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A girl in a white sweater lies on a bed in a bright studio. In the background is a Christmas tree.
A beautiful young Caucasian teenage girl with long hair is lying next to the phone stretching in bed and has not yet woken up. Teenager fell asleep because of late chat with friends. Lazy morning
Woman sleeping peacefully smiling in her bed.
The man sleep on the bed in the morning. Today was a holiday so he woke up late.Relaxing enough to be healthy.

Caucasian beautiful teenager girl with long hair in pajamas lying in bed with his eyes closed and enjoying cool music in modern headphones and holding a phone. Typical teenager morning.
bedding blue
Horizontal shot of relaxed married woman and man stay in bed together, enjoy cozy morning and intimacy, have healthy sleep, rest after passionate sex, lie under white sheets. Good night sleep
High angle view of cheerful shirtless man smiling at camera on bed isolated on white
Man sleeping poses. Night sleep pose, asleep male positioning on bed and sleep position. Sleeping tired lying person or night posture. Isolated vector illustration icons set
Sleep Sleeping Position Style Posture Method Way on Bed Icon Symbol Sign Pictogram
Calm young handsome bearded man lying in bed with white sheet pillow blanket in bedroom at home. Smiling beauty male spending time in room. Rest relax good mood lifestyle concept. Mock up copy space

A Caucasian teenage girl in pajamas has just woken up, lies in bed next to the phone and yawns with her hand over her mouth and does not want to get out of bed. Waiting for messages from friends.
Happy loving couple have fun in bed, look from under blanket, enjoy romantic moment at home, have good relationships, spend leisure time weekend together, wake up after passionate night or sex
Person in hospital bed line icon. linear style sign for mobile concept and web design. Man having infusion outline vector icon. Symbol, logo illustration. Vector graphics
Sleep, rest, dream concept. Young serene tired calm smiling woman or girl cartoon character sleeping lying on bed at room home and taking nap. Resting time and comfortable relaxation illustration.
lonely woman in bed missing her partner overhead view of sleeping beauty
Sleep is type of self care. Young woman in pyjama lying on human palms in night sky. Hands holding sleeping girl. Bedtime, healthy dreams and healthcare concept. Vector illustration, design template
Photo of young african american man with beard lying on bed after sleep at bright room
Love couple lying in bed, furniture store showroom
Close up of a man's hands using white smartphone with blank screen while lying in bed at morning
Female character lies on a medical wheeled stretcher
Top view of overjoyed young Asian mother lie in comfortable bed with small biracial girl child have fun in bedroom together, happy Vietnamese mom and little daughter laugh enjoy early morning at home
Man sleeping under duvet at night, waking up morning with bed hair and feeling sleepy and tired. Sleep disorder, insomnia cartoon vector concept
Hospitalized Patient Lying in Hospital Bed. Medical Staff Visiting him. Nurse Setting Up Medical Drip. Doctor Checking Medical Chart. Hospital Room with Modern Equipment. Flat Cartoon Vector Illustration.
Female and male foot in socks on the bed enjoying sunny morning.
icon man, set of pictograms people, stick figure isolated human silhouettes, man stands, sits, lies, runs, various situations and postures, gestures and movements
Young sexy man lying on a bed
A woman lying in bed staring. She was scared and pulled the blanket over her mouth and nose. Pop art vector illustration.
Beautiful short hair cat lying on the bed at home
Young happy couple lying together in bed
High angle view of smiling couple relaxing and lying down in bed .They are looking at each other
Bare feet of a man lying in a bed, first person view
Close the barefoot man on the bed over the white blanket and sheets in the hotel bedroom. The concept of sleep On holiday morning The human bare feet lie on a white comfortable bed and a duvet.
Sick Asian woman with cold sleeping on bed at home with high fever suffering from insomnia
Top view of heads of happy lovely couple lying in bed and smiling broadly after good sex. Lovers enjoying intimacy and togetherness. Just married spending first night at hotel room, feeling excited
Doctor check Patient lying in bed hospital with a drop counter icon. Medicine concept illustration
Top view of handsome man smiling while sleeping in his bed at home
Sleepless couple use smartphone in bed. Insomnia concept. Top view. Young man and woman with gadget addiction. Cartoon flat vector illustration.
Woman in home quarantine for a virus attended by a doctor wearing a protective suit
Mothercare for a sick child with fever. Ill kid lying in the bed under blanket. Girl suffer from flu or cold. Isolated vector illustration in cartoon style
Young beautiful girl smiling while lying in bed hugging pillow top view
Happy family lying under blanket in bed at home
Good sleep. Calm senior woman lying in bed and smiling, enjoying new day, panorama, free space
Lovers man and woman cuddle lying in bed. Happy family concept. Couple in a relationship in love. Banner with place for text in modern style
Tired exhausted guy, young stressed crying man lying in bed on pillow in bedroom covering his face with hands, suffering from headache, incomnia, rubs eyes with fingers. Problems with sleep, overwork
Close-up of sensual woman lying on bed
Sexy, hairy naked muscular man with sixpack abs lying in bed covered with sheet
Little Cute Kid Sleeping At Bed
Home lifestyle woman relaxing sleeping on sofa on outdoor patio living room. Happy lady lying down on comfortable pillows taking a nap for wellness and health. Tropical vacation.
doctor or nurse talking to patient in hospital
Infected patient in quarantine lying in bed in hospital, coronavirus concept.
Nurse assisting sick man lying in bed vector
Happy young woman lying on the bed with raised legs up
handsome man waking up in a cosy bedroom.
Female hand holding a cup of coffee while lying down on bed. Coffee morning concept
Cute newborn baby in warm hat sleeping on bed, top view. Space for text

