacher or trainer helping colleague with financial report working at computer in coworking space, businessman training young intern in office, giving assistance, explaining graph
Crew of young male and female talented designers trainees discussing with skilled leader ideas for project consulting during informal meeting workshop planning strategy concept in coworking space
young confident asian businessman turning to look at camera during meeting in office.
Three young women as students or trainees studying or internships
Diverse office workers businessmen entrepreneurs brainstorm discuss analyse online project looking at laptop screen, mentor teach intern. Support assistance common aim in business and teamwork concept
Team of young interns working on a project for their client
Candid of young attractive asian woman auditor or trainee staff work looking up stocktaking inventory in warehouse store by computer tablet with wide angle view. Asian owner or small business concept.
Close up African American businessman consulting client, holding document with graphs and diagram, mentor explaining business strategy to trainee, partners discussing project results
Smiling african manager coach speaking at diverse corporate group meeting, female black teacher team leader talking to office workers at training teaching employees explaining new idea, mentoring
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