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Mother talking to her daughter while having tea at home
The teenager communicates with his mom in the cafe and smiles. He enthusiastically tells something to mom. Mom looks at her son with love and does not believe that he grew so fast. Focus on the boy
Worried parent young mom comforting depressed crying teen daughter bonding at home. Loving understanding mother apologizing or supporting sad teenage girl having psychological puberty problem concept.
Beautiful mother and her cute teenage daughter talking each other, sitting in bedroom
Family With Teenage Children Relaxing On Sofa Together
Young african black mother chatting with teen daughter, older sister or friendly nanny and adolescent girl talking sitting together on sofa at home. Good relations different aged people trust concept
Sad guy with his father are resting and talking about teenage life at the home.
Caring young mother comforting sad crying teenage daughter sitting on bed. Worried adult parent mom solacing, apologizing or consoling depressed teen girl helping with problem, saying sorry at home.
Guy with his father are resting and talking about teenage life at the home.
African American father and son in deep conversation.
Daughter and mother having tea together, facing each other.
Mature man mentoring and giving advice to a younger man.
Spending quality day with son
Stubborn teenage girl puts hood on head avoiding mom apology, ignoring talk with parent sitting on bed at home. Naughty teen daughter introvert hiding in hoodie showing disrespect to mother at home.
Mother with daughter having casual talk in living room
Mother Talking With Teenage Daughter On Sofa
Teenage Girl Suffering From Depression Visiting Counsellor
Guy with his father are resting and talking about teenage life at the home.
Mother and her teenage daughter sitting on grass and talking with nature in background
African American father and son in deep conversation.
Mother and teenage daughter talking.
Serious son and dad talking on bench in park, father sharing life experience
Loving mother and daughter talking to each other in outdoors
Black family in their kitchen talking and preparing a family meal together
A middle-aged woman is good spending time with her son in a cafe, they sit and talk. Mom looks at her teenage son with love. A boy tells mom about his friends. Focus on mother
Having a good time in skate park
Father with teenage son at home talking together
Boy of adolescence with his mother talk, laugh, have fun together all evening at sunset in the summer. Family summer time
Worried mother looks on as her daughter talks to a therapist.
Father parenting his son.
Set of parents and kids spending happy time together playing, talking and supporting children. Collection of family members in good relations. Flat vector illustration isolated on white background
affectionate mother and daughter sitting on sofa with family in background
Beautiful woman is scolding her teenage daughter, girl is ignoring her mom
Father and son sitting on a bridge in a forest, close up
African American father parenting his son.
African American Father and son
Parents talking with their teenage daughter.
Troubled teenage girl and her mom are looking at each other and talking while sitting at home
Mother Talking With Unhappy Teenage Daughter On Sofa
Caring mother and dad supporting sad teen son sitting on bench in park, crisis
Friendship of asian ethnic mother and teen daughter
Cute teen boy with his young mother at home
Discussion between teenage girl using laptop and her parents
Mother and daughter talking holding hands teen smiling outdoors bonding
African American father and son talking
Mother talking to daughter sitting on sofa. Girl is using tablet pc.
Teenager boy with father in park
Mid aged mother sit on couch scold grown up daughter, angry mum tell complaints lecturing teen adult child feeling stressed, misunderstandings, generational gap, difficulties in relationships concept
Happy mother and daughter talking while having coffee in living room
Beautiful woman is scolding her teenage daughter, girl is ignoring her mom
Having fun with my dad
Afternoon in skate park
Mother helping her kids doing homework at home
Mature mother hugging her teenage daughter. A happy family.
African American mother and daughter.

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Dad and son using technology eat and talk at kitchen table
Mother With Teenage Daughter Sitting On Sofa At Home Chatting
Teenage girl talking with her mother sitting on grass in nature, flare from setting sun in photo
Boy is offended and father is asking for his forgiveness at the home.
Caring Caucasian mother talk comfort unhappy sad teenage daughter suffering from school bullying or psychological problems, loving mom support make peace with depressed introvert teen girl child
Woman with her teenage son relaxing in the park sitting on a bench. The guy looks at the phone and mom points the finger at the phone and talks about addiction to gadgets
affectionate mother and daughter sitting on sofa with family in background
Portrait of pretty young mother with her two children adorable teenager daughter and son
A middle-aged woman and her son teenager are smiling at each other in the park.
Father with his son are resting together and talking about teenage secrets
A family portrait.
Serious father talking to teenage son at home by piano
affectionate mother and daughter sitting on sofa with family in background
Vector illustration of different people with speech bubbles
Mother and teenager son doing homework together in living room
Man with his adult son are serious talking about life together at the home.
Sad worried parents in casual outfit puzzled about depression of teenage son who ignoring them, disappointed mother stroking head of son in living room
Father talking with his teenager son at home
Close up photo of two people mum and teenager daughter sit on sofa tell speak funny episode moment glad sharing parenthood mommy knows all secrets wear white t-shirts jeans
Family enjoying meal at home
Family portrait of Asian ethnic mature mother enjoy talking with teen daughter
Parents having a talk with teenage boy
Teenage daughter in checked shirt sitting on bed next to her father and telling him about problems, he listening to her attentively and giving advice
Mature mother with  teen daughter having serious conversation in home
Rear back view black mother and daughter embrace sitting on bed at home, older sister consoling younger teen, girl suffers from unrequited love share secrets trustworthy person relative people concept
Flat People vector set  isolated on white background. Friends, girls and guys, men and women, elderly people.
Family enjoying meal at home
Mother and daughter talking. Spending time together.
Mother and teenage daughter talking and laughing together. Happy family. A side view. Isolated on white background
Teenager talk with mom 2D vector isolated illustration. Leisure at home. Daughter speaking with mother flat characters on cartoon background. Girl sit with parent on couch colourful scene
Asian ethnic mother enjoy having conversation with teenage daughter
Angry mother scolds her adult sad daughter
Smiling mom embracing teen daughter resting together at cozy home. Happy family young adult parent mother and cute teenage school girl bonding, talking, enjoying sweet moment relaxing lying in bed.
Indian dad helping school child teen daughter studying online at home. Father and kid girl elearning having virtual class on laptop, studying remote homeschool on computer, doing homework together.
A happy family. Mother and teen daughter at home.
Wide angle photo of teen girl with her mature mother talking together, outdoor in nature
A portrait of a happy mother and daughter drinking coffee outdoor
Scared parents discussing misbehavior of their daughter
Mom and a teenage daughter are arguing with each other. They have a complex relationship. The daughter does not understand her mother. A woman is screaming at a girl.
Parents talking with their teenage daughter.
Mature mother asks for forgiveness from teen daughter after quarrel
Listening to Dad
Spending quality time with dad
Happy father talking to his son, doing homework in kitchen
Asian teenage girl is whispering to her mothers ear while they are spending time together at home. Mother looking surprised.
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