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Young stressed secretary in the office overwhelmed by work and desk full of files, her boss is bringing more paperwork to her
Business executive talking on the phone working in the office and piles of paperwork, he is overloaded with work - image
Stressed exhausted business executive in the office overloaded with work, he has stacks of paperwork on the desk
Unhappy woman with many thoughts on a gray background
Stressed young woman sitting at desk working from home office
Elegant stylish handsome pensive business shark, man in jacket, typing on laptop, thinking about project growth, progress at work place, work station
Young man asia tired man under stress in the office
Businessman stressed out at work in casual office
Stressed businessman sitting at office desk and answering many phone calls at the same time, he is writing down notes on a notebook
Business women with stress In the period of economic downturn With regular work
Business executive holds a video conference in the office and piles of paperwork, he is overloaded with work
young desperate businessman suffering stress working at computer desk holding sign asking for help looking tired exhausted and overwhelmed by heavy work load at modern office workplace
Business girl being overwhelmed with work, isolated
Top view on man working on laptop computer with notes all around his office desk. Overwhelmed with work concept.
Top view on office desk with laptop computer and  notes all around. Overwhelmed with work concept.
Portrait of tired from work young woman who works remotely at a laptop
Young businessman sitting at desk and having headache while working with laptop in modern office
Exhausted millennial Indian girl touch massage temples suffer from headache or migraines, tired young ethnic woman overwhelmed with computer work, struggle with dizziness, health problem concept
Tired young woman in office having headache working on project
Professional burnout. Young exhausted female manager sitting at the office. Long working day. Millennials at work. Flat editable vector illustration, clip art
Overwhelmed woman working at messy office desk, closeup
Peevish woman holds hands in disgust, being overwhelmed with much work, feels pressure from colleagues, sits at desktop with documentation, looks with annoyed expression, hides from difficulties
Laptop, notes and office stationery in mess on desk, top view. Overwhelmed with work
Procrastination - A full To Do tray and an empty Done tray - Overwhelmed - Isolated on white background
Depressed business woman
A Tired Man Missing Deadline. An Office Worker Overwhelmed by Work, Reports, and Calls. Vector Flat Illustration.
Laptop, notes and office stationery in mess on desk. Overwhelmed with work
Tired man being overloaded at work
Working mom with baby in her chaotic home office
Overwhelmed man combining parenting and work at home
Computer, notes and office stationery in mess on desk, space for text. Overwhelmed with work
Overwhelmed woman working at messy office desk, top view
Man hiding under laptop
Young creative manager feeling the pressure in casual office
Businesswoman stressed out at work in casual office
Stressed business woman working from home on laptop looking worried, tired and overwhelmed. Exhausted female working remotely during social distancing. Mental health and coronavirus lockdown.
Children disturbing overwhelmed woman in kitchen. Working from home during quarantine
Tired young woman take off glasses massage eyes overwhelmed with computer work have blurry vision, exhausted millennial girl worker suffer from migraine or headache, struggle with dizziness
Frustrated overwhelmed executive working in the office and overloaded with paperwork, he is leaning on his arm and feeling depressed
Stressed overworked middle aged businesswoman office worker taking off glasses tired from computer work feeling headache, dry eye strain, bad blurry weak vision eyestrain tension problem concept
Exhausted young woman dropping off eyeglasses, suffering from dry eyes syndrome, side view. Stressed female freelance worker feeling tired, overwhelmed by huge amount of computer work at home.
Paperwork and overworked, of an employee engaged in work with documents on the background large stacks of papers. Business concept. Vector creative color illustrations flat design flat modern style.
Young stressed and depressed business woman working overwhelmed and exhausted as corporate company employee asking for help desperate and frustrated in job problem and crisis concept. Business concept
Stressed businessman concerned about hard online task looking at laptop in shared office, frustrated worried male employee reading news, tired exhausted office worker feeling headache at work
Concept of Information Overload, Digital hygiene, Stress. Overwhelmed person running away from the information stream wave pursuing him. Vector illustration in flat style.
Overwhelmed unhappy young woman taking off glasses, rubbing eyes, feeling exhausted, working remotely on computer at home. Tired stressed lady suffering from dry eyes syndrome, massaging nose bridge.
Crying man. Negative emotion facial expression feeling. Modern office man at working place, depression and crisis concept
Close up woman sit at desk near laptop put head on hands. Bored office worker falling asleep feels tired after working hours. Long preparation for university exams, need rest, lack of energy concept
Information overload vector illustration concept. Young man sitting at table in front of computer and hold his head from info data stream pressure. Tangled minds, burnout design isolated on white.
Young creative manager feeling the pressure in casual office
Tired business woman resting her head on desk
Young disappointed woman feeling headache from deadline surrounded by colleagues at workplace, multi-purpose female employee,tired of work and exhausted, stress in office. Overworked female in confuse
Stressed busy woman on business call working on laptop at home with her child. Single mother telecommuting. Telework and family concept.
Businessman standing on a pile of  documents

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Young overwhelmed entrepreneur needing help paying off debts and bills in Small business financial problems. Worried desperate young man feeling stressed working through finances at home office.
