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Portrait of mindful attractive young female getting inspired with sunny weather outdoors sitting in modern cafe interior near huge window and copy space area for your advertising looking away
Close-up portrait of a dark-skinned girl on a dark background
Close up side profile view of pensive young african American woman thinking of relationships problems, thoughtful black biracial female feel despair lost in thoughts consider life trouble or drama
Pretty woman standing staring out of a window resting her arms on the sill with a serious pensive expression
Middle age woman looking sad.
Close up serious focused woman looking at laptop screen, touching chin, sitting at desk, home office, thoughtful businesswoman pondering strategy, working on online project, searching information
Portrait of tired beautiful woman. Depression
Head shot pleasant happy young woman freelancer working on computer at home. Attractive businesswoman studying online, using laptop software, web surfing information or shopping in internet store.
Young pensive woman relaxing at the park and sitting on grass, vegetation on background
Portrait with copy space of thoughtful doubtful girl with modern hairdo looking at empty place holding hands on chin isolated on yellow background
Picture of attractive middle aged Caucasian woman with long straight hair resting on grey comfortable sofa, having sad unhappy expression, feeling bored or lonely. People, lifestyle and age concept
Pensive young ethnic woman distracted from computer work look in window distance thinking, thoughtful millennial Indian girl lost in thoughts pondering solving problem, making decision
Pensive young asian woman sit at office desk by laptop think on answer the question create business email concept. Thoughtful vietnamese female look aside solve problem in mind visualize work result
Pensive female administrative assistant checking report on laptop reading information and noting data,skilled woman watching online video online pondering on creating publication writing in notepad
Top view of depressed upset young woman lie relax on white pillow linen sheets feel distressed lonely, sad millennial female rest in home bedroom suffer from depression or insomnia, having problems
Portrait of a pensive casual girl looking away at copy space isolated over white background
Beautiful senior business woman thinking and wearing spectacles. Thoughtful old woman teacher looking away with eyeglasses. Closeup face of mature pensive lady contemplating the future with copy space
Pensive mixed race 30s woman sitting at home touch chin lost on deep thoughts thinking makes decision, side view face, challenge, problems solution, solving issues, consideration or brain work concept
Thoughtful mature woman sitting in cafeteria holding coffee mug while looking away. Middle aged woman drinking tea while thinking. Relaxing and thinking while drinking coffee.
Depressed senior woman near window at home. Lonely senior woman. Pensive woman. Sad Mature Woman Suffering From Agoraphobia Looking Out Of Window.
young beautiful sad and desperate hispanic woman suffering depression looking thoughtful and frustrated at apartment balcony looking depressed at the street
Pensive/dreaming woman on the beach
Beautiful girl in autumn forest reading a book covered with a warm blanket.a woman sits near a tree in an autumn forest and holds a book and a cup with a hot drink in her hands. Girl reading a book
Portrait of an attractive fashionable young brunette woman.
Portrait of her she nice-looking attractive lovely curious brown-haired girl thinking creating solution solving isolated over bright vivid shine vibrant blue color background
Portrait of thoughtful young housewife sitting on couch
Closeup portrait of pensive young beautiful woman drinking coffee outdoors with blurred street view in background. Front view.
Psychology of modern woman, different mood, seasonal depression of young lady
Portrait of a woman, 30s, standing at the beach in winter looking away, thinking, outdoors, sunset light.
Beautiful young woman lying down in the flowery grass and enjoying sunny spring day.
A well-pleased young girl enjoying an ideal day sitting in the window-sill. Wearing casual denim jeans and loose light-blue blouse, crossing legs and looking through the window
beautiful 35 year old woman stands in front of the window
Isolated portrait of stylish young mixed race woman with dark shaggy hair touching her chin and looking sideways with doubtful and sceptical expression, suspecting her boyfriend of lying to her
Close up melancholic 60s elderly woman looks away face lit by sunlight when feels hurt and lonely, pensive old female lost on sad thoughts, aging process, go through divorce personal problems concept
Young girl looking out the window on a rainy day
Woman thinking serious
Pensive thoughtful middle aged lady looking away sit alone at home feel anxious lonely, sad depressed melancholic old mature woman suffer from sorrow grief thinking of problem suffer from solitude
Half-length portrait of young stylish caucasian woman with long hair wearing leather jacket looking aside while standing on a street leaning on a brick wall. Pensive attractive female looking aside.
Pensive adult woman looking away sitting in the sofa in the living room at home
Vietnamese business lady pondering over ideas for new business project
Portrait of older woman looking out window
Shot of a thinking middle aged woman looking out the window.
sad woman with her head down looking through the window with her eyes closed
An older black woman mournfully looks out her window
Pensive young woman relaxing on a wooden pier enjoying the winter sunshine leaning on the railing staring out over the ocean
Attractive young dark skinned female with Afro hairstyle relaxing on couch at home, having pensive thoughtful look, writing down ideas for her own startup project, using pen and copybook
Happy millennial Indian female student sit on sofa at home study online on laptop take notes in notebook. Smiling young mixed race woman in earphones write watch webinar work distant on computer.
young beautiful sad and desperate hispanic woman suffering depression looking thoughtful and frustrated at apartment balcony looking depressed at the street
Woman with white teeth thinking and looking sideways in a park in summer
Close up young millennial pensive woman sitting on sofa near windowsill at home holding smartphone waiting message from boyfriend. Irritated female feels annoyed has a problem received unpleasant news
Lonely sad woman
Closeup portrait of pensive womanlooking away, wearing orange knitted sweater posing on fall nature background. Beautiful female has thoughtful expression, resting outdoor in the park.
