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Green ball pen crossing off poor on a performance evaluation checklist on white paper 3D illustration
Development Performance Self-Improvement Ratings Icon
Bad job. Angry female boss having a meeting with her employees and reprimanding them for the poor performance while they looking embarrassed
Credit score indicators with color levels from poor to good on white background. Vector illustration.
credit score gauge
Poor credit score icon. Isometric of poor credit score vector icon for web design isolated on white background
Businessman hurry to poor performance
Man hand showing thumbs down and one star rating on the arm skin. Dislike
Business hand pointing rating  concept
Tick placed in poor checkbox
One Star only - Low Performance
Credit Score. Man Increasing Credit Rating for Low Rates. Interest Rates Dropping. Client Decrease Percent. Concept of Credit Report, Banking Service, Mortgage Loan. Vector illustration for Web Design
bad-tempered caucasian business executive yelling at two asian subordinates in office.
Creative vector illustration of rating customer satisfaction meter. Different emotions art design from red to green. Abstract concept graphic element of tachometer, speedometer, indicators, score.
Isometric questionnaire assessment
Check Marks UI/UX Flat Design Do’s and Dont’s Icon. Modern Red and Green Checkmark Logotype Graphic Design Isolated on White. Concept of Poor or Good Test Result or Performance Review - Vector
bad-tempered asian businessman yelling at two subordinates in office.
Senior Asian businessman with mustache leader standing, shouting and firing unprofessional male office workers out of company from poor performance and bad working. Concept of unemployment
Doubtful unconvinced african american hr manager talking to caucasian applicant at job interview feeling skeptic rejecting seeker skill, bad first impression, lack of experience or failed performance
concept of failure with all the darts missing the target
Lousy politician being booed. People throwing objects and things at the speaker on the stage. Vector artwork depicts angry people, protesters, poor stage performance, and bad politician.
Skeptical male hr managers unconvinced about hiring female candidate, doubtful company recruiters feel uncertain listen to applicant at job interview, bad impression, gender discrimination concept
Angry male director looks at assistant, employment termination, poor performance
Customer satisfaction meter with different emotions, emotions scale background.
Hand putting red tick mark on poor customer service evaluation form.
Man trying to improve poor performance
"Your evaluation is based on the next 30 seconds.  Go!"
A chain is only as strong as its weakest link
finance credit score concept for template of banners, flyer, books cover, magazines with liquid shape style
Performance Evaluation check box on white notebook (Business concept)
Poor evaluation on white paper
Yellow Lined Paper with the grade F in red circled and a marker, Getting a bad grade
Credit score or rating concept in flat vector illustration. Loan history meter or scale for creditworthiness report. Web banner layout template.
Concept of customer satisfaction with meter
Two cartoon businessmen struggling to hang on a red bold arrow depicting a downward trend. Creative vector illustration on metaphor for working hard in poor performing business.
Confused male hr manager listening to female job applicant at interview. Young woman making bad first impression on doubtful company recruiter. Employer unsure about working experience of candidate.
Credit score indicators. Limit indicators with color levels from poor to good. Gauges with measuring scale. Business credit score speedometers, rating credit meter, emotions vector
customer satisfaction survey form with checkbox showing marketing concept
Businessman pulling a falling arrow graph chart from further dropping down. Vector illustration for business design and infographic.
Angry company executive dismisses employee for paperwork error, mad ceo discharges ineffective manager after bad work, furious chief fires subordinate dissatisfied with poor performance, youre fired
Businessman push Poor button
"I'm concerned with your performance as Conflict Resolution Manager."
Disappointed client leaving negative evaluation with red marker check mark on customer feedback survey. Unhappy drawn face concept.
Angry boss firing unprofessional employee with hand gesture at office meeting, dissatisfied ceo dismissing male incompetent manager for poor performance or bad work result sitting at conference table
Performance Poor check box: Excellent, Great, Good, Satisfactory, Average, Unsatisfactory, Blackboard isolated on white background
Unsatisfied with performance. Pretty young female boss holding printouts with inaccurate research results and reprimanding her employees for a poor performance
Hand writing a Poor Rating Concept
Correcting Mistakes - vector illustration of a business, office situation. Cartoon people characters of young female, male colleagues at work. Manager, supervisor dissatisfied with subordinate work
Laptop screen with credit report in it. Flat vector concept of personal credit score information and financial rating.
