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Stressed young female doctor looking at laptop reading bad news online worried of mistake at workplace. Unhappy professional physician in tension feeling tired solving computer problem at work.
Young disappointed woman feeling headache from deadline surrounded by colleagues at workplace, multi-purpose female employee,tired of work and exhausted, stress in office. Overworked female in confuse
High angle view photo of pretty dark skin business lady fell asleep near monitor work overtime deadline terms specs telephone lying table wear casual shirt sit night office indoors
Tired, Overworked Female Financier Holds Her Head in Hands while Working on a Personal Computer. In the Background Creative Office.
Depressed business woman
Exhausted, overworked business woman or a clerk sitting at messy office table, all in stress.
Women working in busy too company
Very busy lady.Overworked woman with many tasks to do. Female have a lot to do. Business woman stressed.
stressed Asian business woman tired from overworked sitting at office desk with note on face
Tired young mother sitting on sofa and working with laptop and documents while little kids having fun and making noise
Overworked businesswoman suffering from headache and thinking how to end work.
Young attractive woman at modern office desk, working on laptop, massaging temples to forget about constant headaches, noisy loud office giving a migraine, relieving stress, chronic pain, help soothe
Doctor feels headache and stress due to constant lack of sleep and excessive workload. Tired woman in blue protective uniform sitting in front of computer in office sleepily massaging her head.
Woman consultant feeling stress at meeting, occupational burnout, overworked
Business woman needs help under a lot of documents  in office at the desk and holding a HELP placard.
Modern technology financier economist people person concept. Hulf-turned portrait of sad unhappy upset disappointed journalist economist business lady holding head on hands looking at screen monitor
Tired and exasperated business woman is sitting on an hourglass and grabbed his head with business process icons and infographics on background. Stress in the office. Rush work. Deadline. Vector.
Frustrated young businesswoman analyzing chart during overtime
Young mother  with   little child sit at the dining table in the home kitchen.
Side view of businesswoman sleeping on counter in office
Sad executive woman with laptop complaining sitting on her desk at the office
office lifestyle portrait of sad and depressed middle aged attractive Asian woman working on laptop computer desk stressed and tired feeling overwhelmed and unmotivated
Young businesswoman with too much work to do,Overworked
Close up of tired student girl sleeping over desk at home in the night
office lifestyle portrait of depressed and overworked middle aged attractive Asian woman working in stress on laptop computer desk covering her face crying overwhelmed looking exhausted
business woman in the office Tired overworked woman resting while she was working writing notes, overwork and stress concept.
Mixed race secretary working in modern office in skyscraper, sticking adhesive notes with tasks on window. The girl feels stressed and overwhelmed
office lifestyle portrait of depressed and overworked middle aged attractive Asian woman working in stress on laptop computer desk covering her face crying overwhelmed looking exhausted
overworked businesswoman in suit with papers in hands at workplace in office
Tired businesswoman with a too much paperwork and documents
Businesswoman sitting with head in hands at desk covered crumpled papers. Office worker tired of too much difficult unproductive work. Stressed female entrepreneur has no idea what to do with problem
Woman in office stress vector illustration of cartoon girl manager working on computer with disheveled messy hair and documents piles. Overwork and deadline office work concept
mid adult italian woman banging her head against a wall outside office building. Horizontal shape, copy space
Woman running in a giant clock, concept
Young exhausted,depressed,concentrated woman sitting in her room or office with french windows in the dark.Studies late at night.Staying up late. Overworking.Feeling under pressure and headache
Young asian business woman with pain in shoulders in office
Woman pulling clock hands backwards
Overworked mother working from home using laptop and multi-tasking with child
Full-length of frustrated woman sitting by cardboard boxes in new house
Tired businesswoman at office desk waking up with pillow and coffee.
Tired young businesswoman looking at hands with folders around her. Office interior with window. Concept for overworking
Tired and exhousted business woman with ringbinders
Business cartoon showing professional couple headed off for vacation, 'Welcome to work life balance'.
Tired stressed old mature business woman suffering from neckpain working from home office sitting at table. Overworked senior middle aged lady massaging neck feeling hurt pain from incorrect posture.
Cartoon business team sleeping and angry businesswoman
Businesswoman under stress from too much work in the office
Business cartoon of businesswoman saying to business dog, 'Did you ever have one of those days when you felt like you were chasing your own tail?'.
Thai asian women call center business people get headache and migraine from working late night shift for helping assistance customer in workplace at night time
Tired female employee at workplace in office holding cup of tea. Sleepy worker early in the morning after late night work. Overworking, making mistake, stress, termination or depression concept
black African American ethnicity tired and frustrated woman working as secretary in stress at work office desk with computer laptop asking for help in business frustration concept
Low battery symbol drawn on human hand. Tired woman lying on the bed, trying to charge from USB, holding cable with your finger. Overwork, exhausted, chronic fatigue, living energy concept.
