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Thoughtful stressed unemployed young woman candidate waiting for job interview or hr manager employer decision, sitting on chair alone in empty office hall, feeling nervous, recruitment concept
Shy nervous bashful female employee feels embarrassed blushing afraid of public speaking at corporate group team meeting, timid stressed woman hiding face during awkward moment reporting in office
Nervous collapse. Angry screaming young adult manager holding crumpled paper in hands while sitting in office
Business, face, expression, emotion, mental stress, frustration, depression, deadline, panic set. Collection of frustrated depressed businessmen women overworking in office having nervous breakdown.
Set of different people in fire vector flat illustration. Collection of man and woman feeling stress at work, anger, or love surrounded by flame isolated on white. Concept of emotional expression
A boss scolds an employee at the office, office work. Concept vector illustration
Businessman screaming on mobile phone. Having nervous breakdown at work, screaming in anger, stress management, mental distress problems, losing temper, reaction on failure
Business male feeling stress having problem at work vector flat illustration. Man office worker worried looking at screen of laptop isolated. Something went wrong. Nervous guy at workplace
Stressed business woman leader executive in tension feels worried thinking of problem challenge at meeting, female speaker nervous about result waiting for clients decision after sales presentation
Business people in suits express various emotions. A woman with a curious look with her hands open. Surprised man. Man touching the back hair. hand drawing illustration.
Stressed male speaker or presenter worried before making presentation for colleagues in meeting room, nervous employee wipe face scared to speak in public, afraid to present business report in office.
Exhausted female worker sit at office desk take off glasses feel unwell having dizziness or blurry vision, tired woman employee suffer from migraine or headache unable to work. Health problem concept
Nervous sweaty business man speaker preparing speech afraid of public speaking wiping wet forehead with handkerchief feeling stressed or worried about sweating before important office performance
Stressed multiracial team thinking of problem solution at emergency office meeting, sad diverse business people group shocked by bad news, upset colleagues in panic after company bankruptcy concept
Portrait of charming, emotional, worried, nervous woman with glasses on head and hairstyle gesture with hands, looking at computer, something went wrong, can't get in time, sitting at desk
Stressed multitasking man trying to get in time making many work use computer vector flat illustration. Male office worker hurrying working isolated on white. Missing deadline and bad time management
Deadline concept. Idea of many work and few time. Employee in a hurry. Panic and stress in office. Business problems. Flat illustration
Stressed nervous stuttering inexperienced businesswoman standing at office door feeling afraid worried before performance reading paper preparing business speech, public speaking fear anxiety concept
Angry boss in office flat vector illustration. Frightened employees shocked by furious top manager cartoon characters. Stressful working environment concept. Missing deadlines, finding guilty workers
Young man holding laptop and pushing button with anger having problems with gadget work
Businessman working with computer in modern office. Headshot of male entrepreneur or company director at workplace. Business concept
Nervous man looking how the interviewer is reading his resume during a job interview
Scared or nervous! Portrait of emotional nervous young businessman in blue shirt are sitting in cafe working online and nail biting himself cause made big mistake in laptop. Indoor, window background
Rear view nervous man standing near glass door waiting looking at participants sitting at desk at business meeting. Lack self-confidence, public speaking fear, stressed applicant before job interview
Angry boss screams in chaos at his subordinates. Stressed vector cartoon characters. Office workers hurry up with job. Fun cartoon characters. Vector illustration of work situation.
Rear view at stressed nervous middle aged senior old business woman applicant waits for job interview holding papers behind back preparing for performance feel afraid of public speaking fear concept
Stressed tired businesswoman feels exhausted sitting at office desk with laptop and crumpled paper, frustrated woman can not concentrate having writers block, lack of new ideas or creative crisis
Tired man working late in evening
Stressed frustrated young woman employee feeling pain unwell dizzy, tired of difficult office job, suffering from panic attack, hormone imbalance or having headache migraine massaging temples at work
nervous business black woman on a grey background
Nervous bearded guy waiting in queue for job talk indoor
Stressed overwhelmed young businesswoman feels tired from computer office work, exhausted female employee suffering from headache touching temple at workplace, stress at work or migraine concept
Stressed middle aged businessman received mail with bad news, worried about work mistake, business decision, solving difficult problem, looking at laptop monitor. Exhausted manager checking report.
