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Melancholy images

137,826 Melancholy stock photos, vectors, and illustrations are available royalty-free. See Melancholy stock video clips

Mental Health Disorder Concept. Exhausted Depressed Female touching Forehead. Stressed Woman Silhouette photo combined with Watercolor. Depression Psychology inside her Head
reflection umbrella in puddle background. rain backdrop. autumn season, wet weather, rainy day, fall time concept. copy space
illustration of lonely man walking in the sand looking at the calm sea, surreal minimal seascape
illustration of mysterious man walking in a dark foggy street, solitude concept
Woman silhouette on surrealistic blue landscape. Melancholie reference.  Memories concept. Digital Illustration for stories and book covers.
Melancholic beautiful portrait profile. Young girl, autumn mood, birds in the city sky. The port is abrasive against the background. Romantic affecting mood
Silhouette Of Depressed Woman Sinking Into Underwater Grave Dark Deep Magic Ocean Sadness Loneliness Unhappy Sorrow Melancholy Misery Psychological Disorders Bipolar Disorder Mental Illnes Disease
Woman in depression with bewildered thoughts in her mind. Young sad girl sitting in window and hugging her knees. Flat style
 Lonely single man.  guy feeling lonely and melancholy. Lonely man suffering from depression.  man crying over lonely life.
Woman in depression with bewildered thoughts in her mind. Young sad girl sitting in window and hugging her knees. Flat style
Blurry reflection  silhouette of one person  walking alone  on wet city park sidewalk on a rainy day
Geneva, Switzerland - 09/04/2018: Melancholy, a sculpture by Albert Gyorgy, depicts the emptiness experienced during the grief process. The Jet d'Eau makes the sculpture appear to be crying.
Portrait of beautiful sad woman in rainy weather looking through glass with raindrops, autumn melancholy concept.
Depressed young woman near window at home, closeup
Art portrait. Feminine beauty. Double exposure blur sensual pensive woman silhouette with stained steamed glass holographic iridescent glow effect. Skincare wellness. Melancholy dream.
A girl sitting on the river bank in silence
calm man walking in the sand between two seas
Night city in a thick wet fog . Film grain and noise. Silhouette of a girl with a flashlight walking along the road at night.
Lonely man in front of the desk
Birds soar in the background of a high-rise building. Cloudy weather, oppressing in melancholy
Portrait of young sad woman with anxiety disorder, anorexia ans loneliness concept
Thinking young woman in the office.
Melancholy. Dreamer. Fantasy illustration
Double Exposure of Man and Cloudy Mountains forest Travel Lifestyle conceptual background
Upset young man drinker alcoholic sitting at bar counter with glass drinking whiskey alone, sad depressed addicted drunk guy having problem suffer from alcohol addiction abuse, alcoholism concept
Girl in sun rays walking with beagle dog on leash in forest path.
Attractive, charming young woman in a white cotton dress and dark coat walking in the autumn Park. Cloudy. Soft colors of nature. The melancholy mood.
sad woman looks nostalgically at her lover's empty chair
Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Lonely sad girl sitting alone at window with smartphone in hand wait call or sms, night street outside view. Unhappy young woman character at home with mobile, melancholy, Cartoon vector illustration
Back view portrait of young man standing against the sea on a large concrete pier with big wave beating with splash in a cloudy storm weather, feeling of freedom, male person enjoying rainy day alone
The girl misses the lonely feeling, looks lost in the sad thoughts, the sad teenager spends time alone in the house, in the quiet, the woman thinks seriously, meditates, thinks about the problem.
Melancholy. Dreamer. Fantasy illustration
Abstract background of a white wall with shadows from the window. - monochrome
Focus on male hands over the shoulder of a seated person. A thoughtful, melancholy pose.
Pensive single Caucasian pretty young woman sitting on a pier of a lake looking down to the water at sunset - Vintage orange color mood
Vector illustration of a man in depressive state of mind. Depression and frustration concept. Monochrome artwork dedicated to mental health problems.
