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HANDS ACROSS THE LAND, political cartoon about the relationship between Politics and Banks. Puck Magazine, Aug. 20, 1913. It asks a question, Which is worse, financial control of politics, or politica
political with long liar nose, with which it pierces so many banknotes metaphor of the political corruption conceptual humorous pencil draw
Man cries out to another who does not hear him because he has the ears full of banknotes
a politician speaks to the public with a set of masks
worker with poster of stretched out  is surprised to the shoulders by a political that drives a tank to repress his protest
Donald Trump making an "OK" hand sign while drowning in the flood. Vector / Illustration / Cartoon
Internet censorship concept. man with smartphone. Pop art retro vector illustration vintage kitsch
N.Y., U.S. August 14, 2020, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris 
the cartoon eagle sketch
Asheville NC, October 28, 2019. Caricature of Joe Biden, speaking and gesturing. Democratic presidential candidate  in the 2020 United States presidential election. Vector Illustration.
Political cartoon about conflict between political parties.
Police arrest activist protest lgbt gay parade. Pop art retro vector Illustrator vintage kitsch drawing
LOS ANGELES - MAY 30, 2020: Police Car Being Burned During Protest March Against Police Violence Over Death Of George Floyd.
political conference, the comics of the speaker are turned into soap bubbles
Demonstration, revolution, protest raised arm fist with Fight for Your Rights caption. Black arm silhouette on red background. Vector illustration.
Clinic sars 2019 immune science eco prevent hazard warn protect care map 19 safety attent alert. Danger cold flu patient direct icon sign. Art cartoon graphic politic hang master dominate arm vector
US, NOVEMBER 3, 2020: President Trump Riding A Motorbike Holding US Flag
A blue donkey and red elephant fighting in front of an American flag background. American politics election concept with animals
Male and female politicians taking part in political debates in front of audience. Pair of government workers talking to each other or having dispute. Colorful vector illustration in cartoon style.
Washington¸ USA, March 14, Barak Obama and Joe Biden Vector Caricature. Vector drawing of president Obama and his vice president
Asheville, NC. February 27, 2020. Cartoons of six Democratic candidates for Presidential election. Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Joe Biden, Amy Klobuchar, Mike Bloomberg.
"The health plan will cover you and up to three dwarves."
Politician speaking at the rally it is empty campaign promises pop art retro style. Blah blah blah words of falsehood. Contemporary politics and public opinion leaders. The candidate for the election
"Frankly, I do not remember why I called this meeting."
farmers grow corn field That becomes towel to the rich capitalist lunch political cartoon allegory of land grabbing
14 February 2017, Melania and Donald Trump Caricature - Vector illustration of the American Presidents and the First Lady
Vector animals donkey and elephant. Republican and democrat political parties USA. American political parties.
No corruption in politics
The Eagle Vector Logo Illustration.  Very sporty and easy to use. Eagle logo, suitable for sport business, racing, automotive, for all law firm, political organization, security, etc.
bloody handshake, underhanded business transaction. Pop art retro vector illustration drawing
A rich and cynical industry captain takes advantage of the workers to earn so much money political cartoon concept of workers exploitation rich inequity in the world
The media became obsessed with the idea of 'The Most Important Potato Chip in the Bag'.
Political cartoon about the Republicans and Democrats.
a capitalist rich wraps its tentacles so many sectors of society
Nuclear war retro pop art poster military. Man and woman in gas masks. The OK gesture
Silhouette crowd of people protesters. . Protest, revolution, conflict. Flat vector illustration.
United States Capitol Building hand drawn illustration isolated on white background
Elections and voting concept vector background. Illustration Cartoon character
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump against a background of a nuclear explosion
Anti-Immigrant cartoon showing two men with barrels as bodies, labeled 'Irish Wiskey' and 'Lager Bier', carrying a ballot box. In the background is a rioting crowd at a polling place. Ca. 1850.
Donald Trump Haircut Flat Design in Cartoon Fun Style Vector Illustration
Political Elephant Republican Vs Donkey Democrat. Vector Illustration Flat Design Style Isolated On White
SMASHED! American political cartoon prematurely declaring victory over Philippine insurgency. March 8, 1899. A giant American gloved fist holds down Filipino leader, Emilio Aguinaldo. In fact, the Phi
Turin, Italy - May 1, 2017: Puppets of Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump with missiles, Pacifists against the danger of a war between USA and North Korea,  in the parade on May 1 in Turin, Italy
Illustration of a democrat donkey mascot of the democratic and republican elephant boxer boxing set inside two circle with American stars and stripes done in cartoon style.
"Man, I'm feeling good.  We save eighty bucks in taxes by defeating that environmental initiative."
October, 2 2020: Hand illustration showing Republican Donald Trump vs Democrat Joe Biden face-off for American president with words Election 2020. USA flag background
Flat 3d isometric businessman hand putting voting paper into ballot box that come out from laptop monitor. Online voting and election concept.
I see we're split on who likes my new tie, and those who welcome unemployment.
Cartoon drawing conceptual illustration of two enemy tanks defending on against each other on border line ready to fight. Concept of conflict and war.
Be Responsible And Vote, in a vintage style comic book bubble sound effect  - Vector EPS10.
