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Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Depressed mature woman lying in bed with bottle of pills top view, covering head with pillow, unhappy older female suffering from insomnia or depression, psychological problem, overdose concept
Young man standing alone on edge of footbridge and staring at lake. Mist over water. Foggy air. Early chilly morning in autumn. Beautiful freedom moment and peaceful atmosphere in nature. Back view.
reflection umbrella in puddle background. rain backdrop. autumn season, wet weather, rainy day, fall time concept. copy space
Upset young man drinker alcoholic sitting at bar counter with glass drinking whiskey alone, sad depressed addicted drunk guy having problem suffer from alcohol addiction abuse, alcoholism concept
Melancholic beautiful portrait profile. Young girl, autumn mood, birds in the city sky. The port is abrasive against the background. Romantic affecting mood
calm man walking in the sand between two seas
Woman in depression with bewildered thoughts in her mind. Young sad girl sitting and unhappy hugging her knees.
Portrait of young sad woman with anxiety disorder, anorexia ans loneliness concept
Blurry reflection  silhouette of one person  walking alone  on wet city park sidewalk on a rainy day
Woman with mask looking at a closed fashion clothes storefront.Clothing shopping during coronavirus outbreak shutdown.COVID-19 quarantine apparel retail store closures.Small business loss concept.
Pensive thoughtful middle aged lady looking away sit alone at home feel anxious lonely, sad depressed melancholic old mature woman suffer from sorrow grief thinking of problem suffer from solitude
Portrait of a beautiful sad woman sitting in the car in rainy weather, pensive girl looking through the window glass with rain drops, autumn melancholy concept
Girl with umbrella standing on the field with trees.
Sad thoughtful worried african american girl sit on sofa looking away feel depressed doubtful, lonely stressed upset young black girl thinking of psychological problem thinking regret about mistake
A girl sitting on the river bank in silence
leaf fall autumn / fallen yellow leaves in the hands of a single girl walking in the park, concept autumn melancholy mood
Depressed woman holds an open umbrella, which does not save her from the rain. Sad girl is in a stressful state. Colorful vector illustration in flat cartoon style
Depressed middle aged businessman with a laptop computer.
Young girl looking out the window on a rainy day
Geneva, Switzerland - 09/04/2018: Melancholy, a sculpture by Albert Gyorgy, depicts the emptiness experienced during the grief process. The Jet d'Eau makes the sculpture appear to be crying.
Thinking young woman in the office.
traveler woman looking at uncontaminated nature
Sad thoughtful teen girl sits on chair feels depressed, offended or lonely, upset young woman suffers from abuse, harassment or heartbreak, grieving lady or violence victim has psychological problem
Sad stressed old middle aged woman widow mourning crying alone sit on couch at home, upset desperate senior mature elder grandma grieving weeping suffering from anxiety grief sorrow disease concept
Depressed young woman near window at home, closeup
Young girl, looking sad, leaning against tree, in autumnal park
Traveler hand holding feather in mountains Traveling alone adventure lifestyle melancholy solitude emotions moody landscape nature
Upset depressed young woman lying on couch feeling strong headache migraine, sad tired drowsy teenager exhausted girl resting trying to sleep after nervous tension and stress, somnolence concept
Girl in sun rays walking with beagle dog on leash in forest path.
Thoughtful girl sitting on sill embracing knees looking at window, sad depressed teenager spending time alone at home, young upset pensive woman feeling lonely or frustrated thinking about problems
Desperate sad young man looking at bad text message on his mobile phone. Broken heart. Hand drawn style vector design illustrations.
Sad little girl sitting alone with her teddy bear
Set of depression doodles. Set of heartbreak doodle. Depression signs and symptoms. Concept of stress, sadness, depression, metaphor isolated on white background.
Vector catoon illustration of sad girl sitting and unhappily hugging her knees and cry. Woman in depression.
Vector illustration of a man in depressive state of mind. Depression and frustration concept. Monochrome artwork dedicated to mental health problems.
Winter seasonal affective disorder SAD depression mood alone Asian girl feeling lonely - stress, anxiety, melancholy emotions. Sadness at home.
Head shot close up serious pensive older man looking out window, thoughtful mature male with grey hair lost in thoughts or memories, thinking about problem, nostalgia and melancholy, mental disorder
Silhouette of a thinking black woman.
Unpleasant pain. Sad unhappy handsome man sitting on the sofa and holding his forehead while having headache
Pensive 70s woman sitting on couch thinking about difficulties of life personal failure bad period, health problems feeling fatigue and tiredness resting at home, in sad thoughts and troubles concept
Silhouette of a thinking black woman.
sad woman looks nostalgically at her lover's empty chair
mask phantom logo design vector icon illustration inspiration
Upset young woman look far in window thinking about personal troubles, sad female feeling blue after breakup with lover or boyfriend, hurt offended girl grieve at home having relationships problems
Thoughtful serious anxious mature senior woman feeling blue worried about problems, pensive upset sad middle aged grey haired lady looking away thinking of loneliness, getting older and depression
Portrait of elderly black man looking at camera in retirement home, with group of friends in background. Patients relaxing in hospice for seniors.
Sad Bored Woman Having No Fun At Christmas Dinner Party - Funny girl wearing reindeer horns headband at Xmas Party
Elderly caucasian 80 years old woman sitting at kitchen table,sad facial expression,having the look of uncertainty, melancholy,nostalgia or sadness, insecure retirement life concept, Coronavirus COVID
Young Woman Enjoying her morning coffee or tea, Looking Out the Rainy Window. Beautiful romantic unrecognizable girl drinking hot beverage at cozy home. Rainy Day Mood.