Young pregnant mother and her little daughter, at home
Portrait of stressed mature woman with hand on head looking down. Worried woman wearing spectacles. Tired lady having headache sitting indoors.

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Bored young woman sitting at her desk in front of the computer
Stressful day. Feeling tired and stressed. Frustrated adult woman keeping eyes closed from fatigue while sitting in office at her working place. Woman thinking about to complete work task.
Closeup of a female office worker behind stacks of documents in office
Exhausted black woman sitting in the office late at night, putting her head on a desk, vector illustration, no transparencies, EPS 8
Young exhausted  woman sleeping at the desk in her room or office with french windows  in the dark at the lamp.Studies late at night.Staying up late. Overworking.Meeting deadline.
Business and stress concept. Furious businesswoman in glasses with chained hands holding contract grunge background
Tired sleepy woman holds a cup of coffee, has sad expression, closes eyes, cannot wake up in the morning and go to work. difficult, hard monday. isolated yellow background
Stay at home mother using laptop and holding her head in pain while her son is doing homework.
young stressed and depressed business woman working overwhelmed and exhausted as corporate company employee asking for help desperate and frustrated in job problem and crisis concept
Tired african American millennial female worker sit at desk touch back suffer from lower spinal spasm, hurt unhealthy biracial woman stretch have strong backache, incorrect posture concept
Worried woman working at home and holding her crying little son. Young mother on maternity leave trying to freelance by the desk with toddler child. Quarantine isolation Covid-19
Overworked business woman
Side view of a young woman working on computer in dark office
Frustrated female office worker. Exhausted woman tired of the huge amount of work with a discharged battery. Deadline. Stress, depression at work. Vector illustration. Workplace burnout concept.
Stress at work concept flat illustration. Business woman needs help under a lot of documents in office.  Flat design style.
asian working woman on white background
Tidal wave tsunami of workload with office tools in the office attacking a female secretary or businesswoman - woman version (cartoon vector)
Vector overworked Woman Sleeping.
 blurred beautiful businesswoman sleeping on the laptop keyboard after work. Tired young woman falling asleep at desk after energy left.
Mother tired to child care
Stressed businesswoman with a too much paperwork and documents
Stressed exhausted woman sitting at desk near laptop feels unhealthy touch temples having affliction migraine symptoms, overworking, sudden throbbing head ache due to influence of computer concept
Tired sleepy woman yawning, working at office desk and holding a cup of coffee, overwork and sleep deprivation concept
Tired freelancer working overtime in home office.Stressed businesswoman have financial problems and searching ideas to overcome financial crisis.Entrepreneur in bankruptcy.Burnout and overwork concept
Tired african American millennial woman sit at table working on laptop touch temples suffer from migraine, exhausted biracial female overwhelmed with computer job struggle with headache
Deadline Stress. Overworked Black Female Entrepreneur Massaging Nosebridge At Workplace In Office, Exhausted After Using Laptop
Tired office worker woman sleeping right on her laptop's keyboard
Portrait of overworked businesswoman sitting in office
Women feeling stress from work. Hand drawn style vector design illustrations.
Business asian woman stressed and overworked yelling in office with rainy documents
Women who wear glasses to work in busy too company
Deadline, young female project manager looking at the sand glass, millennials at work
Portrait of a young tired businesswoman using laptop and working on some reports from home.
Businesswoman under stress working in the office
Asia businesswoman overwork and rely on chair to massage her neck
Sick and overworked businesswoman sitting at the desk in the office and blowing her nose, feeling unwell.
Portrait of young woman sitting at table in front of laptop, sleepy, tired, overworked, lazy to work. Attractive business woman yawning in home office relaxing or bored after work on laptop computer
Deadline. Stress in the office. Multitasking, Rush work. Vector illustration for web banner, infographics, mobile. Tired business woman is sitting on  clock,
Stressed cartoon business woman in pile of office papers and documents. Stress at work. Overworked. Vector illustration in flat design
Overworked tired woman resting over a laptop in a park or a home table
Thoughtful concept. Woman working on a computer at a cafe while gazing through the window glass.
Overworked tired woman is sitting and yawning at work. Her battery is empty. Flat vector illustration.
Deadline stress concept - sad african-american business woman sitting at desktop in office, working on laptop and holding hand on head. Hard working day, copy space
Tired unhappy mother with her child at home.
"After a few more years of complaining, I think I may change my life."
very sleepy and tired business woman on laptop, holding a coffee mug
Stress at work, deadline and lack of time. Business problems. A young woman in business clothes sitting with a laptop and working in a modern office
Frustrated african woman feeling despair panic shock sitting in shared office with laptop holding head in hands, upset stressed black employee or student tired of work, worried about online problem
Illustration of a blond cartoon business woman with several arms failing to multitask / trying to do multiple office tasks at once (vector also available).
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