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Young disappointed woman feeling headache from deadline surrounded by colleagues at workplace, multi-purpose female employee,tired of work and exhausted, stress in office. Overworked female in confuse
Tired, Overworked Female Financier Holds Her Head in Hands while Working on a Personal Computer. In the Background Creative Office.
Multitasking. Overworked Business Lady Sitting Stressed By A Lot Of Tasks At Work In Modern Office.
Businesswoman sleeping on printer at office. Overworked concept.
Young woman who suffers from mental health diseases is sitting on the floor. Girl surrounded by symptoms of depression disorder: anxiety, crisis, tears, exhaustion, loss,  overworked, tired.
Businessman heavy workload sleep at office desk with finance sheet calculator and coffee.(concept for overworked)
Deadline Stress. Overworked Black Female Entrepreneur Massaging Nosebridge At Workplace In Office, Exhausted After Using Laptop
Business, face, expression, emotion, mental stress, frustration, depression, deadline, panic set. Collection of frustrated depressed businessmen women overworking in office having nervous breakdown.
Desperate businessman working in the office late at night and overloaded with work, his desktop is covered with paperwork: business management and deadlines concept
Large amount of work vector illustration. Busy overworked woman sitting at table with laptop and pile of papers in office flat style design. Workflow in full swing
Unorganized office work. Accounting paper documents piles, disarray in files on accountant table. Routine paperwork vector business desk printing messy sheets lots person, overworked concept
Exhausted millennial female student sit on floor in living room prepare for exam or test suffer from fatigue, tired young ethnic woman study on laptop at home feel overwhelmed, overwork concept
Vector overworked employee sleeping front of computer on desk with paper document folder stack at workplace. Tired office worker, company employee, exhausted businessman take nap. Fatigue and work
Young asian exhausted businesssman with messy desk and stack of papers, working busy, overwork.
Fail lazy layabour partners highschool college start-up non-initiative daydream browsing computer laptop read internet concept. Three trio sad exhausted sleepy busy overworked managers having a nap
Truck driver yawning while driving. Trucker feeling sleepy and tired after long ride. Overworked people at job.
Frustrated and overworked businessman burying his head under a laptop computer asking for help
Frustrated overwhelmed executive working in the office and overloaded with paperwork, he is leaning on his arm and feeling depressed
Tired businessman sleeping in office. Bearded man sleeping at his working place. Young business man sleeps on the office desk. Bearded man with his headphones overworked at office.
Portrait of stressful tired young asian businessman at work. Tired businessman feeling stressed, feels eye strain fatigue after long office work on laptop, overwork, office syndrome, business problem.
Tired young mother sitting on sofa and working with laptop and documents while little kids having fun and making noise
Low battery symbol drawn on human hand. Tired woman lying on the bed, trying to charge from USB, holding cable with your finger. Overwork, exhausted, chronic fatigue, living energy concept.
business, overwork, people, deadline and technology concept - stressed businessman in glasses with laptop computer thinking at night office
Young disappointed woman feeling headache from deadline surrounded by colleagues at workplace, multi-purpose female employee,tired of work and exhausted, stress in office. Overworked female in confuse
Office desk with laptop covered by post it papers
Tired stressed overworked young african woman student feel hurt fatigue eye strain headache after computer work take off glasses suffer from pain in dry eyes, bad vision problem, eyestrain concept
Portrait tired crew of office workers sit at table, fall asleep after working long hours on preparing startup project, feel tiredness, isolated over pink background. People and overworking concept
Fatigue man in shirt rubbing face while watching computer totally exhausted working late at night.
Unhealthy stressed businessman taking off eyeglasses, rubbing eyelids, suffering from dry eyes syndrome due to long computer overwork, massaging nose bridge relieving pain at office at home
Tired African American young woman falls asleep at working place because of overwork, vector image
Career burnout and business burn out as an overworked burnt from exhaustion as a match icon of an employee exhausted with job stress as a work concept for overloaded workers as a 3D illustration.
