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Mother comforting her daughter, sitting in the bedroom, hugging
Worried young foster care parent mother comforting solacing embrace adopted little child daughter give care and protection at home, loving concerned adult mom hug sad small girl consoling kid concept
Loving young mother touching upset little daughter face, expressing support, young mum comforting offended adorable preschool girl, showing love and care, child psychologist concept, close up
Loving caring adult woman foster parent mom holding little kid daughter giving comfort, protection and support concept, young tender single mother hugging adopted small child feeling love cuddling
Black and white portrait of  young Caucasian woman mother comforting her crying little toddler boy son outside in park on summer day, parenthood lifestyle concept
Upset loving mother embracing, comforting little daughter close up, expressing love and support, family enjoying tender moment, trusted good relationship, child custody, new mom for adopted child
Nice image of a young upset boy cuddling his mum
Head shot close up portrait compassionate young mother comforting little preschool daughter. Empathic upset 30s woman cuddling frustrated small kid girl. Children protection and support concept.
Close up head shot side view calm happy mixed race mother cuddling little cute daughter, touching foreheads. Tender moment family support, forgive and understanding. Adopted kid hugging foster mom.
Mother and daughter having fun at home. Girls indoors.
Head shot empathic worried young mother embracing upset little offended daughter, reconciling after quarrel. Compassionate loving mother helping unhappy small child girl overcoming problems at home.
sad young woman and her sick daughter waiting for checkup in doctor's room
Caring worried african american mother holding hand of sad little mixed race daughter talking giving support and comfort, black mom foster parent consoling small kid being bullied sit on bed at home
You are always with me in my hour of need. Attentive caring young black mother or nanny holding palms of school age daughter or ward in hands supporting her. Helping to solve problem or find desicion.
Mother Comforting Daughter
Cheerful family young mother and cute small daughter bonding touching noses in sunny room at home, happy parent mum cuddling with little preschool child girl enjoy sweet tender moment of love care
African mother and pre-teen daughter sitting together on sofa having honest pleasant conversation. Concept of trusting relationship between kid and parent, gossips secrets sharing, heart-to-heart talk
Mother comforting her crying little girl - parenthood concept
Mother and daughter hugging at wheat field during sunset
adorable sweet young afro-american mother with cute little daugh
Close up beautiful faces happy family portrait loving african daughter hugs mother, mom enjoy moment of tenderness closed eyes feels deep love to her pretty kid, adoption protection offspring concept
sad asian little girl hugging parent around shoulders on white background
Sick Child
Happy loving family. Beautiful mother is comforting his young frustrated daughter.
Mother hugging and protecting her daughter on black background. Psychology, relationships, motherhood concept
Asian mother hugging and comforting her sad daughter in bed room
Sweet kisses. Beautiful happy young long-haired mother smiling and kissing her daughter and hugging her
Mother with her baby playing with pet on the floor at the kitchen at home
sad son hugging his mother at home. Concept of couple family is in sorrow.
Close up of caring mother comforting son and holding hands while waiting in line at medical clinic, copy space
Sad little boy being hugged by his mother at home. Parenthood, Love and togetherness concept.
Vector illustration of mother and daughter sitting in armchair and reading book together while performing family education in living room at home. Home schooling, home education concept
A cute tired boy and his mother on the porch at home showing love
Young mother hugging her little daughter, they sitting near window and smiling.
Close up caring young mother hugging preschool upset son. Lovely mom embracing and supporting child in difficult times. Stressful kid asking help from mum.
Closeup sad little boy being hugged by his mother at home. Parenthood, Love and togetherness concept.
Hugging kids. Parents embrace their children. Happy family characters comforted talking mother father and baby vector group
Touching portrait image of loving motherly hug. Mother showing her affection and love towards her beloved teenage daughter through warm tightly embrace. Happy Christmas time or mothers day background
Close up portrait of a mother kissing to her asleep baby daughter sitting on a sofa in the living room at home with a warm light
A woman hugging a boy in a field.
Loving worried mom psychologist consoling counseling talking to upset little child girl showing care give love support, single parent mother comforting sad small sullen kid daughter feeling offended
Sad Mother Trying to Comfort Crying Baby Girl. Mother and daughter crying together feeling sadness
Mother hugging her sad child.
Close up biracial family portrait loving mother and little daughter sitting on couch at home hugging with closed eyes. Love, new mom for adopted child, warm relationships, caring elder sister concept
a Muslim mother wakes up her son's to eat when it comes to dawn in the month of Ramadan
sad daughter and understanding mother, good family life
adorable sweet young afro-american mother with cute little daugh
Young mother holding her crying baby girl
Mother & Child
Cute little girl child embrace happy young mother show gratitude and love, caring happy smiling mom hug small preschooler daughter make peace reconcile after fight, family bonding, unity concept
Young caucasian mother trying to comforting her little son after sitting in corner. Parenthood concept.
Full length front view smiling young curly mother sitting on comfortable couch with cute playful little preschool daughter in lotus position. Happy mommy practicing yoga exercised with small child.
