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Sleepy student with tousled hair trying to read on line content in a laptop on a desktop in her room in a house interior
Stressed man trying to sleep in his bed at night
Top view unhappy woman feeling headache after sudden awakening by phone call, message signal or alarm in early morning, exhausted young female suffering from insomnia or migraine, lying in bed
A lonely bearded man in bed at night cannot sleep, is unhappy and very tired. Sleep problems, stress, insomnia, bedroom, pajamas, white bedding.Close up
Overworked tired african female student worker holding glasses feel eye strain fatigue after computer work, mixed race woman suffer from pain in dry irritated eyes, bad blurry vision eyesight problem
Insomnia and sleepless concept. Man unable to sleep. Exhausted and tired. Covering face with hand. Alarm clock on nightstand and bed in bedroom.
Person suffering from insomnia trying to get some sleep
Top above view head shot close up stressed young mixed race woman feeling neck ache, suffering from painful feeling in neck in morning after sleeping on uncomfortable pillow at home or hotel room.
Tired depressed bored african businessman frustrated by business failure bankruptcy looking at laptop feel exhausted having headache, upset stressed black office worker worried about problem at work
Tired woman with insomnia yawning in the morning
Man having some sleeping disorders like insomnia
It is too early for meeting. Closeup portrait sleepy young woman with wide open mouth yawning eyes closed looking bored isolated grey wall background. Face expression emotion body language
Tired sleepy woman yawning, working at office desk and holding credit card, overwork and sleep deprivation concept
Overworked and tired businesswoman sleeping over a laptop in a desk at work in her office
Sleepless woman suffering from insomnia, sleep apnea or stress. Tired and exhausted lady. Headache or migraine. Awake in the middle of the night. Frustrated person with problem. Alarm clock with time.
Too lazy to get out of bed, a woman covers her face with a pillow
Exhausted millennial african American man in glasses isolated on grey studio background sigh having sleep deprivation, tired black male in spectacles yawn cover mouth feel sleepy, lack rest or relax
Young woman lying in bed, clutching her head and suffering from insomnia. Flat cartoon modern trendy style.Vector illustration character icon. Sleep disorder concept.
Multiethnic group of sleepy people women and men with wide open mouth yawning eyes closed looking bored. Lack of sleep laziness concept
Young handsome man wearing casual sweater standing over isolated blue background Trying to open eyes with fingers, sleepy and tired for morning fatigue
Bored sleepy businesswoman sitting half asleep at workplace, lazy woman disinterested in boring routine, tired employee dozing on hand during break, falling asleep at desk, lack of sleep, head shot
Young worried woman with insomnia trying to sleep
Man with sleep problems. Vector illustration
Bored exhausted african american woman falling asleep at workplace, tired overworked deprived black female student worker sleeping at work desk after insomnia, lack of sleep, office boredom concept
Insomnia, sleep apnea or stress concept. Sleepless woman awake and covering face in the middle of the night. Lady can't sleep. Nightmares or depression. Suffering from headache or migraine.
Close up woman lying in bed woke up in early morning touch head with palms feels tired not enough of rest, insomnia sleep disorder anxious by personal problems, unhealthy migraine and headache concept
It is too early for meeting. Closeup portrait sleepy young woman with wide open mouth yawning eyes closed looking bored isolated on gray wall background. Face expression emotion body language
Sleepy man, sleep deprived, boring work, tired with tasks, lack of energy, feeling weak, vector flat illustration
Fatigue chalk icon. Tired girl. Overworked woman. Exhausted person. PMS symptom. Overwhelmed workaholic. Depressed and unhappy human. Lethargy, weakness. Isolated vector chalkboard illustration
Tired business woman holding glasses taking break for eyes rest to relieve pain in dry irritated eyes feeling eyestrain fatigue having bad weak sight, asthenopia problem or vision tension concept
Cartoon Woman In Nightwear Yawning. Concept With Cartoon Design. Vector Illustration
Illustration woman in nightwear and robe standing yawn, isolate on white background, Vector Cartoon
Clock with sleep at night. Woman can not sleep.
Side view exhausted millennial teen girl student dropped head on hands, fall asleep at desk. Tired young indian woman napping at workplace, having rest after sleepless night exam preparation at home.
