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divided, focused and unfocused photography, as seen by a person with myopia
boy sitting ubfocused glasses in focus. Concept problem of ophthalmology correction of myopia. back to school. Selective focus. upset child.
Close up of eye glasses for nearsightedness myopia with vision blurry, but sharp in lenses. Bad eyesight concept
Banner little boy with glasses correcting myopia close-up portrait. Ophthalmology problem. Selective focus
Portrait of a happy mature male patient undergoing vision check with special ophthalmic glasses
Common vision disorders. Astigmatism, Myopia and Hyperopia
teenager kid boy in myopia correction glasses close up portrait
Cute child girl suffering headache, first myopia symptom, loss of eyesight
Half of a medical test glasses for high myopia with -15 diopters. This optician instrument contains three lens on. Vision care background.
Clear cityscape focused in glasses lenses with blurred cityscape background
The young woman has poor eyesight. Girl holds glasses for sight in her hands.
Infographics of myopia. Defects of vision. Illustration of a cute girl with glasses. Causes and treatment of the disease.
Refractive errors eyeball. Myopia.
Asian elderly man who has eye pain and poor vision, Long sighted, Glaucoma.
Concept photo of myopia or nearsightedness as diseases of eye and the optical system. In the background blurry fuzzy table for testing visual acuity, in the front - head of the person in focus closeup
Myopia and myopia corrected by a minus lens. Eye vision disorder.
Male trying to read newspaper in park, poor sight, farsightedness, myopia
Handsome boy in glasses plays tablet. The concept of poor eyesight, harm of gadgets, myopia.
Eyeglasses held in air to spot the sight difference of someone affected by Myopia
Young stressed businesswoman sitting with laptop and looking at screen with concerned facial expression. Surprised and focused business person staring at laptop computer screen worried and interested
Poor Eyesight Concept. Girl Looking At Cellphone Screen Through Eyeglasses Having Vision Problem Indoor. Selective Focus
Ophthalmology vector illustration. Flat tiny eyes health persons concept. Abstract lens view examination checkup. Patient myopia and foresight focus correction treatment with pills drops and glasses.
Asian male trying to read something in his book. poor sight, presbyopia, myopia.
Half of a test glasses for high myopia. This optician instrument contains three lens on. Vision care background.
Happy smart and nerd toddler asian boy raised hand when he win play wooden toy block at home.Boy child kid wearing glasses.myopia or Short sighted.Positive human emotion, Attitude and self esteem.
Closeup portrait of young man with glasses.  Handsome guy is holding his eyeglasses right in front of camera with one hand. The concept is isolated on a white background.
close up of phoropter eyesight measurement testing machine, Eye health check and ophthalmology concept.
View through eyeglasses to nature
Male ophthalmologist with eyeglasses in clinic, closeup
the young man holds glasses with diopter lenses and looking at the book, the problem of myopia, vision correction
Eyesight disorders. Normal eye, Astigmatism, hyperopia and myopia.
Handsome young man and his little cute daughter are checking the eye vision in modern ophthalmology clinic. Dad and daughter with doctor ophthalmologist.
Little girl visiting an optician. Ophthalmologist concept
glasses with correction of blur
Closeup portrait of young man with glasses. He has eyesight problems and is squinting his eyes a little bit. Handsome guy is holding his eyeglasses right in front of camera with one hand
Beautiful young blonde girl holding glasses and squinting trying to read the inscription in front of her. Girl student with poor eyesight have difficulty reading small text.
Myopia, short sightedness or near sightedness eye disorder and  corrected eye by a minus lens or biconcave negative lens. The light is focused in front of the retina. Illustration is isolated on white
male hands are holding black phone with text MYOPIA on white background
Woman with eyesight problems trying to read on line content in a laptop at home
Myopia and myopia corrected by a minus lens. Eye vision disorder.
Ophthalmologist Doctor Test Myopia Eye. Male Oculist with Pointer Checkup Optometry for Eyeglasses. Medical Optician Team hold Eyewear, Drop for Treatment Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration
Illustration of the three visual defects Myopia, Hyperopia and Astigmatism and how to correct it with biconcave and biconvex lenses - with glasses or contact lenses.
Cute girl screwing up her eyes, trying to see letters on table for vision test
boy sitting ubfocused glasses in focus. Concept problem of ophthalmology correction of myopia. back to school. Selective focus. upset child.
Common vision disorders. Astigmatism, Myopia and Hyperopia
Myopia, close-up portrait of young woman student in eyeglasses for good vision looking up, blue building background
Vision Correction Concept. Female optometrist helping male client to choose eyeglasses, holding mirror, smiling man trying on spectacles. Healthcare, Optometry, Ophthalmology And Eyesight
Close up of eye and woman wearing glasses. Optometry, myopia or laser surgery concept. Brown eyed girl with spectacles and eyeglasses. Macro portrait of face and specs. Light reflection on lens.
Myopia and normal vision. Myopia is being shortsighted. Myopia corrected with minus lens. Anatomy of the eye, cross section. Detailed illustration.
Black frame eyeglasses with myopia lenses on a wooden table.

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Professional oculist choosing lens for eyeglasses for her little patient
Myopia. Myopia is being short sighted (near sighted). Far away object seems blurry. Myopia corrected by a minus lens. Detailed anatomy of the eye, cross section.
