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angry boss screaming at lazy worker
Lazy sofa king man unemployed character laying eating pizza and drinking beer. Flat cartoon illustration graphic design concept element
Now or later. Woman thinking looking up isolated on grey wall background. Human face expression
Lazy or tired businesswoman sleeping at work with the legs over the table at office
Male employee meditating at workplace sitting in yoga pose with eyes closed, not listening to screaming boss, blaming for laziness, work undone and missing deadline, no stress management, keep calm
lazy and hardworking businessman
rest fatigue sleep on the couch Siesta
Boss warning sign
Snail with cheetah shadow. Concept graphic in soft vintage style
Life Begins at the end of Your Comfort Zone written on a board with a business man on background
Slow leadership business concept as a chess king piece shaped as a snail representing the metaphor of agility loss and  reacting slowly to economic change and an inability to respond to competition.
Angry boss criticizing scolding sad male employee for computer mistake incompetence at workplace, mad leader reprimanding rebuking shouting at subordinate lazy worker blaming of bad work in office
Angry boss scolding frustrated incompetent employee at workplace, dissatisfied leader shouting, pointing finger at bad office worker for bad work, laziness, sad man getting reprimand, job loss concept
Hard work and lazy businessman
Angry boss ceo scolding rebuking incompetent office worker intern, dissatisfied team leader shouting pointing finger at lazy employee for bad work failure, reprimand or discrimination at work concept
Angry boss and cry employee, flat design, vector
Puppet businessman in an empty room leaded by a huge hand
Calm smiling businesswoman relaxing at comfortable office chair hands behind head, happy woman resting in office satisfied after work done, enjoying break with eyes closed, peace of mind, no stress
Lazy business office workers vector illustration set. Cartoon flat bad employees people relax and procrastinate at workplace instead of work, angry businessman leader boss conflicts isolated on white
Angry mean boss yelling at employee for missing deadline, executive manager scolding ineffective salesman showing bad work results, firing worker for failure, team leader dissatisfied with report
Boring Office Employees Sleeping at Desk Postponing Work, Unprofitable Time Website Landing Page Set. Lazy or Tired Business People Dreaming Web Page Banner. Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration Linear
Worker Characters Screaming at Sleeping Worker Banner Vector Illustration. Cartoon Person Procrastinating at Workplace. Angry and Annoyed Businessmen at Work in Office. Relaxing Man.
Exhausted aged woman worker sit at office desk fall asleep distracted from work, tired senior businesswoman feel fatigue sleeping at workplace taking break dreaming or visualizing
Business management, people manipulation or power to dominate actions concept, fake businessman pretending to be smart with rope or string as puppeteer doll controlled or influence by power boss.
Furious boss scolding young frustrated intern with bad work results. Ineffective office worker receiving a dismiss notification sitting at the table, listen to irritated boss yelling
Invisible Sad Fat man, woman standing. Create your own reality, DIY. Healthy lifestyle. Bad habits illustration. Missing Lost, sacrifice, victim person, innocent migrant. Political leader. Campaign.
Tired african american businessman sleeping at workplace in office. Relaxing diverse man dreaming at table after overworking. Fatigue employee relaxing while working.
Puppet businessman in an empty place leaded by a huge hand. Command, Control, Human, Manipulate, Manipulation flat icon.
20 percent of people doing 80 percent of work metaphor. Pareto principle concept. Giant pie chart with business man talking and working. Flat style vector illustration isolated on white background.
Angry Boss Chief Shouting Lazy and Exhausted Executive Manager. Office Worker Falling Asleep at Work, Relaxing behind Laptop. Reduced Productivity and Procrastination. Vector Flat Cartoon Illustration
Angry disappointed female team leader boss looking at tired fallen asleep young male employee at business meeting. Unmotivated lazy worker feeling exhausted during stressful workday at office.
Bored unmotivated diverse team of employees feeling lack of interest during educational workshop. Sleepy manager feeling tired at lecture. Yawning businessman distracted from corporate training.
Indignant angry boss caught tired lazy employee sleeping at workplace, dissatisfied executive found exhausted overworked subordinate asleep at desk, mad ceo waking up bored worker dozing in office
Side view close up head shot young mindful businesswoman breathing fresh air, managing stress at office. Calm peaceful millennial female manager, company owner or team leader meditating at workplace.
pensive leader of the gang is sitting with phone in front of his friends. closeup side view photo
Silhouette of a sprinting rabbit chasing a crawling tortoise against a surreal sunset for the concept of slow and steady win the race.
