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selective soft focus. hands poor child begging you for help concept for poverty or hunger people, Human Rights,background text.
Empty wallet in the hands of an elderly man. Poverty in retirement concept
Hands-on food of the hungry is the hope of poverty : concept of homelessness
Poor children collect garbage for sale because of poverty, Junk recycle, Child labor, Poverty concept, World Environment Day,
Old empty wallet in the hands .Vintage empty purse in hands of women . Poverty concept, Retirement. Special toning
Male Beggar In Hood Showing Seeking Human Kindness Sign On Cardboard
Outline poverty pixel perfect vector icon
the fall of the Russian ruble, poverty and poverty scattered coins in the old mug on a rusty background, sanctions.
Old broken shoes of a little boy as a symbol for child poverty
RAXAUL, INDIA - NOV 8: Unidentified Indian children on Nov 8, 2013 in Raxaul, Bihar state, India. Bihar is one of the poorest states in India. The per capita income is about 300 dollars.
Poverty concept. Poor woman wearing tatter sock and one boot
Poor and impoverished slums of Dharavi in the city of Mumbai.
Young male volunteer in mask gives an elderly woman boxes with food near her house. Son helps a single elderly mother. Family support, caring. Quarantined, isolated. Coronavirus covid-19. Donation
Poor boy collecting garbage in his sack to earn his livelihood, The concept of poor children and poverty
Adult Woman Sitting Look Worried on The Stairway
Children carrying water cans in Uganda, Africa
An Empty wallet in the hands of a young man
Mumbai cityscape with a big contrast between poverty and wealth, Maharashtra, India
Selective focus. hands poor child begging you for help concept for poverty or hunger people, Human Rights,background text.
Poverty in Latin America / Poor Woman walking on dusty road in Mexico / Colorful latin clothing
hands poor old man or beggar begging you for help sitting at dirty slum. concept for poverty or hunger people,human Rights,donate and charity,background and white tone
Poverty, portrait of a poor little African girl lost in deep thoughts
Hungry child with big clear eyes eating bread and impressively looking at the camera. Close-Up.
poor, sad little child girl sitting against the concrete wall
Child homeless, beggar holds a piece of black bread (concept of war, poverty, crisis). Focus on bread.
Homeless person with help sign,Poverty issue
Children poverty living in countryside Vietnam are fishing at the river.
Portrait of an old woman counting money. The concept of old age, poverty, austerity.
A Conceptual Vector Illustration of Gap Between Rich and Poor
The hands of the beggars who are receiving a blue medical mask to protect the corona virus or the Covid-19. Business women who have become beggars because of the effects of the corona virus.
Disadvantaged Children doing homework.
closeup hands poor child begging you for help concept for poverty or hunger people, Human Rights,background text.
hands the poor old man's and empty bowl on wood background. The concept of hunger or poverty. Selective focus. Poverty in retirement.Homeless.  Alms
dirty and bare child's feet on gravel. Poverty concept
Problem of poverty and social inequality. Collection of scenes with homeless guy on street, family of refugees, children at ghetto school, poor people living in slum. Flat cartoon vector illustration.
Poor children collect garbage for sale because of poverty, Junk recycle, Child labor, Poverty concept, World Environment Day,
Feeding the poor to hands of a beggar. Poverty concept
New Delhi, India - January 19, 2018: A young poor Indian boy collection waste plastic bottles in his sack to earn his livelihood.
Water is coming! African ethnicity little boy happy to finally get some rain
Poor homeless people sharing food outdoors, closeup
homeless man unemployed on the street due to corona virus covid 19 and need help
Homeless man sleeping outsie under American flag
Hunger. Shallow focus
New Delhi, India - July 25, 2018: A poor boy collecting garbage waste from a landfill site in the outskirts of Delhi. Hundreds of children work at these sites to earn their livelihood.
Sao Paulo, SP / Brazil - June 2, 2020: People wait in a big line to receive food donations for lunch in a downtown street during a severe economic crisis due to Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.
Warm food for the poor and homeless
Donate food to hungry people, Concept of poverty and hunger
Beirut, Lebanon, March, 6, 2021: An elderly selling sweets pass in front of burning tires blocking a junction after the currency tumbled to a new low in a financial meltdown that has fueled poverty.
Begging for money, because of the hunger.
International day for the eradication of poverty, banner
Donate and help logo. Hungry people holding empty bowl begging for food and help.
