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woman suffering from man bad breath, concept of tooth decay, gingivitis, poor oral hygiene, bad breath or ordor smell from unhealthy mouth, poor personality, oral hygiene health care
A woman pinching her nose due to bad breath in a man.
Painful guy aching from pain in back or reins at home
Smells bad, awful odor. Young student girl with hair bun in casual t-shirt squeezing nose with fingers, looking in camera with disgust expression, eager to slip away from bad smell indoors
Unhappy African American man client disappointed with product quality shopping online, mad biracial male open cardboard package frustrated with wrong Internet order, bad delivery service concept
Bacteria, microbes, cute germs and viruses isolated cartoon vector characters with funny faces. Smiling pathogen microbes, bacteries and coronavirus with big eyes, cells with teeth and tongues
Woman covering mouth
vector illustration user experience feedback concept different mood smiley emoticons emoji icon positive, neutral and negative.
Bad news. Two young men standing near the window feeling upset
Closeup of sad young Asian woman at cafe leaning head on clasped hands and staring into vacancy. Tired freelancer feeling burnout. Stress and bad news concept
Halitosis concept of woman with bad breath
Unhappy and disappointed customer giving low rating and negative feedback in survey, poll or questionnaire. Sad and dissatisfied man giving review about service quality. Bad user experience.
Caucasian young man with vertigo. Young male coworker suffering from dizziness.
Thoughtful anxious asian business woman looking away thinking solving problem at work, worried serious young chinese woman concerned make difficult decision lost in thought reflecting sit with laptop
Bacteria with facial expressions vector
Woman choosing between healthy and unhealthy food concept flat vector illustration. Fastfood vs balanced menu comparison isolated clipart. Female cartoon character dieting and healthy eating.
A close-up bunch of green grass and moss grow in the seams between the small cobblestones of the walkway in the garden.
negative thinking icon, angry and bad mood client, customer negative behavior, attention thin line web symbol on white background - editable stroke vector illustration eps10
African american plus size woman with braids wearing casual sweater over pink background smelling something stinky and disgusting, intolerable smell, holding breath with fingers on nose. Bad smell
Strong flavors are forbidden symbol. No bad smells icon.
Deadline And Multitask. Tired sad girl stressed by a lot of work, sitting at desk, looking angrily at camera, mock up
Hand of client show a feedback with bad smile face card. Service rating, satisfaction concept
MERS-CoV Chinese infection Corona Virus masked girl on the background of the city in smog, the concept of the epidemic of the virus in China
Tired young woman touch stiff neck feeling hurt joint back pain rubbing massaging tensed muscles suffer from fibromyalgia ache after long computer work study in incorrect posture sit on sofa at home
Stop bad smell icon. No perfume. Strong flavors are not allowed
Emoticons positive and negative. Vector 3d isometric, color web icon, new flat style. Creative illustration design, isolated graphic idea for infographics.
Oral health Men use hands to check for bad breath and breathe.
Doubtful unconvinced african american hr manager talking to caucasian applicant at job interview feeling skeptic rejecting seeker skill, bad first impression, lack of experience or failed performance
Breath of in men and bad smell  with couples on white
Halitosis, bad breath. A man talking to a woman, man has very bad breath. Woman covers her nose with hand. Oral care, dental hygiene. Vector illustration, flat design, cartoon style, isolated.
Bad road, pits and potholes on asphalt. Bad quality of road surface.
Driver shocked by the poor condition of the road. Very danger road for
transport. Vector illustration flat design cartoon style.
Unhappy weary employer feeling pain in back. He keeping it by hand while sitting at table during labor. Worker with bad state of health concept
Lifestyle problems. People in a bad images and situations illustration vector
girl holding stinky stray dog, dirty pet needs to be washed, bad smell from dog's mouth. unpleasant smell from pet
Close up executive manager dissatisfied by African American employee work results, holding financial report with stats, colleagues arguing, discussing business failure, partners disputing at work
woman suffering from man bad breath, concept of tooth decay, gingivitis, poor oral hygiene, bad breath or ordor smell from unhealthy mouth, poor personality, oral hygiene health care
Miscommunication, tin can communication concept. Couple having misunderstanding, misperception problem, man and woman trying to communicate with old technologies. . Simple flat vector
the driver held his nose from the bad smell , air conditioner heating, the concept of faulty air conditioners, bad smell and car, refilling of refrigerant in the air conditioner
Asian woman use both hands close mouth for not commenting or refusing on gray background
Saleswoman explaining conditions of a document with bad news to a couple of worried customers at office
Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptop
Halitosis, bad breath. Man has bad breath during a conversation with colleague. Person wrinkles nose because unpleasant smell. Oral care. Vector illustration, flat design, cartoon style, isolated.
