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Detective having problem searching for the source of location with scattered footprints. Vector illustration concept of ambiguity, confusion, issue pin pointing direction, elusive, and unclear.
Issue word on wooden cubes. Issue concept
notebook, laptop, smartphone, clock and pen with CURRENT ISSUES word on a wooden background. current issues concept
Remote Support online. Remotely access and control desktop of computers or laptop via web internet connection. System administrator helps of customers, employees fix issues, setup software, equipment.
Other danger traffic sign. Illustration of red triangle warning road sign with exclamation mark inside. Caution icon vector design template isolated on white background. Attention. Danger zone.
Laptop with service error vector illustration. Cartoon surprised man in glasses chatting with technical support about technical issues flat style concept
Environmental issue of plastic pollution problem. Sea Turtles can eat plastic bags mistaking them for jellyfish
Laptop with wrench and screwdriver on screen. Computer repair service, technical support. Flat design. Vector illustration
People at a round table discuss different issues. Focus on hand
Casual tired office worker sitting at desk using computer and doing overtime project in lamplight.
Young woman is thinking in the workplace. Workplace with a laptop.
The concept of fatigue, disappointment, problems at work or learning issues. Pensive woman. Female character and question marks.
ISSUE. Concept with people, letters and icons. Colored flat vector illustration. Isolated on white background.
Tired young man feel pain eyestrain holding glasses rubbing dry irritated eyes fatigued from computer work, stressed man suffer from headache bad vision sight problem sit at home table using laptop
Young frustrated woman working at office desk in front of laptop suffering from chronic daily headaches, treatment online, appointing to a medical consultation, electromagnetic radiation, sick pay
Concept of ignore elephant in room. Illustration of idiom about avoid controversy, oblivious obvious problems and unpleasant issues. Vector cartoon office interior with busy people and circus elephant
Serious multi-ethnic business entities gathered together for negotiating meeting lead by Arabian and aged businesspeople talk express opinion offer solutions solve current issues, partnership concept
Closeup of a hand of a business leader holding a pile of stacked wooden cubes reading Issues. Conceptual of professional customer care, business training and education in solving company issues.
man thinking about global issues - continuous line drawing
Collection of business people working in office. Workers solve problems. They drink coffee, discuss complex issues, talk on the phone with partners. Different races and nationalities. Flat. Cartoon
Vector question icon. Message with question mark. Premium quality graphic design. Modern signs, outline symbols collection, simple thin line icons set for website, web design, mobile app, infographics
Miniature people searching or checking for bugs and issue on microchip, mainboard of computer. Vulnerability search and security system concept.
key issues. grunge vintage key issues square stamp. key issues stamp.
World issues icons set. Includes hunger, poverty, crime, unemployment, education, environment, economic, etc. Sustainability problems. Vector illustration.
Pensive Caucasian businessman in suit work online on laptop think of business problem solution. Thoughtful male boss or CEO look at computer screen solve financial issue at workplace in office.
Maintenance or troubleshooting icon or symbol flat design.
rear view of a caucasian business person looking at the question marks on white board.
top view on people hands holding together, friendly team work at meeting. club of anonymous alcoholics
key issues. grunge vintage key issues square stamp. key issues stamp.
Chase the rainbow. child at home draws a rainbow on the window. Autism Awareness Day, 2 April.  quarantine pandemic coronavirus. Children create artist paints creativity vacation
business meeting. problem solving, issue management. troubleshooting. communication, information exchange. executives discussing company results reading papers with graphical data
A women dealing with mental heath issues showing the different faces of dealing with personal issues. Anxiety, depression and mindfulness awareness concept. Vector illustration.
Close up of woman's head. There are little black question marks escaping it. Gray wall background. Concept of a challenging issue
Strategy, solution, brainstorm concept. A young woman solves a puzzle and finds a solution. Concentrated student girl thinking or looks for the answer to a question. Simple flat vector.
A stressed out adult male man holding his head. Mental health awareness concept. Vector illustration.
Trained supervisor competent checking reviewing document issued sign approvals of working at height permit JSA risk assessment on site prior to performing high risk work construction site, Australia
Ethical dilemma concept icon. Moral issue idea thin line illustration. Ethical problem, choice. Decision making. Conflict resolving. Moral reasoning. Vector isolated outline drawing. Editable stroke
Computer repair concept. Vector illustration. Computer service, maintenance, diagnostic, technical support. Flat design graphic elements for websites, web pages, templates, infographics, web banners
Mid-aged woman touching her cheek/mouth with painful expression because of toothache/dental issue
Working Programmer. Programmer Showing Code Issue on the Screen.
Simple Set of Protest Related Vector Line Icons. 
Contains such Icons as Petition, Police Forces, Riot, Strike and more. Editable Stroke. 48x48 Pixel Perfect.
Discussing some business issues. Group of young people discussing something while sitting at the wooden table in the office
3D Isometric Flat Vector Conceptual Illustration of Moral Issue, Ethical Dilemma, Decision Making.
Tired and overworked stylish red bearded manager sitting in front of computer and trying to concentrate, his eyes are dry and hurt
Text message KEY ISSUES on torn paper background.
Human hand is holding small globe in front of blue sky. Travel and global issues concept
Worried elder senior husband helping supporting mature middle aged wife touching chest having heart attack feeling sudden pain heartburn heartache hurt at home, old couple health problems concept
Laptop with wrench and screwdriver on screen. Computer repair service, maintenance, technical support. Flat design. Vector illustration
the word issue written with cube letters on white gray glossy background
vector business illustration on white background. business porters - a successful team. Ordinary payment or development process, web banners, issue of a check, decryption of a document vector
Man Hand writing Key Issues with black marker on visual screen. Isolated on white background. Business, technology, internet concept. Stock Photo
Human psychological problems line design style icons set. Phobia, panic attacks, procrastination, loneliness, family issues, suspiciousness, loss of motivation, gadget addiction, information glut
Raised hands, open palms. The concept of charity, volunteering, love, kindness, equality, racial and social issues. Vector illustration for your design.