Gypsy slum favela in Belgrade, Serbia, town city urban settlement, poverty, garbage junkyard, houses and shacks made of wood or metal, Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic epidemic crisis outbreak, hygiene
Feeding the poor to hands of a beggar. Poverty concept
young homeless boy sleeping on the bridge, poverty, city, street
Slum house near the river, Goa, India
Poor people collect garbage for sale People living in garbage heaps walking to collect recyclable waste to be sold to poverty concept world environment day

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Rich produce debris - poor make money on rich. Garbage as profession (picker). Collection sorting and selling garbage. District of poverty (pockets of poverty) in India. Waste and old things
a man holding water with his hand,water crisis in India and worldwide
NOVEMBER 24, 2020 - CAVITE, PHILIPPINES: A girl is living with poverty amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Little Native African Boy Standing Outdoors Under the Rain (Water for Africa Symbol)
Children are junk to keep going to sell because of poverty, the concept of pollution and the environment,World Environment Day
Homeless mother with her daughter. Poor family. MANY OTHER PHOTOS FROM THIS SERIES IN MY PORTFOLIO.
The child gives the man a piece of rye bread.
The poor old man's hands hold an empty bowl. The concept of hunger or poverty. Selective focus. Poverty in retirement. Alms
The flip flops of Americans on the feet of children n a third world country - thanks to donations and mission trips
International day for the eradication of poverty, banner
Poor native american girl doing her hometask.
ACCRA, GHANA - MARCH 6, 2012: Unidentified Ghanaian girl and her little brother in the street in Ghana. Children of Ghana suffer of poverty due to the unstable economic situation
Large and diverse group of people seen from above gathered together in the shape of helping gesture
An elderly person holds the coins over the old empty wallet. The concept of poverty in retirement.
An elderly woman holds an empty purse on wooden vintage table. The concept of poverty in retirement. Global Extreme poverty.No money help me.
Homeless. In the hands of one man metal bowl. In the hands of black gloves with the fingers cut off.
Hwange, Matabeleland North Province /  Zimbabwe - 12.21.2017; the people living in the traditional village
New Delhi, India - June 23, 2019: A young poor boy with his bowl of food in the capital city of India. 20% of the population or 220 million people in India are below poverty line
Poverty Stricken Starving Famine Hands with Empty Plates and Bowls brown stickers
Madagascar-shy and poor african girl with headkerchief
Homeless. In the hands of one man metal plate. In the hand of another person ladle.
Helping children. Volunteer. Adult holding smal hands of little african child. Support and help to coutries of third world. Unity in diversity. Children suffer of poverty due to bad economy
Happy latin mom and little daughter outside.
Little girl holding a sheet of cardboard. On the cardboard label "I am hungry." The child is three years.
African American man with little girl
Four latin kids sitting on the wall and admiring a beauty of the nature.
Hands holding rice
Coronavirus Donation box. Delivery food. Volunteer. Food help. A man in a mask and medical gloves holds a box of food on the street. Coronavirus volunteer. Quarantine
Destitution line icon set. Included the icons as scraggy, skinny, starving, homeless
, beggar, poor and more.
Female person wearing blue protective latex gloves & medical face mask,holding empty wallet,Coronavirus COVID-19 global pandemic causing world job economy crisis & financial crash,US recession concept
Washington DC - USA - January 17 2021: Homeless tents in Washington DC area.
An empty plate is a symbol of hunger and poverty.The concept of social inequality in society and the shortage of humanitarian aid.
Poverty and hunger concept with a fork and knife on a broken asphalt road shaped as a dinner plate as a social crisis of food shortage hardships and living poor on the streets as a health risk.
KENYA, RUSINGA island, UTAJO village - FEBRUARY 15, 2015: portraits from Africa, Kenya, mother and her child
India, Bihar state, Patna, 11 december 2007, Slums  of Patna, Bihar
Sherman, TX / United States - April 1 2020: Members of the St John's Christian Methodist Episcopal Church in Sherman, TX, host a drive- up food pantry on April 1, 2020.
Children are junk to keep going to sell because of poverty, World Environment Day, Child labor,  human trafficking, Poverty concept
Volunteer sharing food with African child outdoors
Water scarcity is still affecting one sixth of Earth's population. African Children in developing countries suffer most from this problem, that causes malnutrition and health issues.
poor family concept, father, mother and to kids in bad condition, hungry and dirty, homeless family concept, refugee family concept
Volunteers sharing food with poor people outdoors. Poverty concept
KATHMANDU, NEPAL - CIRCA DEC, 2013: Unidentified child and his parents during lunch in break between working on dump. Only 35% of population Nepal have access to adequate sanitation.
New Delhi, India - June 23, 2019: An NGO feeding poor kids in a slum area in the national capital. Today, the poverty rate in India is 21 percent, which is an improvement from the 31.1 percent in 2009
Elderly woman holds in his hands an empty wallet. Vintage empty purse in wrinkled hands . Poverty in retirement concept
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