Close up portrait of smiling young mom hug cuddle cute small daughter look at camera posing, happy mother embrace little preschooler girl child show love care, enjoying tender moment together
Top view of overjoyed young Asian mother lie in comfortable bed with small biracial girl child have fun in bedroom together, happy Vietnamese mom and little daughter laugh enjoy early morning at home
Child psychologist with a little girl, a child is crying

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Close up of smiling mom and little daughter relax in cozy bed read funny interesting children book together, happy mother and small preschooler girl child enjoy fairytale rest in comfortable bedroom
Attractive sad woman embraces little frustrated girl rear view, daughter snuggle to mother seeking for support and protection, concept of empathy and consoling or people make peace after scold concept
Dreamy affectionate curly mother cuddling small preschool daughter, looking away. calm pleasant mommy embracing little child girl. planning weekend, thinking of future, enjoy sweet moment at home.
Cute little preschooler girl child hug from back young mother have fun together cuddle on couch at home, smiling mother play with small daughter enjoy weekend leisure time, bonding concept. Copy space
Head shot portrait little preschool kid girl embracing smiling mommy nanny babysitter, relaxing together on comfy sofa. Happy young mother cuddling small child daughter, enjoying tender sweet moment.
Sad little boy hugging his mother at home
Happy family young mother and cute small kid daughter laugh look at camera covered with warm white duvet, smiling mom having fun with funny little child girl lay in cozy bed under blanket, portrait
Overjoyed young mum sit on couch feel playful have fun with cute little preschooler daughter, happy mother relax play with small funny girl child enjoy leisure weekend time at home together
Cheerful adult mom playing laughing with little kid daughter on sofa, playful young parent mother having fun with pretty cute child girl enjoying laughter funny family lifestyle relaxing sit on couch
Unhappy Pre teen boy in school
Loving single black mother hugging african daughter caressing cuddling, caring mom embracing supporting girl, mum and kid sincere warm relationships, foster care, child custody, adoption concept
Mother comforting her crying child
Side view of young mother carrying sleeping baby at park
Young mother carrying her baby in a shawl sling. Walk in the fall, free hands, comfort.
black and white portrait of a sad little girl and her mother
Girl trying to comfort and encourage to her sad best friend stressing. Hand drawn style vector design illustrations.
Young mother hugging baby
Loving mom laughing caressing touching noses with cute kid daughter sitting on sofa at home, happy mother and little child girl hugging having fun playing enjoy funny moments good time together
Mother holds cute daughter on her lap. Hair envelops them like night. Mom soothes and comforts little daughter. Vector illustration.
Worried parent young mom comforting depressed crying teen daughter bonding at home. Loving understanding mother apologizing or supporting sad teenage girl having psychological puberty problem concept.
Loving mother consoling or trying make peace with insulted upset stubborn kid daughter avoiding talk, sad sulky resentful girl pouting ignoring caring mom embracing showing support to offended child
sad girl.sad children wants to embrace.Teacher Comforting Upset Elementary School Pupil.teacher comforting crying preschool girl.Girl feeling guilty.
Affectionate sweet family young adult mom and small pretty cute daughter embracing bonding in sunny bedroom enjoying tender moments of foster care parent mother child love concept hugging at home
Mother with her baby playing with pet on the floor at the kitchen at home
Sad daughter tightly hugging her mother telling about her problems, mother love
Mother comforting crying little baby
African American mother hugging her daughter.
Happy mommy and kid daughter holding hands jumping on sofa together, baby sitter or mother playing having fun with cute kid girl at home, young mum and child enjoy spending time laughing together
Mother comforts her crying baby while walking on a sunflower field at sunset.
Happy fit sporty mother or baby sitter and funny active child daughter having fun dancing together at home, smiling mom and kid girl enjoy moving to music raising hands standing in living room
Young mother with her 6 years old little son dressed in pajamas are relaxing and playing in the bed at the weekend together, lazy morning, warm and cozy scene.
Upset little girl. Sad Small child.Sad child looking in camera.she wants hugging her mother
Beautiful Child
Sad teenager daugher and her loving mother.
Attractive woman and little girl sitting on comfortable couch at home. Young mother talking communicates with small adorable daughter. Best friends happy motherhood weekend together with kid concept
Cute preschool child daughter holding book reading fairy tale to mom lying in bed together, happy mother listening focused little kid girl learning to read relaxing in bedroom enjoy bedtime stories
Side view close up faces mother gently waking up or puts to sleep in afternoon nap little daughter kiss her forehead, kid girl lying in bed enjoy tender moment with mom, love, caress and care concept
Young mother hugging and soothing a crying little daughter, Asian mother trying to comfort and calm down her crying child
African American mother kissing her daughter.
Cute crying baby girl lying on shoulder of loving mother soothing and hugging her
Young mother hugging and soothing a crying little daughter, Asian mother trying to comfort and calm down her crying child
Teacher Comforting Upset Elementary School Pupil.teacher comforting crying preschool girl.
Portrait of Asian mother comforting her crying daughter in the park, Family outdoor lifestyle.
Mother Comforting Daughter Victimized By Text Bullying
Goodnight mother to her little daughter who sleeps at night in her bedroom and sees the moonlight coming through the window and lighting her sweet face. Concept of: peaceful dreams, family, relaxation
mother comforting crying daughter, family problem solution
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