Bad breath and halitosis as unpleasant odor coming out of a mouth as the smell of garlic onions fish or cheese in a 3D illustration style.
Delete "2020"? Deleting this year will also delete its data. Windows to remove 2020. Yes or no. Delete or Cancel. Concept to remove bad year. Vector illustration
Business executive working in the office and receiving bad news on the phone, failure and crisis concept
Couple morning bad breath in bed.
Dieting or good health concept. Young woman rejecting Junk food or unhealthy food such as donut or dessert and choosing healthy food such as fresh fruit or vegetable.
Upset mature woman suffering from backache after sleep, rubbing stiff muscles, unhappy older female sitting on bed at home, feeling discomfort, because of bad posture or uncomfortable bed
Rudeness in business team vector illustrations set. Bad job, adverse atmosphere, disrespectful attitude towards colleagues concept. Company staff, rude executive and subordinate cartoon characters.
Customer Experience or Human Emotional Concept. Woman Covered her Face by Paper Bag and present Sad Feeling by Drawn Line Cartoon and Body Language
girl with bad and good thoughts in her head. positive and negative thinking. Pessimist and  optimist vector concept illustration.
Bad breath from a man's mouth, cartoon
Negative thinking, bad experience feedback, unhappy client, difficult customer, poor service quality, angry red face, mad emoticon sticker, hate and furious, vector icon, flat illustration
Male courier showing damaged box, cheap parcel delivery, poor shipment quality

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Young beautiful woman wearing green shirt and glasses over yellow isolated background smelling something stinky and disgusting, intolerable smell, holding breath with fingers on nose. Bad smells
Side view stressed young indian ethnicity businesswoman looking at phone screen, confused about getting sms with bad news. Unhappy mixed race woman having problems with electronic device in office.
Portrait of beautiful young woman with depressed facial expression sitting on grey textile couch holding her phone. Cyber bullying victim concept. Sad female in her room. Background, copy space.
Millennial businesswoman with skeptical facial expression holding contract document and listening unconvincing offer of business partner. Suspicious terms of agreement, doubtful investor, fraud, scam
1 star review in survey, poll or customer satisfaction research. Reclamation or complaint about bad service and experience. Disappointed and angry man giving negative feedback with tablet.
close up man, couple asian people rest on bed, asian female use hands close mouth, asian man have bad breath, dental problem in wake up time, they feeling unhappy and serious, dental healthcare
Handsome young man wearing hawaiian shirt standing over yellow isolated background smelling something stinky and disgusting, intolerable smell, holding breath with fingers on nose. Bad smell
Stressed upset african applicant incompetent intern feel afraid disappointed at hiring negotiation, unprepared black candidate depressed about rejection bad first impression on failed job interview
Unhappy woman touching hair, sitting on floor at home, thinking about problems, upset girl feeling lonely and sad, psychological and mental troubles, suffering from bad relationship or break up
Senior handsome man drinking jar of beer standing over isolated yellow background looking unhappy and angry showing rejection and negative with thumbs down gesture. Bad expression.
Angry young couple complaining, bad contract terms, outraged man arguing with manager or realtor, upset woman holding documents with stats, contract, dissatisfied clients demanding compensation
Unhealthy snack at workplace. Hands of woman working at computer and taking chips from the bowl. Bad habits, junk food, high calorie eating, weight gain and lifestyle concept
Sad girl complaining reading bad coronavirus news on laptop sitting on a desk at home in the night
weedicide spray on the weeds in the garden. spraying pesticide with portable sprayer to eradicate garden weeds in the lawn. Pesticide use is hazardous to health. Weed control concept. weed killer.
Kid Character Sneezing and Coughing Right and Wrong. Medical Recommendation How to Sneeze Properly. Prevention against Virus and Infection. Hygiene Concept.  Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.
