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Studio portrait of focused busy young woman holding folders in hands, trying to find necessary data, being tired because of hardworking in office and deadline coming, standing over gray background
Perplexed woman checking smart phone news standing in the street
Perplexed unsure thoughtful cute pretty woman short haircut pondering difficult choice smirking frown look up squinting uncertain hesitating taking decision stand white background thinking
Thoughtful african guy thinking try solve problem pose isolated on grey studio background, worried black man in glasses feels concerned puzzled lost in thoughts pondering making decision concept image
Portrait of perplexed Asian Kazakh girl with a dazed face expression spreads  hands, asking what? why? OMG, WTF, human emotions concept
Perplexed man in a medical mask, looks anxiously at the camera. Copy space. Concept of the spread of the virus.
Perplexed woman looking surprised at smart phone sitting on a desk at home
Perplexity icon. A lot of questions. Confusion. Making decisions vector
Perplexed woman reading online news in a laptop on a desk at home
Studio portrait of upset perplexed bewildered girl wearing shirt, looking at documents in open folder, touching temple with hands, trying to understand what to do, standing over gray background
Funny toddler girl looking suspicious and curious. Beautiful child girl closeup portrait isolated on white. Think and curiosity
Unaware confused black man scratches head, frowns while looks aside, feels doubt or hesitation while making decision, wears green jumper, isolated on pink studio wall, finds solution, solves puzzle
I have no idea. Stylish emotional middle aged mature female with short gray hair expressing confusion, shrugging her shoulders, being perplexed and at loss, saying I don’t know. Body language
Attractive young female wearing sweater perplexedly looking at camera and touching hair with both hands while standing in studio on gray background
Editable real line icon of a person stick figure confused with doubt and question marks around his head in clean modern black lines on a white background
emotion face unbelievable. astonished dumbfounded bewildered astounded shocked perplexed woman. business lady at office workspace. young beautiful blond girl portrait
Portrait of good looking puzzled woman pures lips, stands with perplexed expression, hears something unpleasant, faces difficult choice, has to make decision under pressure, isolated on pink
Who cares? So what? Studio shot of confused perplexed young dark skinned mulat woman frowning and shrugging shoulders, being at lost. Human facial expression, body language, confusion and perplexity
Man with too many questions and no answer
Woman remembering schedule while planning next work day standing focused and perplexed in trendy glasses looking at upper left corner thoughtful and concentrated making calculations in mind
Yikes how embarrassing sorry. Awkward cute silly attractive woman short haircut grimacing perplexed unsure have doubts shrugging hands spread sideways unaware puzzled answer stand white background
Perplexed, puzzled handsome businessman looking at laptop screen at workplace in office. Young CEO or project manager is not sure whether he should agree to the deal, sign contract, buy stock shares.
Senior confused man is shrugging his shoulders
Thinking young man standing under lot of question marks and reflecting on solution of problem isolated on white background. Cartoon character of perplexed male caucasian person. Vector illustration.
Thoughtful pondering young woman in eyeglasses scratching head perplexed looking up
Doubtful young woman wearing trendy round eyeglasses frowning and looking sideways with indecisive and perplexed facial expression, touching her chin while can't decide what to wear on party
Human head with a lot of questions.
Disappointed african American woman sit on couch in living room feel frustrated with wrong order shopping online, confused biracial female unhappy with parcel unpacking, bad delivery service concept
Confusion glyph icon. Making decisions. Indecision. A lot of questions. Indecisive person. Perplexity. Emotional stress symptom. Silhouette symbol. Negative space. Vector isolated illustration
Dead end. Portrait of depressed perplexed young mixed race lady freelancer office employee standing with closed eyes hugging head with hands missing deadline, losing work results, failing colleagues
The guy in perplexity, surprised, confused, vector illustration
Business decisions concept. Vector of a perplexed businessman with question mark standing in front of arrows crossroads making a right choice. Career path and strategy.
perplexed baffled confused man scratching head and looking owlishly at smth. portrait of handsome brunet guy on yellow background. emotion facial expression. feelings and people reaction concept.