Lonely Girl due to self distancing at home during Corona virus. Quarantine from Covid-19 World Pandemic.Anxiety child looking worried through window glass waving
Funeral flower, lonely red rose flower at the beach, water background with copy space, burial at sea. Empty place for a text. Funeral symbol and Condolence card concept
Someone giving hand to depressed woman at home
Crying wont help. Lonely single man. Hispanic guy feeling lonely and melancholy. Lonely man suffering from depression. Unhappy latino man crying over lonely life.
Depressed young woman sitting on floor at home
Depressed senior woman at home feeling sad. Elderly woman looks sadly outside the window. Depressed lonely lady standing alone and looking through the window.

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Portrait of a crying girl. Sad young woman with eyes closed. Depression and stress. Vector flat illustration
STATE OF MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL - MAY 15, 2020: Beds with no mattress in old musty bedroom
Sad Woman walking in park with autumn leaves on background outdoor Seasonal melancholy Lifestyle concept
Portrait of a sad crying bearded man in glasses, wearing in colorful shirt, looks unhappy and upset. Isolated over pink background, people and emotions concept.
Young couple lying in bed under blanket in bedroom at home, man sleeping, pensive frustrated woman in lingerie thinking about relationships, cheat, treason, family having sexual problems close up
African spouses not talking after dispute feels anxious, people thinking over problems in relationships married couple on the verge of separation need counsellor for prevent divorce, break up concept
Concerned aged mother and adult daughter sit on couch having serious conversation, young woman talk with worried elderly mom, listen to her sharing problems or concerns, help dealing with depression
Thinking attractive asian woman in office.
Lost on sad thoughts millennial 30s woman sitting on couch at home feels emptiness by personal difficulties and unsolvable problems, concept of jealous wife, lonely single frustrated female concept
Couple outdoors in the autumn, woman looking sad
Isolated White Thinker Man on Light Background. Low Poly Vector 3D Rendering
Stressed miserable black woman hold head in hands suffer from grief problem, depressed lonely upset african girl crying alone on sofa at home troubled with pregnancy regret mistake abortion concept
Lonely smoking man on a hill by the sea under the starry sky. Abstraction displays emotions such as sadness, loneliness, melancholy, sorrow, nostalgia, homesickness, stargazing. Hand drawn artwork.
alone woman sitting next to her lover's empty chair
Thinking asian woman in office.,
Depressed emotions concept: man standing at the end of a jetty, on a foggy, autumn morning.
Closeup Thoughtful young Asian woman looking through glass window with raindrops at her home. Autumn melancholy concept
A girl and a boy are waiting for a phone call. Hand drawn style vector design illustrations.
Sad little girl sitting on stairs
Thoughtful concept. Woman working on a computer at a cafe while gazing through the window glass.
Displeased bearded young male finds out awful news about best friend, has spoiled party, looks miserable and dispirited, curves lips, expresses melancholy or discontet. Negative human emotions
sad beautiful brunette woman thinking about problems in the kitchen, concept of depression and problems, selective focus and abstraction
Upset depressed melancholy sad crying woman in protective face mask with tears eyes during serious illness, coronavirus outbreak and flu covid-19 epidemic. Health problems difficulties
Melancholy. Dreamer. Fantasy illustration
Depressed young girl crying covering her face with her hands. Weeping woman emotions grief. Human character vector illustration isolated from white background
Hiker watching to Sun at horizon. Beautiful moment the miracle of nature. Colorful mist in valley. Man hike.
sad woman with her head down looking through the window with her eyes closed
Depressed sad man in trouble sitting on couch holding head in hands feeling pain lonely heartbroken upset worried hopeless, stressed desperate guy loser having problems, grieving, regrets of mistake
 Black and white background depicting raindrops running down the glass on the window in a dark sad cloudy weather. Melancholy.
Young sad girl sitting and unhappy hugging her knees and cry. Woman in depression with gloomy thoughts in speech bubble
Pensive middle-aged woman sit on couch in living room using laptop look in distance thinking or pondering, thoughtful senior female distracted lost in thoughts feel lonely or sad at home
Handsome depressed man near window, closeup
Bad mood. Negative delighted brunette wrinkling his forehead and pressing lips while being deep in thoughts
Man Melancholy Smiley Icon Vector. Isometric Man Melancholy Smiley sign. color isolated symbol illustration
Portrait of sad young teen girl feeling unhappy, miserable and melancholy suffering from depression. In facial expressions, negative emotions and emotional pain in youth. isolated on moody background.
Side view of sad thoughtful middle-aged mature woman sit on couch at home look in window distance mourning, upset pensive senior female lost in thoughts thinking or pondering over past
Depressed sad young addicted woman feeling bad drinking whiskey alone in bar, stressed frustrated lonely female drinker alcoholic suffer from alcohol addiction having problem, alcoholism concept
Terminally Ill Male Patient Lies on a Bad In the Hospital. Melancholy and Exhausted Patient in the Palliative Care Ward.
rainbow umbrella in puddle. colorful umbrella and rainy weather season. copy space. banner
Portrait of smiling middle-aged female retiree sit relax on cozy couch at home enjoy hot beverage, happy mature woman grandmother rest on comfortable sofa drink coffee or tea, look at camera posing
Sad young girl flat vector illustration. Bad mood, melancholy, sorrow, negative emotions concept. Crying woman hugging her legs and flowerpot cartoon character isolated on white background.
Young obese man sitting at workplace and procrastinating being lazy and distracted.
Sad lonely woman with wavy foxy hair, touches cheeks, purses lips, feels bored looks uninterested and tired, listens boring stories from friend, wears neat white turtleneck sweater. People and sadness
snow and fog on the winter road landscape / view of the seasonal weather a dangerous road, a winter lonely landscape
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