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Misunderstanding, communication problem between man, woman. Couple feeling disagreement or quarrel, difference of opinion, failure to talk, marriage psychology. Vector flat style cartoon illustration
Family silhouette mother, father, son. Concept psychology of family relations, communication between adults and children. Vector illustration
Two funny looking business men having troubled communication
vector illustration two persons with faces inside and communication process for internal conflict and misunderstanding visual
misunderstanding, two people having alternative views
Two funny looking men having troubled communication
In quarrel elderly mother grown up daughter sit on couch separately having conflict, intergenerational misunderstanding, adult grandchild grandma difficult bad relations different generations concept
Authoritative senior gray-haired mother sit on couch with adult daughter lecturing scolding, unhappy annoyed grownup young woman bothered by mature mom parenting control, generation gap concept
Language barrier concept. Handsome man talking to an attractive young woman with question mark
confusing, unbelievable story - two people having communication issue
Doubting dissatisfied man looking at woman, bad first date concept, young couple sitting at table in cafe, talking, bad first impression, new acquaintance in public place, unpleasant conversation
Communication barrier - a tangled coil cord with a pair of telephone handset, connected but not getting through, concept for communication breakdown, misunderstanding or lost in translation.
Upset siblings boy and girl sulking sitting with arms crossed on sofa not talking, kids brother sister ignoring each other after fight about tv channel choice, children conflicts and rivalry concept
Stressed business woman and man resting head on laptop sitting at table frustrated with each other exchanging with clutter of negative thoughts and emotions. Distant relationship concept
Group of people having questions.
Colorful image closeup of outraged woman with afro hairstyle throwing up hand and expressing misunderstanding isolated over blue background
Young African American man in suit sitting in armchair holding hands apart and frowning in misunderstanding using laptop in office
Communication breakdown. Misunderstanding. Negotiation problems
Miscommunication , Tin Can Communications
Asian and caucasian partners negotiating on contract terms at meeting, chinese businesswoman disagreeing arguing with businessmen having claim complaint about fraud scam, dispute about terms concept
misunderstanding words written on white notes on blue board
Cartoon working little people near abyss. Doodle cute miniature scene of two teams with megaphones. Hand drawn vector illustration for business design and infographic.
Confused doubtful looking men and women
Vector stock for misunderstand
Application screen for problem solving or metaphor misunderstanding concept. Teamwork and finding difficult answer or solution, cube with question mark, lamp. Teamwork and brainstorm, solve theme
Faces on chicken eggs in the form of facial expressions, reflecting emotions. The concept of racism, misunderstanding, a barrier in relations, denial of society. Barriers between people, prejudice.
Hands of diverse business people showing thumbs up and down, like versus dislike gesture, positive negative feedback, yes and no opposition voting, confrontation disagreement at negotiations concept
Man and a woman in a quarrel. Conflicts between husband and wife. Two characters sitting back to back, disagreement, relationship troubles. Concept of divorce, misunderstanding in family. Vector.
Dispute, conflict, stress, quarrel, abuse, misunderstanding concept. Displeased young couple having conflict during conversation, quarrelling and arguing with aggressive gestures between each other
Frustrated annoyed woman confused by computer problem, annoyed businesswoman feels indignant about laptop crash, bad news online or disgusting video on web, stressed student looking at broken pc
Multiracial colleagues argue about document disagree having conflict at work, diverse coworkers disputing about mistake in paperwork, african businesswoman blaming caucasian partner of bad contract

 misunderstanding   due to communication problems
Couple, divorce quarrel, crisis, family concept. Young angry man boyfriend and woman girlfriend husband wife characters sitting separately from each other. Relationship break up and misunderstanding.
Disgruntled workers or dissatisfied angry clients customers arguing having complaint dispute conflict with lawyer about bad contract demanding fraud compensation negotiating at work office meeting
Teddy bears sit with their backs to each other. Autumn forest path. The concept of resentment, misunderstandings and conflict in relationships
Group of multicultural people women and men covering their ears do not want to listen each other
Collection of scenes of tense and toxic environment in the office. Conflicts and disagreement at business meeting vector flat illustration. Boss and colleagues having problem at work
Business communication breakdown vector concept. Symbol of misunderstanding, negotiation problems, miscommunication, argument. Eps10 vector illustration.
