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Portrait of minded woman touch hand chin look copyspace think thoughts plan autumn holiday wear jumper isolated over blue color background
Photo of pretty ethnic woman ponders on how to answer question, thinks deeply about something, uses modern mobile phone, tries to made up good message, keeps index finger near lips, stands indoor
Puzzled people wondering or thinking, planning or pondering. Men and women full of thoughts, holding hand by chin. Confused males and females isolated. Cartoon character, vector in flat style
Thoughtful african guy thinking try solve problem pose isolated on grey studio background, worried black man in glasses feels concerned puzzled lost in thoughts pondering making decision concept image
Pensive African American man in glasses distracted from computer work look in distance thinking or pondering, thoughtful biracial male lost in thoughts make plans visualizing, business vision concept
Thoughtful doubtful businessman in tension thinking make difficult decision at work, stressed man put hands in prayer pray with hope pondering reflecting concerned about problem challenge sit at desk
Pensive young Caucasian woman distracted form computer work read letter thinking pondering of problem. Thoughtful millennial female receive unpleasant news in document paperwork, make decision.
Thoughtful woman holding laptop on laps, pondering ideas or tasks, sitting on couch at home, dreamy young female touching chin and looking in distance, lost in thoughts, waiting for message
Pensive bearded man sitting at table drink coffee work at laptop thinking of problem solution, thoughtful male employee pondering considering idea looking at computer screen making decision
Pondering african american young woman thinking on creative ideas for publication in blog on smartphone device sitting in coffee shop.Thoughtful dark skinned hipster girl looking out of window
Close up of sad pensive millennial woman sit alone thinking about relationships personal problems, upset thoughtful young female lost in thoughts feel lonely depressed pondering or mourning at home
Close up thoughtful African American businessman looking at laptop screen, touching chin, pondering strategy, standing near desk, reading business email, entrepreneur pondering project strategy
Pensive middle-aged woman sit on couch in living room using laptop look in distance thinking or pondering, thoughtful senior female distracted lost in thoughts feel lonely or sad at home
Contemplative millennial hipster guy in optical eyewear for vision protection feeling pondering in loft apartment, pensive male thoughtful looking away and thinking about weekend spending in home
Dreamy young woman pondering ideas, sitting at desk with laptop, distracted from work, beautiful female looking in distance, taking break, dreaming or visualizing at home
Vector of a thoughtful young man working on laptop at workplace having some questions
Pensive African American male employee look in distance thinking planning or visualizing, thoughtful biracial businessman lost in thoughts pondering over problem solution, business vision concept
Pensive young ethnic woman distracted from computer work look in window distance thinking, thoughtful millennial Indian girl lost in thoughts pondering solving problem, making decision
Thoughtful young woman dressed in black casual outfit looking out of window resting in comfortable coworking space. Pondering hipster girl with smartphone in hands thinking on future
Copyspace photo of contemplating watching looking staring girlfriend wearing orange t-shirt touching her chin pondering over something to choose isolated over yellow vivid color background
Cropped close up image of pensive bearded entrepreneur in optical spectacles for better views dressed in black sweatshirt.Pondering businessman in trendy eyeglasses thinking on blurred background
half portrait of a young girl with glasses looking up
Thoughtful elderly 60s husband relax on couch at home drink tea pondering or mourning, pensive middle-aged old man sit rest on sofa in living room look in window distance thinking or dreaming
Vector yellow pondering, thinking or deep in thought face with index finger resting on its chin
Side view of sad thoughtful middle-aged mature woman sit on couch at home look in window distance mourning, upset pensive senior female lost in thoughts thinking or pondering over past
Pensive young red-haired young woman isolated on grey background look at camera thinking, thoughtful redhead girl in glasses pondering planning problem solution, lost in thoughts consider idea
Young man is pondering on terrace of house roof against background of cityscape at sunset. Copy space.
Pensive elderly 60s man sit relax on couch in living room drinking tea look in window distance thinking, thoughtful mature 50s husband rest on sofa at home feel sad pondering considering future
Horizontal shot of attractive young female model with pensive contemplating expression, ponders about something, dressed in casual denim shirt, isolated over white background. Facial expressions
closeup portrait headshot cropped face above lips of cute happy woman in glasses looking up isolated on yellow studio wall background with copy space above head. Human face expressions, emotions
Pondering Emoticon with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin, thinking, wondering.