Perplexed indignant hipster has dark stubble, gestures with puzzlement, being discontent with recent news, has to change job position, wears round transparent glasses and red t shirt, stands indoor
Studio close-up portrait of puzzled blond mature man wearing blue shirt, making funny face, with crossed eyes, fooling around, feeling perplexity and bewilderment. Headshot over gray background
"Lost, confused, perplexed" - wooden signpost, cloudy sky
Smart good-looking stylish african american female entrepreneur being concerned and perplexed thinking smirking frowning and holding hand on chin while creating idea or making decision
Perplexed girls checking smart phone content outdoors in the street
Business analysis, search, question, perplexity concept. Young perplexed questioned businessman boy office clerk or manager illustration. Searching for solution or idea, business analysis cartoon flat
Puzzled displeased redhead lady scratching head, lifting eyebrow, trying to remember something, looking at camera with perplexed expression isolated over blue background..
Close up portrait of pretty young woman thinking about problem, confused emotion, isolated, wearing white shirt, hipster style, dark hair, holding finger at lips, looking up, having idea.
Perplexed and worried dark skinned beautful girl holds smart phone, stares with surprised expression, recieves message with threating, wears white shirt, stands alone indoor. Omg, its awesome.
Thinking perplexed man looking up. Thoughtful guy scratching head solving a problem. Hipster male with beard in blue plaid checkered shirt. Isolated on blue studio Background. Negative face expression
Closeup perplexed preoccupied young man
Hmm, need to think! Thoughtful confused brunette girl ruffle blouse scratching head having doubts, not sure contemplating with uncertain puzzled face. indoor studio shot isolated on gray background
problem solving, complicated solution from point A to point B, business idea or creativity concept, trouble making
Waist-up shot of intense confused good-looking male entrepreneur in stylish jacket taking off glasses and gesturing with them near gray background staring questioned and perplexed at camera
Photo of perplexed bearded man talking on mobile phone while leaning on wall indoors
Multiethnic group of thinking people in glasses with question mark looking up
Puzzled perplexed young woman with distrustful face isolated on blank studio wall, unbelieving suspicious girl looking at camera doubtful uncertain bewildered criticize on white background portrait
Perplexed woman using mobile phone looks at camera standing in the street
Hmm need think up plan. Portrait of determined and thoughtful creative perplexed guy smirking rubbing beard thoughtful looking right while making up idea trying solve troublesome situation
The black man is perplexed at being insulted; he is outraged and unhappy about racial discrimination. He is aggressive and ready to clash and swear. He is dangerous and negative. Cruelty and violence
Sad displeased puzzled African American man raises hands, has problems at work, nervous conversation with boss, unhappy face expression, wears bright purple jacket, poses indoor over pastel wall
Worry black glyph icon. Emotional stress, anxiety silhouette symbol on white space. Concerned, nervous mental state. Bad feeling, trouble reaction. Worried, anxious person vector isolated illustration

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Handsome middle aged woman thinking and puzzled. Emotional expressing woman in white dress, red lips and dark curly hairstyle. Studio shot, indoor, isolated on beige or light brown background
Perplexed unaware man with ginger hair, spreads palms, feels confused and indecisive, cant help, finds answer on question, wears glasses and hoodie, isolated over pastel background, has no clue
Confused laughing young parents mom dad with child kid daughter teen girl in white sweaters pointing index finger on camera isolated on blue background studio portrait. Family day parenthood concept
Portrait of indignant outraged black man expresses perplexity, frowns face with dissatisfaction, upset not to be chosen in football team, can`t understand something. People and body language concept
Colorful image closeup of determined woman expressing perplexity and confusion with showing stop gestures and saying no isolated over blue background
Tired male illustrator being fatigue after drawing for long time. Attractive bearded man in spectacles scratches head in perplexity, has some troubles with future project. Overworked architect
Portrait of suspicious pensive young Afro-American male in casual t-shirt touching face while thinking over something, trying to come up with solution, having perplexed and puzzled expression
Outraged angry emotional woman being at loss, looks perplexed and furious, gestures actively while quarrels and defends her opinion, wears denim shirt around waist, stands against yellow wall
Turin, Italy. 05 December 2020. Italian Serie A Football Championship. Juventus VS Torino 2-1. Paulo Dybala, Juventus, perplexed.
Young handsome man over isolated background In shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth
Confusion, uncertainty, doubt concept. Puzzled young woman shrugging shoulders, perplexed girl showing doubt gesture with embarrassed face, lady wondering question answer. Simple flat vector
Studio portrait of funny confused perplexed blond girl wearing checkered dress, making silly goofy face, raising hands, shrugging shoulders, standing over gray background, with copy space
Skeptical young black man looking at the camera with suspicious or annoyed expression. Cautious and thoughtful African male thinking with hands on his chin. Human emotions and facial expressions
The Lords had taken the part that no longer lost time to find their pocket in the midst of the sumptuous overtures that perplexed costume, vintage engraved illustration. From The Tortures of Fashion.