The child is studying at home, studying at home during quarantine, educational games for children, teaching gifted children, children of genius. boy sitting ubfocused glasses in focus. Concept problem
Isolated object of myopia and eye icon. Graphic of myopia and cornea vector icon for stock.
Soft, selective focus. Myopic woman reading book up close without glasses . Woman has short eyesight / myopia problem & need eyeglasses. Myopic woman need Lasik. Myopia & near sighted eyes concept.
Four fingers decorated as four friends wearing spectacles. Suitable to be used for anything about myopia.
The concept of poor vision. Hold a contact lens and glasses in hand. Poster for advertising glasses and lenses.
Businessman working at office desk, he is staring at the laptop screen close up and holding his glasses, workplace vision problems
Girl wearing eyeglasses with eyesight problems trying to read phone text at home
woman holding glasses and contact lens on white background, Selective focus on glasses , myopia and eyesight problem concept.
Myopia is being short sighted. Far away object seems blurry. Detailed anatomy of the eye.
illustration of a healthy eye, the eye, myopia and hyperopia
Close up to the dictionary definition of myopia
eyeball anatomy, internal organs body part nervous system, shortsighted, nearsighted, longsighted, farsighted, hyperopia and myopia eyesight corrected concept, vector illustration flat design
Eye care icons set with myopia and presbyopia symbols flat isolated vector illustration
Small students painting in art school class. Child with glasses drawing by paints on table. Children's myopia because of sitting incorrectly.
Myopia, hyperopia and normal vision. Common vision disorders. Short sightedness, far sightedness and corrected eye by plus positive lens and minus negative lens. Icons with focusing of light isolated.
Young African-American woman putting in contact lenses at home
Cropped image of attractive young female doctor in ophthalmology clinic. Doctor ophthalmologist is standing near shelves with different eyeglasses.
 hipster glasses on a park bench or table with a forest in the background toned with a retro vintage instagram filter app or action effect
the young man holds glasses with diopter lenses and looks through them, the problem of myopia, vision correction
Poor Eyesight. Man In Eyeglasses Looking At Camera Squinting Eyes Having Bad Sight Over Yellow Studio Background.
Hold hands Glasses Optician, Vision Of Eyesight Eye Care Concept Vector Illustration
A little boy wearing glasses and an eye patch (plaster, occluder) undergoes a hardware vision treatment to prevent amblyopia and strabismus (squint, lazy eye). Child congenital vision disease problem
Closeup portrait headshot elderly man with glasses having trouble seeing cell phone has vision problems. Bad text message. Negative human emotion facial expression perception. Confusing technology
eyeglasses to see the clear panorama - corrective lenses to correct myopia and astigmatism
Visual inspection in the hospital for myopia patients without doctor.
The human eye. Contact lenses. Ophthalmology. Product Advertising Concept. Vector illustration.
Eye with table for checking quality of vision. Eyes myopia treatment concept
Boy child enthusiastically watching video blog or cartoons on laptop screen. Concept myopia, internet addiction.
A girl in a white T-shirt, with poor eyesight wears glasses, looking squinting, trying to figure out what is written on a yellow background
Half of a test glasses with three stacked lenses for very high myopia. Optician frames that serve as a measure instrument to do effective calculations. Vision care background.
Closeup portrait of attractive female with eyeglasses in hand. Poor young girl has issues with vision. She rubs her nose and eyes out of fatigue. A student tired to study and read books.
Messenger mail, Seo statistics and Myopia signs. Timeline infographic. Medical tablet, Sports arena and Report document line icons set. Text message, Finance symbols. Vector
Correction of various eye vision disorders by lens. Hyperopia, myopia and astigmatism.
Far Sightedness and Near Sightedness vector illustration diagram, anatomical scheme. Medical educational information.
Smart kid sitting at a table with glasses
Vector illustration. Defects of vision myopia. Cute girl with glasses.
Handsome boy in glasses plays tablet. The concept of poor eyesight, harm of gadgets, myopia.
Contact lenses macro close up. Man holding lens on finger. Customer, patient or eye doctor, oculist or optician in clinic. Myopia, eye sight or optometry concept.
Smile chat, Myopia and Friends couple signs. Chat bubbles. Like, Move gesture and Touchscreen gesture line icons set. Social media likes, Swipe, Slide left. Happy face. People set. Vector
Common vision disorders. Normal, hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism.
the girl holds on her finger and puts on a soft contact lens for one-day or planned replacement, the problem of myopia, poor vision, eye care, wearing modern silicone contact lenses
Myopia eyesight disorder. Myopia is being short sighted. Detailed illustration.
Ophthalmologist explaining patient how to use contact lenses
Set of web banner or landing page templates for ophthalmology medical service or clinic with tiny cartoon people characters. Flat trendy vector illustration.
Young female doctor ophthalmologist is helping handsome man to choose the most appropriate eyeglasses. Doctor and patient in modern ophthalmology clinic
View through eyeglasses to nature
Laser vision correction. A patient and team of surgeons in the operating room during ophthalmic surgery. Eyelid speculum. Lasik treatment. Patient under sterile cover
Poor Eyesight Concept. Black Woman Looking At Smartphone Screen Through Glasses, Having Problems With Vision, Selective Focus
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