Thoughtful diverse colleagues sit at desk in office talk discuss business ideas at briefing together, pensive businesspeople brainstorm cooperate using laptop at meeting, collaboration concept
Pensive African American businessman pondering business strategy, serious employee thinking about project, problem solution, looking in distance, puzzled manager making decision, close up
Thinking face emoji outline icon. linear style sign for mobile concept and web design. Emoji pondering face simple line vector icon. Symbol, logo illustration. Pixel perfect vector graphics
Contemplative male manager pondering on idea for business startup project during working process in coffee shop, pensive bearded man pondering on accounting information and strategy checklist
Thinking face emoji - emoticon face shown with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin glancing upward on yellow background
Hmm interesting. Curious cunning good-looking redhead girl planning perfect scheme, rub chin, squinting suspicious and thoughtful peek left, thinking, pondering between nice choices
The guy ponders the choice, looking for a solution, pensive facial expression, isolated on a white background. Vector illustration, flat cartoon design, eps 10.
Photo portrait of nice girl having new idea trying to find solution dreaming looking up having a plan isolated on blue color background with copyspace
Close up photo of pondering charming interesting confused girl thinking over changing job while isolated with teal background
Serious bearded guy in casual wear pondering on project solution working remotely in cafe interior with disposable coffee cup, thoughtful businessman contemplating on ideas on freelance job
Contemplative female freelancer pondering on information during remote planning for startup project sitting in sidewalk cafeteria, pensive woman creating publication ideas using laptop and textbook
Pensive female author in eyewear looking away concentrated on idea for article sitting at desktop,skilled professional woman journalist pondering on publication holding pen and notebook in office
Thinking woman in glasses looking up with light idea bulb above head isolated on gray wall background
Thinking Face emoji. Doodle thinking emoji
Pensive aged businesswoman in glasses sit at office desk thinking of problem solution, thoughtful senior woman worker in glasses look at laptop screen hold document pondering or making decision
Pensive young Caucasian man in glasses sit at desk look at laptop screen thinking pondering, thoughtful millennial male in spectacles work at computer consider ideas solving problems at home workplace
Happy young African American woman sit on couch in living room look in distance dreaming or pondering distracted from mobile phone, smiling biracial female using smartphone think visualizing at home
Portrait of pensive african american businessman standing near window and thinking about decision, dreaming of success, pondering new startup. Handsome black business leader imagining company future
Thinking Face emoji. Doodle thinking emoji
Multiethnic group of thoughtful men and women. People's thoughts concept
Young concerned businesswoman sitting at table near laptop folding hands together feels doubt unsure thinking making decision or waiting message good news having strong wish hope to get or win concept
Close up head shot thoughtful dreamy businessman wearing glasses looking to aside, touching chin, pondering project strategy or startup ideas, thinking about future, business vision concept
Worried man thinking about problem solution, pondering important question, puts hands together in prayer, upset sitting alone with closed eyes, frustrated about difficulties, taking break, breathing
Thoughtful mixed race businessman sitting at table with computer, looking away. Distracted from study job young african american man lost in thoughts, thinking of difficult decision at home office.
Photo of wondered interested thinking youngster holding telephone puzzled about what message to send looking for ideas in empty space in striped shirt isolated pastel color background
Vietnamese business lady pondering over ideas for new business project

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Pondering attractive young woman with pen in hand thinking on plans and writing list to do in notepad enjoying recreation time in stylish coworking space.Thoughtful student noting text information
A man is sitting on a bench pondering life during a dramatic, warm sunset.
brooding serious man makes a decision, pondering, holding his hand at the chin, in a blue light casual shirt, looking up. Isolated, on white
Portrait confused thinking young woman bewildered scratching head seeks a solution looking up at many question marks isolated on gray wall background. Human face expression
Young pondering female person with beautiful curly hair checking account balance on webpage.Talented student preparing for upcoming examinations during sitting next to copy space for your advertising
Pensive millennial girl sit at desk look in window distance thinking or dreaming visualizing, thoughtful young woman distracted from computer work pondering over problem solution, lost in thoughts
Pondering hipster guy thoughtful looking away and thinking about information database on laptop computer during distance job in coffee shop, front view of caucasian freelancer sitting indoors
Thinking man isolated on white background. Closeup portrait of a casual young pensive businessman looking up at copyspace. Caucasian male model.
