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Contact tracing. Public health tracing contacts of infected individuals to interrupt ongoing transmission and reduce spread of an infection. Covid-19 pandemic concept.
Illustration of large mass of people from wide angle in color
Herd Immunity and community disease spread or immunized population with infected people as infectious contagious virus spreading in society in a 3D illustration style.
Unrecognizable healthcare knowledge administrator activating planning chart in virtual interface. Information technology concept for population health management and preventive care improvement.
Group of diversity people wearing medical masks. Crowd of diverse people protecting themselves against pandemic epidemic infection. Coronavirus quarantine. Covid-19. Seamless pattern
Unrecognizable doctor activating predictive analytics in network. Healthcare IT concept for deep learning, real-time reporting, patient data analytics, improvement of population health, EHR system.
A man looks through a magnifying glass at a family figure. The study of family composition and demographic situation. Statistical data. The program of support for young families, financial assistance.
Сorona virus infographic illustration. Concept with protective antivirus icons related to coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, COVID-19  infection from China – stock vector
Large group of people seen from above gathered together in the shape of a bodybuilder
Concept of coronavirus or covid-19 contract tracing showing with network of connected illustrative humans with 3d rendered virus as background.
Epidemic infectious disease outbreak with person analyzing virus strain and worldwide situation. SARS-CoV-2 pathogen causing coronavirus covid-19 pandemic disrupting social and economic life
Doctor with stethoscope and globe in his hand. Medical network and health care in Europe and Africa, concept of world medicine, epidemic control, covid-19 coronavirus
Illustration of large mass of people in perspective in color
Checking paper cut people using stethoscope in healthcare concept
Population Health Management
Illustration of large mass of people from wide angle in black and white
Unrecognizable healthcare administrator reviewing health outcomes of a human group via an AI application. Healthcare technology concept for the use of artificial intelligence in population health.
Coronavirus in Wuhan, African Boy who are in Anxiety and Fear Because of the Coronavirus Wearing N95 Mask. Standard Mask for Against Viral Pandemic. Design Concept for Protection Chinese Virus
Community viral spread with a group of people expanding in society in a 3D illustration style.
Seamless vector pattern with a crowd of people of different ages, races and nationalities. Men, women, grandmothers, grandfathers, boys, girls in colorful clothes.
Population Health Management
Healthcare information officer measuring performance via dashboard. Health care information technology concept for big data solution driving timely decision making for population health management.
Social Determinants of Health
World environment day concept: Many human hands holding earth globe over blurred nature background. Elements of this image furnished by NASA
Population Health Management
Word writing text Health Status. Business concept for The state of health of a demonstrating or population assessed.
Population Health Management
close up hand holding glass global with nature copy space background, world ozone day concept, vintage tone
Large group of people seen from above gathered together in the shape of a strong man
Crowd of people figures and red arrow up. Concept of striving for self-development and improvement. Increase the number of participants, residents or customers. Population growth, workers.
Tiny people forming a DNA helix symbol - genetics research and population wide genetic traits concept
Unrecognizable healthcare manager projecting profitability of performance based payment model. Health care concept for capitation for a patient population, value-based reimbursement, bundled payment.
Contagious public disease and deadly population with a surgical mask virus health risk and flu outbreak or coronavirus influenza as a pandemic medical concept in a 3D illustration style.
Red heart shape, graph,Stethoscope,Notebooks and pen Top view. health concept for healing And the statistics of illness of the population.
Background text pattern concept wordcloud illustration of public health glowing light
Massive rapid COVID-19 testing for the  popolation. Health workers in protective suits are engaged in salivary and nasal tests inside a public gym. People get tested against the Coronavirus.
Blurred defocused crowd of people at public space - Social muster concept with men and women accumulated at festival concert event - Abstract background composition with bright contrast filter
Large and diverse group of people seen from an aerial perspective gathered together in the shape of a red apple, 3d illustration
Unrecognizable pharmaceutical business administrator determining a pricing strategy for an innovative medical product. Concept for population health management, value based pricing and payment.
Social distancing prevention corona virus covid-19
Coronavirus Vaccination Campaign. Nurse Giving Covid-19 Vaccine Injection To Black Teen Girl, While Multiracial Patients Sitting In Hospital Waiting Room. Corona Virus Population Immunization Concept
3 percent of males. Statistics concept.
flat illustration of male community with a crowd of guys and men
vector seamless pattern with a large group of guys and men. flat  illustration of male community.