Office worker character stressful on workplace, businessman sitting laptop, firm leader in fire cartoon vector illustration, isolated on white. Deadline job task, problem paperwork company.
Frustrated executive posing looking at camera on a desktop at office
Smiling businesswoman sitting in office chair relaxing with eyes closed, calm female worker or woman ceo feeling peaceful resting at workplace dreaming about positive things distracted from work
Employee sleeping with the face over the laptop with his angry boss watching back at office
Successful young businessman in suit relaxing at workplace with laptop finished work, relaxed calm employee feels happy breathing fresh air, smiling ceo enjoys break in office, no stress free relief
Young woman sitting in a chair and taking a deep breath
Boss scolding a shameful employee at work in an office
Young businessman chilling and relaxing at workplace in modern office. He is sitting with legs up on desk and looking at laptop screen. Taking a break, done with project, being lazy at work concept.
Angry company executive dismisses employee for paperwork error, mad ceo discharges ineffective manager after bad work, furious chief fires subordinate dissatisfied with poor performance, youre fired
Business flat vector concept man sit above stack of paper metaphor of active and lazy worker. Illustration For Wallpaper, Banner, Background, Infographic, Book, And Web Landing Page.
creative leader of designers sharing secrests of successful business, boss scolding his lazy employees for their bad work, laziness indoors
Smiling diverse employees chatting, discussing work during coffee break in office, Asian businesswoman wearing glasses listening to colleague, having pleasant conversation, good friendly relationship
angry boss with lazy employer
Back view of businessman sitting in office chair hands over heads working at laptop, male manager stretching looking at computer screen, man taking break distracted from job admiring view from window
Furious boss scolding young frustrated intern, dismissing him with hand gesture. Ineffective stressed office worker receiving dismiss notification sitting at table, listen to irritated boss yelling
Lazy lock down in Corona time. Lioness sleeping on the rocks in masai mara, kenya.
Lazy lockdown. Sleeping lioness on the rocks. Wildlife photography or images of African Wild Lion from Masai Mara, Kenya. Images of African Lion on the rocks.
Calm attractive woman feeling relaxed in office home, peaceful mindful businesswoman leaning back on chair with eyes closed, meditating at work, taking deep breath to relax, no stress at workplace
Isometric procrastination at working place concept. Office worker procrastinating for as long as possible before getting back to work.

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Bad angry boss yelling at male sad depressed employee, lying with face down on office desk, ineffective worker made mistake receiving reprimand from team leader, scolding for failure, missed deadline
Young beautiful chinese girl wearing cheerleader uniform thinking looking tired and bored with depression problems with crossed arms.
Tired bored businessman yawning at workplace near laptop, looking at wristwatch, checking time, boring work, dead end job, overwork extra after hours, lack of sleep, insomnia consequences, need rest
Businesspeople working hard, taking a break on a giant pie chart.  Metaphor of workaholic, lazy employees, effective time management. Modern flat style thin line vector illustration isolated on white.
A business manager reclining and put his feet up on computer desk to relaxing in the office.
Lazy and Hardworking Company Employees Talking. Two Women, Office Clerks Cartoon Characters with Different Attitude to Work. Business Career and Efforts to Succeed. FLat Vector iLlustration.
Business Team Office Work Processes, Businesspeople Communication Trendy Flat Vector Scenes Set. Employees Working in Office, Communication on Coffee Break, Arguing with Lazy Colleague Illustrations
Tired male employee throw head back relaxing taking nap at workplace, exhausted worker falling asleep in office chair, man having break feeling fatigue from too long working at computer
Relaxed entrepreneur sitting on a chair with arms in the head sitting on a chair at office
Tired sleepy businessman sitting with closed eyes at workplace, overworked man falling asleep at work, lazy employee doing boring routine job, feeling fatigue, taking nap, hold head with hand
big angry boss screaming at small lazy worker
angry boss concept, vector
Portrait of fat Asian businessman sleeping on his desk, while working in his office
African-american tired deprived businessman feeling lack of sleep having nap at workplace, black restless entrepreneur hopeless by bankruptcy or debt, depressed investor desperate about failure
Relaxed glad businessman or business owner holding hands behind head with closed eyes smiling in office at workplace. Concept of successful deal, good job and end of the working day no stress at work
Isometric procrastination at working place concept. Office worker procrastinating for as long as possible before getting back to work.
