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Somerset, UK. July 28 2018. A morbidly obese couple sit on a bench in the street. Almost 1 in 3 British adults are now estimated to be obese with the majority of the population being overweight.
Dorset, UK. May 25 2020. An obese couple standing against a wall in the street. Research shows evidence that obesity and obesity-related conditions seem to worsen the effect of Coronavirus COVID-19.
Beautiful overweight woman running outdoors. Fitness lifestyle
obese man looks tired after exercising in the park while sitting on the road at autumn time
Overweight young woman jogging in the street. Weight loss concept
Obese woman at a carnival
Overweight stomach
Doctor measuring obese man waist body fat. Obesity and weight loss.
worried woman on a medical weight scale
Obese young couple chatting in social networks during date, shy and insecure
Overweight office employee tired of wearing safety mask outdoors. Portrait of obese businessman standing near office building in facial mask
man with overweight. symbolic photo for beer belly, unsuccessful dieting and eating the wrong foods. Weight loss concept. Tight shirt.
Overweight people. Man and woman
Fat girl in a gym
Portrait of attractive friendly looking young big-boned overweight brunette woman model wearing blue striped shirt and skinny jeans posing at blank wall, keeping hands on her waist and smiling
Unhealthy lifestyle concept: Young obese man sleeping with junk foods on the armchair with green screen background
Young female doctor measuring waist of overweight woman with centimeter in clinic
Image of obese woman looks pensive while standing by the window
Sad fat man sitting on bed at home, looking at camera, depression, insecurities
Concept or conceptual 3D fat overweight vs slim fit diet with muscles young man blue gradient background, metaphor weight loss, body, fitness, fatness, obesity, health, healthy, male, dieting, shape
Hampshire, UK Sept 15 2018. A morbidly obese woman sits on a bench in a park. According to the World Health Organistion 27.8% of the UK's population are obese and the UK is Europe's 3rd fattest nation
Thin, normal, fat overweight body stick figures. Different proportions of people bodies. Obese classification vector icons isolated. Slim body and overweight figure illustration
Overweight couple in park on sunny day
Young plus size woman wearing casual clothes with hand on chin thinking about question, pensive expression. smiling with thoughtful face. doubt concept.
Overweight woman discussing test results with doctor in hospital
Woman doctor examining an obese patient.
Obese young fat woman standing in yoga position at home. Chubby overweight young caucasian woman practicing fitness for losing weight and burning calories
People, youth, joy and happiness concept. Indoor shot of charming chubby young Caucasian woman with hair bun and round cheeks posing in living room, looking at camera with cute joyful smile
Beautiful overweight woman running outdoors. Fitness lifestyle
Side view of obese guy. Overweight man outdoor. Poor nutrition and sedentary lifestyle. Increased risk of heart illnesses.
Fitness Instructor In Exercise Class For Overweight People
Overweight woman having consultation at doctor's office
Overweight female (Plus size Asian model , Big woman , fat person) smiling Happy Positive thinking lifestyle concept. Enjoy with shopping online social marketing, computer smartphone using. Thumps up
Overweight parents with her son running together.
Overweight couple running in green park
Healthy weight and obese people icon set. Man, woman and children, overweight family problem. Simple flat vector symbols.
Overweight woman enjoying life. Nordic walking in alpine landscape. Healthy lifestyle and weight loss concept. Karwendel Alps, Bavaria, Germany.
Body positive portraits set - hand drawn flat style vector design concept illustration of men and women, male and female figuers. Flat style vector icons set
sad overweight man looking at himself reflection in mirror african american guy over size obesity concept flat full length horizontal copy space white background
Overweight woman in swimsuit jumps, body positive
Female doctor consulting overweight woman in clinic
overweight tattooed man sitting on bench and holding sport bottle at gym
Picture of happy obese woman wearing sportswear while holding a bottle of water on the road
A severely overweight person weighing herself or himself on a bathroom scale
Body positive people. Plus size male and female multiracial characters, attractive curvy, overweight group. Beauty diversity  illustrations. Oversize obesity, pretty large lady and male
Group Of Overweight People Attending Diet Club
Overweight  senior man measuring his weight with doctor
Body mass index vector illustration from underweight to extremely obese. Man silhouettes with different obesity degrees. Male body with different weight.
Obese person eats pizza while sitting on couch at home
Two Overweight Women On Diet Eating Healthy Meal In Kitchen
Happy fatty asian woman posing outdoor in a park
Close up of obese elderly woman relaxing on sofa.