Thoughtful suspicious young man looking aside at copy space feeling skeptic doubtful, distrustful sly cunning guy thinking holding hand on chin isolated on grey white studio background
Perplexed businessman has to choose as holds different paper documents in both hands. Selecting the correct financial report, arrows shows left and right sides. Difficult decision, doubt concept.
Senior handsome grey-haired man wearing doctor coat and stethoscope in shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth
Distressed mature grey-haired woman look at laptop screen have problems pay household bills or taxes online. Unhappy stressed senior female in glasses troubles with computer slow internet or spam.
Pensive perplexed young brunette in casual wear with white sticky paper on forehead playing Who Am I game against gray background
Oops sorry not big deal. Awkward confused cute caucasian woman short pixie hairstyle shrugging raise hand puzzled clench teeth uncertain clueless no idea perplexed answer question white background
Portrait of a confused young casual girl shrugging shoulders isolated over pink background
Suspicious pensive african man in suit thinking over something, trying to come up with solution, having perplexed and puzzled expression
Asian girl didnt understood whats going on, standing perplexed, what you want from me pose, shrugging with hands spread sideways in dismay, not gonna help, unbothered about your problem
Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Stressed african businessman sit at desk hold paper letter reading bad awful negative news got fired from work. Dismissal notice, financial problems debt notification from bank, unpaid invoice concept
Difficulty thinking concept icon. Marijuana use side effect idea thin line illustration. Confusion, perplexity, concentration problems. Vector isolated outline RGB color drawing. Editable stroke
Studio portrait of funny confused perplexed blond girl wearing checkered dress, making silly goofy faces, with crossed eyes, looking like stupid person, standing over gray background, with copy space
Shopping, money and finance concept. Concerned and perplexed asian girl looking at cash of dollars with puzzled, indecisive expression, making decision over light-blue background
Image of confused brunette woman in white t-shirt, frowning and looking perplexed at something strange, standing over blue background
Studio close-up portrait of funny blond mature man with surprised perplexed expression on face, with widened eyes and eyebrows raised, looking straight ahead. Headshot over gray background
Perplexed young bearded male chef or cook baker man in apron white t-shirt toque chefs hat isolated on blue wall background studio portrait. Cooking food concept. Mock up copy space. Put hand on head
sad man with hamburger shrugs, person sick with coronavirus and wearing medical mask, close-up
Close up of shocked perplexed young african american man 20s in casual basic black t-shirt isolated on yellow background studio portrait. People emotions concept. Mock up copy space. Looking camera
illustration of key hole shape door, optical illusion surreal concept
Perplexed and indecisive, skeptical cute asian girl cant decide, shrugging with hands spread sideways, smirk and look camera doubtful, not sure, puzzled to give answer, standing white background
Confused guy showing fingers in different directions concept. Puzzled, confused, perplexing person, thinking about problem solution, getting lost, multiple question marks. Simple flat vector
thinking man with question mark looking up on gray wall background
Side view of shocked perplexed young brunette woman 20s years old in basic casual colorful sweater standing hold hands crossed looking camera isolated on bright green color background studio portrait
Confused young woman looking on laptop at home feeling bewildered by no connection, reading online news in internet, annoyed teen girl angry with stuck computer problem, scam spam email, system error
Funny obese man in bow tie and glasses looking awkward and perplexed on gray background.
Fatigue, stress, anger, overload, perplexity, business concept. Young businessman boy office clerk manager illustration. Overworking and fatigue at work in cartoon style.
What wrong. Ambushed shocked confused young asian girl coworker shrugging hands spread sideways full disbelief asking question questioned perplexed understood situation, white background
Perplexed little blonde kid girl 12-13 years old in yellow jacket isolated on pastel blue background children studio portrait. Childhood lifestyle concept. Mock up copy space. Holding hands crossed
Perplexed beautiful blonde girl thinking and looking aside isolated over pink background
Young hispanic man as nutritionist doctor holding croissant and broccoli in shock face, looking skeptical and sarcastic, surprised with open mouth
Confused businesswoman annoyed by online problem, spam email or fake internet news looking at laptop, female office worker feeling shocked about stuck computer, bewildered by scam message or virus
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