Mature calm caucasian woman with eyeglasses sitting on the couch at home in living room, using laptop, while working remotely, pensive looks away, dreams about weekends or vacation
Portrait of woman standing in busy creative office looking at camera. Attractive female creative professional in design studio.
Close up portrait of pretty confident thoughtful girl, holding hand near the face, looking seriously up, standing over grey background with copy space
beautiful 35 year old woman stands in front of the window

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Sad and lonely black girl feeling depressed

Pensive African woman thinking. Contemplative black lady in deep think outside
Happy barefoot woman with white clothes and closed eyes sitting in nature, relaxing, observing a river, thinking and meditating.
Young white woman with serious expression
Pensive lonely young woman sitting on beach hugging her knees and looking into the distance with hope
Thoughtful African American woman talk over phone looking in distance considering idea, pensive black female have cell conversation thinking of problem solution, being serious making decision
Portrait of a pensive asian businesswoman using mobile phone and looking away isolated over white background
Serious or pensive woman with drink
Two sad diverse women talking at home. Female friends supporting each other. Problems, friendship and care concept
Middle age woman in deep thought dealing with depression.
Happy woman relaxing on comfortable soft sofa enjoying stress free weekend at home, calm satisfied girl stretching on couch thinking of pleasant lazy day, dreaming and planning sunday morning
Indignant blonde female student being dissatisfied with results of exam or competition, can`t believe she made mistakes. Tired woman listens in displeasure lecture, keeps finger on opened mouth
young beautiful sad and desperate hispanic woman suffering depression looking thoughtful and frustrated at apartment balcony looking depressed at the street
Daydreaming on a coffee break. Pensive happy woman remembering looking at side up sitting in a bar, coffee shop drinking tea
Indoor shot of thoughtful pretty woman has long blonde hair with stylish eyewear, looks aside with pensive expression, plans something on coming weekends, poses against blank wall. Puzzled female
Close up portrait of a beautiful older woman with brown hair standing against gray background
Anxious black African woman real expression. Pensive thoughtful black ethnicity
Sad depressed woman suffering from insomnia, she is sitting in bed and touching her forehead, sleep disorder and stress concept
Stressed young woman sitting on couch, worrying about problems alone at home, afraid of difficulties, looking away, head shot. Angry nervous frustrated brunette lady sitting on sofa, feeling jealous.
Portrait of a pensive asian businesswoman using mobile phone isolated over white background
Thoughtful girl sitting on sill embracing knees looking at window, sad depressed teenager spending time alone at home, young upset pensive woman feeling lonely or frustrated thinking about problems
Thoughtful student with short haircut dreaming on writing plans for future project sitting with cup of tasty coffee in cafe.Contemplative smiling student looking out of window and thinking on goals
Shot of a pensive African businesswoman sitting alone at desk in her home office and working on computer during COVID-19 pandemic.
Pensive woman sitting on a bench in a park looking away
Portrait of a young woman sitting at home with pen and paper
pensive middle aged woman in knitted cosy cardigan in the modern living room in sunny autumn day.
Back view of young beautiful caucasian brown hair woman leaning on handrail overlooking pensive - melancholy, thoughtful, thinking future concept
businesswoman with hand on chin sitting at desk in the office in thoughts
thoughtful older woman looking up at copy space
Pensive happy woman remembering looking at side sitting in a bar or home terrace
Portrait of a young beautiful pensive woman sitting on sofa at home
Thoughtful puzzled female student worker looking away pondering thinking solving problem at work, anxious pensive young woman concerned make difficult decision feeling lack of ideas creativity crisis
Sad woman behind a tulle.
What a great way to wake up!
Sad and depressed woman.
Pensive woman on the balcony. Looking into distance, sad and lonely, waiting for things to be better.
Middle aged caucasian woman using laptop on sofa at home
Thoughtful young woman relaxing at home on a comfortable sofa looking at the camera with a dreamy pensive expression
Serious thoughtful pensive young indian ethnic woman student sit at home office desk with laptop thinking of inspiration solution lost in thoughts dreaming looking away search creative ideas concept
Back view of a couple silhouette hugging and watching sun on the beach
Woman sitting outside the house and thinking about her new idea. Pensive mid woman relaxing at home on a holiday. Portrait of mature woman planning her future.
Portrait of young tender redhead young girl with healthy freckled skin wearing white top looking at camera with serious or pensive expression. Caucasian woman model with ginger hair posing outdoors
Blonde woman with long wavy beautiful hair, big brown eyes and pensive expression. Autumn mood. Portrait of a girl in a white scarf. Digital illustration on gray background. Attractive female student.
Young attractive woman at a modern office desk, working with laptop, looking at the window, thinking about a post. Horizontal photo banner for website header design with copy space for text
Young woman sitting daydreaming or waiting for someone staring out of a window in the living room with a serious expression
Serious pensive woman on gray background in a white sweater looking at the camera.
Beautiful lonely girl dreaming and thinking while waiting for date in the city ocean pier at sunset time.
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