Businessman sitting in headphones in office
Workplace Conflict, Stress on Work Trendy Flat Vector Scenes Set. Business people Characters, Office Workers Arguing, Conflicting with Colleagues, Angry Boss Screaming on Company Employees Illustration
Close up relaxed glad african businesswoman holding hands behind head with closed eyes smiling in office at workplace. Concept of successful deal, good job and end of the working day no stress at work
Communication at Office Work Concept Landing Page with Businessmen Characters Discuss Project Process. Lazy Worker with Laptop and Angry Boss for Banner, Website, Web Page. Vector Flat illustration
Young beautiful woman wearing cheerleader uniform looking sleepy and tired, exhausted for fatigue and hangover, lazy eyes in the morning.
Happy millennial businesswoman lost in thought at workplace avoiding mad or annoying colleagues asking questions, smiling female boss or woman ceo dreaming in office abstracted from work
Strict boss with megaphone gives orders to subordinate and he pulls tied himself with a rope. Over gray background.
Portrait of cheerful excited glad careless carefree joyful leader successful expert professional relaxed employer enjoying his break at work having a daydream in front of laptop computer
lazy young asian girl arm stretching relax from fatigue after working day.
Angry women boss blame staff with hand on face in the night shift in office workplace. Asian man feeling sleepy and tired in night time while work hard from day. Working Night shift tired lazy concept
Happy businesswoman stretching arms at workplace, smiling woman enjoying pleasant working day start, satisfied office worker feeling fresh after good morning coffee, finished completed work done
Office relax concept. Woman stretching with hands behind her head in ergonomic office chair after long hours working at laptop with mock up screen, take break, do simple exercises sitting at workplace
Young happy woman relaxing enjoying break feeling no stress free relief after computer work, meditating with eyes closed, resting leaning on comfortable ergonomic office chair breathing fresh air
Business Laziness and Procrastination. Working Productivity. Businesspeople Time Management. Workers Fighting at Work. Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
Angry boss and employer characters. Vector flat cartoon illustration
Lions Predator Family, Male and Female African Animals Relaxing in Modern Zoo Park Open Air Cage on Nature, Lazy Lion with Beautiful Mane and Lioness Wildlife, Safari, Cartoon Flat Vector Illustration
Angry Boss, Stress at Work, Deadline Fail, Bad Day in Office Flat Vector Concept. Stresses and Furious Businessman Arguing on Lazy Employees, Man Screaming on Running Away Colleagues Illustration
Angry boss showing a growth graph with bad results and scolding to an employee
Tired salary man sleeps while in by video conference meeting. Business teleconference people meeting in conference room with boss. exhausted employee take a nap in office hour. Vector illustration
Tired businessman sleep while sitting on his desk in office workplace. Angry boss and manager standing near exhausted employee take a nap in office hour. Vector illustration flat style concept idea.
Fools around in front of his boss. Caucasian worker, manager trying to work in office. Looks funny, lazy, spending time. Concept of work, finance, business, success and leadership. Deadline, hurry up
Angry Furious Boss Scolding and Rebuking Incompetent Employee in Office for Laziness. Dissatisfied Ceo Shouting on Businessman at Workplace. Stress Situation, Deadline. Cartoon Vector Illustration
Great Things Never Came From Comfort Zones sign with a beach on background
Angry strict dissatisfied boss firing male incompetent employee, bad work, holding dismissal notice, asking to leave workplace, office worker getting fired from job for no reason, without explanation
boss scolds for laziness outline multi color style icon. Simple thin line, outline of lazy icons for ui and ux, website or mobile application
Busy Donald Trump is lying on the couch, eating popcorn and watching TV. Vector editorial illustration. President of the United States relaxes, saying 'An Executive Time!' Topical political caricature
Angry confused boss catching sleeping employee at workplace, lazy sleepy woman napping instead of work, misconduct wasting time in office, mentor waking up exhausted overworked intern dozing
Lazy employer.
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