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The Dangers of Belly Fat. man with a big belly and more likely to Clog arteries. Man at risk for diabetes. Obese people with diabetes. Belly Fat. Diet Obese people with diabetes.
A middle-aged, overweight man wearing a CPAP mask while sleeping in bed
Overweight male eating pizza with delight at night, addiction to unhealthy food
Overweight woman working out with personal trainer. Individual training outdoors. Fitness, sport, training, weight loss, teamwork and lifestyle concept.
Female doctors use stethoscope to examine the heart of obese female patients. That is at risk for coronavirus infection. The concept of treatment to prevent severe pathogens
Woman measuring weight while doctor writing notes in clinic
Overweight woman has done New Year resolution for weight loss in new year. Obese hiker walking on forest trail in winter cold weather. Nordic walking in Czech National Park Sumava.
Picture of young woman preparing for running with healthy life text at signpost
vector illustration - fat man, woman,   overweight boy, girl - silhouette
8 figures of thick women are on the scales
Invisible Sad Fat man, woman standing. Create your own reality, DIY. Healthy lifestyle. Bad habits illustration. Missing Lost, sacrifice, victim person, innocent migrant. Political leader. Campaign.
Little happy cute boy is eating donut on blue background wall. child is having fun with donut. Tasty food for kids. Funny time at home with sweet food. Bright kid.
Happy plus size women dancing on the beach - Curvy overweight girls having fun during vacation in tropical destination - Over size confident people lifestyle concept
Photo montage overweight people walking. This photo has motion blur.
Overweight woman discussing test results with doctor in hospital
Fat man on the scales. Overweight icon. Vector illustration.
Fat woman dieting, fitness and healthy food at home
Cartoon happy smiling plus size people couples. Man and woman together in love. Curvy, overweight fat people in casual dress clothes vector illustration.
Obese nude woman doing yoga exercise. Workout concept.
Silhouette of fat people eating fast food. Illustration about keeping body in good shape.
young girl and her fluffy cat eating at night
Headlines obesity, heart disease, High blood pressure, diabetes, gout etc
Health Check Annual Checkup Body Biology Concept
Women doing pregnancy exercises in nature
Full length portrait of an overweight woman dressed in sportswear isolated on white background
Overweight young woman jogging in park. Weight loss concept
Time to Lose Weight. Weight loss concept. Fat and thin man and woman.
Healthy woman running in morning on a highway. Overweight female jogging outdoors in morning.
Fat man is resting and enjoying the sun on the sunny beach
Man belly fat with tape measure weight loss around body on black background. First day of diet. Person is obese.
Sad pensive obese fat young woman eating flakes for breakfast. Starving caucasian plus size woman dieting for being in good shape
Big woman and sport
Orel, Russia - August 05, 2016: Orel city day. Oversized seller of cotton candy
Two obese women buying organic vegetables and holding a shopping cart in the grocery store
Full body portrait of a happy woman measuring weight with scale at home
Overweight woman drink water during morning walk. Copy space. Healthy lifestyle,hydration, weight losing, activity concept
Hard for fat young man to tie shoelaces, challenges obese people face every day
Obese Woman with fat belly in dieting concept. Overweight woman touching his fat belly and want to lose weight. Fat woman her waist with a centimeter.
Shape up healthy stomach muscle and diet
close up portrait of overweight obese man's hand holding his big belly
Fat woman asian exercising at home, Sport and recreation idea concept.
back view. asian fat women has overweight. she shows excess fat of the waist. isolated on violet background. she wants lose weight. concept of surgery and subcutaneous fat breakdown.
Side view of obese woman enjoying leisure time with a mobile phone and ice cream cone in the cafe
Fat woman jogging, doing sports for weight loss, obesity problem. High quality photo.
Family of fat obese overweight people standing together stick figure pictogram icons. Vector illustrations depict fat couple, family, parent, friends, brother, sister, children, and grandparent.
Picture of stressed fat woman having headache while standing by the window
Happy plus size women taking selfie with mobile smartphone on the beach - Overweight friends having fun on vacation during corona virus pandemic - Healthcare and technology concept
Blurred soft images of Asian woman doctor using a hand to hold the belly fat Of obese man patients, who received treatment for diabetes Caused by obesity, This picture focused on doctor's hand
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