Thoughtful girl sitting on sill embracing knees looking at window, sad depressed teenager spending time alone at home, young upset pensive woman feeling lonely or frustrated thinking about problems
Upset young woman look far in window thinking about personal troubles, sad female feeling blue after breakup with lover or boyfriend, hurt offended girl grieve at home having relationships problems
Traveler hand holding feather in mountains Traveling alone adventure lifestyle melancholy solitude emotions moody landscape nature
Lonely tree in aged textured art background. Depression and melancholy mood. Abstract loneliness and sadness. Flying birds on horizon
Weeping Willow tree, black silhouette.
Illustration of melancholy tree motive. Isolated on white background. Vector available.
Decorative frame or card in scrapbook style with blue background. Artificial flowers. Memories album. Melancholy vintage mood. memory photo album. Spring frame for photo with blue flowers
beautiful woman. fashion illustration. watercolor painting
Sadness melancholy portrait, beautiful young girl. Side face close-up headshot of serious unhappy female teenage, dark vintage artistic effect
Art portrait. Inner peace. Surreal sensual woman face blur silhouette double exposure. Feminine fragility. Soul freedom. Sensitive mindfulness. Nostalgic dream. Subconscious melancholy.
Dry flower on vinyl record music closeup background. Rainy night sad mood old music image. Nostalgia music pattern. Vinyl plate. Melancholy vintage stylized photo.
Silhouette of bare tree crown in tranquil scenery with natural meadows and sky. Black and white melancholy morning landscape after sunrise in early spring. Rural nature around Turovec, South Bohemia.
Upset depressed melancholy sad crying woman in protective mask with tears eyes during cancer illness, coronavirus outbreak, flu covid-19 epidemic. Difficulties and problems during disease. Copy space
Unhappy woman touching hair, sitting on floor at home, thinking about problems, upset girl feeling lonely and sad, psychological and mental troubles, suffering from bad relationship or break up
Lonely guy looking into the distance at sea
Early morning in winter, awakening, view from the window through the blinds. Black silhouette of a mug, an open book and glasses on the windowsill. Light and shade. Loneliness and melancholy.
The old bridge over the river in the morning in a heavy fog and the silhouette of a man in the distance. Melancholy, depression or loneliness concept
Upset African American woman thinking about problem at home alone, sitting on sofa, looking in distance, health trouble or bad relationships, break up with boyfriend, depression and melancholy
Depressed middle aged businessman with a laptop computer.
Asian woman with stress, She kept herself alone in her bedroom, Depression.
Vector catoon illustration of sad girl sitting and unhappily hugging her knees and cry. Woman in depression.
Young Man standing alone outdoor with foggy scandinavian nature on background Travel Lifestyle and melancholy emotions concept film effects colors
Depressed tired woman in despair with friend cheering up and supporting. Concept of apathy, depression and burnout. Flat vector illustration of sluggish unmotivated person isolated on white background
Sad young girl flat vector illustration. Bad mood, melancholy, sorrow, negative emotions concept. Crying woman hugging her legs and flowerpot cartoon character isolated on white background.
Young esoteric relaxing girl with colorful lights aura. Virtual reality fantasy art. Schizophrenia disease concept. LSD feeling abstraction.
A flat vector cartoon illustration of a woman in a depressed mood, sitting on the floor and holding her knees, scribbling over her head. Mental health problems, burnout, depression.
Young man standing alone on edge of footbridge and staring at lake. Mist over water. Foggy air. Early chilly morning in autumn. Beautiful freedom moment and peaceful atmosphere in nature. Back view.
Lonely Man sit on the Bench at Sunset Background
Lonely man with crossed arms stand at window look on night street. Male character at home, outside view with entrance cottage door and glow lanterns. Loneliness, melancholy Cartoon vector illustration
person with mask does not want to hear the judgment of other masks, concept of judgment and introspection
Vector cartoon flat woman character looks sad in house window.Young girl in melancholy mood - emotions, lifestyles, communication and friendship social concept
Close-up young woman inside car looking through window place hand on glass with melancholy face.