Exhausted tired businessman with painted eyes on stickers, adhesive notes on face sleeping at workplace, sitting at desk with laptop, unproductive lazy young male dozing, working on difficult project
Man overwork in office, deadline vector illustration. Manager sitting at computer desk with stack of documents in mess and deadline tasks sticky notes holding hand on head flat cartoon office design
Stressed cartoon businessman in pile of office papers and documents with help sign. Stress at work. Overworked. File folders. Carton boxes. Bureaucracy, paperwork. Vector illustration in flat style
Business office paperwork documents and paper blanks businessman and workload vector stress and overworking desk and chair folder and printer stress tiredness and exhaustion computer and rubbish bin
Young beautiful business woman suffering stress working on laptop at office computer desk feeling tired and frustrated looking overworked and overwhelmed. In business education, failure technology.
Photo of overworked girl sit table need prepare exam lesson read book sleep wear pullover overall isolated over bright shine color background
Tired businesswoman at office desk waking up with pillow and coffee.
Busy man on his workplace, stressed tired professional worker holding document. Idea of deadline and overworking.
Overworked businessman
Tired and exasperated office worker is grabbed his head among piles of papers and documents. Stress in the office. Rush work. Modern vector illustration.
Burnout overwork business people flat vector illustration. Cartoon sad frustrated employee, overworked businesswoman crying due to burnout work problems, low energy battery crisis concept background
Worried stressed businessman in suit shocked by bad news using laptop at work, desperate bankrupt investor lost money online depressed by financial problem debt, frustrated worker tired of overwork
Stress at work, exhausted from overworked and too many problems or frustrated and paranoia office worker concept, hopelessness frustrated businessman employee with anxiety busy line over his head.
Overworked businesswoman suffering from headache and thinking how to end work.
Burnout concept illustration with exhausted female office worker sitting at the table. Frustrated worker, mental health problems. Vector illustration in flat style
Sleepy young african business woman taking off glasses rubbing eyes feels tired after work on laptop isolated on gray background. Exhausted black girl feeling dry irritable eye strain. Fatigue concept
overworked manager dealing with finances in her restaurant
Sleepy young caucasian businesswoman in eyeglasses rubbing her eyes, feels tired after working on laptop, isolated on grey background.Overwork, tired, health concept.Exhausted, fatigue eyes
Employee burnout and career stress or business burn out as a worker overworked burnt from exhaustion as an exhausted icon for job pain as an overloaded worker in a 3D illustration style.
Full length of girl lying rest at home in living room buried her face in couch feels exhaustion having day nap lack of energy after party sleepless night or overworked, too tired no motivation concept
Busy businessman under stress due to excessive work
Health care and work conflict of interest, imbalance comparison concept. Healthy heart and tired exhausted stressed worker do job at business office pc desk on scales. Flat vector character illustration

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Young exhausted  woman sleeping at the desk in her room or office with french windows  in the dark at the lamp.Studies late at night.Staying up late. Overworking.Meeting deadline.
Depressed business woman
business, overwork, people, deadline and technology concept - stressed businessman in glasses with laptop computer typing at night office
Eyes fatigue at work, tired exhausted businessman suffering from computer vision syndrome taking off glasses massaging eyes after long laptop use, overworked man feeling eye strain tension problem
Exhausted businesswoman having a headache at office. Mature creative woman working at office desk feeling tired. Stressed casual business woman feeling eye pain while overworking on desktop computer.
Businessman working in the office
Overwork at work black icon, vector sign on isolated background. Overwork at work concept symbol, illustration
Tired african businessman taking off glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes feeling fatigue headache pain eyestrain, black overworked man massage nose bridge suffer from bad weak vision problem tension
Portrait of exhausted businessman because overworked
Overworked and tired businessman or office worker sits in a chair. Business stress. Flat style modern vector illustration. Man Has Clasped Head Hands Overworked. Busy. Icon. Fail. Deadline. Problem.
Businessman depression - Man tied up with black cloud from overwork. Brain fog and depression concept. Vector illustration.
Exhausted tired Asian doctor or nurse. Virus outbreak in Asia. Coronavirus pandemic. Clinic and hospital medical stuff working over hours. Overworked professional. Stress and depression.