Conceptual image of perfect balance between two issues - 3d rendering
Environmental issues header web banner w recycling, etc icon set

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Environmental change concept: Half climate worsened with half good abundant atmosphere background
Image Of a Man With Glitch Fragments.Mental health issues. Anxiety, mindfulness and awareness concept. Vector illustration.
United States border wall and American immigration and USA refugee crisis concept as barrier or steel slat fence shaped as a US flag as a social issue or illegal immigrants as a 3D illustration.
Technical problem icon vector illustration.
air pollution. Environmental issues
Racism symbol or individuality icon or a contagious and infectios person self isolating or social distancing issue in a crowd 3D illustration style.
Clipboard with exclamation icon in trendy flat style. Checklist / Quality control / Audit for your web site design, logo, app, UI Vector EPS 10.
Person with warning sign icon. People advice, issue, worry, icon, alert, exclamation, person safety, point, alarm
Important conversation. Beaming long-haired woman having appointment with older patient and discussing her issues
A self isolating man wearing a face mask in the Covid-19 crisis. Mental health, stress and anxiety caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. Vector illustration.
Ethical dilemma concept icon. Ethical issue idea thin line illustration. Moral problem, choice, decision making. Conflict resolving. Moral reasoning. Vector isolated outline drawing. Editable stroke
Problem, idea, brainstorm, success set concept. Young woman is looking for solution of problem. Student got idea to answer question. Success came suddenly through active brainstorm. Simple flat vector
Issues Stop Sign Showing Stopping Problems Difficulty Or Troubles
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) concept icon illustration. Elements of this image furnished by NASA. 3D rendering.
technical support thine line design
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD signs and symptoms. Illustrations depict man with post traumatic stress disorder facing difficulty in life and mental issue.
Hand of a businessman hand drawn a word of key Issues for presenting and applying to your business.
Indian female employee talking with Caucasian mate seated at workplace desk expresses her opinion on current issue, proposes solution to problem, share thoughts while working on common project concept
male hand holding small crystal globe in front of sunset. travel and global issues concept
Business walk in circle metaphor vector concept. Symbol of never ending issue, no solution. Eps10 illustration.
Washington DC, United States, November 2020, US president Donald Trump talking about carona pandemic issues
Peaceful Protest group and protester unity and diversity partnership as heart hands in a fist of diverse people together as a nonviolent resistance symbol of justice and fighting for a good cause.
Collection of illustrations with people working in the office, making a presentation, negotiating and discussing business issues, developing ideas. Flat cartoon vector banners.
Back rear view young asian woman employee work from home using computer notebook videocall meeting conference angry annoy with low poor unreliable internet wifi connection problem issue outage.
The word next issue on two matching puzzle on orange background
Legal law concept image Scales of Justice and case books on desk.
Psychological therapy counseling or online consultaion concept banner. Psycologist provide professional help to depressed person or resolve physical, emotional and mental health issues and crises.
A question mark made of vaccine drops and inscribed in the word COVID. Antiviral vaccination: issues, doubts and hesitations, risks and problems. 3D render medical background.
A man with his head lowered shattering showing mental health issues. Anxiety, depression and mindfulness awareness concept.
Group of demonstrators on road. Activists protesting on social issues. Race fight and climate change protesting activist during lockdown. global warming and environmental issues. Activists protesting
Young depressed male character sitting on the floor and holding their knees, a cartoon scribble above their head, mental health issues
Water leaking issue and plumbing problem at house home building. Vector illustrations of different list type of plumbing issue on pipe, toilet, tap, sink, roof, floor, sewerage, drainage, and more.
A male head split up into sections. Human mind and psychology vector illustration.
Overweight issue, heart disease treatment, unhealthy pastime icons set. Obesity health problem, high blood pressure, passive lifestyle metaphors. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustrations
International Women's Day greeting card set, beautiful diverse woman characters with modern minimalist nature decoration and tropical flower for march 8 female rights campaign.
collect and pick up order icon, package or box courier delivery, receive desk, place issue here, thin line symbol on white background - editable stroke vector illustration eps10
Toothache. Girl suffering from tooth pain and touching cheek while sitting on couch at home. Dental problem concept. Stock photo
Young managers discussing issues in office
Parent and child holding a plant pot. Environment protection concept. Sustainable development goals. SDGs.
Young depressed female character sitting on the floor and holding their knees, a cartoon scribble above their head, mental health issues
Hands with protective work gloves holding a recycling symbol made of green and brown wood inside of a cross section of a tree trunk. Sustainable Resources concept. Green forest on background.
Young woman with prevention mask and skin irritation on white background. Maskne - acne breakouts from wearing a face mask.
Environmental issue abstract concept vector illustration set. Water pollution, plastic ocean, landfill chemical contamination, hazardous waste, climate change, dangerous trash abstract metaphor.
Senior people - line design style icons set. Social issues, elderly care idea. Volunteering, medical consultation, nursing home, blood pressure control, art therapy, ski walking, fitness, pets, family
Health issues problems concept.Woman suffering from stomach pain, feeling abdominal pain or cramps, side view.Period menstruation, female health problem, aching belly and gynecology
Time's up movement vector illustration concept with woman hanging on clock face. Symbol of progress, equal opportunities, salary gap, gender issues. Eps10 vector illustration.
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