Stressed young businessman at table on dark background
Nervous male millennial worker working at computer in shared office, trying keep calm not pay attention to problems, worried employee meditate at workplace staying patient, controlling emotions
Angry mad businesswoman in panic feels stressed at work, frustrated female office employee annoyed by business problems, tired of overwork, woman having hormonal imbalance, nervous breakdown concept
Distrustful unconvinced hr managers looking suspicious interviewing applicant feeling skeptical doubtful unsure about hiring, failed job interview performance, negative bad first impression concept
Nervous businessman peeking over desk in his office
Low angle top view advocate manager marketer realtor agent attorney banker in formal wear she sit on her armchair in red casual trendy style stylish turtleneck look netbook gadget hold hand on head
People problem concept. Ponder, minded and pained, overworked, exhausted man hold head by hands and sits in trandy casual stylish blue shirt on comfortable armchair at the wooden desk
Nervous young man drinking water from glass during job interview, business concept
Rude diverse colleagues humiliating offending stressed upset young african woman leader suffering from gender racial discrimination during meeting or feeling exhausted tired of responsibility at work
Confused bearded manager in glasses is angry because mobile phone is discharged. Millennial businessman in casual receiving bad news and spam in smartphone
Worried stressed depressed office worker business woman receiving bad news emergency phone call at work.Looking desperate.Manager solves a problem.Dismissed woman sitting in office.Getting fired.Argue
Sorry, wrong number
Stressed young lady having nervous breakdown after dismissal
Nervous african-american applicant waiting for result after job interview, hr managers making decision at background, black businessman patiently awaits for claim complaint consideration, back view
Overloaded senior businessman being upset about work, tearing papers and screaming, sitting at office desk in front of many books and files.
Group therapy patients standing and holding hands during session
Angry businessman in white shirt and necktie shouting and gesturing during cellphone conversation in front of a computer display against grey background.
Depressed businessman sitting at computer
Frightened business woman working with her laptop in the office
Worried businessman lamenting in front of a computer after a big mistake at office
Studio portrait of tired frustrated business woman or office worker sighing and wiping sweat of forehead, has emotional burnout, exhausted by long work during hot weather in the office, isolated.
Collection of scenes of tense and toxic environment in the office. Conflicts and disagreement at business meeting vector flat illustration. Boss and colleagues having problem at work

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Vintage undercover spy stealing files in a filing cabinet late at night, security, data theft and crime concept
Unhappy young Caucasian male worker in glasses look at laptop screen shocked by gadget breakdown or operational problems. Frustrated man confused surprised by unexpected error on computer device.
Funny nervous man office worker feeling sick rolling eyes, breathing into paper bag to improve well-being, overcoming stress at work. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Desperate young businesswoman unable to cope with too much work, suffering stress, overworked employee looking at camera and screaming, multitasking female boss missing deadline, nervous breakdown
Closeup of a nervous woman and her doctor wearing face masks and getting a vaccine shot in a doctor's office
Young businessman biting paper in office
Pop Art Nervous Business Woman Biting Her Fingers at Multi Tasking Office Work. Vector illustration
Young woman and recruitment procedure in corporation
Nervous sweaty public speaker sweating wiping sweat afraid or speaking at presentation, stressed worried businessman presenter feel fear panic attack anxious about speech in front of business people
Depressed handsome man sitting in office
asian man
Nervous unhappy woman office worker pointing finger at display of wall clock talking video call on laptop sitting at workplace, time to break. Indoor studio shot isolated on pink background
Nervous business woman
Cheerless depressed man is tired from work
Overwhelmed asian businessman going crazy in office
Boss yelling at his team member
Thoughtful doubtful businessman in tension thinking make difficult decision at work, stressed man put hands in prayer pray with hope pondering reflecting concerned about problem challenge sit at desk
Concept of missing deadline, bad time management. Scene of tired, nervous, stressed man clutches head at work, to do list with red ticks. Flat vector cartoon illustration isolated on white background
Riga, Latvia - March 28 2020: Young tired business man suffers from headache closed eyes touch forehead sitting at home office desk. Coronavirus economic crisis what to do if you lose your job.