Stressed businesswoman Frustrated and upset in business pressure and overworked at home office. Adult woman working on laptop, feeling tire and headache. Stressed and Frustrated concept
Shot of stressed business woman working from home on laptop looking worried, tired and overwhelmed.
Frustrated vintage style businessman working in a rundown  office, he is overloaded with papework
Close-up image of a stressful businessman tired from his work on the foreground - image
Head shot young stressed overworked unhappy woman sitting at table with computer, massaging temples. Unhealthy exhausted lady suffering from terrible headache, high blood pressure at workplace.
Overworked businessman under a lot of documents. A lot of work concept. Vector colorful illustration in flat design isolated on white
Overwhelmed stress businessman overload feeling on the computer laptop.
Messy and cluttered office desk
Messy and cluttered office desk
Rude diverse colleagues humiliating offending stressed upset young african woman leader suffering from gender racial discrimination during meeting or feeling exhausted tired of responsibility at work
African American businesswoman juggling many objects and feeling overwhelmed
Tired stressed overworked young african woman student feel hurt fatigue eye strain headache after computer work take off glasses suffer from pain in dry eyes, bad vision problem, eyestrain concept
Overworked businessman under a lot of documents and holding a HELP placard. Vector
young beautiful business woman suffering stress working at office computer desk asking for help feeling tired and desperate looking overworked covering eyes overwhelmed and frustrated
Businessman a lot of work coming, Business Concept, vector
Help placard in hand with crumpled paper pile.
Professional burnout. Young exhausted manager sitting at the office. Long working day. Millennials at work. Flat editable vector illustration, clip art
Overworked businessman under a lot of documents and holding a HELP placard on office background with shelves full of binders. A lot of work concept. Vector colorful illustration in flat design
The word Everything on a To-Do list on a dry erase board to remind you of your tasks, priorities, goals and objectives
Business mum at work while her kids are playing in bed
Procrastination - A full Inbox tray and an empty Outbox tray - Overwhelmed - Isolated on white background
Exhausted female worker sit at office desk take off glasses feel unwell having dizziness or blurry vision, tired woman employee suffer from migraine or headache unable to work. Health problem concept
Exhausted tired businessman with painted eyes on stickers, adhesive notes on face sleeping at workplace, sitting at desk with laptop, unproductive lazy young male dozing, working on difficult project
Fatigue man in shirt rubbing face while watching computer totally exhausted working late at night.
Man sitting alone in office late at night watching computer and solving problem working overhours.
Stressed exhausted woman sitting at office desk and working overtime, she is overloaded with work
Stressed desperate businessman working in his office and having multiple calls, he is holding two handsets and a mobile phone, business management concept
Work or job overload and stress vector concept with businessman symbol. Frustration and depression sign. Eps10 vector illustration.
Upset fatigued overworked senior mature business woman taking off glasses tired of computer work, exhausted middle aged employee suffers from blurry vision after long laptop use, eye strain problem
young woman in office is overwhelmed with work. burnout in work or study.
Overstrained student after university exam feels relief touch head closed eyes resting seated indoors, office worker accomplish deadline work take break, unbearable hot weather hard to respire concept
Overwhelmed woman working at messy office desk, closeup
Photo of burnout office worker lying on desk
Tired depressed bored african businessman frustrated by business failure bankruptcy looking at laptop feel exhausted having headache, upset stressed black office worker worried about problem at work
Stressed office worker screaming for help from between two massive stacks of file folders
Fatigued businesswoman taking off glasses tired of computer work, exhausted employee suffering from blurry vision symptoms after long laptop use, overworked woman feels eye strain tension problem
Businesswoman or blogger, fashionably dressed, sits at a modern workplace and answers letters, messages. A lot of work, overworked, stress, office routine concept. Isolated stock vector illustration.
Young woman in checkered shirt is overwhelmed with amount of work she is supposed to do. Concept of overworking
Stressed frustrated young woman employee feeling pain unwell dizzy, tired of difficult office job, suffering from panic attack, hormone imbalance or having headache migraine massaging temples at work
A hand helps another not to go down into bureaucracy
Elegant classic smart clever bearded sad furious handsome attractive depressed boss jacket, reading financial start-up report in laptop at modern workplace, workstation. Loser, chaos, bankrupt, crisis
Busy man working in the office and overwhelmed by work. Vector illustration concept of businessman getting exhausted, tired, too much work, overworked, and overtime.
Busy woman eating, drinking coffee, talking on the phone, working on laptop at the same time. Businesswoman doing multiple tasks. Multitasking business person. Freelancer works at night.
Man with tired eyes due to too much work on the computer screen
Portrait of an exhausted businessman covering his head with his laptop
Work burnout. Tired female worker sitting at the table. Long working day in the office. Mental health problem. Flat vector illustration.
Person gets too much information. Information and data overload concept. Mental health concept. Digital information overload. Flat and line design styles.
Serious modern handsome father standing at wooden counter and using laptop while trying to work and look after son, little boy getting out of fathers arms
Stressed frustrated female CEO or boss closing ears abstracting from annoying colleagues or subordinates, woman feeling despair avoiding bothering clients, ignoring solving problems, do not want work
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