Exhausted sleepy young woman sitting in bed with messy hair, feeling drowsy after wake up too early in morning, sleepless night. Tired female teenager suffering of insomnia, lack of sleep or toothache
Young hispanic woman suffering for summer heat and lack of air conditioning at home. Black girl covered with sweat sleeping on floor with head inside fridge.
Exhausted businesswoman sleaping in the office putting her head on the desk. Deadline concept. Idea of many work and few time. Business problems. Isolated vector illustration in cartoon style
Exhausted tired businessman with painted eyes on stickers, adhesive notes on face sleeping at workplace, sitting at desk with laptop, unproductive lazy young male dozing, working on difficult project
woman sleeping on work table.
Side view head shot close up middle aged woman lying in bed at home or hotel, covering eyes with arm, trying falling asleep at night or protecting herself from disturbing bright daylight in morning.
Exhausted fatigued woman office employee sleeping at workplace, lying surrounded by coffee cups, dreaming, resting after tiresome shift, overtime work. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Bored at office work funny sleepy woman worker resting on hand sleeping at workplace, unmotivated lazy teen student feeling drowsy falling asleep near laptop, boring job and lack of sleep concept
Bored young woman sit at home office table look in distance unable to work at laptop, exhausted girl student feel unmotivated unwilling to study, distracted taking break. Dull monotonous job concept
Awoken lonely scared young woman insomniac lying in bed alone suffer from insomnia or disturbing nightmare dream feel depressed anxious worried of problem afraid can not sleep concept, above top view
Tired overworked freelancer working with a laptop in an office or home
Sad depressed african american young woman hugging pillow lying in bed alone, upset frustrated black lady feeling lonely anxious suffer from insomnia trying to sleep thinking of problem in bedroom
A close-up portrait of a very tired, falling asleep businessman holding a cup of coffee, struggling not to crash and stay awake, keeping his eyes opened, isolated on a white background with copy space
Thoughtful man trying to sleep in his bed at night
clock with sleep at night. woman can not sleep.
Young beautiful Asian lazy woman sleeping on the bed in vintage cozy bedroom at the morning
Stressed young african american businesswoman suffering from headache migraine touching temples at workplace, frustrated black woman employee tired from computer work can not concentrate or focus
A girl is insomnia, unable to fall asleep, there are dark circles under the eyes, the girl is lying on the pillow, the body is covered with a quilt
Male with lack of sleep
Bored businesswoman yawning at workplace feeling no motivation or lack of sleep tired of boring office routine, exhausted restless employee gaping suffering from chronic fatigue or overwork concept

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Tired student girl fell asleep after studying hard, sleeping beside laptop, open copybook, cookies and cup of tea on white floor carpet in living room. Education, exams, school concept. Top view
Portrait of young man lying on the table in front of laptop, sleepy, tired, overworked or lazy to work. Attractive business man napping in his home office relaxing after work on laptop computer
Tired man trying to open his eyes. He deadly wants to sleep, but has terrible insomnia. Concept of deadline at work or a very tired man
Asian woman waking up with headaches
Bored tired office worker falling asleep on laptop, person tired after long working hours, exhausted because of increased workload. Concept of overwork, stress, boredom, no motivation, lack of sleep
Concentration loss line icon. Sleep disorder, stress symptom. Healthy sleeping concept. Mental problems treatment. Behaviour. Health care. Isolated vector illustration. Editable stroke
Insomnia infographic.Young man suffers from lack of sleep. Vector flat modern style illustration character icon design. Isolated on white background.  Healthy care, bad body balance, insomnia concept
Businesswoman sleeping with head on hand at the desk. Sleepy girl dozing at workplace. Tired female office worker suffering from lack of sleep. Lazy girl bored routine. After-hours work in office
Early morning. Close-up photo of an exhausted woman, who is suffering from the lack of sleep, and holding an alarm clock and a pillow in her hands.

Antique Alarm Clock.Background Men have insomnia in bed, insomnia, headaches caused by anxiety.Health and medical concepts
sleepless Asian woman lying down on bed tired from insomnia
Frustrated stressed businessman feeling tired of computer work sitting at workplace, exhausted man in suit suffers from eye strain or blurry vision problem after long laptop use, eyes fatigue concept
Sleep deprivation word cloud concept
a young woman lies awake in bed. sleepless and thoughtful.