Unexpected trouble. Annoyed nervous millennial woman secretary employee office manager sitting by computer screen receiving email with bad news making critical mistake having problems with connection
Frightened people afraid of failure. Terrified employees with fear of business fail. Panicked colleagues with facial expressions of anxiety and shock. Flat vector illustration of scared workers
Worried businessman with head in one hand in his office
Nervous businessman sitting next to confident businesswoman
Stressful phone calls
Nervous young Asian job applicant wait for recruiters question during interview in office, worried intern or trainee feel stressed applying for open position, meeting with hr managers. Hiring concept
Woman calming her fired mature colleague in office
Tired overworked secretary or accountant working at laptop near pile of folders and throwing papers. Vector illustration for stress at work, workaholic, busy office employee concept
Crazy stressed businessman destroying his desk and laptop with a baseball bat, job burnout concept
Nervous freelancer mother sitting on couch at home office during lockdown, working on laptop. Little child distracts from work, taking off headphones, making noise and asking attention from busy mom
Shocked stressed young woman reading document letter from bank about loan debt financial problem, frustrated worried about bills notification, troubled with bad news or failed test results in mail
Stressed employee intern suffering from gender discrimination or unfair criticism of angry male boss shouting scolding firing female worker for bad work, computer mistake or incompetence in office
Stressed sweaty inexperienced businessman male speaker sweating wiping sweat holding paper reading preparing for speech feeling nervous worried tedious waiting afraid of public speaking fear concept
Nervous indian female worker presenter speaker feels embarrassed and shy stands in front of multi-ethnic colleagues clients at conference business meeting, timid stressed not prepared employee concept
Young European female office worker seated at desk in modern workplace alone closed eyes makes inhale exhale exercise reducing anxiety stress or panic attack, migraine painful feelings relief concept
Overwhelmed unhappy young woman taking off glasses, rubbing eyes, feeling exhausted, working remotely on computer at home. Tired stressed lady suffering from dry eyes syndrome, massaging nose bridge.
Sick woman distracted from work feeling unwell sitting in front of computer, stressed female employee have anxiety attack at workplace, upset woman suffer from headache or dizziness in office
Upset frustrated and confused female worker folding hands on chin feels puzzled having problem troubles and doubts about business moments, sitting in shared modern office with multinational coworkers
Businesswoman sleeping on printer at office. Overworked concept.
Sick frustrated sad young indian woman in pain cope with headache, eye strain emotional mental stress cry feel anxiety pressure panic attack touching nose bridge, face close up view, migraine concept
Stressed annoyed office employee manager having headache migraine at business meeting with complaining client customer tired of angry colleagues arguing shouting having conflict dispute at workplace
young crazy man poses and concepts
Photo from back of businesswoman interviewing and reading resume of nervous female applicant during job interview - business, career and placement concept
Angry businesswoman feeling nervous holding clipboard vector flat illustration. Irritated female boss looking on mistake at documents isolated. Woman office worker having problem or misunderstanding
Woman covering ears, irritated with noise in office, nervous breakdown at work
Thoughtful concept. Woman working on a computer at a cafe while gazing through the window glass.
Shocked afraid worried young indian girl look at laptop computer screen terrified read bullying social media message feel bad surprise stress panic about stuck computer problem concept at home office
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