Depression Concept. Portrait Of Sad African American Female Sitting On Sofa At Home, Upset Black Lady Suffering Melancholy, Having Bad Mood Or Nervous Breakdown, Feeling Bad And Lonely, Closeup
Fantasy portrait. Feminine elegance. Sensual woman face blur silhouette in neon red light double exposure noise effect. Mindfulness tranquility. Dreamlike contemplation.
Anxiety disorder. Mental disorder. Fears. Vector
Man in fog. Silhouette of man walking on misty village road. Loneliness, nostalgia, sad mood. Black and white photo
Portrait of young man suffering for depression
Depressed emotions concept: man standing at the end of a jetty, on a foggy, autumn morning.
Upset depressed melancholy sad crying woman in protective face mask with tears eyes during serious illness, coronavirus outbreak and flu covid-19 epidemic. Health problems difficulties
Close up thoughtful upset mature woman looking out window at home alone, sad senior grey haired female lost in thoughts, thinking about problem, nostalgia and melancholy, feeling lonely
Sad pensive older senior 70s man lost in thoughts looking out window, suffering from memory loss, dementia, Alzheimer disease, feeling loneliness. Old age problems, elderly healthcare concept
concept of loneliness, in the form of a silhouette of a man in the city night window. symbol of expectation and thoughtfulness
melancholy girl push button in lift cartoon vector. melancholy girl push button in lift character. isolated flat cartoon illustration
Decorative frame or card in scrapbook style with blue background. Artificial flowers. Memories album. Melancholy vintage mood. memory photo album. Spring frame for photo with blue flowers
sad woman looks out the window, autumn melancholy
Portrait through the glass window. A sad elderly man of 80 years old, sitting in an old house.
Sad young girl is crying on a blue background. Side view of weeping woman emotions grief. Human character vector illustration
Group of four young beautiful models in desert. Black clothes, high fashion looks, conceptual hairstyle . Metal constructions. Sand. Melancholy mood. Minimalism and japanese design. Without retouch
Non-Binary Silent Calm Female Male White Bust Head Back and Shoulders Front View 3d illustration
A young male character sitting on a hand palm, psychotherapy, help and support, a counseling session
beautiful woman. fashion illustration. watercolor painting
Depressed mature woman lying in bed with bottle of pills top view, covering head with pillow, unhappy older female suffering from insomnia or depression, psychological problem, overdose concept
Lonely sad girl sitting alone at window with phone in hand waiting call or sms or boring. Night street outside view. Young woman at home with mobile, melancholy, isolation, Cartoon vector illustration
Close up upset thoughtful woman with closed eyes lying on couch alone, lost in thoughts, thinking about personal problems, frustrated unhappy young female crying, break up with boyfriend or divorce
Silver ink background. Watercolour abstract painting. Dirty Art Backdrop. Melancholy autumn mood. Fantastic grey world. Hand made. Silver ornament. Black and white frame.
Autumn days, rain outside the window. Apathy, depression, bad mood, melancholy. Meteorological dependence
Autumn days, rain outside the window. Apathy, depression, bad mood, melancholy. Meteorological dependence
Lonely Girl due to self distancing at home during Corona virus. Quarantine from Covid-19 World Pandemic. Anxiety child looking worried through window glass waving
Abstract background dark tones of melancholy.
Melancholy man sitting in landscape thinking and contemplating. Beautiful warm nature and sunset in sky. Melancholic feeling concept. Vector illustration.
Sad thoughtful teen girl sits on chair feels depressed, offended or lonely, upset young woman suffers from abuse, harassment or heartbreak, grieving lady or violence victim has psychological problem
Pensive adult woman looking away thinking sitting on the floor in the livingroom at night at home
A set of images of people with mental disorders. People in different positions experience melancholy, social pressure, depression, stress. Metaphorical depiction of psychological problems. Vector.
Portrait of sad teen girl in yellow beret. Autumn melancholy and depression concept.
Sad young woman thinking about problems, hesitating and doubting. Unhappy pensive person with frowning and embarrassed face expression. Colored flat vector illustration isolated on white background
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