Businessman holds pile of office papers and documents. Documents and file folders on table. Routine, bureaucracy, big data, paperwork, office. Vector illustration in flat style
Stress and Depression Related Vector Icon Set. Thin Line Style. 48x48 Pixel Perfect
Overworked business man work laptop computer low on energy vector flat illustration concept
young beautiful business woman suffering stress working at office computer desk asking for help feeling tired and desperate looking overworked covering eyes overwhelmed and frustrated
Frustrated female office worker. Exhausted woman tired of the huge amount of work with a discharged battery. Deadline. Stress, depression at work. Vector illustration. Workplace burnout concept.
Business people running against deadline clock. Business man & woman company team work hard in rush to finish project in time. Carrying documents, typing on laptop. Flat vector character illustration
Sleepy exhausted woman working at office desk with her laptop, her eyes are closing and she is about to fall asleep, sleep deprivation and overtime working concept
Overwork, Office Routine Flat Vector Illustration. Depressed Corporate Worker, Student Sitting in Chair Cartoon Character. Stressed Businessman Overloaded with Paperwork. Tired Man Working Overtime
Businesswoman under stress working in the office
Woman in office stress vector illustration of cartoon girl manager working on computer with disheveled messy hair and documents piles. Overwork and deadline office work concept
Overworked and tired businesswoman sleeping over a laptop in a desk at work in her office
Youth, studying and tiredness concept. Displeased sleepy overworked girl closes eyes from weariness, drinks takeaway coffee, feels fatigue after learning material all night before examination
Concept of distraction, overworking, stress and work fatigue. Confused office manager drops papers on floor. Documents fall from clumsy woman hands. Flat vector cartoon illustration isolated on white
Stressed cartoon businessman in pile of office papers and documents with help sign. Stress at work. Overworked. File folders. Carton boxes. Bureaucracy, paperwork. Vector illustration in flat style.
Close-up of exhausted overworked young business woman under stress at office. Colleagues shaking paper documents on blurry background. Business team wants to get answer and decision from boss.
Mature and tired businesswoman working on computer until night. Portrait of a casual stressed lady with headache at desk. Exhausted business woman working late night at laptop in office.
Tired, Overworked Female Mobile Phone App Designer Holds Her Head in Hands while Working on a Personal Computer. In the Background Creative Office.
The word Everything on a To-Do list on a dry erase board to remind you of your tasks, priorities, goals and objectives
overwork death with white background, 3D rendering
Busy time, stress at work concept. Vector. Overworked businessman under a paper pile, documents. Holding a HELP placard.
Sleep at work. Tired, overworking african-american businessman with laptop dreaming in modern white office interior, copy space
Businessman busy with paperwork in office
Business office paperwork documents and paper blanks businessman and workload vector stress and overworking desk and chair folder and printer, stress tiredness and exhaustion computer and rubbish bin
Overworked businessman sitting at a messy desk in office
Panic businesswoman. Vector illustration of pretty cartoon brunette woman in stress, surrounded by work and stress factors icons. Isolated on background
Frustrated businessman holding glasses feel eye strain, stressed overworked man massage nose bridge feel headache having bad blurry vision weak sight macular problem suffer from computer work syndrome
Businesswoman is tired due to too much work. Concept of stress and overwork
Young businessman in a suit juggling with office supplies in his office, isolated on white background. Conceptual collage with phone, folders. The business, office, work concept.
Stressful of engineer people in panic while meeting at the office, Young employee holding hands on his head with stress while sitting at the desk.
Stressful situation on work. Overworked and tired businessman. Busy office worker with problem, depression, melancholy. Business stress, fail. Professional Burnout. Flat cartoon vector illustration.
Work from Home, Businessman hands working in Stacks of paper files for searching information on work desk home office, business report papers,piles of unfinished documents achieves with clips indoor.
Stressful Afro American Businesswoman Sitting In Office With Stacked Of Files
Unhappy Cartoon Man Sitting at Office Table Workplace Vector Illustration. Paper Sheet Stack on Desk. Computer Clock Deadline. Depressed Exhausted Manager. Overworked Male Worker Business Stress
Young african american woman wearing casual clothes bored yawning tired covering mouth with hand. restless and sleepiness.
Sad female workaholic keeps hands under chin, busy making project work, studies papers, wears elegant white shirt, sits at desktop, unknown people stretch hands with notes, alarm clock, smartphone
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