Hand choosing 1 star rating on blue background - negative feedback concept
Cit score outline icon. Simple linear element illustration. Isolated line Cit score icon on white background. Thin stroke sign can be used for web, mobile and UI.
Credit score
Employee bad attitude and problem behavior
1 star. Negative feedback, poor quality concept. Modern graphic for websites, banners, web and mobile apps, infographics, printed materials. Flat design vector illustration
Tick placed in a new hand written "the worst" checkbox on customer service satisfaction survey form
An employee is marked with a note reading One to Watch representing that he or she has been either identified for possible promotion or advancement, or has been placed on probation
Businessman hand showing thumb down sign gesture. Dislike or bad concept

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One star ranking on white cubes in conceptual image of online feedback or customer review concept
Credit score gauge. Rating. Credit score meter. Vector icon in flat style isolated on white background.
Customer satisfaction meter with different emotions. Vector illustration.
Hand putting check mark with red marker on poor customer service evaluation form.
Shocked emotional young woman desperate with financial market chart graphic going down on gray office wall background. Human reaction face expression
credit score gauge
Set of speedometer or rating meter signs infographic gauge element with percent 0, 10
Two Stars - Low Performance
Tick placed in poor check box on quality service satisfaction survey form with a pen on isolated white background. Business concept survey.
Closeup of a saddened George Washington on the one dollar bill.  George has a tear streaming down the right cheek.  Metaphor for the poor performance of the US Dollar.
Green ball pen crossing off poor on a performance evaluation checklist on white paper 3D illustration
Performance result Need Improve
Woman complaining about poor academic performance of her daughter
Poor Customer Service Evaluation Form
close up call center hand gesture palm up over face and head for stress concept.
Businessman hurry to poor performance
closeup performance rating and appraisal form, evaluation and assessment concept for business
A close-up shot of a customer feedback form - poor performance
3d Render Evaluation Form
Set Time Control, Deadline, Creative Solution. On Screens Smartphones Inscriptions. Proper Pre-planning Prevents Poor Performance at Work. Man at Work in Office. Vector Illustration.
Credit score concept. Vector of a businessman pushing scale changing credit information from poor to good.
Businessmen with chart showing downward trend feeling stressed about declining business. 3D Isometric cartoon vector illustration on poor business performance concept .
Creative vector illustration of rating customer satisfaction meter. Different emotions art design from red to green. Abstract concept graphic element of tachometer, speedometer, indicators, score.
A small sad dog collecting money for a street musician
Suprised young businessman talking on phone, and leaning back in office chair and aback about the poor performance and business results in the bright office
hand touching a touch screen interface with one star rating
The man with a blue arrow represents the disappointment. This is a computer generated image,on white background.
Hand pressing green smiley button of performance rating on dark background with bokeh
Disappointed or angry boss yelling at employee. Unhappy manager talking to bad assistant or secretary. Businessman spreading hands in office with coworker woman. Business discussion or problem.
Expression of an Asian school girl on her desk feeling upset, looking at handwritten F score on a paper background - symbol of failure - education concept
Credit Score Gauge. Vector EPS 10.
Business Term with Climbing Chart / Graph - Proper Prior Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance
Poor, Fair, Good, Great to symbolize improvement
Speed metering or rating icon. Vector
Businessman drawing one star in the air - indicates disatisfaction, unhappy, bad performance in service and product
illustration of a metal framed customer satisfaction meter, eps10
Credit score
Performance indicators vector
businesswoman puzzled and baffled by her male colleague's behavior.
Letter F grade report card rating terrible, bad, poor preformance school class, job activity
Serious businesswoman strictly looking at secretary, poor performance, bad work
credit score gauge
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