Questions exclamation marks comic bubble retro text pop art style. Confusion misunderstanding
The concept of misunderstanding, a barrier in relations, denial of society. Barriers between people, prejudice.
Misunderstanding vector illustration. Problems in relationships. Man woman talking through the wall.  Sketch style people in love setup. Conflict, divorce. Wall between couple. Family psychology
Misunderstanding and distant call. Upset young woman talking on mobile phone has many questions isolated on gray background.
Confused person handdrawn illustration. Cartoon vector clip art of a portrait of a surprised man with confused thoughts and a question in his head. Black and white sketch of misunderstanding concept
Couple quarrel flat vector illustration. Family arguing. Relationship crisis and misunderstanding. Angry woman, man in confusion isolated cartoon characters with outline elements on white background
Illustration for Misunderstanding
Cartoon flat funny redhead hippie woman character in glasses and jeans jacket. Ready for animation. Girl tired, laughing and showing misunderstanding. Isolated on yellow background. Vector set.
Sulky angry offended aggrieved child girl pouting ignoring avoiding mother trying to embrace and talk to upset stubborn daughter about misunderstanding problem, difficult kid insult behavior concept
African American millennial guy feel lonely sitting alone in café, offended black student avoid talking to friends having misunderstanding, young man outcast suffer from racial discrimination
A conceptual image of problem of autism. Barrier, wall, misunderstanding in society. Desire to help autistic. A new look at the problem of autism. Society through eyes of person with an autism disorde
Senior husband and wife sit on couch at home talk dispute on family relations problem, stubborn mature couple having disagreement misunderstanding speak discuss health troubles or relationships
Angry male employee confused working at computer, solve business problems on phone, mad worker talk on cell arguing with client or customer, man busy at pc having serious conversation on cellphone
Misunderstanding businessman clutching head

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Misunderstanding lady shrugging shoulders and looking away. Pretty woman spreading out her hands. Incomprehension concept
Misunderstandings can make us blind - pictured as word Misunderstandings on a blindfold to symbolize that it can cloud perception, 3d illustration
Misunderstandings in team. Nervous office workers are arguing, teamwork communication problems and teamwork anxiety. Angry unhappy person solution problem finding talk isolated vector illustration
Man talking to an attractive woman with question mark
Head shot close up upset abused offended woman sitting on sofa, ignoring her apologizing husband. Young man feeling sorry, asking forgiveness to depressed wife. Family relationship problems concept.
Failure and disappointment. Disappointed partner. Sad thoughts concept. Doubts and sorry. Man argue while guy feel sorry. Fail and misunderstanding. I am sorry. Feel guilty. Men failed deal.
misunderstanding thin line icon, sign, symbol, illustation, linear concept, vector
Two girls children sadly look at the lake with a soft toy teddy bear, siblings and girlfriends relationship, quarrel and misunderstanding concept, social distance, autumn in the park, brown toning
Heads with question marks and exclamation, concept of misunderstanding
Misunderstanding landing page vector template. Problems in relationships. Webpage design layout with flat illustrations. Conflict, divorce. Wall between couple. Family psychology website, web banner
Curious young businessman with questions listening to angry self inner voice
Couple businessman businesswoman talking megaphone loudspeaker opposite sides canyon chasm abyss  background. Flat web site vector illustration. Misunderstanding conflict opposition business concept.
Suffer grief. Failure and disappointment. Disappointed man. Sad concept. Doubts and sorry. Man cry feel sorry. Fail and misunderstanding. I am sorry. Feel guilty. Man failed. Personal drama.
