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Young man with a headache. Guy holding head having migraine. Frustration, anger, pain, concerned, worried, concept. Stressed, disappointed man feels tension. Vector illustration, flat style, clip art.
Office syndrome, business man illness from hard work. health concept. vector illustration cartoon character
Unhappy young man squeezing head with hands. Emotions and body language concept. Stress, tension and migraine concept in vector illustration style.
Headache, frustration, anger. Flat design vector illustration. Health And Pain. Stressed Exhausted Young man Having Strong Tension Headache. Closeup Picture Of Businessman Suffering From Head Migraine
indian man in tension
Unhappy young man squeezing head with hands. Emotions and body language concept. Stress, tension and migraine concept in vector illustration style.
sick asian senior man suffering from vertigo headache; mental sickness concept for vertigo, dizziness, stress, depression, burnout, Alzheimer, brain cancer, Meniere disease, memory loss; old man model
indian man in tension
Young man suffering from strong headache or migraine sitting with glass of water in the kitchen, millennial guy feeling intoxication and pain touching aching head, morning after hangover concept
Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptop
Contemplating young millennial serious man sitting on couch alone home. Thoughtful pensive handsome serious male student thinking about new idea or project analysing planning making decision concept
No energy, Tired man icon design. Person exhausted sitting on chair.  Vector illustration.
indian man in tension
Closeup portrait, stressed young business man, hands on head with bad headache, isolated background of trees outside. Negative human emotion facial expression feelings.
Upset unhappy young man in white t-shirt squeezing head with hands, suffering from headache. People, stress, tension and migraine concept
Stressful nervous bearded cartoon man bites nail with fear and concern, demonstrates his anxiety disorder. Mental ill concept. Male character tension and afraid. Psychology problems
Young couple lying in bed under blanket in bedroom at home, woman in lingerie sleeping, sad, frustrated man thinking about relationships, family having sexual problems, impotence concept close up
Tired male office worker sitting at desk suffers from eye strain, manager taking off glasses massaging nose bridge feels discomfort. Dry eyes poor vision overuse of computer and modern gadgets concept
Thoughtful doubtful businessman in tension thinking make difficult decision at work, stressed man put hands in prayer pray with hope pondering reflecting concerned about problem challenge sit at desk
Pop Art Nervous Businessman. Stressed Office Worker. Vector illustration
Focused serious businessman thinking of online task concerned about solving business problem working on laptop in coworking office, puzzled manager using computer worried by reading bad email news
People, stress, tension and migraine concept. Upset unhappy young man squeezing head with hands, suffering from headache.
Portrait of stress sad business man working late in office. Business man work hard lifestyle stress burnout overtime office syndrome concept.
The sad man, facepalm concept fear
Frustrated middle aged man sitting on couch at home. Close up face of stressed indian businessman wearing eyeglasses with eyes closed. Overworked middle eastern business man with terrible migraine.
Unhappy Young Couple Sitting On Bed In Bedroom
Cyclist in maximum effort in a road outdoors
Close-up Of A Shirtless Man With Backache
Businessman Business Man Stress Pressure Workplace Stick Figure Pictogram Icon
caucasian man feeling headache or nausea. He leaned against the door and closed his eyes in pain.
unhappy man suffering from backache at home
Disappointed stressed out guy making facepalm gesture with hand. Face palm concept
indian man in tension
Tired exhausted businessman massaging nose bridge, taking off glasses, feeling eyestrain, sitting at work desk, young man suffering from dry eye syndrome, fatigue after long laptop use
Senior man taking pills
people, healthcare and problem concept - unhappy man suffering from pain in back or reins at home
Tired depressed bored african businessman frustrated by business failure bankruptcy looking at laptop feel exhausted having headache, upset stressed black office worker worried about problem at work
Tired african American male worker take off glasses massage eyes suffer from headache or migraine at workplace, exhausted biracial man have blurry vision overwork at laptop, health problem concept
A set of Businessman on inferiority complex.
There are actions suffering from smell and appearance.
It's vector art so it's easy to edit.
Stress, fatigue overwork. Tired African American employee in formal wear holding eyeglasses, rubbing his eyes and massaging nose bridge to release tension after long working hours in office
Businessman Business Man Stress Pressure Workplace Stick Figure Pictogram Icon
Closeup portrait, stressed young business man, hands on head with bad headache, isolated background of trees outside. Negative human emotion facial expression feelings.
Asian two businessman looking at each other with tension. Rivalry business people at work. Business conflict between colleagues & office workers.
Thoughtful senior man sitting on couch looking away with copy space. Depressed sad man thinking at home. Elderly pensive senior suffering from alzheimer disease.
Businessman Stress Pressure Workplace Stick  , eps10 vector format
Indian man in depression Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, Southeast Asia
Human arm pain. Anatomy of the human arm.
Shocked young african american baldheaded man with beard using mobile phone and shouting
Frustrated older mature retired man feeling upset desperate talking on the phone having problems debt, stressed sad middle aged male depressed by hearing bad news during mobile conversation at home
Portrait of a relieved middle age man.
business man
Upset stressed young african american man coping with strong headache concept, upset exhausted black guy feeling frustrated depressed tired touching forehead suffer from migraine, close up side view
man with his hand holding his face taking a brake from working with laptop computer and notebook with eye glasses. concept of stress / rest / tension / failed / discourage / depressed. green filtered.