A lonely bearded man in bed at night cannot sleep, is unhappy and very tired. Sleep problems, stress, insomnia, bedroom, pajamas, white bedding.Close up
Sleep at office work. Young manager relaxing at workplace desk during working hours caught by boss, lazy employee, staff reduced productivity. Vector business concept flat style cartoon illustration
Limit activities in bed. guy had sleepless night. male health concept. Peacefulness concept. tired man sleep in bed. early morning wakeup. man sleep white bedroom. cosy weekend at home. time to relax.
Side view head shot tired young indian girl student sitting at table, leaning head on hand, napping during break pause time at home. Tired overworked millennial hindu woman sleeping resting.
Young caucasian woman covering her head and ears with pillows
Collage of different ethnics young people over white stripes isolated background bored yawning tired covering mouth with hand. Restless and sleepiness.
Portrait of young woman sitting at table in front of laptop, sleepy, tired, overworked, lazy to work. Attractive business woman yawning in home office relaxing or bored after work on laptop computer
Tired young woman falling asleep at desk after overwork. Exhausted sleep deprived stressed female manager lying on table and sleeping after hard working day, no energy left
Male with lack of sleep
A lonely bearded man lies in bed at night and looks nowhere. Insomnia, pajamas, white bedding. one.
Closeup portrait tired, young man who just fell asleep on his hand, eyes closed, isolated gray black with thought bubble containing zzzzz, background. Human emotion, facial expressions
Tired after sleepless night young woman sitting in bed with head resting on hands. Lady stressed because of too early wakeup, suffering from lack of sleep. Female teenager hates to wake up at morning
Tired young woman worker sit at office desk distracted from computer work yawn having sleep deprivation, exhausted sleepy female employee lazy unmotivated at workplace sigh feel fatigue, need rest
Sleep nfographics. Effects of lack of sleep.
Young man trying to beat insomnia promblems
A set of schoolgirl about the types of sleep disorders.It's vector art so easy to edit.
Exhausted young Caucasian woman lying on comfortable sofa in living room sleeping after hard-working day, tired millennial female fall asleep on couch at home, take nap or daydream, fatigue concept
Sleepy young beautiful girl is going to go to work or study. Morning everyday routine, start of day. Exhausted worker feeling lack of sleep or chronic fatigue, having nap. Isolated on white background
Tired bored businessman yawning at workplace near laptop, looking at wristwatch, checking time, boring work, dead end job, overwork extra after hours, lack of sleep, insomnia consequences, need rest
Tired sleepy office man walking to work. Sad exhausted businessman going outside. Flat vector illustration for coffee addiction, insomnia, sleep problem concept
Young woman with pillow over her head with alarm clock on bed in the morning. Student or schoolgirl do not want to wake up early for school or univercity. Oversleep, not getting enough sleep concept.
Stressed overworked middle aged businesswoman office worker taking off glasses tired from computer work feeling headache, dry eye strain, bad blurry weak vision eyestrain tension problem concept
Doctor burnout, stress, hard conditions during pandemic concept. Tired exhausted black female nurse or doctor wearing protective face mask, gloves and blue uniform sitting on hospital floor
Sleepy young beautiful woman. Girl is going to go to work or study. Morning everyday routine, start of day. Exhausted overworked office worker feeling lack of sleep or chronic fatigue, having nap.
Eyes fatigue at work, tired exhausted businessman suffering from computer vision syndrome taking off glasses massaging eyes after long laptop use, overworked man feeling eye strain tension problem
Morning alarm clock. Vector flat illustration
Side view head shot tired unhappy young woman lying in bed under blanket with opened eyes, suffering from insomnia. Stressed brunette lady resting in bed without sleep, thinking of personal problems.
Sleepless young woman suffering from insomnia or nightmares close up, bad dreams, tired depressed female covering eyes with hands, lying on pillow in bed, feeling headache or migraine
Happy asian young woman hug pillow in bed in the morning
Young chinese woman wearing striped t-shirt standing over isolated white background bored yawning tired covering mouth with hand. Restless and sleepiness.
yawning female driver. falling asleep at the wheel concept.
Top view close up sleepless upset senior mature woman with open eyes lying in bed under blanket, trying to sleep, depressed frustrated middle aged female suffering from insomnia, health problem
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