Misunderstandings in family. Angry mother talking to her male teenager against white background
Negative thinking, bad experience feedback, unhappy client, difficult customer, poor service quality, angry red face, mad emoticon sticker, hate and furious, vector icon, flat illustration
People style stylish health care healthcare  person doubt concept. Close up portrait of concentrated beautiful lady with bad vision  touching glasses trying to read text isolated on gray background
two heads of people with confused thoughts in their heads are talking and talking nonsense. misunderstanding and gossip concept. psychology of communication. vector illustration isolated
Upset wife sit on couch crying listening to furious husband yelling, unhappy couple have fight or disagreement at home, sad woman feel desperate and down with mad spouse scolding and lecturing
Bad teamwork, misunderstanding concept sketch. Hand drawn isolated vector
Arrow sign with mistake - check portfolio for more
Frustrated excluded outstand african american man suffers from bullying or racial discrimination having no friends sitting alone in cafe, sad depressed black guy upset being rejected by white people
Photo of attractive teen lady two funny buns bed mood arms crossed moody negative misunderstanding offended boyfriend wear casual striped sweater isolated blue color background
People behavior flat vector illustrations set. Couples quarrel, sympathize, argue, make friends. Men and women relationship isolated cartoon characters with outline elements on white background
Bad date of couple, dislike and divorce. Business meeting and conflict of man and woman. Anger of woman and man. Break up relations and love. Couple with misunderstanding at restaurant.
Sad young couple sitting in living room and having problems. Wife sitting in living room after argument. Lover couple relationship problems.
Frustrated two people aggressive kid girl yell scream mother touch nose suffer headache hate family misunderstanding wear denim jeans checkered plaid shirt isolated pastel color background
Angry mother quarreling, irritated couple hugging, misunderstanding conflict
Offended millennial adult daughter and senior mother sit aside back to back avoid talking after fight, hurt stubborn two generations of women ignore each other after conflict, misunderstanding concept
Unhappy young millennial married couple sitting on couch in living room at home and quarrelling. Husband and wife emotionally arguing talking cheating. Break up and problems in relationships concept
Side profile two men using laptop computer one educated has bright ideas the other ignorant has many questions. Level of technology education concept
Male colleague set apart angry diverse business men coworkers argue fighting at corporate office meeting, mad employees quarreling shouting having conflict at work, racial hatred harassment concept
Unhappy couple sitting together on couch at home, woman with handkerchief crying, man looking at her, break up, interruption pregnancy, misunderstanding, relationships problem concept, close up
Husband and wife sitting on different sides of couch not looking at each other and not talking, being in quarrel thinking about relationship problems, break up. Concept of family misunderstanding
Man and woman quarrel and swear at each other. The psychological concept of family quarrel, conflict and misunderstanding
Conflict with parents, father and mother scolding a teenage boy. A teenage boy ignores his parents. Children's misunderstanding with their families. Vector characters.
Strained relationship. Couple having misunderstanding in open air cafe, female looking down at her phone
Worried unhappy couple arguing about debt or high domestic bills with laptop and documents, young family having quarrel discussing wasting money bankruptcy problem sitting together on sofa at home
Man and woman standing back to each other in wheat field. Quarrel and misunderstanding in family.
Two groups of people are divided by a red prohibition sign NO. prohibition, taboo, and rejection. Conservatism, misunderstanding new. Laws Restrictions of rights and freedoms. Civil conflict.
Two funny looking women having troubled communication
artificial intelligence robot speaks to the human. Vintage pop art retro illustration. Computer and new technology
Tween son in headphones looks at the digital tablet display while his father yells at him through a megaphone
Business comunication or negotiation problems, issues. Two businessmen icons with gap between them. Eps10 vector illustration.
Angry man accusing shocked female colleague, intern, blaming for mistake. Disagreement, misunderstanding, bad negotiations, arguing, showing disrespect, gender discrimination.
Young couple lying in bed under blanket in bedroom at home, man sleeping, pensive frustrated woman in lingerie thinking about relationships, cheat, treason, family having sexual problems close up
A young couple sits on opposite sides of the couch and quarrels. People spend time at home. The psychological concept of family quarrel and misunderstanding. Home conflict
Head shot stressed confused young mixed race woman sitting in sofa separately with offended husband, ignoring each other after conflict quarrel, marriage relationship misunderstanding problem.
Young strict mother or sister scolding stubborn sulky kid girl in living room at home, offended daughter ignoring angry mom reprimanding disobedient child for bad behavior, family conflict concept
red figurine of a man stands aside from the crowd of people. Asociality, sociopathy. Rejected from society, lonely. Development of leadership and social qualities. Infected, fear and misunderstanding.
Skeptical businesswoman in eyeglasses expressing disagreement with colleague during discussion
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