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Stressful businessman taking off glasses, suffering from dry eyes syndrome after long laptop use. Exhausted employee executive manager ceo feeling eye strain, massaging nose bridge
Problems Afraid Anxious Nervous panic Reaction Concept
Overloaded with work employee under paperwork burden
Feeling tired and stressed. Frustrated young woman keeping eyes closed and massaging nose while sitting at her working place in office
Stressed businessman worked with laptop computer and having a headache after business losses In the office room background.
Business man stuck under heavy piles of work documents. Concept for crisis, stress, too much work. Hand drawn line art cartoon vector illustration.
Young male businessman employee unhappy with excessive work
Hard Working
Tired sleepy male office worker stays late on workplace. Overload paperwork, meeting deadlines, report, overwhelmed by work young businessman vector illustration.
Concept of overworked man. Man has burned out on his workplace because of many tasks and deadlines. Tips what to do in oder to recover strength. Flat vector illustration.
tired businessman who has a lot to do and confused thoughts in his head
Eyes fatigue at work, tired exhausted businessman suffering from computer vision syndrome taking off glasses massaging eyes after long laptop use, overworked man feeling eye strain tension problem
The concept of office work
Stressed business man rushing in the office
Hard work concept - businessman with his head heavy file
Depressed and exhausted working
Portrait of tired young business woman working in office
Business Man Pain Set Office Worker Syndrome Sick Collection Flat Vector Illustration
Businessman Business Man Stress Pressure Workplace Stick Figure Pictogram Icon
Turkish businesswoman at office in crisis
Office Worker Syndrome Sick Business Man Pain Set Collection Flat Vector Illustration
Stress Failure Depression Pressure Panic Concept
Stress Failure Depression Pressure Panic Concept
Photo of frustrated female entrepreneur put a paperwork on her head with a pile of document and laptop on desk in office
Tired or worried business woman sitting on armchair
Portrait of tired young business woman with laptop computer
Worried business woman of Asian using laptop on desk, closeup portrait.
Loads employee more work and problems. Business concept. Vector illustration
Businessman sleeping on his laptop
Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptop
Hard Working
Busy turkish businesswoman at office
Stressed businessman on laptop computer working with pressure, and be happy.
Emotional Stress, Paperwork, Business.
Tired, Overworked Female Mobile Phone App Designer Holds Her Head in Hands while Working on a Personal Computer. In the Background Creative Office.
Turkish businesswoman at office under pressure
Tired woman massaging rubbing stiff sore neck tensed muscles fatigued from computer work in incorrect posture feeling hurt joint shoulder back pain ache, fibromyalgia concept, close up rear view
Paperwork, Document, Emotional Stress.
Calm female executive meditating taking break at work for mental balance, mindful businesswoman feeling relief and no stress doing yoga at work ignoring avoiding stressful job and paperwork in office
business, people and work concept - tired businessman with eyeglasses in office
Stressed annoyed office employee manager having headache migraine at business meeting with complaining client customer tired of angry colleagues arguing shouting having conflict dispute at workplace
Man working at night falling asleep at workplace, tired overworked deprived worker sleepy employee gaping suffering from lack of sleep, feeling bored or chronic fatigue in office concept, side view
Worker working in a very stressful office workplace. The employee is distracted, having too much work, frustrated and scolded by boss. The job is boring, tiring, inefficient and has no prospect.
 Time management on the road to success. Office workers and business people working overtime at Deadline. Flat сartoon characters work in high stress conditions and under hard boss pressure.
Businessman under a lot of document and call for help
Business man holding his head in pain, surrounded by work icons, concept for stress, burnout, too much work, hand drawn doodle vector illustration
Concept of landing page on time management theme. Template for website or web page with office workers and business people working overtime.  Time management on the road to success. Effective teamwork
Concept of businessman stressed at work
People working and Health effects, Office syndrome, Body pain line icon
Young businessman with his head squeezed between a laptop keyboard and a rock
Working from home concept illustration. Lockdown, family stuck in home with kids during quarantine. Plan your day. Freelance. Work from home. Home office, remote working.
young businessman crushed by folders work
Stressed and busy at work business woman or office employee, sketch cartoon vector illustration isolated on white background. Time management and deadline.
Business man having concerns about work
Frustrated millennial female worker sitting at table with colleagues, felling tired of working quarreling at business meeting. Upset stressed young businesswoman suffering from head ache at office.
Serious handsome Caucasian businessman in suit leaning on desk and looking at charts. Late night work concept.