Skeptic, unsure, uncertain, doubts concept. Young african guy in formal wear is looking sceptical, has a grimace of distrust on light blue background
Thoughtful serious businessman lost in thoughts at work with laptop, focused executive thinking of problem solution, worried puzzled manager pondering question or solving business issues at workplace
Pondering dark skinned young woman in casual wear holding literature textbook and looking away while concentrated hipster student working on course work on laptop device on background in library
Pondering stylish young woman with short hair looking away while downloading media on modern laptop using wireless internet.Thoughtful hipster girl sitting with computer and installing application
Hesitant thoughtful young African American female holds chin, curves lips, has dark healthy skin, wears striped sweater, looks puzzled aside, contemplates about something, poses over white wall
Portrait of young woman in glasses is pondering outdoor.
Pensive mixed race ethnicity woman sit work at laptop at home look in distance thinking or dreaming, thoughtful african American female distracted dreaming, pondering having relationships dilemma
3d rendering ai robot think or compute
Pensive young female worker sit at office desk look at laptop screen thinking making decision, thoughtful woman employee pondering over problem solution, stare at computer monitor wait inspiration
Thoughtful doubt African American businesswoman or student with hand under chin feeling uncertain, thinking about project or difficult task, manager pondering business strategy, planning, close up
Asian woman thinking on isolated background
Elegant young woman looking away thoughtfully while holding notepad and leaning on table with laptop. Successful Afro American female pondering about business strategy for enterprise
Emotional intelligence. Side view sequence of a man thoughtful, thinking, finding solution with gear mechanism, question, exclamation, lightbulb symbols. Human face expression
Pondering bearded young man looking away while thinking on idea for publication in blog on smartphone.Thoughtful hipster guy updating profile on telephone device using high speed internet connection
The Thinker, a hand drawn vector doodle illustration of a stick figure pondering about something.
Depressed millennial man sitting alone at bar counter drinking strong alcohol thinking of relationships problems, stressed sad male feel despair pondering suffering from alcoholism. Addiction concept
Thoughtful puzzled female student worker looking away pondering thinking solving problem at work, anxious pensive young woman concerned make difficult decision feeling lack of ideas creativity crisis
Thoughtful concerned african american female worker student feeling uncertain bored doubtful solving problem at work with laptop, puzzled black businesswoman looking away thinking having lack of idea
pondered 2 colored line icon. Simple yellow and brown element illustration. pondered concept outline symbol
Impotence concept. Sad man presses hands to his chin and ponders, wife disappointed folded arms at bed, at interior
Portrait of a pensive young man looking away at copy space isolated over yellow background
Portrait of thoughtful pondering middle aged hoary man touching chin, looking at camera. Head shot close up pensive mature old grandfather thinking of problems difficulties, retirement life concept.
Black pensive hipster girl thinking about life while resting in cafeteria, thoughtful woman looking away feeling pondering during free time in university campus, african female teen in cafe interior
Pensive senior 60s woman sit rest on couch in living room drink tea or coffee look in distance thinking, thoughtful dreamy mature grandmother lost in thoughts, pondering dreaming at home
Uncertain brunette woman purses lips and has doubtful facial expression, thinks about future examination, ponders on further developing of plot in romantic story, carries book in front, likes reading
Thoughtful african American male employee in glasses sit at desk distracted from computer work pondering, pensive biracial man look in distance thinking or planning, business vision concept
Pensive elderly disabled man with walking cane look in window distance thinking pondering, thoughtful old 60s male with stick lost in thoughts pondering mourning feeling lonely or abandoned
Hopeful African American male believer sit at desk pray to God ask beg for good luck, thoughtful biracial superstitious man hold hands in prayer feel grateful thankful, faith, religion concept
Young bearded guy in glasses holding a notebook and thinking about exams.
Portrait with copyspace of thoughtful concentrated busy charming woman having notepad and pen in hands planning, expertising, analyzing isolated on grey background, advertisement concept
Pensive afro american handsome professional writer of popular articles in blog dressed in trendy outfit and glasses thinking over new story proofreading his script from notebook sitting in cafe
Handsome pensive male in checkered shirt and denim plants looking at camera and pondering while sitting on sofa leaning on hand against blurred dark glass wall with reflection on terrace in sunny day
Pondering Emoticon with a single finger and thumb resting on the chin, thinking, wondering. vector
Close up of pensive young indian woman look in distance thinking or dreaming indoors. Thoughtful millennial mixed race ethnicity female lost in thoughts, pondering planning. Business vision concept.
Photo portrait of sly girl touching face chin with finger looking at blank space isolated on pastel blue colored background
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