Donkey and elephant symbols political parties America. USA elections. Democrats against Republicans. Opposition American polic
11 January 2017: President Donald Trump is smiling - cartoon portrait.  
Illustrated in Turkey by Erkan Atay.
the day after a speech, a woman cleaning sweeps away the empty bubbles of politicians
The looking glass for 1787. Political cartoon about the ratification of the US Constitution, including events such as Shays' Rebellion. by Amos Doolittle. 1787

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Portrait of Donald Trump Shouting You're Fired!. Vector Cartoon Caricature. Washington, June 19, 2017
September 4 , 2018 Caricature of Bill Gates  Somalia businessman Millionaire Portrait Drawing Illustration.
Ayvalik, Turkey - November 2017: Vladimir Putin new year portrait. Illustrated in Turkey by Erkan Atay on November 2017
Cartoon hand with string puppet silhouette. Politics and control concept. Black and white isolated vector illustration.
Democracy politics system concept flat 3d web isometric infographic. Politic tribune over abyss, electorate votes sympathique leaves the bord imbalance collapse. Creative government social collection.
THE WORLDS CONSTABLE, PUCK Magazine cartoon of Jan. 14, 1905. President Theodore Roosevelt is a constable standing between Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa with a Big Stick labeled The New Dipl
"We're not hibernating this year. Too much cultural change to keep up with."
Flat 3d isometric businessman hand put voting paper in the ballot box. Voting and election concept.
cartoon vector illustration of Washington DC buildings
Washington, USA - October 29, 2017. Donald Trump President of the United States, gesture of victory. Pop art vintage retro cartoon illustration
Two fists against the background of American and China flags
June 1904 cartoon in PUCK magazine mocking the political ambitions of William Randolph Hearst. The newspaper publisher is hosting a victory dinner of cartoon characters at the White House. On the left
A blind businessman dangerously walking on a red rope which hold in a big hand of the president , Donald Trump.  Illustration, Vector , Politic ,Business , Trading market , Crisis
Verbal battle. Two wide-open mouths, and tongues in form of fists. Fight of opponents. Sketch
December 21, 2016. USA President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin Vector Cartoon Caricature Portrait  Illustration
How the media control public opinion. News or propaganda. Conceptual vector image with a huge head and a girl with a megaphone from the TV. Cartoon characters in a flat style.
"Excuse me, did you say 'no comment'."
cartoon pumpkin Trump face
WATCH YOUR STEP, political cartoon of a strictly neutral Uncle Sam, 1914. He sits along on a rock with bayonets emerging from the ground below
January 3, 2017. Donald Trump and Social Media
See nothing, hear nothing, say nothing to anyone business concept pop art retro style
Democrat donkey wearing a voter button
Donkey and elephant symbols of political parties in America. USA elections. Democrats against Republicans. Opposition to American policy. symbol of public debate
A man between the angels and demons vector illustration
BUSTED, PUCK Magazine cartoon showing William Jennings Bryan walking away from Washington DC. Dec. 20, 1899. He is followed by newspaper editors who opposed American territorial expansion after the Sp
People diversity abstract concept vector illustration set. Generation and communication gap, technology gap, society development, information exchange, digital divide, relationship abstract metaphor.
a rich powerful businessman with lies conquers the world served at the table while keeping an amazed worker away using his long liar nose political cartoon humor illustration hand made pencil draw
The Freedmen's Bureau was established by Congress in March 1865. 1868 political cartoon depicts General Oliver O. Howard, head of the Bureau, mediating between belligerent groups of whites and blacks.
Stop animal testing, demonstration against cruelty, vector illustration. Flat people crowd character hold signs to stop toxic cosmetics chemical test on mouse, bunny. Protest against laboratory work.
row of workers drags watches to scales of a rich accountant who holds the watches and throws the workers in exchange for coins political theme
Business man hands holding newspaper. Man reading a Newspaper news. Vector illustration in flat style
Immigration, 'Where the Blame Lies', Uncle Sam views new immigrants, including the German socialist, Russian anarchist and Italian brigand.
vector cartoon graphic depicting American political mascots, a mule and an elephant
monochromatic revolt fist
BLOWING HIMSELF AROUND THE COUNTRY, PUCK Magazine cartoon of Sept. 16, 1896. William Jennings Bryan using a bellows labeled 16 to 1 to blow his populist sentiments at rural citizens from his campaign
a meeting where the speaker invests words of the public making escape
A blue donkey and red elephant facing off. American politics or election concept with animal mascots of the democrat and republican political parties
Political cartoon depicting President John Quincy ADam s being hung by opposition candidate Andrew Jackson during the presidential campaign of 1828.
WHAT ALCOHOL DOES. Cartoon of bottle on a cannon caisson launching devastation on a community. From 'The Shadow of the Bottle,' 1915 book advocating nation-wide prohibition of the liquor traffic
A donkey and elephant squaring of for a fight or boxing match. Symbols of the Democratic and Republican parties, politics American election concept
STOP HIM! Fierce gorilla wearing a German spiked helmet, reaches across the ocean from Europe. He threatens the figure of Liberty standing on a map of the American east coast. Drawing for a political
Government Taxes and Spending
Landing page template of Citizen Choosing Candidate or Vote Illustration Concept. Modern design concept of web page design for website and mobile website.Vector illustration EPS 10
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