Crowd group of people icons in gradient blue
flat illustration of male community with a crowd of guys and men
Abstract Data of Population and Key Demographic People 3d Illustration Render
Deadly virus outbreak coronavirus outbreak and disease control as a global pandemic and dangerous influenza flu strain cases as an epidemic medical health risk concept with cells as a 3D render.
herd immunity to a virus line icon
Public health word cloud concept. Vector illustration

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People crowd in face masks. Covid-19 caution, infection safety and coronavirus health protective mask seamless pattern vector illustration. Crowd mask and epidemic medical infection pattern
Social distancing disease control and limiting contact with people to avoid flu virus infection to limit novel coronavirus or covid-19 spread of contagious germs in a 3D illustration style.
Population Health Management
Social Determinants of Health
Crowd of people walk with face mask during covid pandemic in large populated city street with street signs, flat art conceptual illustration.
Large crowd of people gathering on urban square.
Coronavirus in China. Novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV), people in white medical face mask. Concept of coronavirus quarantine vector illustration pattern.
Miniature people social distancing concept to avoid coronavirus covid-19 sars-cov2 spread aroung the country Small miniature people on colored background distanced each other. Diffusion of coronavirus
Social Distancing or Physical Distancing. People keeping distance for infection risk and disease prevention Of Corona Virus. Social Distancing Isometric Concept. Dark Blue Background
Society distancing disease control and limiting social contact with people to avoid flu virus infection to limit novel coronavirus or covid-19 contagious germs with 3D illustration elements.
Group of people wearing medical masks to prevent disease flu. Contaminated air. Silhouette vector illustration
flat illustration of male community with a crowd of guys and men
Population Health Management
Aging society concept with Asian elderly senior adult women (twin sisters) using mobile tablet application technology for social network among friends community via internet digital communication
Informational Banner  Body Research and Diagnosis. Advertising Poster for Clinic Serving All Segments Population. Set Flyers Diagnostic Center. Modern Equipment Vector Illustration.
The population of the world, vector illustration
Insurance Policy Help Legal Care Trust Protection Protection Concept
Tiny people forming a DNA helix symbol - genetics research and population wide genetic traits concept
Population Health Management
Population demographics infographic with charts, statistics, icons and characters, social demography and statistics concept
vector flat illustration of male community with a crowd of guys and men. urban lifestyle concept
Large group of people seen from above gathered together in the shape of first aid symbol
HARPERS FERRY,WV- APRIL 13: Harpers Ferry Town on April 13, 2014 in WV, USA.It is known for John Brown's raid on the Armory in 1859 and its role in the American Civil War, population of 315 people.
Water is coming! African ethnicity little boy happy to finally get some rain
Population Health Management Platform
1 percent of couples. Statistics concept.
public health, concept on the gearwheels, 3D rendering
Stethoscope on national flag of USA. American medicine concept
Health care. Stethoscope and human figures isolated on white background. High quality 3d render.
Color line, international management concept illustration, icon, background. The illustration is colorful, flat, vector, pixel perfect, suitable for web and print. It is linear stokes and fills.
Large and diverse group of people gathered together in the shape of a strong arm symbol
Figurines placed inside syringe
Сorona virus set infographic icons. Concept with protective safety measures and precautions warning signs antivirus icons related to coronavirus, 2019-nCoV, COVID-19 infection
Community icon set. Include creative elements family, gender equality, infrastructure, life under water, peace and justice icons. Can be used for report, presentation, diagram, web design.
Population Health Management
Bangkok, Thailand - Apr 7, 2020: Crowded Asian people wear face mask walking in pedestrian walkway. Coronavirus disease Covid-19 pandemic outbreak effect on human, city life, or air pollution concept
crowd audience on street back view,
Large group of people in form of Helping hand icon. Care, adoption, pregnancy or family concept. Vector illustration
Large group of people are standing in the shape of a heart. Vector illustration on white background. Concept of medicine and health.
Aging and disease with a tree leaves with branches in the shape of an old  human losing foliage as dying or loss of health due to age related illness as alzheimer and dementia or terminal cancer.
people  shape  bodybuilder Icon

Blood drops symbolic from  icon of people gather. Illustration about health care and medical concept.
Herd immunity icon set. Included icons as Community immunity, coronavirus, covid-19, immune, people, epidemiological and more.
A man holds a block with a medical cross and people. Healthcare, medicine and charity concept. Health insurance. Ambulance. Coronavirus pandemic infection COVID-19.
BEIJING-DEC 8: People with face masks are seen on Dec 8,2013 in Beijing, China.  104 cities in China suffered from severe air pollution on Dec7, Beijing was among that hit the hardest
 Goal of Accountable Care Organizations
Supportive drug. Concerned senior man posing on couch and reading instruction
Line icon of family. Family law, insurance, protection. Family concept. Can be used for topics like relationships, society, population
Health Check Insurance Check Up Check List Medical Concept
Red man stands out from group, Crowd, meeting, social activity. Group people figurines. Society, social group. Herd instinct, management of people. Human resources, workers stand together.
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