The correct position posture when working at the computer. A man sits at a table with a monitor. Spinal curvature. Good posture. Healthy back. Isolated vector illustration
Girl is depressed disorder concept design of vector.
Types Garden grass Well-crafted Pixel Perfect Vector Thin Line Icons 30 2x Grid for Web Graphics and Apps. Simple Minimal Pictogram
Young woman in fashionable homemade mask, scarf on her face, stop virus, save yourself
Unhealthy products. food bad for figure, skin, heart and teeth. Assortment of fast carbohydrates food. American unhealthy food.
Closeup portrait young business man, disgust on face, pinches his nose looks at you, something stinks, bad smell, situation. Negative emotion, facial expression, feeling
Stop smoking cigarettes concept. Portrait of man holding broken cigarette in hands. Happy man quitting smoking cigarettes. Quit bad habit, health care concept. No smoking.
Do and Don't or Good and Bad Icons w Positive and Negative Symbols
Cover mouth with hand while sneezing. Linear icon of touch face or don't talk. Illustration of yawn out of boredom, close nose from bad smell, hygiene rules. Contour isolated vector, white background
high quality vector round yellow cartoon bubble emoticons comment social media Facebook chat comment reactions, icon template face tear, smile, sad, love, like, Lol, laughter emoji character message
Girl on diet food for good health. woman refuse to eat junk food that bad for healthy and choose green apple as meal for fit and diet fat
Full length of girl lying rest at home in living room buried her face in couch feels exhaustion having day nap lack of energy after party sleepless night or overworked, too tired no motivation concept
Stinky smoke samples set. Green fart clouds, toxic steam, odor. Vector illustration for bad smell, disgusting stink, poor hygiene concept
sad kids have bad mark from exam
People in safety masks stop the spread of viruses. Family portrait. Happy parents with children. Grandparents, Mother,father and two kids. Cute huge family. Bad ecology and air. Vector illustration
Oral health Men use hands to check for bad breath and breathe.
Close up customer hand choose sad face and blurred smiley face icon on wood cube, Service rating, satisfaction concept.
Senior woman wearing face mask during corona virus and flu outbreak. Disease and illness protection. Surgical masks for coronavirus prevention. Sick elderly patient coughing. Ill person.
Aerial view Panorama Bad Suderode in the Harz Mountains
Ashamed woman hiding her smile in a conversation with a friend sitting on a couch at home
Offended angry and tensed woman with curly red hair, freckles, having bad mood, cross arms chest, thinking troublesome situation, frowning getting mad, standing orange background distressed
Skeptic man portrait. Stupid joke. Judging guy with sarcastic smile isolated on black. Confident nerd disapproving bad idea. Loser shame. Wrong choice.
Young woman staying at home drinking coffee/tea,looking trough the window.Starting the day,morning ritual.Quaratine self isolation concept.Worried woman indoors activity.Mental challenge.Bad mood
Road with bumps. Bad highway. Pavement with potholes. Damaged asphalt.
Neck ache concept. Young woman sitting at office desk feeling hurt having pain in her neck.Woman massaging rubbing stiff sore neck tensed muscles, fatigued from computer work and incorrect posture.
Confused frustrated young man holding mail letter reading shocking unexpected news nonsense in paper document, mad about high bill tax invoice, debt notification, bad financial report, money problem
Cute vector illustration with a black cat. Kitten shows an emotion of disgust. The concept of something detestable. Can be used for the sticker, patch, phone case, poster, t-shirt, mug.
School child wearing face mask during corona virus and flu outbreak. Boy and girl going back to school after covid-19 quarantine and lockdown. Group of kids in masks for coronavirus prevention.
Woman doing a hand breath test.
3d rendered illustration of a man working on a pc - having a painful back
Hand of client show a feedback with bad smile face card. Service rating, satisfaction concept
Man at the fridge eating at night
Unhappy hipster young man holding fingers on nose. Trendy bearded person covering breath with hand for bad smell. Male smelling something stinky and odor. Vector design illustration in cartoon style.
Customer Experience Concept, Unhappy Businessman Client with Sadness Emotion Face on Paper Bag, Arms up with meaning of Disappointed and Wondering. Concrete Wall as background
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