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Male insomniac lying with sleeping woman near him in bed at night. Tired man suffer from sleeping disorder, insomnia, nightmare, sleeplessness. Sleepy character trying to fall asleep.
Asian women are using the smart phone on the bed before she sleeping at night. Mobile addict concept.
Sleepless mature woman suffering from insomnia close up, lying in bed, older female covering eyes with hands, trying to sleep, nightmares or depression, feeling headache or migraine
Cute newborn baby in warm hat with toy sleeping on bed, top view
Affectionate young African American couple lovingly kissing while lying face to face in bed together in the morning
Woman lying in bed with opened eyes
Smiling girl with smartphone lying in comfortable bed on soft pillow closeup top view. Happy young woman browsing internet, texting, messaging, chatting social network. Morning email check
Young mother with toddler son playing with a cellphone or smartphone on a bed. Night. Happy young mother with baby son playing with a cellphone or smartphone on a bed at night.
A collection of cute people lying on the bed talking on the phone. Lots of men and women chatting on social networks. Colorful flat cartoon style isolated vector illustration
Cat and dog sleeping together. Kitten and puppy taking nap. Home pets. Animal care. Love and friendship. Domestic animals.
Photo of sleeping young woman lies in bed with eyes closed.
Man Eating Breakfast In Bed Whilst Using Mobile Phone
Image closeup of cute joyful woman smiling and using cellphone while lying after sleep in bed
Top view of attractive young woman sleeping well in bed hugging soft white pillow. Teenage girl resting, good night sleep concept. Lady enjoys fresh soft bedding linen and mattress in bedroom
Top above high angle view portrait of her she nice-looking attractive lovely sleepy calm peaceful girl lying in bed sleeping dreaming in room flat apartment house indoors
Side view of beautiful young Asian woman smiling while sleeping in her bed and relaxing in the morning. Lady enjoying sweet dreams and enough rest concept
Love and tenderness concept. Romantic black couple hugging while sleeping in bed, top view
Sleeping baby in bed, holding a teddy bear.
Portrait of a stunning and graceful brunette woman with curly hair laying in a white lace lingerie among bed sheets, looking hot showing her panties
Man lying in bed with his laptop during illness or quarantine. Outline vector illustration
Beautiful smiling girl 20-24 year old having fun in bed with breakfast on wooden tray. Wearing knitted socks and t-shirt. Looking at camera.
Young man relaxation on the bed top view sleeping
Portrait of beautiful young asian woman with attractive smile enjoy fresh bedding linen mattress in white bed room apartment. Teenage asia girl sleep resting, good night sleep facial skincare concept.
Image of young smiling pretty lady lies in bed indoors. Eyes closed.
Depressed woman and man in bed - depression vector concept. Illustration of woman and man depression, problem sadness
Asian patient man lying down on hospital bed in the hospital room.
Top view of beautiful smiling young woman in headphones lying in bed, with closed eyes and listening music. Next to it is a laptop. woman is resting after work. Stay at home during quarantine period.
Young woman in pajamas sleeping on bed on blue background
Portrait of a cute girl, lying in her bed with messy hair in front of her face
beautiful asian woman reading a book
Girl listens to music at night. Attractive young woman in glasses and headphones lies on bed next to laptop and enjoys listening to music. Close-up
Beautiful teen girl with golden retriever dog in a bed
POV: Waking up to a spectacular golden sunrise illuminating the skyscrapers in downtown New York. Golden sunset shines through the window of your hotel room while you lie in your comfortable bed.
Collection of young woman sleeping in bed in various poses. Set of female cartoon character lying in different postures during night slumber. Top view. Colorful vector illustration in flat style
Young sick woman at home. African woman lying on sofa having fever.
Sick woman with headache sitting under the blanket. Sick woman with seasonal infections, flu, allergy lying in bed. Sick woman covered with a blanket lying in bed with high fever and a flu, resting.
African-american woman relaxing and listening to music, lying in bed in the morning
A charming blue-eyed 7 month old baby lies in bed in a striped bodysuit and sucks his fingers. Top view
A collection of cute people lying on the bed talking on the phone. Lots of men and women chatting on social networks. Colorful flat cartoon style isolated vector illustration
A lonely bearded dark-haired man lying on the bed at night and listening to music on wireless headphones with a dreamy expression on his face. Close-up, insomnia, bedroom, self-isolation.One
Senior man Patient Resting In Hospital Bed. Sad old man lying in a hospital bed. Isolated vector illustration.
muscular man looking at camera while lying on bed at home
Pretty, young woman sleeping in her bed with her cell phone close to her. Smartphone in Bed Mobile/smartphone  Addiction Concept.
Woman looking at thermometer. Female hands holding a digital thermometer. Concept of fever, flue or virus
Top view unhappy woman lying in bed alone, looking to aside, depressed young female suffering from bad dreams or insomnia, feeling lonely after quarrel with husband or divorce, break up
Professional doctor visiting a female patient lying in bed at the hospital, he is checking her medical records
Relaxed young woman covering her face with a blanket
A young red cockapoo lying on a soft bed and watching his owner
Portrait of a Man Lying Under a Blanket at Home
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