Upset man massaging nose bridge, taking off glasses, feeling eye strain after long work with laptop, sitting in cafe, tired male feeling discomfort after long wearing glasses, bad eye vision concept
Sport injury, Man with back, neck pain. Pain relief concept.
young man sitting on steps in the street with a headache
Frustrated man with nervous problem. Man feel anxiety and confusion of thoughts. Man with chronic fatigue and nervous tension. Mental disorder and chaos in consciousness. Vector flat illustration

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Thoughtful serious man sitting on sofa alone at home, lost in thoughts, thinking about problem solving, feeling lonely, making important decision, having psychological problem, side view
Eyes fatigue at work, tired exhausted businessman suffering from computer vision syndrome taking off glasses massaging eyes after long laptop use, overworked man feeling eye strain tension problem
Thoughtful serious young man lost in thoughts in front of laptop, focused businessman or absent-minded student thinking of problem solution, worried puzzled manager pondering question at work
Conflict between man and woman sitting on either side of a wall
Furious Woman Shouting At Man
Man with back pain. Business man rubbing his painful neck
Exhausted tired businessman with painted eyes on stickers, adhesive notes on face sleeping at workplace, sitting at desk with laptop, unproductive lazy young male dozing, working on difficult project
Sporty man practicing yoga. Mayurasana (peacock pose)
silhouette of a man and a woman on the bed. vector illustration
Glaucoma. Tired Elderly Man Massaging Eye Holding Eyeglasses Having Eyestrain And Ocular Tension Sitting On Couch At Home. Selective Focus
Mindful patient and relaxed young happy man, practice breathing exercises, hold hands sideways and smiling relieved, release stress during work time take break to meditate, white background
Depressed man sitting on the edge of the bed in bedroom
Bankruptcy, burnout, collapse, business concept. Tired frustrated young man businessman in psychological stress at the end of the day in the office. Problems, unsolved cases. Brainstorming. Simple
Shapes of Men under stress with laptop
A man with a headache, compassion fatigue, a person with a disease of the head, an office worker holding his head with his hands and feels anguish. Demonstration of health problems and head
Frustrated upset multiracial business team people sad with bad work result in report disappointed in corporate bankruptcy failure crisis worried of paperwork problem sit at table at office meeting
Fatigued mature old man taking off glasses suffering from tired dry irritated eyes after long computer use, senior middle aged male feels eye strain problem or blurry vision working on laptop at home
people, health care and problem concept - unhappy senior man suffering from knee ache at home
Depressed young professional looking away
Man having a headache. Stress and depression.
Closeup portrait of a middle aged thoughtful man isolated on gray wall background
health problem and people concept - unhealthy african american man suffering from shoulder pain over white background
Thoughtful doubtful businessman in tension thinking make difficult decision at homeoffice.Upset man working with laptop in home.
A weak guy feels pain with powerless expression and struggle lifting the heavy barbel
Tired millennial Caucasian man isolated on grey studio background take off glasses massage nose bridge eyes having blurry vision, unhealthy male suffer from strong headache, dizziness, sight problems
Tired man taking off glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes to relieve pain feeling discomfort suffers eyestrain poor blurry vision isolated on white grey studio background, organ of sight fatigue concept
Migraine of stressful job. Depressed man employee sitting in office, clasping head temples, suffering headache and tension, worried about problems at work. studio shot isolated on white background
senior man suffering in shoulder pain
Tired red haired man take glasses off working too long at computer, exhausted millennial male suffer from headache or eye tension, young student massaging nose bridge feeling fatigue sitting in café
Senior man in spectacles presses hand to chest has heart attack suffers from unbearable pain closes eyes wears optical glasses poses against blue background. People age and problems with health
Bones ache on weather. Thoughtful mature male with grey hair resting on sofa leaning on stick feeling hard to move. Sad tired old man suffer of walking with limp need rehabilitation after leg trauma
Worried stressed businessman in suit shocked by bad news using laptop at work, desperate bankrupt investor lost money online depressed by financial problem debt, frustrated worker tired of overwork
People, healthcare and problem concept - unhappy man suffering from neck or shoulder pain at home
Side view of senior man with symptom of hearing loss. Mature man sitting on couch with fingers near ear suffering pain.
Joint pain, Arthritis and tendon problems. a man touching nee at pain point
Tired millennial office worker stretch in chair suffer from sitting long in incorrect posture, male employee have back pain or spinal spasm working in uncomfortable position. Sedentary life concept
side profile stressed young businessman sitting outside corporate office holding head with hands looking down. Negative human emotion facial expression feelings.
Indian young businessman tension on his bending works
Frustrated man with nervous problems, in anger and irritation holding his head. Man has the confusion of thoughts, strong headache, tired exhausted, nervous mental agitation in his head flat vector
Frustrated businessman holding glasses feel eye strain, stressed overworked man massage nose bridge feel headache having bad blurry vision weak sight macular problem suffer from computer work syndrome
Man at the gym. Man makes exercises dumbbells. Sport, power, dumbbells, tension, exercise - the concept of a healthy lifestyle. Article about fitness and sports.
Young irate wife lying in bed with her husband
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