Angry caucasian white female boss manager shout firing sad stressed african american male worker intern at team office meeting, racial discrimination at work, harassment racism at workplace concept

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Tired fatigued business woman office worker feeling pain chronic discomfort injury hurt rubbing stiff tensed sore neck muscles suffer from fibromyalgia ache after sedentary work in incorrect posture
Head shot stressed young african american man touching forehead, suffering from terrible headache, working on computer at home office. Frustrated confused biracial guy having painful feelings in head.
Serious businessman working with analysis financial at office.
stress at work,
arab man working by night have a headache sickness.
Human hand, finger flipping over a small game piece pawn pinning it down. Cornering, trapping someone, stay down gesture. Strong vs weak, boss vs employee, mobbing, bullying and abuse at work concept
Hourglass on laptop computer concept for time management and countdown to deadline
Stressed Female Designer Works At Computer In Modern Office
Daily life of tired businessman at work | Exhausted office worker on his desk.
Overworked accountant holding help sign while working at desk in office
Office workers and business people working overtime at Deadline. Flat сartoon  characters work in high stress conditions and under hard boss pressure. Time management on the road to success.
Hard office work with overload vector illustration. Young frustrated woman sitting at office with depression. Professional and emotional burnout concept.
Young Businessman Stressed Out At Work Surrounded By Businesspeople
Apoplexy Attack on Working Place Website Landing Page. Female Office Employee with Strong Head Ache, Hypertension Crisis. Doctor Look on X-ray Brain. Web Page Banner. Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
japanese woman suffering from stomachache
Thoughtful serious young man lost in thoughts in front of laptop, focused businessman or absent-minded student thinking of problem solution, worried puzzled manager pondering question at work
Frustrated upset multiracial business team people sad with bad work result in report disappointed in corporate bankruptcy failure crisis worried of paperwork problem sit at table at office meeting
Stressed businesswoman.
Businessman working hard
Hard work, businessman accounting at the office, vector illustration.
flying ring binders with files and documents are landing on stacks on an office desk, concept of excessive demands and increasing work in the office, selected focus
Sick woman distracted from work feeling unwell sitting in front of computer, stressed female employee have anxiety attack at workplace, upset woman suffer from headache or dizziness in office
Stressed businessman with backache, he is working at office desk and massaging his back
Puzzled confused asian woman thinking hard concerned about online problem solution looking at laptop screen, worried serious korean businesswoman focused on solving difficult work computer task
Dissatisfied angry female executive scolding african employee for bad work at diverse group meeting, white woman boss reprimanding black subordinate for poor financial result at office team briefing
Stressed Asian creative designer woman cover her face with hand and feel upset from work in front of laptop computer on desk at office,Stress office lifestyle concept.
Bored businesswoman yawning at workplace feeling no motivation or lack of sleep tired of boring office routine, exhausted restless employee gaping suffering from chronic fatigue or overwork concept
Working from home concept illustration. Lockdown, family stuck in home with kids during quarantine. Plan your day. Freelance. Work from home. Home office, remote working.
Young tired business woman with headache sitting at seminar
Unfair chief giving assistant a lot of work
Beautiful businesswoman meditating at workplace, ignoring work, not listening to annoying clients or bothering colleagues talking to her, sitting at office desk with eyes closed, keep calm, no stress
Man holding sore neck while using notebook computer. He sitting at table. Sick worker concept
Business women stressed and under pressure, selective focus, Young beautiful asian businesswoman tired from work in the office
Overworked, depressed and exhausted businessman at his desk with a pile of work or concept for frustration, stress and writers block
Portrait of stressed businesswoman sitting at office desk and thinking the solution while working late in front of a computer.
frustrated and stressed young businessman with two laptops and a PC in front of him
Very busy businesswoman working with paperwork on her desk at office. Flat design. Top view.
Office worker sitting at desk taking off glasses rubbing massaging eye tired of working at computer having blurry vision problem and dry eyes after long use of laptop, suffering from eyestrain at work
young stressed overwhelmed business man with piles of folders on his desk holding his head looking down
Office people working under pressure for a long time. Concept business time vector illustration, Rises the Stress
Shy nervous bashful female employee feels embarrassed blushing afraid of public speaking at corporate group team meeting, timid stressed woman hiding face during awkward moment reporting in office
Doodle vector illustration of relaxed businessman meditating in busy office environment. Concept of fighting stress at work for web banners, hero images, printed materials
Vector flat illustration for office syndrome. Wrong sitting in the workplace. Eyes inflammation, obesity, stomach ache, knees pain, headache, hands pain, lower back pain.
Frustrated sad millennial young woman sitting at the office desk or home. Covering face with hand female worker feels unhealthy headache or eyestrain. Student has a problems receive bad news concept
Employee working isolated on white background
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